High school girl looking for a stranger on forum to go to parents meeting


From IFeng:

Uncle, could you help me to go to the parents meeting?

A high school senior girl was looking for someone to pretend to be her parent and go to the parents meeting because she got a zero on a recent exam.

When netizen, by the name of (小奇葩) "little exotic flower" heard about the parents meeting this Friday, she was totally anxious about it. Running out of ideas, she decided to post this request on the Internet. To her surprises, many netizens were very excited and keen on helping her out. Now one male candidate was already successfully hired by her.

Many netizens recalled their own stories about having a parent meeting. But this post also received some critics. Some professionals were saying that looking for other people as parents is lying which should not be promoted but we should also be aware of the parent-child relationship reflected in this matter.

Asking for help

"This Friday, Jun 24!! Asking for an adult over 35 years old to go to the parents meeting on behalf of my parent!!!" the post by “little exotic flower” expressed her anxious feelings and urgency, "I want a person mature and calm to help me, either man or woman is ok. It will only take your less than 2 hours from 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm this Friday night."

Besides, the post also specified why she did not dare to ask her own parents, "I did not take the science exam last time and I got a zero in this subject. I’m so embarrassed and I have no other way other than looking for a parent online."

This post attracted many netizens, some even recalled their own stories of being afraid of going to the parents meetings. netizen "lonely Easy pull ring" said he once hired a man with 20 RMB to go to the parents meeting. And many netizens laughed at him, "What, you were asking a motorcycle driver?"

There were also netizens criticized her that she was wasting her money and should just quit school for good.

Reason: "liberal arts students" have bad science score

Yesterday afternoon, “little exotic flower” told journalists that she was a first grade student in high school in Changsha. Her grades are good but she is always leaning the liberal arts subjects. She had settled her mind to go to arts classes, so she did not take her science exam. Fear of being yelled at by her parents, she made this unwise move.

Netizen "uncle loves lolita" successfully won the job yesterday afternoon. He stated that he just wanted to help, and he had already communicated with “little exotic flower” about her class, parents’ names and other information about the parents meeting . All he left to do is to go to the meeting.

"I’ll buy him drinks or other things to show my gratitude," said “little exotic flower”. But she also expressed her concerns, "I’m also afraid of being exposed."

Experts: thinking the reason behind

"Looking for people to go to parents meeting is a lying behavior. But we should also pay attention to the cause of it", said the teenager expert Dan Ni.

It is probably related to the daily family education that students ask other people to go to parents meeting because they are afraid of being criticized. For example, too strict on children or too much scold can make them think of other ideas to deal with the parents.

Dan Ni suggests that parents should think more about child-parents relationship and education method. And students should consider solving problem by communicating with parents.

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