Lost college backpackers rescued, netizens angry


"Lǘ yoǔ 驴友", literally means donkey friend, is a new Chinese word that refers to backpackers as it sounds like "旅游" (lǚyoú) – travel. More and more people like to be called "Lǘ yoǔ" because it’s a fashionable way to travel and can indicate they belong to a new generation of travelers. But Recently a news post titled "Director of the Public Security Bureau sheds tears when 39 trapped climbers rescued" has caused a heated discussion online and made people start to re-think this hot "Lǘ yoǔ" phenomenon.

On the night of April 3rd, 39 climbers are trapped in the Mao’er Mountain in Beijing. They are all students from the Beijing Science and Technology University. More than 300 police of different types were involved in the rescue, including specialists and fire-fighters. Helicopter is employed for the first time in Beijing to rescue people.


Police search for trapped students over the night


Helicopter rescues the first student


The teacher makes a roll-call after the rescue


Police doze off in the bus after the 13 straight hours’ exhausting rescue activity

Students are rescued, police finished their job…. But wait, that’s not all the news. The Director of the local PSB was on the scene and he burst into tears when the first two students were rescued.


Director of the PSB bursts into tears when the first two students are rescued.

Chinese netizens found the reaction of the director of the public security bureau (PSB) rather suspicious and started guessing what was behind the director’s breakdown. While some defended the director saying he’s only too caring for the students to hold himself, others thought he’s making a show (zuo xiao 做秀) or he’s having a real breakdown because of the pressure that if anything went wrong in this rescue, his position was hanging by a thread.

But the netizens all seemed to be upset with the student climbers…a lot. Take a look at the 17 pages’ comments in Mop, 9.9 out of 10 comments are criticizing the students. Here are some comments I translated:

122楼黑夜Ф过后(蓝猫)2011-04-06 12:44:48 发表

这些傻j8,以为自己是个大学生就二五八万似的! 中国真正能野外生存的驴友没几个!这些人充其量只是个爱好者。 自己没什么能力,就会添乱!

Those dumbasses! They think they can do everything if they make into college! There are few "Lǘ yoǔ " (驴友donkey friend, sounds like "旅游"(lǚyoú) travel, refers to backpackers) that can really survive in the wild. Those students are at best amateurs. Can’t do anything but cause trouble.

瞄人缝z(小猫)2011-04-06 12:41:10 发表


They’re like flowers grown in a greenhouse (means they never really face and deal with any real difficulties in life). I’m from the countryside and I’ve climbed basically every kinds of mountains…

ruankiyoung(蓝猫)2011-04-06 14:23:49 发表

他们太把自己当回事了 。。没有社会责任感~以后还会把这个当成自己的荣耀~,都是大学生。。差距咋就这么大呢

They overestimated themselves….they are also lack of the sense of social responsibility…They might end up refer this as their glory moment later in their life…We are all college students, why the difference is so huge …

作者:寂寞西窗雨 回复日期:2011-04-05 16:42:01


It’s a cool thing to be a " "Lǘ yoǔ" now. Whether they really have necessary knowledge or not, they just buy some expensive equipments and rush to the adventure. When they are lost, they can only call with their cell phones, or try their luck to bump into local people. Every mountain has its most dangerous areas. Even the locals won’t just dare to wander around carelessly. Who knew why those little "donkey friends" were so “brave”.

Just two days after this incident, in another mountain nearby, a rescue helicopter has to be employed again to rescue 17 trapped people. They were lost because of the snow and had to call the police for help.

I want to end the post with part of a netizen’s post on Tianya, as it speaks more or less for the public opinion on this matter.

"I can’t help but to think, is this the so-called "Lǘ yoǔ"? They’re educated college students from a Beijing university?? I feel really angry. A rescue team of 300 police, just because of those people are having fun? What a bloody waste of time and money! Maybe I’m taking this too seriously and some people wouldn’t understand my anger. But I still remember the last similar news. A police named Zhang Haining had sacrificed his life to save a lost "Lǘ yoǔ ", and it really pissed me off that they took this for granted!!

I’m thinking: if you don’t know shit about climbing, what the heck did you rush there for?? Don’t you know "Don’t take on more than you can cope with"? No field survival skills, no mature thinking! Yeah, you call yourself adventurist, you think you are young and you are college students…blah blah…

…I myself am also a college student. I agree with all the bullshit people talking about life in college…but this, I can’t understand. Obviously they are right, when run into a problem? Call the police. That’s what we are taught to do all the time. But, hundreds of policemen, the helicopters, the cars…these all need money! I really hope they can learn the lesson this time…and salute to all the police and officers that work for the people! "

  1. It’s okay, this is the job of police and their duty.
    To protect us, and not only punish!
    And anyway I prefer police to do this kind of job, than taking bribes.
    Besides, it’s a good training to keep them fit.

  2. I actually worked for search and rescue back in Canada where outdoor activities are not only acceptable, but encouraged. When people needed our help, not one of us complained. We chose to do this work (it was voluntary BTW. We were paid nothing. Helicopter time, however, is not free. Nor is our equipment.). That being said, there are circumstances where I personally have little sympathy for those who are in need of rescue. For example, people who ski out of bounds on ski hills or people who try to climb beyond their skill level. But really, to most of the people I worked with, we would still jump out of bed at four in the morning for anyone in trouble. I haven’t looked into this for a long time, but last I heard, the government was considering charging people for their own rescue, especially if it was due to their own negligence.

  3. wow the chinese responders are extreme. They hate it when police don’t act to save lives but when it comes to saving 39 lives from University they wish death on them. Maybe I’m understanding this wrong. I guess since no one died they free to say bad things about the students.

    1. I’m guessing these commentators were not the same ones who were complaining about the other issue you mentioned. I think a Chinese saying is in order: 林子大了什么鸟都有

  4. If the lost adventurers ever made money for TV appearances and interviews, hopefully some money goes back to the emergency services all their hard work.

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