Male citizens in Shenzhen will enjoy 30 days paternity leave

| May 30th, 2011

From Daily Sunshine


forward many creative ideas. For example, the draft suggests female workers whose professional titles are above associate professors have flexible retirement. That is, if they are willing to work and they are healthy, they can ask for extending their retirement age to as old as men.

The draft also issued “habeas corpus” to prevent domestic violence. According to the regulations, court should protect the victim under the Civil Procedure as long as it receives the request of personal security protection. Courts should prevent abusers beating or threatening applicants.

Besides, the draft stipulate that anyone should not publish or issue any overt or Implicit views, words and commercial advertisement of gender discrimination to play down or damage the personality of any gender.

Considering the fast pace of life in Shenzhen, especially for the males, the draft also set every year’s Oct 28 to be the Men Care Day. On this day, male adult can have a half day off.

The current law permits husband to have 10 days paternity leave, but the new draft extends the period to 30 days when the baby is before one year old. When husband is on leave, it should be regarded as out on duty, and the leave time can be arranged separately.

For this draft, the Municipal Women’s Federation has prepared four years with 56 conversaziones, 12 discussions, 4 researches outside province and 8 research and analysis reports.

The draft is now one of the legislation work of Shenzhen. According to Municipal Women’s Federation, when this regulation is issued, it will surely be the milestone in the national legal history and will promote the social construction and the basic national policy of gender equality.

I suggest to discuss that all the outpatient service should be open and by doing that, medical facilities and the clinic rooms will be fully used. One hospital becomes two hospitals – invest less and gain quickly is the good way to solve the problem of hard to see the doctors.

——Municipal NPC member Yang Qing

There is a great and congenital gap in Shenzhen’s medical and health resources. Medical care stuff and especially the experts are out of burden. To increase night outpatient service is not realistic.

——Party secretary of Municipal Hospital of Chinese Medicine Yang Zhuoxin

Community healthy center has evening outpatient services and the big hospitals have emergency calls, which will meet the demand of all kinds of sickness. Under this circumstance, it will make the cost too high and waste the public sources to increase evening outpatient services in big hospital.

——Deputy director of Municipal Health Bureau Xu Sihu

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  1. 30 days is hardly anytime

  2. fusion says:

    Wow, paternity leave for fathers. Bring that to america please.

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