Obsessed with donation, 84-year-old man turned down when donating life savings

From Yangzi Evening News via Sina | Translated by Jenny Jiang | edited by Key


(Illustration by Brian Chang)

A familiar figure appeared in the office of Chief Charity Association in Yancheng City yesterday afternoon. He was the 84-year-old man who was “obsessed” with donating his money to the public. This time, with his tottering hands, he handed in five certificates of deposit and a receipt which amount to 97,500RMB to the staff at the office. He decided to donate again. After learning his living condition, the staff turned down his offer. The old man also returned with his money, and decided to enjoy his last few years of his life and donate it after death.

10,000RMB, all his savings!

When we talked about the old man, a lot of people must have been impressed by him in our previous reports. He was a hard-working, thrifty man. In April last year, he donated 10,000RMB to the Charity Association without hesitation. The money was earned through picking and selling junk, and he lived a frugal life for years. A lot of people were moved by him when it was reported. But some criticized him, and his wife and daughter left him because of his “stupid kindness”. He was living with an adopted son in Yangzhou now.

About 10,000RMB that he wanted to donate again was all the money he had till now. A part of it, 80,500RMB, belongs to the money that he deposited in Yahe Residents Managing Committee of Yancheng in October last year. The committee wrote a receipt which promised that if the old man passed away, all of the money would be donated according to his will. The rest 17,000RMB was his income of his job and selling junk. Zhang Zhongquan had lived with his adopted son since he came to Yangzhou City last year, and backed to Yancheng in August. His biggest wish is to spend his old age in Yancheng and go to the Social Welfare Institution in Yancheng City. It was because of such conditions, the staff Feng Wei convinced the old man of using this amount of money to support his living in the institution, and donating the rest after death.

He kept picking and selling junk for another year

The reporter saw that the old man was wearing a white Dacron shirt with a few obvious dirt stains, a pair of black trousers and worn leather shoes of which the right one was split in its toe. He was holding a walking stick, though not in need of arm support, over all he looked a lot worse than to last year. He carried a small luggage cart with a big handbag wrapping clothes and two bottles of water.

“I spend 2 yuan each day for eating, never more than that.” Zhang Zhongquan said to the reporter. He was used to such life, but since last year, his body was getting worse. He fell down several times in Yangzhou City. He showed the purulent scar on his leg to the reporter. When asked why not see a doctor, he replied “It costs a few yuan to buy the plaster, and a few hundred to the hospital. I must save.” The old man compared the medicine prices before he decided to buy.

He said that he kept a frugal life in the whole year when he was in Yangzhou. He still picked junk and sell them. “Now, 20 bottles only worth 1 yuan.” In addition, his health condition was not good enough to support him to get some valuable junk. But he still wants to gather 10,000RMB to donate. He went back to Yancheng at the notice of body check of his working place, so he brought all the certificates of deposit and receipt. He wanted to live in the institution after the donation instead of troubling his adopted son.

After hard persuasion of the charity organization and community staff, he decided not to donate the money now, and keep it for his old age. He then went to the Social Welfare Institution accompanied by the staffs. He expressed again and again on the road that since it was no use keeping the money when he died, he would definitely donate it.

  1. I agree with Korean_guy
    The old man is a stupid fucker who doesn’t know how charities work, especially Chinese charities. Way to feed the corruption, asshole!

    1. And what sort of old man are you going to become? High flying jerk of an old man throwing money outta the window? Nobody respects that kind of person, it’s people like him that makes societies better.

      Instead of blindly being korean_guy’s happy suckup, why not give this guy some credit for doing a good deed.

      “The old man is a stupid fucker who doesn’t know how charities work, especially Chinese charities. Way to feed the corruption, asshole!”
      This is the most insane comment anyone can post you dumb fuck.
      Just cause an institution might not be perfect means no one should do the right thing?? What the fuck is your logic…. So according to your fucked up philosophy the rest of the world should just leave Africans to die of starvation and poverty since almost all the donations just goes to dictators?? I sure am glad the world isn’t run by low life gook losers like you. No wonder gooks can’t get any worldwide recognition apart from getting screwed over by the N.Koreans. At least they have more balls than you do, you bisexual race of monkeys.

  2. I hate thrifty people. Use that money to buy yourself a hooker or two, you dimwitted old fool.

    1. “I hate thrifty people” this has gotta be one of the most brainless comments ever. Even more brainless than your previous comments…..

      1. Describing someone as “thrifty” can have a negative connotation. But yes, I am brainless because I don’t adhere to strict dictionary definitions of words on a blog comments section. Hail jc.yin, for I am not worthy.

        Are you still butthurt from me writing that mainland Chinese are ugly? I still stand by my statement. Mainland Chinese are very, very ugly.

  3. I dont see why somebody that gives to charity is a fool , In fact the world would be a better place if it was more normal to give to charity .

  4. god, how ignorant can some of you really be? what a shame for some of you to be living in this world…

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