Be careful of the peepers when you dress in short skirt

| June 29th, 2011

From Tianya:

MM(Girls) should be aware of peepers. If you want to prevent peeping, you should know how it is worked. The following content is from the Internet, which do not represent my views and and Sister Xibai’s views. It is only to pass on information. I wish sisters be aware of it at anytime and keep yourself away from peeping perverts.


Let us assume the distance between the knees and the upper edge of the skirt is 4 cm, and the distance between the outside edge of the skirt and the private part is 12 cm. Then from one side, the target peeping area will form a right angled triangle ABC.

If the peeper’s eyes are in the extension line of BC, for example E, then he will see B. If we draw an extension line across E through BC and vertical to AC, then it’s easily to find that ABC and CDE are similar triangles.


In triangle ABC, the length of AB is 1/3 of the length of AC, so in triangle CDE, the length of DE should also be 1/3 of the length of DC. And because DC is the distance between the peeper’s eyes and skirt, so DE will be 53.3cm if we assume DC equals 1.6 m

But the distance between a 170 cm tall peeper’s eyes and the upper edge of the skirt will be 70 cm. In another words, he has to lower his head by 17 cm and move his ass 45 cm forward to achieve his goal.


Wherever you go, you will find beautiful ladies going up and down on the stairs. Looking at the white legs, perverts probably want to follow her closely and fantasize of seeing something beautiful. Many perverts will surely dream about that, but this has to be some rules and techniques. What inside the short skirts is approximately the same as the picture shows below.


Normally, the peeper wants to see the area of hemispheroid with 10 cm radius. But the skirt is tangent to the hemispheroid and has a length of 15 cm from the center of the hemispheroid, which aptly shield the peeper’s vision.

From the picture above, the triangle OPQ and triangle ORQ is congruent. If we draw an extension line of QR and make another triangle TSQ, then we can calculate that its height is 8.3 cm and the height is 0.415 times of the bottom.

So if the peeper wants to see the private part inside the skirt, he should at least make the angle of elevation more than angle TQS, which will make the height 0.415 times the bottom.

Then we should discuss the issue of triangle AEQ. Assume the height of the eyes of the peeper (170 cm tall) is 160 cm, and the height of the edge of the skirt is 80 cm. Since the height of the eyes and the height of the skirt have a difference of 80 cm, so the difference (section of line) between the edge of the skirt and the peeper’s eyes is 80 cm less than the difference (section of line CD) of the stairs.


So Right angle triangle AEQ’s height and bottom can be shown by the two formulas below:

Height: AE = 20* number of stairs – 80

Bottom: QA= 25*( number of stairs – 1)

The height and the bottom should satisfy this formula: AE ≥ OA * 0.415

Here is a list of different stairs:

│number of stairs│ 1 │ 2 │ 3 │4 │ 5 │ 6 >│ 7 │ 8 │

│AE │ -60 │ -40│ -20 │0│ 20 │ 40 │ > 60 │ 80 │

│QA │ 0 │ 25 │ 50 │75│ 100 │ 125 │ > 150 │ 175 │

│ratio │ * │ -1.6 │ -0.4│0│ 0.2 │ 0.32│ > 0.4 │0.457│

If AE is below zero, it means that the skirt is under the eyes. So when the difference of the stairs is less than 4, the peeper cannot see the private part. But when it comes to 5 or 6, the private part can almost be seen. When the difference is 8, the barrier is removed.

Of course, the wider the difference, the wider the vision, But do remember, what you see is less and less.

Comments of the post:

娼毒将传:why should you pick up such an old story?

渝州棒棒:I don’t understand, what can be seen by these freaks. Women are not wearing underwear? what is the attraction of underwear?

天涯调情师:we should not blame men to peep, we should prepare ourselves.

我是西北狼1号: hahaha, your children’s math is so good, you should be a gun man.

渝州棒棒:If you really want to prevent peeping, you should wear this kind of skirt. But it seems a little non-stream and strange.20110629-peeing-06

你们上我掩护:You can see everything in porn films, they even shave the pubic hair.

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  1. white guy says:

    this is sad
    just sad

  2. ChanHo says:

    If you don’t want people to look then wear something else, you stupid bitches!

  3. xino says:


    but I want to see!

    hahahaha, the second guy is ENJOYING himself very well:)

  4. Meth says:

    Peeper Piper played the pepper, Peeper popped the piper in the pooper.

  5. WhosEvil says:

    Hilarious. Ladies, just make sure your head does not explode while you are busy calculating exactly how much anyone can see. And don’t stumble. It is not ladylike.

    (and we know you want us to see it, why else would you wear such a short skirt. Just admit it already).

  6. Ester says:

    I wonder which country are those guys who frequently give comment on ChinaHush posts from.

  7. photo_la says:

    Hey, stop warning them. You are ruining korean_guy’s chances at ever seeing pussy.

  8. ChanHo says:

    Chinese female at the age of 9-4- should have sex with Korean_Guy more often to raise the standard of our Chinese race. He seems smart! Although Chinese has high IQ but we Chinese are very immoral, he can boost our EQ.

  9. ChanHo says:

    Chinese female at the age of 9-40 should have sex with Korean_Guy more often to raise the standard of our Chinese race. He seems smart! Although Chinese has high IQ but we Chinese are very immoral, he can boost our EQ.

    Maybe with higher EQ, we can stop poisoning our babies with melamine contaminated milk, eating fetuses, and killing all the baby girl.

  10. Visitor says:

    I can’t believe somebody actually spent hours doing the calculations and drawings for this post.. Get a life.

  11. black_caribbeanguy says:

    I can’t believe no one noticed the fact for the first image where the perv can’t really see anything the women is portrayed as Asian, and in the next image where the perv is purposely reclining to stare she is portrayed as a Western—lol.

  12. Moderation? says:

    So I guess there is really no moderation on this site? The same trolls shit everywhere again and again. Get some mods, China Hush?

  13. japlish says:

    We need to admit that we men are just plain and simply horny 24/7.

  14. African-booter-scratcher says:

    This site is motherf*cking hilarious..

    But you guys have some serious issues, when will this racial crap stop!!

    If i could get away with checking out Asian chicks asses, like a man, ill be all over it. :)

  15. Voyager2 says:

    I truly got a session of amusement in the diagrams and the flame war…
    I am reminded of the instructions on how to construct a one man blast shelter in case of nuclear war… What’s the use of one man surviving?

  16. Gazzie says:

    It makes me wonder why women put on clothes like these and then complain abaout men looking at them isnt that why they put them on in the first place? and don’t give me the bullshit line that they dressed only to make themselves feel good.
    If you don’t like men looking at you or up you skirt wear trousers or shorts or longer skirts or longer dresses the list goes on but I think you get the point.

  17. Sean says:

    This is the weirdest of all the weirdest crap i have read in my life!!!

  18. cydevil38 says:

    Chinese are so perverted and gross. They should be so ashamed of themselves. If I were Chinese, I would probably kill myself. Those Chinese gorilla’s just can’t keep their paws off Asian and White women.

  19. Akyre says:

    That is a sign of a woman who doesn’t exercise enough. Also that mini-skirt is just unflattering. At least for her ass.

  20. cydevil38 says:

    And yes, Asian women have FUGLY flat asses! Their only redeeming feature is their ability to suck my pink dick.

  21. Voice of China says:

    The microdick of Koreans don’t count :)

  22. Akyre says:

    I”m sure your ass is just as flat. And your only redeeming feature is you can talk out of it.

  23. Akyre says:

    That’s because they’re jealous. Like you.

    Is that really a picture of you? Man, you are really ugly.

  24. Ester says:

    Korean Guy

    I think you could sense that my question is for you in particular. May I know which country are you from? Absolutely not China.

    “China bashers will soon come from every corner of the earth. The world is going to hate China very very soon once they realize what type of people they are.”

    Do you really know them? If yes, could you tell me what type of people Chinese are specifically?

  25. American Guy says:

    Your petty racist provincialism will get you nowhere in this world. Besides, most westerners can’t tell and frankly don’t care if your from China or Korea, just people. Who cares – get over it!

  26. Akyre says:

    Aesthetically unpleasing? It’s because it is aesthetically pleasing that makes it inefficient. The fact that it’s thousands of years old also is part of it. And the fact that it is being simplified – and being made more efficient – that makes it “aesthetically unpleasing.” You have no sense of history.

    “Evil thug run government who don’t give a rat’s ass about their peasants?” That sounds like a lot of governments today. What makes China different? And every capitalist country is essentially money worshiping. Every revolution causes death and if you think about the population in China, the amount of people who died isn’t that surprising.

    Every culture that’s still surviving steals from others. Other cultures have certainly stolen from China’s. What are you talking about in particular?

    “A culture that consumes eggs marinated in boys piss?” Some are for it; some against it. It’s not like the whole country likes it. You can’t base a culture based on weird news from one city.

    Crappy greasy sewage oil cooked food sounds like McDonald’s. Everyone loves it. Doesn’t mean they don’t know what they’re eating.

    As for William Hung being the epitome of anything, you really are talking out of your ass. He amounts to as much as Kesha does in regards to contribution to humanity and history. Famous doesn’t mean shit. It’s the men and women who pulled themselves up by their bootstraps and worked hard to take care of their families that are the epitome of China.

    Wonder how you get the 98% when China’s population is still increasing. Must be a lot of virgin pregnancies, yeah?

    What I meant by jealous is that the world is dependent on China for cheap prices and goods and importers everywhere are in a panic over the coming price increases due to wage increases.

  27. xino says:

    Korean guy makes me laugh.
    he surely knows wtf is going on in china and remembers the bulls* that happens there just like me. It’s such a shame he attacks China all the time

  28. Akyre says:

    This description fits thousands of people all over the world, of all ethnicities and backgrounds. How did China alone get tarnished in your eyes?

    You ARE crude and a jackass. And don’t you think it’s immoral and unethical to stereotype people? If I was to judge you by your pseudonym, you’d be pretty and dumb with tons of plastic surgery. And why are you hanging around this site anyway? Go to a Korean blog and gush over the latest K-pop star.

  29. Ester says:


    If you were a korean guy, you would be the most interesting korean guy I ever encountered.
    There is no soil for democracy to grow in China, I do agree with certain points comes from you, but you are not eligible to insult the people and culture of China, do not be too racist.
    BTW, I hate repeating myself, too. Where do you come from?

  30. Visitor says:

    Flat ass is more acceptable than the typical flat face of a Korean. Talk about fugly. Hey korean-guy. While China is changing, you will always remain an asshole

  31. cydevil38 says:

    And I’m sure you’re an ugly Chinese monkey. Boy, you fifty centers are everywhere!

  32. He’s a troll; Crystal was kind enough to tell you this. If you’re not familiar with this internet slang term, look it up. You (and Akyre) will save yourselves–and anyone who bothers to look at the comments on this site–a lot of time.

  33. Ester says:

    I see, he might be hired by the ChinaHush and paid to post something provocative in order to obtain emotional responses, what he wants is just our responses. alright, let us just ignore this Korean Guy.

  34. koreans suck says:

    Shut up Korean Guy, you are a racist prick.

  35. Ester says:

    No wonder.
    Koreans are the best, everything belongs to Korea, Korean Stick rocks,
    for your information, this is my first time calling a Korean “korean stick”, coz you deserve it!

  36. Ester says:

    Exactly, westerners cannot even differentiate between Koreans, Chineses and Japanese, There must be certain irridiculus things happening in either one of the three countries…what is the point of discrimination?
    Korean Guy, you seriously pathetic, save you time insulting ohter countries but put some efforts on saving your own country, I heard some of the Korean soldiers are afraid of going to battle against the NK, one who was freak out by being under pressure shooted his friends in the army, what should I say to this?
    Check yourself!

  37. Ester says:

    Excuse me, you better learn harder on world history and save those ignorant Korean “professors”, stop saying Chinese figures Confucius and Han Fei etc are koreans, pls be awared that if you like/admire something/someone you shouldnt take it youself and announce it belongs to you, that is trully considered as uncivilised.
    If you like to be the America’s little brother, why cant NK seek for help from China.
    If one day the SK has the ability to unify Korea itself without the support of the US, we will be fine with that.
    Is it pitiful, so many South Korean men are terrified by national service, they do not have the guts to support their own country,
    you are just shied away from the truth which is growing number of cowards in SK
    so you blame China for supporting NK. Once the war really breaks out one day, I really hope SK can sustain.
    Next time, I hope to see you and more koreans appear in top university all over the world.

  38. Asian-Guy says:


    He is not Chinese for sure, but he must have lived in China for some time or long time, and he must know how to speak, read and write Chinese very well. I would guess he is a Chinese born Korean. As you may know that there are a lot of ethnic Korean people in the north eastern China, region bordering with North Korea, ie, Yan Bian Korean autonomous region.

  39. Ester says:

    Let me end this meaningless argument here, I am completely indifferent about what you are insisting about China, we are willing to have a better China and undeniably these 1.34billion are working hard towards it. Surely, developing countries all have kinds of complex problem, I admit China is not perfect at all, but at least we still have the confidence to build a better China though we are frustrated by facing the real China.
    To be honest, I do not understand the way you sees China, do you intend to gain a sense of superiority by insulting others, have you ever been China before, you shouldnt say anything without investigating.
    I am not asking respect from you, but anyway being rude and so vulgar is not the way all the koreans behave. I guess your mom taught you how to be in manner.
    Let me just give you certain advice,
    1.Could you please shut you stinking mouth up, brush your teeth and then drink a cup of tea, calm down and no more vulgarities.
    2. China is not like what you say it is.
    3. There is nothing for you to be superior, pathetic Korean.
    ps.Korea is the true culture rubber.

  40. Ester says:

    I guess you are right, thank you for that

  41. Voice from Europe says:

    This is the most wasted math ever! – hahahaha

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