Lovers jump to death in Shanghai subway, more subway suicides pose hazard

April 29th, at around 7:30, rush hour in Shanghai subway, a man and a woman, who later confirmed as lovers, jumped in front of a coming subway train. It was rush hour when the incident happened, lots of people witnessed the horror and the 22 year-old driver was not yet recovered from the frightening experience.

A witness said he saw the couple almost every morning on his morning commute. That day, before they dived onto the tracks, the couple was having a spat. The man was later confirmed dead, while the woman is still in critical condition.


Just 4 days after this shocking news, in Nanjing a young lady jumped to death in an upcoming train. Fortunately, she was rescued. The driver is frightened and mentally disturbed by the suicide. He’s receiving psychological counseling now.

When rescued and sent to the hospital, the woman is still quite emotional.


Every subway station is equipped with an emergency button

A report in 2004 shows that there are altogether 65 suicides in Shanghai subway since its operation in 1995, 17 are stopped while 48 are not. But Shanghai subway is not the only one that has the problem. Subway suicide happens in the country’s various cities. The following is my incomplete research of the suicide incidents reported in the last few years:

2004 June, Shanghai

2004 October, Beijing

2005 September, Guang zhou

2007 February, Shanghai

2007 July, Nanjing

2008 January, Shanghai

2009 July, Beijing

Efforts to decrease the suicide incidents include the installation of the screen doors on the platform and reducing media reports on such suicide cases. It’s believed that media reports have helped increasing the copycat suicides of this kind. But news on these incidents spread without the media, because they happen in public and thanks to the Internet. The report of the lovers’ suicide in Shanghai was first posted online by netizens.

No matter for what reason is for one to choose the subway as a suicide spot, (not that we are disregarding the suicide itself,) but this suicide method should be discouraged. For one , it’s in a public place where many innocent people are around, including young children. All of them would have to witness the horror. And it might have great negative impact on the driver who are forced to crash into living human beings. A comment made by a netizen who claimed to be a subway train driver said, "Why would you people do this to us? …if you want to die, take pills or something else, why our drivers always have to be the one who suffers?"

  1. At least you hear stories about sucide in China. In the US, you almost never hear stories about them because they are censored. Oh wait, there is no censorship in the US. My bad.

    1. I read only the weekend paper where i live in MD. Suicides galore, just about every damn week. It’s usually a person shooting someone else, then themselves. But hey, It’s Baltimore, guns are the preferred method. Easier to take someone else with you, most commonly the Ex.

    1. Don’t jump off buildings. Some people have actually lived, usually crippled or mentally impaired. Your chances of surviving actually increase if you fall on someone else, killing them instead. But you’ll prob still end up a cripple, and a murderer as well. And worst of all, someone’s gotta clean up your mess. Have some decency please!

    1. “what is wrong with China?”

      Nothing, ppl suicide the world over. China has one of the world’s lowest suicide rates. If you want some exciting suicide stories, go look at some japanese news sites.

  2. Geeesh – don’t they have high bridges in China?

    It’s sad when people are too stupid even to commit suicide successfully .

    1. Sanlu = 10-20 dead?

      American Foreign Policy = 1+ million dead

      Democratic Capitalism in India = 4,000,000 babies dead every year

      China > you

        1. You’re everything wrong with humanity, you worthless piece of trash.

          China has its priorities straight. China saves millions of lives every year and creates value- white trash like you murder millions and create poverty.


  3. It would be interesting to get more details regarding the background of this couple – why they tried to commit suicide?

      1. Unlike other nations, who have worshiped money for their entire laughable hundred years histories.

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