HK police fell to death when dissuading a protester from jumping the bridge

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Photograph from HongKong Ming Pao

China News: According to HongKong Ming Pao, a chicken-transport truck driver who complained that the government didn’t pay compensation after confiscating his license. He climbed up to the bridge and claimed to jump the bridge to death as protesting. A policeman hurried to the scene. When trying to climb up to the top of the bridge to stop him, he slipped and fell from the 4-meter-high bridge due to the rain. He hit the back of his head and went into a coma. Despite the rescue effort, he died on the job. The driver was arrested for public nuisance. He twice kowtowed (to touch the forehead to the ground while kneeling) to the policeman’s family and cried that he hadn’t intended to harm anyone. “I feel sorry and guilty that I caused the death of the policeman. I’m deeply sorry.”

The driver, 62 years old, put up a banner protesting the H5N1 issue on the bridge. Seeing this, the nearest security guard called the police. The police and firefighters arrived immediately. They blocked three lanes of traffic. The firefighters under the bridge prepared rescue cushions for the driver. One police was sent to dissuade him from any extreme act. In the process, Mr. Liu, the driver was emotional, pacing back and forth, which made the firefighters to move the rescue cushions forward and backward following his direction.

The rain suddenly poured down heavily. After arriving at the scene, Central District Police Sergeant Liu Zhijian started to climb up to the top of the bridge from 100 meters away. But because of the heavy rain, he fell down from the bridge. The back of his head hit the ground first and also his sternum fractured. All the police at the scene were nervous. They hurried to call for emergency help. Liu was sent to Marry Hospital, but died at 14.43 in the afternoon.

30 years as a policeman, the pillar of his family

Sergeant Liu Zhijian was 49 years old this year, and became a policeman in 1981. Served in the force for 30 years, he was now under the Central Police Station Crime Squad. His wife is a housewife and his daughter studying in the UK, graduating next year. Liu Zhijian was the pillar of his family. According to his supervisor, he had always been an excellent policeman who dedicated to his work.

Commissioner of the Police, Zeng Weixiong said he felt very sad about the accident, and extended his deepest condolence to Liu’s family. The welfare office has contacted Liu’s family and promised to assist them as much as possible. The director of the Civil Service Affair Yu Zongyi also said that the Hong Kong government has contacted the police office and would try their best to help his family.

Liu’s death aroused great repercussions on the Internet. Many netizens left messages on blogs and forums to mourn the Sergeant. Others criticized the dangerous action of the demonstrator which caused Liu’s risky rescue, and the life-saving air cushion opened by the firefighter also blocked traffic.

The Commander choked when heard the news, Mr. Zeng Yinquan sent his condolence

The Commander Luo Zhuohong, who rushed to the scene, choked when heard the death of his colleague, Liu Zhijian. Mr. Zeng Weixiong stated that he felt sad about Liu’s death dealing with a dangerous demonstration, and pointed that the police will help his family as much as possible to overcome the sorrow. He urged citizens to pay attention to others’ safety and their own. They should obey the law peacefully in order to prevent similar tragedies. The Chief Executive Zeng Yinquan expressed the sadness on behalf of the government, and promised to take care of Liu’s family in the future.

As for the protest posed by the driver, the secretary of Hong Kong Food and Security said that from 2008, the bureau had explained the plan of compensation for live poultry industry. He hoped that everyone who expresses his plead should consider public interest and safety.

Driver: guilt and pain

After released on bail yesterday, the driver met with the media accompanied by Chen Weiye from Hong Kong Legislative Council. Tearing in the eyes, he acknowledged that his demonstration let the death of sergeant. He twice went on his knees and kowtowed to Liu’s family as to apologize. He said that he hadn’t wanted to harm anyone, “today a police officer had passed awat, I feel pain, regret and guilt.” As for being responsible for the accident, he said that would be left to the court to determine, also he “would never do anything threatening the public security again”.

  1. As an old Taoist/Buddhist,

    I would like to express my deepest sympathies & condolences to the family.

    May our Goddess of Mercy, Kwan Yin & Lord Buddha
    bless the soul of the deceased policeman
    & last but not least bless the family.

    May they be strong & endeavor in this terrible times.
    Nobody should be subject to this kind of situation.

    Namo Orr Li Tau Futt.

    as for the driver who caused” this incident, may the court of justice of HK melt out whatever punishment is or are according to the law, legally.

    But morally, he owed the family of the deceased’ policeman forever.
    Just by “kowtowing” is insufficient even though it is a start.

    If he has any moral or any decency in him, he should do the “right thing”
    and our
    Goddess of Mercy, Kwan Yin & Lord Buddha will be “watching”

    1. Completely avoidable if people respected law and order, not endanger oneself and others. Just like all those Free Tibet nutjobs hanging $%^& during Olympics – what if something happened?

  2. I police officer giving his life trying to save another. My heart and prayers go out to the family of this man, he is what we call a hero.

  3. Hong Kong people are just shorter, uglier versions of mainlanders. The only advantage they had was 100 years of good ole’ anglo colonization teaching them the RIGHT way.

    1. The British rule of law in concert with the Confucian work ethic has worked wonders for Hong Kong. Similar patterns of growth has also happened in Singapore. I hope the models in which HK and Singapore have industrialised can influence China, but I believe a piecemeal approach is needed given the ethnic and socioeconomic reality of Chinese mainland. Unfortunately, other former colonies of the British Empire had not fared too well.

  4. condolences to the family of a great public servant.

    not much on the article, but it’s known fact that farmers, are also pillars of the society by literally keeping people alive. society should really treat those who feed them better. when you don’t, look what happens.

  5. Sending prayers to heaven for him. Praying for the family and truck driver as well.

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