High school student dies during a talk with teacher

Deceased high school studen, Fan Pengfei

From Sina | translated by Roy | edited by Key

A forum post on the Internet about a “death talk” caused heated discussion, a 17-year-old high school student in Binzhou City (Shandong Province) died suddenly during a talk with his teacher.  It was called “death by talking” (谈话死) on the Internet. The talk lasted only 20 minutes.

Our reporter went to the school at 1:30 p.m. The 2 guards said the leaders were not there, they don’t usually go to work until 3 pm. There were some phone numbers of teachers in charge posted on the door. But the guards stopped us quickly and ripped off the phone numbers when we were trying to call. They told us impatiently, “we don’t know anything, the leaders refuse all interviews, please don’t make trouble”.

At 3:00 p.m. we met the leader, vice-principal Feng in charge of this incident. “We welcome the media and never told the guards to refuse reporters or block the information from students unlike the rumor said on the internet. The guards were just doing their job, tightening security.” Then he told us the whole course of the story:

About 8:00 p.m. on March 11th, the head teacher of 2nd Grade Class 1 teacher Chai asked Fan Pengfei and another student to talk outside of the classroom, because of some misbehaviors. It’s too noisy there, Chai asked Fan to go to the quieter pavement on the 1st floor. 15 minutes later, Fan fainted suddenly. Chai called an ambulance at once. About 8:30 p.m. Fan was taken by ambulance. Chai was with him and called his families on the way. About 10:00 p.m. Fan was pronounced dead. The cause was sudden cardiac death (SCD) according to preliminary diagnosis.

The families of Fan wanted to know how their son died and talk to Chai. The school suggested a judicial process, which was refused by the families. They insisted to talk to Chai and requested 700 thousand yuan in compensation but the school only hoped to pay 80 thousand yuan.

Did they have a dispute in the talk? Feng didn’t know, as he didn’t ask Chai. And the surveillance video was taken by police. But Feng thought Chai was a good teacher.

Then our reporter went to Fan’s old home in Lainiucun, Weilaizhen. Fan’s parents didn’t live in the village. Fan lived with his grandparents and 3 uncles. His uncle Fan Tinglun told our reporter that Fan Pengfei was the only son. The father is 41 and mother 44. Their mood was unstable and are in hospital now.

Fan Lunting didn’t believe that Fan Pengfei died of sudden cardiac death. Their family doesn’t have the history of illness and Fan Pengfei was healthy. Another uncle said the 3 uncles supervised Fan Pengfei’s autopsy. The body didn’t have shoes and glasses on, but had wounds on the head, neck and the elbows. There was a footprint on this pants.

Fan Pengfei’s uncles said, the head teacher took revenge on Fan’s vulgar language. The afternoon on March 11, Chai was playing basketball with other teachers, Fan Pengfei watched and laughed at Chai with vulgar language. Chai was angry at that time and hit Fan Pengfei. Maybe he was still angry, so hit Fan again in the evening.

Fan’s uncle denied that they requested 700 thousand yuan. “We never asked for compensation, because the child is dead. We only hope for justice.” They told us the autopsy needs 3 weeks. “We cannot do anything without the result.” The police have been investigating the incident.

Update: On March 28, Shandong authority told the media, after investigation, it was confirmed that during his conversation with the student Chai, there was physical dispute, alleged manslaughter. Chai is now under criminal detention.


  2. It’s a weirdly written piece. The whole time you think the kid died from some kind of heart failure due to natural causes (happens quite frequently), and then suddenly at the end you read the part about the autopsy.

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