Pregnant woman ends her pregnancy for an adopted child


From QQ:

Gao Xue is a 31-year-old woman living in a small village in Chong Qing. Now she becomes the center of a heated discussion online. when she decided to give up her own baby and husband for an unrelated baby she found on the street. She had an abortion when she is 5 months pregnant in order to concentrate on bringing up the adopted baby.

On a cold windy night on 2007 November, Gao Xue and her husband was on their way back home from work when they found an infant in the garbage. The baby boy had turned blue in the cold. "This baby is sick. He has been abandoned three times." the passing street cleaner told the couple. Looking at the baby, Gao Xue, who was 3-month pregnant, and her husband decided to take the baby back home and later named the baby Doudou.

Doudou was very sick. He refused to drink milk and seemed to have problem with breathing. Gao wanted to take Doudou to the hospital to check but her husband didn’t agree. Her husband even asked her to abandon Doudou as soon as possible.

Gao was very worried about Doudou. After several discussions with her husband with no result, she lied to her husband that she was sick and needed money to go to the hospital. She got 2000 yuan and immediately sent Doudou to the hospital. The result was not good. Doudou suffered many diseases, among others heart disease.

When her husband knew about that they had the first serious fight. But Gao insisted that she should keep Doudou. "He’s alive. He has been abandoned 3 times. Do you want him to lose his life?" Gao Xue said to her husband.

Because of the cold weather, Doudou caught pneumonia. "It takes money to go to the doctor. And he needs someone to take care of him. Once my baby is born, it would take even more money."Gao Xue said. She worried once the baby is born, she would have no time to take care of Doudou. Thus she made a decision which most people couldn’t understand or agree: She had an abortion.

"If you have the abortion, I’ll divorce you." Her husband said. "We can still have another baby. But once Doudou lose the chance of treatment, he would die." Gao tried to explain her decision to her husband. Their marriage was under pressure.

In March 2008, Gao Xue left Doudou to her mother. Her husband secretly "stole" Doudou and was going to abandon him at the entrance of the hospital. But Gao Xue found out and took Doudou back home.

Her husband still want to keep the marriage and told Gao Xue if she agreed to give up Doudou they can still be together. But Gao Xue refused, "You can take the house, all the money, I don’t want anything as long as Doudou is with me." They finally were divorced on July 2008. The house they bought together and all the savings went to her husband. She has only Doudou.

When asked about the reason for adopting Doudou, Gao Xue said, it has something to do with her personal experience. When she was young, her parents send away the youngest sister for economic reasons. The foster parents were very nice to her sister and gave all their savings 5000 yuan to her sister when they passed away. She wanted to be like the foster parents of her sister.

While some people and media praise Gao as being a great mother, that she sacrifices her marriage and her baby for Doudou, many hold a different opinion, especially with her abortion. Many people accuse her of being cruel and rather irresponsible to the unborn baby.

  1. Completely dumb bitch. She literally murdered her 5 month to “take in another child” when it was completely unnecessary

    I bet you she feels righteous about it too.

    Dumb blind bitch.

  2. Fetuses aren’t people.

    It takes a great deal of inner strengith to buck family and social demands in order to do the right thing. Good for her.

    1. You’re an idiot. Once conception happens it a living human, just not “born” out of the womb yet.

      And yes, the direct intent that the woman had was to deliberately end her baby’s life. By definition it’s MURDER.

      1. By your reasoning stillborn is manslaugther. Lots of women would go to jail!

        Ergo, abortion is not the same as murder. life is more complicated and not black-and-white.

        1. a stillborn child dies of natural causes and is not by the deliberate attempt to end the life on the part of the mother. this is not what Nagkra is talking about. This woman deliberately aborted her child to have another. This does not make sense. At five months is even worse. I am not saying that abortion is murder… what I am saying is what this woman did is morally wrong.

    2. ..and i believe that you are no human being at all ‘coz you have a brain of a fetus.

    3. Obviously you have never been pregnant. I have just suffered a miscarriage at two months pregnant. Two weeks before, I had an internal sonogram – at that time I heard the heartbeat of my unborn child. Yes, it was a fetus, but it was my child and I grieve for the loss just the same. It is a shame that this woman did not see her own child as being thrown away just as the baby she adopted. Neither situation is right. She may have corrected one child being tossed with the garbage but in turn she created the same by her abortion. This is not family and social demands. She threw her child away. And at 5 months it was a child. It had a gender, it had a working brain, it had a heartbeat. It could blink it’s eyes and move its arms, legs, fingers and responded to stimuli.

  3. This is more of a testament to the sickness of Chinese society than anything else. Kill your baby if he is ill, no help from the government, sick hospital fees (for low income groups) and that general no-respect-for-life feeling that is so hard to explain and pinpoint exactly. Basically living in China gave this woman only one choice: abandon the poor kid or abort your 5 month old fetus. Fuck that shit. I’m so glad I can leave at any time I want.

  4. This woman made a choice, within the confines of her ability to help a living human child live. She made the choice at 5 months to abort the zygotes currently occupying her womb to allow for the economic reality of caring for a living child in need of her help. if only the people posting here had a n ounce of her compassion or courage there wpuld not be so many unwanted or abandoned babies in the world.

    @ korean_guy or Nagkra_joo. you are a byproduct of the bronze age and the barbarism inherent in ideologies rooted in such worthless soil. Grow up and face the 20th century and it’s problems with the maturity of adults rather than the blandishments of illiterate, ignorant children.

    1. “This woman made a choice, within the confines of her ability to help a living human child live.”

      You fucking dumbass. It doesn’t matter if she was helping another child.
      She commited murder against another, plain simple. And through the process is even willing to break up with her husband??? I like how you disguise the fact it was a living human inside her stomach with the word “zygotes”. Learn some biology, fuckhead; 5 months is late and is already on its way out. And once again it’s at conception that life is bared.

      Calling us the byproduct of the bronze age and barbarism. What are you, retarded?

      “if only the people posting here had a n ounce of her compassion or courage there wpuld not be so many unwanted or abandoned babies in the world.”

      Right, so that’s why you defend her murder and then state if only we had her compassion and courage there wouldn’t be “so many unwanted or abandoned babies in the world”.

      You fucking backwards ass idiot.

  5. A fetus is less alive than a snake. Theres pretty much no consciousness.

    A little boy, already born, is highly aware, and feels it all.

    Its far more cruel to end a 5yr olds life, than a non aware, non-developed fetus.
    Its far more cruel that such a child experiences pain and suffering, where as the fetus will not.

    What about sperm? millions of them die in the very process of trying to get to the egg. And maybe trillions die a day from men watching Porn. 😛 Is this Evil? Wrong?

    Is it right to let the kid die on his own? Why is that any More right to ignore and leave the kid to die?

    While I would be upset at the wife if it were my child… I can understand that reasons why she did what she did.

    It surely would have been a more happy story if the kid wasnt laden with diseases. Then again, the woman could have very well birthed a child even worse than the one she found… as well as carrying the guilt of leaving the other to die.

    Her Humanity and compassion is commendable.
    Something that the resident arrogant Korean here could never understand.

    1. Are you retarded? Actually, you sound 10 times more retarded than the woman in the article.

      1. AOK, another completely blind moron of a liberal.

        The exact same sperm and egg is joined together to create the *exact same* baby that comes out of the womb 9 months later.


        Fuck you and kthuuluu. You two are probably closet homosexuals who think this sexual perversion is harmless and righteous as well. And you probably defend serial killers too. Morons.

        1. How hard is it to understand? A fetus is NOT a baby. It can’t feel or think, it’s not conscious in any way. Just because something has POTENTIAL to become something that is alive does not mean you are comitting murder by revoking this potential. By your reasoning, any woman who refuses unprotected sex at any time should go to jail for murder because she just killed off a potential baby.

              1. “Just because something has POTENTIAL to become something that is alive does not mean you are comitting murder by revoking this potential. By your reasoning, any woman who refuses unprotected sex at any time should go to jail for murder because she just killed off a potential baby.”

                Absolutely spot on. It amazes me that so many people find that so difficult to understand. Sperm = potential baby, egg = potential baby, fertilised egg = potential baby with slightly more potential, but nothing more. Nature wastes millions of sperm, countless eggs and almost half of all conceptions result in “spontaneous abortion” – where a fertilised egg is lost without the mother ever being aware she was pregnant! (That’s something for the religionists to think about.)

                Politicians and doctors who insist on setting the legal abortion period depending on how “viable” a foetus is are making exactly the same mistake. The question is NOT “potential” or “viability”, it’s this: at what point in the development of a baby in the womb does it become “conscious”, in the sense that humans magically attribute to themselves and no other animal?

                As for Mr. “TAP SUM [Help me I’m insecure!] BONG” above, perhaps he’d enjoy some related reading:


                “Abortions have been illegal for almost as long as South Korea has existed but, in an uneasy compromise, law enforcement officials have been willing to look the other way as long as qualified doctors perform the operation.”

                Ooh, classy.

                1. Craig you are truly a sad demonic individual.

                  I have been a RN for over 10 years. I have never nor would I ever work in a setting that performs abortions, but I am well aware of what some of my colleagues have witnessed and participated in abortions. Did you know that this so-called “potential” ( aborted fetuses) often come out crying. When when their nervous systems are not sliced and diced, by the butchers hands, they often come out crying. Surgical nurses and techs must identify fully identifiable limbs to ensure that they are not retained “products of conception”. You can break down your so called equation, but any person born with a conscious and basic intelligence realize that this is not a gray area.

                  I can’t believe that it would be even entertained that abortion was the most favorable outcome simply because the sperm donor was black. I also don’t believe that she was a victim of rape. How convenient!. I am very aware that In China there is much prejudice against black people, but I was not aware of the Sadistic mentality .

                  1. korean_guy

                    “from your fallacious logic then a child is less of a human being than an adult.”

                    “Is a person with no arms or legs less of a person than someone who has all their limbs?”

                    Those are bizarre interpretations of my very simple argument. Where on earth did you learn critical thinking?

                    What I was getting at was this: some cells with no BRAIN – no mind, no thoughts, no feelings, no dreams – does not count as life at all. Nothing to do with arms, legs, or development after birth. From this “fallacious logic”, we conclude that:

                    – disabled people are every bit as valuable as the able-bodied (duh)
                    – people of every race and age (after brain development) have the same right to life (duh)
                    – animals have a right to life (you don’t say!)
                    – plants may be killed with impunity (unless they support the life of other animals, which they usually do)
                    – the “higher” animals have a greater right to life (presumably you also agree – didn’t you murder a chicken yesterday?

                    My absolutes are these: that a baby at any age after a brain has developed – irrespective of whether it’s been born – is a sacred human life, and that a ball of cells with no mind is not.

                    Delores, you’ve also misunderstood me. If a baby was crying as it was aborted, then obviously that’s a baby that’s too developed to abort, and it’s a horrible crime. I’m very much in favour of strict limits on abortion term limits, for the reason I gave in an earlier post – that the current reasoning for setting those limits – “viability” – is just as illogical and “demonic” as thinking that a zygote is infinitely precious while the single sperm and egg cells it came from are worthless (that’s you two).

                    I’m also fully aware by the way that the abortion culture in China generally is way beyond the pale. Hospitals here treat it like a convenience, advertising with happy slogans and big smiles – it’s disgusting.

                    But to re-iterate: a zygote is worth less than any human life, but at some stage in development it acquires the same worth. To save an awful lot of mothers and babies a whole lot of suffering, you need to set that limit somewhere and you need to do it based on scientific fact, not spiritual gobbledegook.

                    1. While drawing the line over when the baby becomes ‘sentient’ according to a scientific definition is very difficult as pregnancy progresses and technology emerges that allows babies born prematurely, I am inclined to believe like Craig that a line CAN and DOES exist somewhere. That is, there is a period after the sperm and egg meet (i.e. let’s use a week for the sake of argument) when abortion is both legal and seen as acceptable. I base this belief on the scientific concept of sentience and the legal view of fetuses.

                      For the legal authority behind this, I draw on Western law. In the US, the Supreme Court case of Roe v. Wade, 410 U.S. 113, 93 S. Ct. 705, 35 L. Ed. 2d 147 ruled that a woman has a constitutionally guaranteed unqualified right to abortion in the first trimester of her pregnancy. It’s only for pregnancy in the later phases does this issue become LEGALLY contentious in the US. In Canada, the span of time for LEGAL abortion is even longer as a fetus is only considered a human being and afforded full rights as a human when “when it has completely proceeded, in a living state, from the body of its mother whether or not it has completely breathed, it has an independent circulation or the navel string is severed.” (s.223 of the Criminal Code). With the previous example, it would be clearly legal in the US or Canada to abort a week in. Consider this the ‘authority’ by which a zygote can be deemed a lump of flesh without the police banging down your door and arresting you for getting rid of it.

                      By sentience I am referring to human brain development as observed by science. Only when a brain starts to form can a being even START on the path to being sentient. With human fetuses, this happens in the THIRD WEEK after fertilization. There are various sources over this fact but I will leave one here in case anyone chooses to dispute this:
                      What this all means is that the zygote clearly cannot think or feel any time before then. We could scientifically debate further when the brain really starts to ‘work’ but I am happy to just to point out the fact that it is very clear that the before the third week, all that is inside is just a bunch of cells. Nothing more. Just as the law did, science would support the fact that you CLEARLY did not kill a ‘human being’ if you aborted before the third week. I remind you once again of my conservative one-week example. I note that whether or not brain function is compromised later on (i.e. person comes out retarded or becomes a vegetable) is irrelevant to this approach as we are only talking about whether or not the brain has even started developing.

                      What emerges from all this is the rational perspective. That is, unless you are a hopeless religious nutjob, it would be virtually impossible for you to deny the fact a zygote is not a human being a day in. Please remember that throughout all of this, there are laws and precedents in developed Western countries which support the perspective that there IS a period after fertilization when abortion IS legal and not murder of a human being. As with the spirit of these laws, I refuse to entertain the argument of ‘potential to be human’ because it becomes an endless slippery slope and is but a distraction to the real issue which is whether or not the fetus was alive (sentient) and was legally entitled to the rights of a human when you aborted it.

          1. If it has a beating heart, then it’s alive. It’s a living thing. And, if what you say is true – a fetus is not a baby, then what is it? A ball of nothing? Just flesh?

  6. I agree with everybody above, nobody wins.

    The mother is wrong about her own unborn and she is right to save another life.

    But like in many cases, you make your own mistake.

  7. She was right and you people think well before hitting your keyboard. Only an oceanic heart can do this, accepting difficulties for a good cause.
    Hats off to this lady.

    1. Then this means your mother should have aborted you and instead adopt a random baby. Yes, it makes perfect sense the way you say it.

  8. She could have contacted the government department in charge of these things, it doesn’t have to be her burden, she would have given the random baby a chance to live with proper care. The ends does not justify her means, both babies would have lived. China should re-educate her for good.

  9. There is nothing that should inhibit you to write down your emotions, thoughts, feelings, ideas, dreams and realities. Please feel free to share your experiences with others by jotting them down on a piece of paper of the pregnancy journal. However, avoid exaggerating things. Few years down the line, while going through your pregnancy journal, you will be delighted.

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