Leftover women in Hong Kong to look for Mr. Right in mainland China

| May 10th, 2011

From Guangzhou Daily via timedg.com:


“剩女” Shengnv (Leftover Women is now a buzzword in China to refer single or unmarried women over the age of 25. There are many different hierarchies of the left-over women. Single women between 25-30 are called “剩斗士” sheng dou shi (Left-over fighters), as women in this age range still have the energy and hope to find true love. Between 30-35, they are called “必剩客” bi sheng ke(pronounced the same as Pizzahut in Chinese, means literally “must win”), suggesting their chances of getting married are pretty small. For those above 35 years old, they are the “齐天大剩” qi tian da sheng (Leftover Kings, pronounced the same as the Monkey King in Chinese literally means heavenly leftover), because they have been viewed by many.

Leftover women are not only single, but are usually “three-high” too highly-educated, highly-paid and highly independent. Thus they usually have a relatively high standard for their material life. In Hong Kong, there’s the same phenomenon. Men in Hong Kong complain about Hong Kong women being too materialistic and first thing these women ask are their education background, job and salary. It’s like these women are doing target-based sales. Moreover, most of the leftover women don’t want to have children.

All these seems to give men in Hong Kong too much pressure and have made many men in Hong Kong turn their eyes to mainland China.In their eyes, the women in Mainland China are more submissive and more traditional, and thus are more suitable to start a family with. As more and more Hong Kong men now start their business in mainland China, the trend continues.

This however, has made things even more difficult for left-over women in Hong Kong, as there are more women than men. According to the government’s statics, the ratio of men to women in HK is 95:100. The gap will become even larger in 30 years, possibly to 80:100.

Usually, if there’s a marriage between people from mainland China and HK, it’s a HK guy marries a mainland China girl. But as shown in this picture, more and more HK brides go north to marry mainland guys.

“This year, we already had 3 groups of single women and men from HK come to Xiamen for the speed dating program. And almost every day there are people from Hong Kong who go to Xiamen for this program.” said, Ou Yang Aizhu, from the Xiamen organization for the speed dating program, “Women from HK are mostly looking for businessmen. Maybe because they’re from HK, the big city, they feel more comfortable to talk and easier to get along with the businessmen than with the men working in the government and other job position.”

A survey conducted by The Chinese University of Hong Kong shows, among 315 female students in the 6 universities in HK, more than 34% of them worry about living their life alone and 20% think there are too few men in HK and they have to join the speed dating program to know boys.

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  1. Curren$y says:

    Everyone knows they actually go to mainland to land foreigners

    • ordosgold says:

      But they *dont know* they only get leftovers

    • Just, No. says:

      Newsflash: Men really don’t want a challenge. (Honestly, who on earth would want to come home to a “challenge”?)

      And “sophistication”? LOL. Also highly overrated. (I am born and bred in HK).

      Educated, successful HK men want a beautiful sweet mainland girl. Who on earth would want a spoiled urban girl full of expectation? Those women are ruined and beyond repair. You took 12 years of piano lessons? Seriously, who gives a shit?

      You got invited to the ‘secret sale’ at Prada? You know the difference between this years Mercedes and last years? I can’t think of more unattractive qualities. Give me a sweet lady from the mainland any day over these expectant little rats. They will never be happy. And they will complain until the day you die.

  2. Bo Wang says:

    If these left-over women are looking for NSA fun, email me.

    • voiceofhomer says:

      They are looking for BBCs and if you are not one of them than just stay with your whitey woman.

      These leftover HK women have been with BBCs or were rejected by their black mates and they are too big now for small whitey men.

      So they want Chinese men for their money to buy more BBCs.

  3. arf says:

    they know mainland has more men thus better chances of finding a mate, they have to lower their standards and adjust to mainland lifestyle

  4. Yan says:

    必剩客 does not mean ” must win” – it actually means will be/must be left over

  5. Yan says:

    Another note, I think the main reason the HK brides/grooms goes north to get married, is probably due to the rising economy in Mainland China now as well. I would say HK women are more traditional in some ways, because they are more okay about the husbands having a little mistress outside the marriage!

  6. Simonliu says:

    Thank God , chinahush is free now in china ~! I can hug it without proxy XD

  7. Tony says:

    Going to the mainland won’t do them much good; the problem with HK girls/women is that they are painfully shy, they don’t have the courage to look you in the eye; if they can’t look someone in the eye, how can they seduce someone?

  8. Wow-What-Ignorance says:

    Calling them “left-over women” only proves that China isn’t ready to join the world community. Only a country of peasants would consider an unmarried woman in her 30’s (or whatever) to be left-overs.

    Grow up China, your complete ignorance is showing.

    • fenqing says:

      after 30 it’s really risky to have a kid, we over in USA label them the same things except in different term, why don’t you grow up.

    • Ignorance? says:

      The “ignorance” is that you believe that looks and attractiveness extend into a woman’s 30’s.

      On *extremely* rare occasions they do. But those are the exceptions to the rule.

      The idea that women should “wait” to get married was encouraged by ‘career-firsters’ in the West during the 80’s and 90’s, and by lesbian feminists who resented the laws of nature. Now the tragedy of those ignorant ideas is bearing fruit in millions of women around the world who are competing with younger girls who aren’t as philosophically damaged as you are.

      The women are indeed “left over”. They are single against their wishes. However you want to put it — the facts are the same.

      • fite says:

        Yes it does extend to the 30’s specially asian women!

      • Um says:

        Yeah, it totally sucks that these lesbian feminists have created these women who are educated, financially independent and can start asking for more. Why are they wasting their time? Everybody knows women have nothing going for them apart from their looks.

  9. Cristobal says:

    18000 marriages between H.K and Mainland, 81% of them are hong kong men and mainland women and yes H.K women are notorious for being ugly and beat their sons.

    There’s a lot chinese men that married russian women.

  10. Sky says:

    Um, maybe they don’t want to get married and have babies so soon? The world is changing and most women I know would not marry in their 20s. That’s too young!

    • Old man says:

      Good luck with that idea. Nothing is “changing” about the realities of sexuality. The only thing changing is your expectations of life.

      When reality meets expectation, who do you think wins?

  11. tony says:

    HK women are dull and boring but expect a Brad Pitt man. Did I say they are dull???

  12. cindy says:


    Did you read the article? The Hk women don’t want Brad pitt because Brad pitt is not highly educated. Hk women want men that can compete with them at their level. The HK women suffered from illness called “three-high” too highly-educated, highly-paid and highly independent.

    These HK women should go for older men who are at least 20 yrs older with enough maturity and financial background, and won’t get mad because she is too independent. They should start signing up for matching program starting at age 24 so they can look for older men. I need to sign up soon after I finish studying.

    And no HK women are not dull just because we don’t meet your ideal women of being a dumb blonde or submissive Asian.

    • Ian says:

      I think you are as wrong as any one else who has posted on here. Ohhhhh and you are therefore as
      right as anyone too. But for myself it is not about education, a dum dum can be educated, it is more
      about a similar intellect. Whether you are an educated half wit or an intelligent person with no formal
      degree it is about meeting some one with whom we can communicate effectively and easily and with
      extreme comfort. Looks are unimportant where these factors come in to play. Looks are really as
      unimportant as a formal education. Youth or age? That is also irrelevant and if some understanding
      that there are no refunds on time are considered, then the time we spend should be spent wisely and
      not thrown away, with the later regret that will come from that. When you meet some one you are
      comfortable with, in whose company you can genuinely smile and enjoy, you better snap them up,
      because they come along rarely.

  13. cindy says:

    I mean 10 years older.

  14. cindy says:

    korean guy:

    They say HK 7 millions population but reality it’s really just 5millions native HK. So probably just 1 million or less young single hk women in the world. I am sure those so called “left over” women have no trouble if they are really so desperate to be married. But many of them wait for the right man. They want good quality men. And no..unlike you HK girls are not fugly. Go get a life.

  15. Malay guy says:

    A person who truly likes you are the ones who like you for your heart. Real people will like you for who you are not what you have or don’t have. They don’t care about your money, your business, how you look, what’s your status or what your into but only your heart. They will not even try to take advantage of you or even use you as a ATM machine to get their things or using you by any other means. If there is some certain criteria that you looking for in the “Mr.Right” make sure you don’t use what he have that he has work so hard for. You should work to get what you want which not from “Mr.Right’s” hard earn money. It’s not like your handicapped, having mental disability or anything that can seriously prevent you to not get things for yourself. People just need to becareful in trying to have a good and seriously proper relationship that doesn’t have bad and unethical intentions that can cause problems. It’s better not to have a relationship with a person who will burden you emotionally and financially. The last thing you know for having a bad and unethical relationship is regret and try to find away to get rid the person that you don’t like or hate. No wonder there is a lot of people getting divorce for financial reasons because of something like this where the “Mr.Right” not having a right relationship. Maybe it’s right for you but not for him. You need to consider that in having relationship with other people, you should be good, you should treat people right and ethical, you should be understanding and mature, you should respect both sides in a reasonable way and not to cause problems and give innapropriate burden to other people just to get what you want. Please do the right thing before get into a relationship. There is no point in finding “Mr.Right” when your ways can cause you problems and get divorce over financial, social, status or any kind of reasons that you are very unsatisfied,very unhappy or very angry with.

  16. holmes says:

    i think the point is that Mao’s disastrous economic policies and things done in his name by nasty officials (still today) killed millions, rather than the systematic extermination and genocidal policies of the Japanese Kwantung Army and Unit 731, who did things like live vivisections and dropping people our of planes to see at what height they died, etc. Which killed 9 million without mercy.

  17. Anne says:

    Um, “leftover woman” is a Chinese concept, not a Hong Kongese one: women in Hong Kong have been professionals for decades, have been acceptable to be singles for decades – I am a Canadian from Hong Kong and I knew several female relatives in their 40s who never married, or married and did not have children by choice.

    Hong Kongers who have Hong Kongese parents generally no longer see marriage as a necessity of life – this goes for men and women – love would be nice – but I would never be pushed into marrying! I don’t see a problem with marrying when I’m 40, or never!

    The Hong Kong women who are marrying Mainland men do so out of CHOICE – they marry Mainland men because they find the men they are marrying attractive – is this such a shocking concept?

    A ‘foreigner preference’ in the Hong Kong dating scene exist for the following reasons
    – urban aversion to ‘close marriages’ (e.g., cousin marriages have long been more tolerated in rural small town, where there were less new blood options, then big port cities like New York)
    – high-density small world: a majority of hong kongers have one other sibling, plus scores of cousins that are close like siblings – the short commute distance means that a HKer have scores of cousins, friends of cousins, and childhood friends (see Westermack Effect). We have scores and scores of people in our lives that we will NOT be comfortable dating because they are family or might as well be family or know them – the drama potential is too high.
    – drama avoidance: the best kind of dating is with someone you don’t have to see everyday, not a co-worker, not a family friend, not a classmate if you are on a small campus!

    All newcomers to Hong Kong are considered Foreigners, even if they are Chinese – a Chinese from Mainland would be consider as foreign in Hong Kong as a Indian from India or a Briton from Britain – though all the children of these foreigners who are born and raised in Hong Kong would be considered Hong Kongese.

    This is not a bad thing, because there isn’t an anti-laowai culture in Hong Kong, foreign is exotic and exciting. There is anti-Chinese backlash in HK due to the PRC administration…but I think they are outnumbered by cross-border marriages – Chinese is the biggest group of foreigners that Hong Kongers are marrying now.

    I don’t consider myself Chinese, even though my grandparents are Chinese (from Mainland). I was a Hong Konger, and now I’m a Canadian from Hong Kong. I feel that to identify myself as Chinese would be an act of fraud, now that most people conflate Chinese with “Chinese from Mainland China”, I can’t identify as that when I’m not – I can’t speak for or as someone I’m not – I’ve had difference experiences. So, like many people from Hong Kong, I identify Hong Kong as distinct from China, and China as different from Hong Kong: different and exciting.

    Back in highschool, I had a huge crush on a guy from Northern China, on the attraction side, he was tall, lean, pale with dark hair and dark almond shaped eyes, thoughtful, like one of those figures in English novels during Romantic period. On the lack of “reasons why not” – he looked nothing like my family or their friends (who originated from Southern China) – and no, this isn’t a height or white preference thing – I liked Indian guys who are shorter than me or who have dark skin. I just prefer Northern Chinese guys over Southern Chinese guys because the North is more foreign and exotic – not like family, no squick. Plus the eyes. I have round eyes with double eyelid, but I’m attracted to almond shaped monolid eyes – they look more demure and romantic, especially on men, especially if the men have almost shoulder length hair.

  18. Yang says:


    I do see more and more Hong Kong men now are looking for women from mainland for dating. But it seems still not that popular for Hong Kong girls came to mainland China for their perfect men?

  19. And... says:

    They also wait too long to get married. Silly girls think that a career and another degree will make them more attractive. LOL. Men are simpler than that. Even highly educated ones.

  20. 老外 says:

    Wow, mouse bacon. I really need to visit Guangdong.

  21. cindy says:


    You are one sad being. You know nothing about HK and all day long talking nonsense. I doubt that you’ve been to HK.

    What is wrong with HK women wanting to find her equal other half in life? They work and study hard. Why? So they can marry to a loser like you who is complaining all day long about everything? Marriage is a life long commitment. Longer commitment than your job.
    Thank God they have matching services for these girls and they are very popular now in HK. It allows the HK girls to sign up after they graduate from University. It save times for the girls instead of looking around dating unqualified men or men that are not serious. And thus allow her to focus her energy on establishing her career. These matching services do background check. It’s the same concept like submitting your resume apply for a job position. The most qualified person gets the position.
    And what’s wrong with dating men who are 10 or 15 yrs older? These men who signed up with the services are usually actively looking for a wife and they are career established and mature men. They are not intimidated by professional high pay women. They are good quality men and are serious about getting a good quality wife.

    The rest of the world cities like NYC and tokyo should learn from HK. They should get these services for professional men and women. HK people no doubt are consistently rated having the highest IQ in the world every year.

    korean_guy, you sound like you are still living on a farm milking cow. This is 2012.

  22. cindy says:

    Korean guy:

    You are a sad being. You are so angry all the time because all you can get at night is this. Now that is what I call fugly.


    Only in your dream you can touch a natural beauty chinese girl in bed.


  23. cindy says:

    korean guy:

    oh wait..sorry I forgot you like south korean plastic. You can close your eyes and pick one because they all look the same with jaw/cheek bones reduction shaved oval face, same nose, same eyes, and bleached skin. They are all over south Korea on the street. They start young.


  24. voiceofhomer says:

    Circumcisions in South Korea has become a social tradition with boys usually being circumcised in a coming-of-age ritual.

    It is also a common practice in South Korea where it is associated with keeping western hygiene standards up to US GI’s.

    Concerns about hygiene, health and curbing masturbation led to an increase in circumcisions in South Korea during the last half of the century.

    Wow, what a sad bunch of people they are.

  25. voiceofhomer says:

    South Korean women kept as sex slaves by the Japanese army during World War II have held their 1,000th rally outside the Japanese embassy in Seoul.

    A group of the women and their supporters unveiled a statue of a girl in traditional costume there.

    Japan has repeatedly apologised and has offered lump-sum compensation, but many Koreans say this is not enough.

    Up to 200,000 women are thought to have worked as sex slaves for the Japanese army in military camps before and during the war.

    Korean women want money and more money for unpaid sex.

    What a sad bunch of people.

    Japanese men better may be than Chinese men for Korean women, Korean men are no good at all.

  26. cindy says:


    According to the Chinese government, Japan has yet to repent properly for its war crimes, which included butcheries, forcing people to work as virtual slaves in factories, and as forced prostitutes……….Direct compensation have not been paid by Tokyo to any of the estimated 200,000 mostly Asian women forced to work as sex slaves for the Japanese military before and during World War II.

    Japan did 10 times worst to China than Korea. Those Japanese soilders killed Chinese by hundred thousands and raped hundred thousands. They would go to villages and drag the girls out and rape them right there in front of the parents.

    No Chinese run to Japanese embassy in China trying to get money and compensation year after year.

    War is so sick. Every country need to educate their children about peace, harmony, and discrimination.

  27. Ian says:

    Japan has NOT apologised many times for their war crimes at all and the same is correct for this.
    Japan manipulated history book for their schools in many circumstances and even now large
    numbers of the population would deny that Japanese committed so many horrid atrocities. I am a white man and I have found that of all the Asian races if a Korean give his word I can believe it. The same cannot be said for Japanese that I have met. Nice people but not that focussed on keeping their word when it comes to a choice of the right thing or that that is “better” for them. Chinese people are different again and the more you get to know the Chinese the less you really understand them. Their focus (the traditional ones any way) on family often warps their opinions of situations, particular their
    thoughts on western people. I find them kind and very warm but NOT warm to those they consider as outsiders – where they can just shut the door and pretend you never even existed.

  28. cindy says:

    Korean guy:

    You really need to shut up and stop spreading your poisonous words on this site or anywhere. You are ignorant to the level that’s unspeakable. You have no glue or idea the level of atrocity during Japan’s invasion of China in WWII. The crimes committed by Japan against China was unimaginable and absolutely horrific. The Japanese made Hitler Nazi look like sissy.
    Go learn some history about WWII and stop living like a low life talking trash all day long.

  29. cindy says:

    Korean guy:


    “The Nanking Massacre or Nanjing Massacre, also known as the Rape of Nanking, was a mass murder, and war rape that occurred during the six-week period following the Japanese capture of the city of Nanjing (Nanking), the former capital of the Republic of China, on December 13, 1937 during the Second Sino-Japanese War. During this period hundreds of thousands of Chinese civilians and disarmed soldiers were murdered by soldiers of the Imperial Japanese Army.[1][2] Widespread rape and looting also occurred………..”

    The Japanese were killing and raping every Chinese in sight. They butchered even young children for amusement, and kill for joy. It was estimated that they slaughtered , burned , buried alive in massive graves of at least 300,000 or more in Nanking alone. The Japanese were looting, stealing, and destroying everything; leaving the Chinese with nothing left and many starved to death.
    They went house to house seeking for food to steal, to kill, to torture, to rape day and night. They even set up hundreds of “comfort women” camps were women were forcefully taken and served there. Many died serving to death. They ransacked Universities and schools and kidnapped the girls hiding there many times a day. They estimated over 200,000 women were raped throughout cities and villages in China. Until today, there are only 100 or less survivors lived to tell the horrific story.

    So Japan… where are the compensations and apologies for these few survivors. Majority of them didn’t make it out alive to tell the world their story.

    Tell me which country is more barbaric and evil?

  30. well... says:

    Mao murdered MILLIONS of people… and to deny that means insanity. Where is the Chinese apology to it’s own people?

  31. Sebhai says:

    We’re still waiting for Japan…once it is done then we’re talked about Mao

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