High school boy sells kidney for iPad2

| June 3rd, 2011

From Sina | translated by Jenny Jiang | edited by Key


Brief: The 17-year-old boy Zheng met an agent who sells kidneys on the Internet. The agent used 20,000RMB as a bait to take him to a hospital in Hunan Province. A so-called doctor removed the boy’s right kidney. Zheng’s health has declined a lot in the past month, and he regretted for his decision.

Zheng is a first year student at high school from Huishan, Anhui Province. Now we still can see the stiches on his belly. He lost his right kidney all because of meeting the agent on the Internet.

Zheng said: “I wanted an iPad2 at that time, but I didn’t have enough money. When I got on the Internet, an agent promised me 20,000RMB if I sell one of my kidneys.”

Without telling his parents, Zheng went to Binzhou following the arrangement by the agent. Three so-called agents who sold kidney led Zheng to the First People’s Hospital of Binzhou for an overall health check. He accepted the removal surgery on 28th April, and three days later he was discharged from the hospital. He got the 22,000RMB and went back to his home right away. But as soon as he came back, his mother noticed something was odd.

His mother said: “When he backed, he brought a laptop and an iPhone. He shouldn’t have had that much money for them. He told us the truth that he sold his kidney willingly.”

On hearing his son’s kidney was removed, she immediately took the train to Binzhou with his son to report the incident to the police. However, the three men had already disconnected their phones .

Based on Zheng’s report, the reporter found the place he undergone the operation. It was a clinic specialized in male health. The reporter also found that it was not qualified for kidney removal surgery.

A nurse at the hospital told the reporter: “We don’t have any equipment except for circumcision.” “Can you do kidney transplant surgery?” asked the reporter. “Of course not. We don’t have that kind of equipment for transplant surgery. Only minor surgeries.”

During the investigation, the hospital asserted they didn’t know about the kidney surgery because the Male and Urology Sections were contracted to a businessman from Fujian Province.

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  1. la ma sing says:

    i bet it was totally worth it!!! LOL

  2. Bo Wang says:

    lol, idiot. At least he got the money he was promised and then some.

  3. watermelon says:

    Two weeks later, iPad 4 comes out…

  4. watermelon says:

    I mean iPad3

  5. Arb says:

    Smart phones for smart people, iPhones for iDiots.

  6. Lin says:

    he got what he asked for, so what’s the problem?
    oh right organ transactions are illegal…:-/

  7. Meth says:

    the worth of a life

  8. this guy’s my new hero

  9. Righteous American says:

    Fuckin’ Commie.

  10. Carl says:

    what bout the up and comin ipad3 boyo?

  11. Peter says:

    I think we should not blame the boy, Maybe we should think more about our living environment.

  12. chink of london says:


  13. chink of london says:


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