China "exports" much more women than it "imports"

| March 29th, 2011

The following is a forum post on MOP:

Translated by Jue, edited by Key


Chinese brides account for 72% on average of the foreign wives South Korean men marry. In 2006, tens of thousands South Koreans married foreign women including around over 10 thousand Chinese girls. However, in the same year, only 2,590 Chinese men married Korean women. That means in the transnational marriages between China and South Korea China "exports" 4 times women than it "imports" which is equivalent to sending about 10 thousand Chinese women to South Korea and adding 10 thousand Chinese bachelors. So people often say humorously, in the past China sent those "volunteers" to support the Korea War and now China again sends "an army of women" to assist marriages in South Korea. But, who will come over to support Chinese men?

There’s serious imbalance of sex ratio in China, but this country which lacks women the most has become the country that "exports" women the most. As a result, many countries have drawn a conclusion that China has made more progress than other countries in aspect of marriage. But is that true? I’m afraid nobody agrees to it.

Among the female students studying abroad, honestly many have successfully finished their studies and came back home. For those foreign men, it’s not easy to pursuit an oriental beauty. If I remember correctly, an overseas student once told me, "When living abroad, you would find, as time passes by that those foreign men are not as good as people always say. They have many habits which are not suitable for Chinese women in terms of culture, diet, communication and other areas.

There are many local men hitting on Chinese overseas students, but most of them are just flirting with Chinese girls so the smart ones won’t accept such pursuit. Of course, some easy girls still accept it or even using that to actively seeking for ways to permanently stay abroad, for their "face" (or Mianzi) and "status". However, in most cases, after graduation the couples end up going their separate ways, and those girls who supposedly "lost faith in love" carry their luggage and go back to China, even say Chinese guys are still better. I didn’t say that, but I heard it with my own ears!

Sure enough, most overseas students who have come back may not treat foreigners that enthusiastically and optimistically. Maybe in their eyes, there’s not much difference between East and West. However, things are quite the opposite domestically. First, let’s not talk about marriage yet, we can find a phenomenon in many universities that no foreigners (men) remain bachelordom and they all have a beautiful Chinese girl accompanied. Not just those who study in China, only a few foreigners (men) in China are still single, I am just guessing, because where I live the foreigners walk in and out with Chinese girls all the time.

Looking for a foreign boyfriend, to tell the truth, in most cases is for money, and I can guarantee this. Can you see the expression in their eyes, the girls that are with foreigners? I smirked. People always say there are no words written on one’s face, but these girls’ faces are filled with arrogance and vanity. May I ask, how many girls can these foreign students take home after studying aboard? And how many girls will come back home once taken abroad? A women from Shanghai said, "Shanghai women were born for foreigners." I just wanted to say to her “you don’t deserve to be a Chinese.”

Actually most girls have foreigners as boyfriends to satisfy their vanity, or rather, they just worship foreign things, believing everything abroad is better than in China. As if their heads just been kicked by a donkey! Of course, I don’t oppose having foreign boyfriends. Everyone is equal in the name of love and everyone wants a happy family, which is not the privilege of foreigners. But a sweet family is built on the basis of love, you won’t get your happiness if your husband is a playboy even if he’s a god.

It’s kind of exaggerated when I said foreigners came to China to "grab" Chinese girls, but it originally came from one of my friends. Once there were several westerners talking on the subway, their conversation was heard by a man who knew English. They were talking about how many Chinese girls they had been with and one of them said five and soon got laughed at, and then another man said he had been with more than 10. Why is that? One of them added, it was easy to get a Chinese girl and most of them even ask foreigners out first. As long as you take a girl somewhere fancy, you won’t fail to get her even if she had a boyfriend then. He also said Chinese women are way too "stupid". Well, this is what the foreign students think of our "female students". Certainly it didn’t represent the thoughts of all the foreigners, but it was enough to tell us what our female students are like in those foreigners’ eyes.

Then we go back to see how the girls worship foreign things. Sometimes some female students go buy something in the store but speaking in English. Others think they are foreigners and the store owner also is puzzled. But as they get out of the door and speak fluent Chinese, we then realize they are just fooling the store owner.

However, there are quite a few happy transnational families. In fact, many foreigners living in China for long have already got accustomed to the Chinese lifestyle both in culture and diet. The only thing left is whether they can stay in China and live a normal family life. Of course, when coming into Chinese society, there’s no boundary when it comes to love. Chinese people and foreigners are the same except for their skin and appearance.

Back to the point, love cannot be possessed by worshipping foreign things, nor can happiness be gained by marrying a foreign man. Moreover, they are not what you take to show off. If you do so, you give us a reason to despise you rather than envy you.

It should be stressed again that there’s serious imbalance in sex ratio in China, but we seldom see overseas (male) students take foreign wives home. On the contrary, we always find foreigners take Chinese women abroad. To make things worse, almost all the foreigners coming to China have Chinese girls’ accompanied they wish!

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  1. Huzhang says:

    But…but… “diversity” and “tolerance!”

    Was this post aimed at korean_guy?

  2. jim1980 says:

    I know it happened in the past to Japanese, Korean and Philippines women as well. At one time and others, US has military bases in those countries. So there are quite a few Asian military brides in the US. I met many of them when I attend Asian Festival in the US and most of them came US when their home countries are less wealthy. The only hope is that when China becomes wealthier, the perception is changing as well.

    I know we are talking about “foreign worship” in China, I believe that “foreign worship” is an issue for many Asian countries, not just China. I read similar comments like yours on Korean Time. There was even Korean nationalist movement backlash against foreigners because of this issue.

    • Mark says:

      Korean guy will spin this one good. Even if China develops there will always be those who see a better life outside China due to the massive population, lack of diversity, and competition for jobs and resources.

  3. xino says:

    no point because Chinese women would obviously go for the white man.

    they love sucking up to white man’s ass.

  4. Cleo says:

    I hope everyone gets who they deserve as if God were a yenta.

    Matchmaker, matchmaker make me a match!

  5. Crystal says:

    Oh yes! Suddenly China is short of women, and poor guys stay bachelors.

    And who created this gender imbalance? Who aborts and kills females? Koreans?

    And how about a “clever” proposal that Mao once made to Kissinger?

    Amid a discussion of trade in 1973, Chairman Mao Zedong made what Secretary of State Henry A. Kissinger called a novel proposition: sending tens of thousands, even 10 million, Chinese women to the United States.
    “You know, China is a very poor country,” Mao said, according to a document released by the State Department’s historian office. “We don’t have much. What we have in excess is women. So if you want them we can give a few of those to you, some tens of thousands.”

    A few minutes later, Mao circled back to the offer. “Do you want our Chinese women?” he asked. “We can give you 10 million.”


    • Mark says:

      Put me down for about 100 of them China women haha. I want em fertile and young.

    • faggot says:

      u upset coz you like white cock and u just got told? how many white cock have you ate?

    • UI111 says:

      Hey Crystal,

      ‘Who aborts and kills females? Koreans?’

      YES. YES. YES! Koreans abort and kill females! HEL-LO! Abortion is the most common form of birth control in South Korea. Gender imbalance is a HUGE problem in Korea right now.

      Pre-natal sex screening was illegal there until a few years ago, because people would abort females in preference of a male child. Do your research before you start making claims~~~

  6. aer says:

    meh. its just all an evil diabolical plan for china to overtake the world.
    if you cant beat ’em, you breed ’em out.

  7. Curren$y says:

    Chinese women are ugly anyways lol Korean women > Chinese

    • Voice of China says:

      Chinese women> Korean women – naturally
      Chinese women> Korean women with surgery in terms of comparing the top

      Korean women only win when you compare those with a lot of surgery with those with no surgery and are in the lower ends of the beauty spectrum.

  8. ramjet44 says:

    I’ll settle for one beautiful kind Chinese woman,slim,toned,& intelligent.

  9. nulle says:

    who to blame for the mainland gender imbalance?

    thank for glorious GREAT P.O.S. Mao Zedong, Deng XiaoPing, Jiang ZeMin, Hu Jintao and Wen Jiabao for their “one-child policy” and NOT changing it causing all the great glorious imbalance, the numerous souls not given a chance to live, and hundreds of millions of little emperors or empresses today. yay, glorious…

    I feel for those living in mainland China having a gov’t thinking their citizenry are stupid, mindless meatbots incapable of though or opinion.

  10. Foreign girl says:

    I asked my friend why she likes to date foreign guys. She answered with three questions:

    “Do you know any Chinese guys as clean as the foreigners I date?

    Do you know any foreigners that tuck their shirts under their armpits in the summer?

    Do you know any Chinese guys that I can go to a coffee shop with and not complain that we’re wasting money? When I’m the one paying!”

    These aren’t things that are hard to fix, guys. Step up your game!

    Did you know that when some of my Chinese friends check out guys they actually point out how clean they look before they say he’s hot? “他看着真干净,好帅啊!”

  11. Foreign guy says:

    Look, Chinese girls are all slim, healthy, intelligent, can all sing and play sport and most of them study hard too. They never have the “psychological issues” that Western girls do. Chinese girls are great fun to be with! Now, fewer than 1% of American girls are all of those things!

    From my experience, the author’s wrong about most Chinese-Foreigner relationships being about money. Many girls here—students or fuerdai—are richer than us foreigners. As a result of gold-digger-phobia, I only date Chinese girls who are richer than myself—and there’s no shortage, even by that rule.

    • Truth Speaker says:

      You must be dirt poor then, if a Chinese girl dates you and is “rich” she’s only rich because she’s dating 10 other foreigners at a time.

      99.9% of Chinese girls would never even consider dating a foreigner. But when that .1% of the population dates 5, 10, 20, 30 guys a month then yes, it’s not inconceivable that foreigners will delude themselves into thinking they are preferred.

      If you have one girl that spreads her legs (assuming she actually is Chinese, and actually is female, and not a Southeast Asian tranny) for 10 different foreign men a month you technically have 10 interracial couples.

      Get your blood checked is all I have to say.

  12. B-real says:

    I get the same comment but they were in reverse for the black guys. They would like to have my secret baby but only if I can get them out of the country away from their family and some other underlying devious plan to leave me and take all my money like my ex wife tried.

    In response to foriegn guy, they have the same problems western women do but with a Chinese characteristic. Trust me some have allot of problems that your women probably have not presented to you but rich women will show their true colors eventually and your lacking will be your demise in the relation ship because then they will have you by the short and curlies.

      • B-real says:

        I love getting on the elevator at my apartment. The young girls think I dont understand. Typical convo amongst waitresses young chinese girls, and hookers at the KTV,
        Girl 1: Look at the tan guy
        Girl 2: I know, he’s too dark
        Girl 1: African, pretty sure
        Girl 2: yeah, but not from africa proper
        Girl 1: wat ever he has really nice eyes they are big and round
        Girl 2: hes smiling you think he understands?
        Girl 1: I don’t know very possible
        Girl 2: Would you do him?
        Gill 1: I don’t know the other day I saw a mixed baby and it was very pretty and its hair was great/ cool.
        Girl 2: yeah and I hear they are smart because the blood line is not the same (something of that nature)
        Girl 1: I don’t know if my family is so open to such relationship maybe if he makes allot of money, or if I could go home with him but what would would I do in his home town. What if he is African then what would I do.
        Girl 2: ask him why he came to china
        Girl 1: no Im afraid he won’t understand
        Girl 2: you don’t know english?
        Girl 1: all I know is “halo” and “walcum tuh chyna” hahaha
        Girl 2: hjahahhahhahahaah
        Girl 1: Fine i’ll talk to him (in chinese) hello can you speak chinese? Really you understand? Wow your beijing accent is way better than real chinese from other parts!!!
        Girl 2: very good so where are you from? America where are your parent from? huh? America is a white country, there are no blacks?
        Girl 1: How long have you been in China, 7 years oh wow really, did you study chinese or here for work?
        Girl 2: oh yeah every month how much is your pay check? Fuck!!!
        Girl 1: are you married ? aww why did you get a divorce? was she chinese or foreign?
        Girl 2: Of course she didn’t love you she was from dong bei those are bad girls. They only love money. Did you buy a house? I know they are bad girl.
        Girl 1: Yeah, if you bought me a house I would kind of love you too.haha joking
        Girl 2: Im a southern girl, we are better much simpler women. We are poor but we don’t care about money. (you can reverse the last 2 entries for when I come in contact with girls from beijing)
        Girl 1: Why don’t you marry a girl from where you are from? Is chinese better or your girls?
        Girl 2: oh well maybe we can become friends and you can teach me english.
        Girl 1: you are too stupid to learn english haha, I only know a little from primary school. But i forget. give us your number and when ever we are not working we can hang out, ok nice to meet you.

        I kid you not this is how it happens every time I go out alone or meeting up with my chinese partners in slum town Beijing. Never fails.

  13. Will47 says:

    How about the fact that, at almost any university in China, the vast majority of English majors are women, while there are almost none in engineering or hard sciences? Where do these “loose women” meet their foreign boyfriends? Not in math class, its when they are practicing English. On the flip side, the majority of foreign students in China are male.

    This, I think, seems to be a much more valid reason for the huge discrepancy in dating habits between Chinese men and women, rather than the simplistic, sexist, and racist argument provided in the article.

    Why Chinese women major in English more often than engineering is another question, but I sincerely doubt they sign up to meet men (here at Zhejiang Technical University, there’s about a 30:1 ratio of women to men in the English department, while the opposite holds true in engineering).

    Before we go about calling Chinese women who date foreigners sluts and gold-diggers, lets do some real journalism, ChinaHush. You’re better than that.

    • Truth Speaker says:

      Truth hurts. 90% of them are sluts and gold diggers, 100% are average or unattractive, and they date way, way out of their league (traveled, college educated, relatively wealthy foreigners).

  14. Rudiooo says:

    this post is so biased…

    key of good journalism is objectivity Mr Hush.. you FAILED.

    nevetheless, i have to say i had a great Saturday night 😉 😛

  15. riddil says:

    I’m a westerner living in China, and I’ve been married for more than 5 years to a Chinese wife. My opinion for why there’s such an imbalance: Chinese men (Japanese men too) aren’t manly enough. Women want a real MAN’s man. Many asian men are typically feminine-acting. And the ones that don’t act effeminate typically have the attitude of a jerk, because they act as if their family / wealth deserves to be worshiped. Really distasteful, and unattractive.

    Western men and Chinese women really is a perfect match. Chinese men are effeminate, and rarely respect their wives. They treat them more like servants. Western woman are self-centered and demanding. Finally Western men run from their woman, and Chinese women run from their men, to find a perfect match in the middle.

    I feel sorry for all the single Chinese men and Western women. Just ask any Western woman living in China, they tell you how they feel completely lonely and ignored by ALL men, Chinese and Western. Too bad!

    • GodsOmnipotentFlatulence says:

      You should feel sorry for all the single men from your country, many of whom cannot please their women, so they have to solicit the performances or services (often forced) of the approximate 250,000 sexually exploited children (USA, double that number if you count Europe and SE Asia), which fits their small manhood better.

      On a different note, even the far grater numbers of “legitimate” sexual-exploitation with consenting adult females for the soaring population of lonely guys here in the west is problematic. I’ve a friend who immigrated to the USA from China whom was seduced by a woman on fairly large-sized boulevard in the Los Angeles area, after he agreed to her proposal, she brought her to a nearby motel room where cops and a bunch of hapless lonely white guys were waiting as the anti-prostitution sting operation continued through the night. Poor western men just can’t get it going in our god-fearing nation of “free speech” and “democracy” and rivaling masculinity of powerful black men.

    • Truth Speaker says:

      White men are the most effeminate of all. Most of the masculine Chinese guys already have wives. In fact Chinese men are more likely than any other man to be married, stay married, and stay loyal.

      But you do get some trashy sluts like your wife who sleep around with many men. There are some women in China who prefer smaller dicked foreign men, because they know when your mixed race daughter turns 5 you’re going to start doing her. The fact that you won’t be able to hold an erection then is good for her kids.

    • UI111 says:

      “I feel sorry for all the single Chinese men and Western women. Just ask any Western woman living in China, they tell you how they feel completely lonely and ignored by ALL men, Chinese and Western. Too bad!”
      Um, I’m not sure where you’re getting this assumption from, but I am a Western woman living in Asia, and I have to say it is quite the opposite. I’m never ignored by local men, even if they are with their girlfriends. It is also true for my white/black/indian/latino westerner female friends here. It is very, very easy to date Asian men. They dream of being with a beautiful, blonde American woman. So, don’t feel sorry for us, dude, cause we can go on a date with a different guy every day of the week if we want to. My friends and I are never lonely. The guys we date are very attractive and successful, by both Western AND Asian standards of beauty. So, na! na!

      P.S. It is true that most western women are ignored by western men here, but, that’s ok, because most western men in Asia are too short, ugly, and jobless in their native countries (I don’t want to date someone like that anyways).

  16. Unstoppable_Lies says:

    AHAHAHAHA this “translated” article specifically didnt include the part where it was SHANGHAI women.

    as usual.

  17. Curren$y says:

    God damn it’s hard for a Chinese man these days. It seems that you can’t get laid anywhere in the world LOL


    • GodsOmnipotentFlatulence says:

      That women you’ve been dreaming about, well I’m afraid she got laid by a Chinese man. And for you to jack-off your teeny-weeny to porn does not constitute “getting laid” either.

      In any case, the author of blog is a bit too subjective and can use more facts to dispel the personal misery. Certainly the economic and modern societal development disparity had supported such trends, but has become much less prevalent in recent times as Chinese people, including the female members are becoming more awakened and in many cases to excel in career and artistic expression alongside of their male counterparts……. but I should also say from my own experience with friendship circles in China, that sex in China is in fact a very casual thing for most local men and women, with plenty of “sex shoppes”, and it’s quite common for a Chinese man to mate and marry a foreign wife, especially those of European descent, whether from UK, France, USA, Australia, Russia, etc. This is a way for a man who is normally confined within the One-Child family planning policy to have additional children, and for a foreign women to find a decent hard-working man.

      But what’s the big deal about AMWF??? It’s very NORMAL!!!!!! I have KNOW/seen many people born of Chinese fathers/caucasian mothers. Even many famous people with Chinese/Asian dad and white moms or wives: actor Russell Wong, comedian Tommy Chong, war hero Art Chin, actress Kelly Hu, author Timothy Mo, author Ted Wang, athlete Paul Kariya, Apolo Ohno, Dr. Brent Ching (and his family, R.I.P., so tragic!!!), and TOO MANY MORE TO LIST,as these are just some names more/less in media spotlight.

  18. Eidolon says:

    The average man/woman is materialistic and shallow, but then again, what depth is there to mating in the first place? You fuck because nature told you to fuck, and I’m sure there’s some evolutionary explanation for why people prefer the mates they do. Chinese men are probably not very well adapted for the current mating environment, but the women don’t really care.

  19. O says:

    trolls gonna troll, haters gonna hate…

  20. fireworks says:

    Interesting piece of article. Don’t think it mentions the “Chinese” women go marries South Korean guys are usually ethnic Koreans who comes from the Korean area in Jilin. I don’t think its so simply about love, its about economics, Chinese woman want to go abroad for one thing. Get a blue passport.

  21. aaron says:

    Terrible article filled with the typical stereotypes and racist views which Mainland Chinese like to cast on Westerners and other foreigners. Why is it always a zero-sum situation when a Westerner dates or marries a Chinese woman? I’ve dated Chinese women before and I’ve always been kind and decent to them. It’s hard for some Mainland Chinese people to admit that a Chinese woman could really love a Western man and vice versa. However, it happens frequently. And besides, you think every marriage between a Chinese man and a Chinese woman is made in heaven? Having a common culture is just one factor in the success of a relationship.

    • Lou says:

      I’m glad you think like that and it’s encouraging. However you are in the minority. Go down Wudaokou or Sanlitun or anywhere in Beijing and you will see lots of white-hunting Chinese sluts and Western guys who no western woman would want acting like kings, and being treated like kings. I am not denying that true love exists but I believe when I see it, and I have maybe seen it once or twice in my whole time there.

  22. Coo Cluck Clan says:

    If you look 100 to 200 years back, you’ll find most interracial marriage between Chinese overseas is between Chinese man and non-chinese woman. It’s common to find decendant of chinese man and thai wife in Thailand. The previous prime ministers of Thailand had Chinese grandfather and thai grandmother. The trend is common in most parts of South East Asia. In Hawaii, many chinese male laborer marries polynesian (hawaiian) females during the gold rush and Chinese excusion act.
    Most resident of Cuba Chinatown ( El Barrio Chino) are offsprings of Chinese great-grandfather and mestizo great-grandmother.

    • Truth Speaker says:

      In fact almost 20-30% of Koreans and Japanese (and Mongols, and Manchus) are descended from Sino-Tibetan y-DNA, so the alleged tap sum dong Korean is going to have to try harder to troll.

      Sino-Tibetans started as one tribe and spread their genes (male and female) to every corner of East and Southeast Asia through sheer merit.

  23. UI111 says:

    Korean women probably don’t want to marry Chinese men because Korean men are, on average, much more attractive. Korean men are taller, more fashionable, and have better grooming and hair styles than Chinese men. Just look at K-pop stars and Korean drama actors compared to Chinese pop-stars and actors. Now, I’m not saying that all Chinese men are ugly, I think that if you look at a handsome Chinese man vs. a handsome Korean man, the handsome Chinese man will definitely win. But, if you look at 100 men on the sidewalks of Seoul as compared to 100 men on the sidewalks of Beijing, Seoul will have a much higher number of hotties. Korean women and men are some of the most superficial people on the planet, so of course there isn’t going to be a lot of Korean women going for ugly Chinese men. Sorry Chinese guys!

  24. Jesus False Messiah says:

    I don’t like the personality of Koreans in general because majority of them nowdays believe in the false prophets and false god of Abraham.

  25. antipoliticalcorrectness says:

    Belive it or not, the first intermarriage between Asian man and white woman in America during the gold rush is between a Chinese laundryman and an Irish woman.

  26. Thomas Ferrenberg says:

    hahaha Look at the dogs (K & C) fighting amongst themselves!!! In our minds you are all gooks and we will ram our white lances all the way up all your women!!! Our women won’t glance at any of you, while yours are all for the taking! We rule! You don’t! The logic of dominance…

  27. Asian says:

    Guys Most of the Asian countries have been fucked very badly and the wealth of those countries been pondered by many western so called nations. I would say stop fighting between each others its like you guys are acting like my dick is bigger than yours. There is no point in blaming each other. Everybody knows ones weakness and strength. Work on the weakness and make it better rather than spitting when your facing upwards

  28. These guys are most of the time dead on their political gambits. They endure as a interesting perspective. I pray The Young Turks will continue be corageous enough to tell it like it is and counter the GOP funded Fox Network propaganda.

  29. Beatriz says:

    What about foreign women dating Chinese men??
    Because I am one of them!!!

  30. sato says:

    This Korean_guy seem to have the complex in China,japan…

  31. CanadianAsian says:

    ummmm …who’s admin here?? you should really flag or watch all these unnecessary racist commments….

  32. Lou says:

    Good article.
    I wish the type of Chinese women from mainland China you talk about in your article would stop worshipping foreigners (whites). The same women treat other Asians like crap but worship whites. IDIOTS! it’s pathetic and disgusting. Get some national pride, you traitors.

  33. voiceofhomer says:

    China women are pigs all over, in and out of China.

    In all western countries many custom officials, cops and white customers see China women as hookers or some kind of sex worker. And they are right many times.

  34. American guy in Taiwan says:

    The comments on this thread by a lot of Chinese men loudly illustrate one important reason why many Chinese women are opting for foreign men – small-minded Chinese men. Women, especially the more open-minded Chinese women who consider dating foreigners, don’t like immature men with petty, jealous attitudes. Look at all the racist comments here saying that white men in Asia are losers and that Chinese women who date/marry foreigners are traitors. I’ve had relationships with some very successful and well educated women from Mainland China and Taiwan and I hear some common complaints about Chinese men: don’t treat women like equals, spoiled, emotionally immature, control freaks, obsessed about looks and don’t care about a woman’s intellectual qualities, too feminine (some Taiwanese guys). Some of you Chinese guys might bad-mouth me on the internet, but you’re not gonna be able to compare with me (in the eyes of Chinese women) unless you grow up and start developing your mind.

  35. zzTalk says:

    I have to start by stating, what is the big deal? A women can so choose whom she ends up with .However you must come to realize that women that demand this or that, really have not accomplished anything in their lives to merit they are special or unique. Just another stupid human being perpetuating old feudal ways. We do live in the year 2012 and year 4710 in the Chinese calendar .Those that strongly identify with culture and preservation of it so strongly have not done anything grand in life. So thus if they feel part of the collect they feel validated. I happen to Caucasian, and I have dated several races. A portion of women are demanding others are not .It is not race specific .It’s all probability and circumstance you’re in life .Those that see me for my wallet or success are thrown out the window. I do not have time to waste on women that do not value my character. Besides why would want I want someone who sees the easy way out to reach success, it shows they have very little backbone or character to pursue their wants and needs. You have to remember you are human being first. A female or male 2nd, and a race/ethnicity 3rd.All great men and women think as I have mentioned. Those that thing as race/ethnicity as the primary movement for dating are motivated by social pressures and conformist way or fetishes .The reality is many Asian men or women who comment of how the Caucasian men that live in china are losers. Not all of them are. Some speak several languages, I speak 6. Well educated. However I would consider moving to china not to make it there because I “could not” make it here. Far from it, I would go to China simply to expand my company for a few years. The worlds are becoming global and if you do not like it go back to feudal ways and pre social evolutionary ways. Social evolution is more important than primitive selective ways .Principally because it shows you are evolved as a human being. Those that adhere to it strongly. Are either intimidated or jealous of an Asian girl dating white/brown/other Asian are afraid your identity that being your culture will cease to exist, let’s be frank it’s your insecurity. Grow up and let the world grow into another stage of social evolution where men and women have equal rights and we love each other for character, and communication. We need to realize the following whether you be Asian, white, black, Latino, Indian what have you .That the world is very different from what it was 600 years ago. And do we want to retrograde to that kind of mentality and its “lifestyle” of course not. We have choice and each one of us has to respect another’s decision. Is that not an important mannerism in china, respect? I respect all races, so thus I expect the same. Just be yourself and remember you are what you project and if women are solely after men for money, or career or security, then why don’t you go back 600 years when disease was rampant , rape was much more common and you had no rights? I guess no huh? You want to have your cake and eat it too, the best of most worlds. Men all over the world are experiencing this “self-entitlement “ from women because I have a vagina .Frankly it will end in the near future and men will again be much selective with women .So they do not end up divorced .Just my 2 cents.

  36. Dejana says:

    I just want to say that I am more than sorry for ever doubting this spell, I should have know the spell caster possess true powers when he accepted my case. I am now a believer of what he did and that there are powers we normal humans can not understand. Thanks you Ancient Priest of for bringing my husband back to me

  37. Jackie Chan only says:

    Southeast Asia has longest experience with han chinese immigration back to 500-1,000 years ago. China’s tradition is opposite to the world. She produces only han chinese men. China’s motto is that women are toilets. Han chinese are nothing men but just gay queens unable to win any bloody war. they are not dangerious but never useful to the world. i’m thai. my father is Thai ethic, and my mother is han chinese. lot lot han chinese migrated to Thailand up to 500 years ago. we blame chinese for saying women are just toilets. Han chinese residents in Thailand are very ashamed with their cutlure. So han chinese in thailand produce lot lot han chinese girls instead of men. That’s why my father is Thai and mother is han chinese. Southeast Asia has longest experience with han chinese immigration back to 500-1,000 years ago. China’s tradition is opposite to the world. She produces only han chinese men. China’s motto is that women are toilets. Han chinese are nothing men but just gay queens unable to win any bloody war. they are not dangerious but never useful to the world. i’m thai. my father is Thai ethic, and my mother is han chinese. lot lot han chinese migrated to Thailand up to 500 years ago. we blame chinese for saying women are just toilets. Han chinese residents in Thailand are very ashamed with their cutlure. So han chinese in thailand produce lot lot han chinese girls instead of men. That’s why my father is Thai and mother is han chinese or simply chinese in English

  38. Jackie Chan only says:

    Southeast Asia has longest experience with han chinese immigration back to 500-1,000 years ago. China’s tradition is opposite to the world. She produces only han chinese men. China’s motto is that women are toilets. Han chinese are nothing men but just gay queens unable to win any bloody war. they are not dangerious but never useful to the world. i’m thai. my father is Thai ethic, and my mother is han chinese. lot lot han chinese migrated to Thailand up to 500 years ago. we blame chinese for saying women are just toilets. Han chinese residents in Thailand are very ashamed with their cutlure. So han chinese in thailand produce lot lot han chinese girls instead of men. That’s why my father is Thai and mother is han chinese. CHINESE MEN ARE EASY TO BE MASSACRED. CHINESE MEN HAVE NO POWER TO PROTECT CHINESE WOMEN. So my mother is chinese who submits herself to my Thai dad. lot lot han chinese girls born from han chinese immigrant families.

  39. Jeff says:

    Most White men don’t date Asian women. The ones who do date Asian women do it because they hate White women. They’re cowards and race traitors. They can’t handle an independent White woman so they have to downgrade, they also prefer a woman with the body of a young boy.

  40. Jeff says:

    It’s disgusting and highly offensive.

  41. Jeff says:

    This is interesting, I’ve read of many cases were an Asian woman had cut off her husband’s penis. O_o

  42. Jeff says:

    Wake up White people!

  43. zztalk says:

    excuse me white people are the new niggas of the world! whom do you speak for? and whom said you can speak on behalf of any race, whether it be black, white , asian, latino etc etc. Last time I checked whites invented a lot of things in the modern world.Something A “monkey” would not do . a monkey is someone who does not really do anything for society has a whole and just multiplies .Hmm last time I checked a lot of groups excessively reproducing were not caucasian but ELSEWHERE

  44. Kill the worthless net trolls says:

    You low lives trolling this thread isn’t doing anything for society. Just STFU with your vulgar comments, it’s not like you’re going to change the world. I didn’t know these douche bags were such big shots, hiding behind a computer. Comparing ethnicity now? WTF. There’s apparently Asians here bashing on each other (unless they’re just foreigners pretending to be Asian), and this White trash with too much free time bashing on Koreans. I wonder if these trolls are going to continue with their garbage to the next century? No need for grammar check, it’s not like these idiots are important people with integrity, who can discuss a topic or an article civilly. The germs they spread will vaguely be remembered.

    To the White trash, bashing on Koreans. The more you repeat yourself, the more you become bland. Talk about nuking Korea? Okay White nigga of the world since you feel so powerful. Screw every Korean women who seem to need a good fucking. Then, try to bomb Korea, or hell, all of Asia. Action speak louder than words. Make sure you make the worldwide news, and if you end up in prison for life, preach your inmates about how the White devil came to be, like they would care. If you get the death penalty, you can yap out of your lungs about Koreans or Chinese, or whatever is up your ass, before going to hell you fucking hypocrite.

    For those of you who are visiting this website for China news, don’t bother reading these comments. Most of them irrelevant, hate messages that get nowhere, and simply spam.

  45. Krau says:

    This article seems to be trying to talk Chinese women out of dating foreign men or some sort of mental navel gazing trying to come to terms with it, I actually cant understand why so many Chinese women are so desperate to be serviced by foreign boys ,I have heard Chinese guys are a little clumsy in bed.

  46. nyulimester says:

    én süket-néma vagyok,kézjelt tudok,42 éves vagyok,a kor nem számít úgy gondolom,a lényeg legbelül a szív,az mindent elmond például szeretett,már 2 éve nem vagyok senkivel,szenvedek,magányos vagyok,nem akarok egyedül lenni,ha valakivel sikerülne akkor boldog lennék,nem vernék én át senkit,nem értem mért utasítanak el sokan,úgy gondolom minden megvan belső külső tulajdonságom,de mindenképp megismernék egy nő akivel boldog lehetnék!Ha valaki ír nekem akkor mindenképp küldj magadról fényképet!Az e-mail cí erre írjatok!Mindenkit Üdvözlök!És vigyázattok magatokra!

  47. gotobell says:

    this seem to be a trend everywhere you go, chinese girls are the most likely to date out, but theres a problem with this, no matter whom they mate with, their descendents will be chinese, most of the times.

    If you go to southeast asia, you’ll see tons of chinese girls with native south east asian males, southasian males, and sometimes black males, you’ll almost never see the other way around.

    It seem like chinese females prefer the darker males over the light skin males, just like everywhere else, white males are not their first preference, that’s why you’ll see white males with the ugliest asian/chinese girl everywhere you go.

    But east asian females been mating with other males for thousands of years, look up the tarim mummies from wikipedia:

    “They suggest that an admixed population of both west and east origin lived in the Tarim basin since the early Bronze Age. The maternal lineages were predominantly East Eurasian haplogroup C with smaller numbers of H and K, while the paternal lines were all West Eurasian R1a1a. The geographic location of where this admixing took place is unknown, although south Siberia is likely”

  48. fungus says:

    all white males especially the american males came to this site and bragging about their conquest of chinese or east asian females are lost in reality, they sound very gullible male…..have no ideas of what is going on in the world….sad!

    these males have no idea how the mating games works….they will be in east asian males shoes next…..what a sad sad human

  49. Sinokadazan says:

    Gotobell is wrong. Majority of Intermarriage between Chinese and Southeast Asians are between Chinese men and Southeast asian women. If you visit Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia you’ll see the evidence. Only intermarriage between Chinese and Indians is predominatly Indian men with chinese women. The product of those interracial marriages were eventually balanced out unlike those in USA. Majority of the female “Cindians” (Chinese-Indian offsprings) marry Chinese males and Majority of Sino-Thai (Chinese-thai offspring) females marry Thai men. Only in the West, Hapa (eurasian) females usually choses white males which causes the imbalance.

  50. James owen says:

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  51. Korean woman says:

    i married chinese american.. best husband and my soul mate…
    we both love US . he will never go back to china and I won’t go back to S.Korea. Both county is prettty horrible in terms of human rights and corruption.
    USA rule!

  52. dick says:

    This conversation makes me sick. Over 30 years ago I married my Japanese wife and heard the same stuff then about Japanese women. It really does not matter who you marry so long as you stay married. Same with marrying a Chinese lady or a Chinese man marrying a foreign lady. No big deal.

  53. Anne says:

    Hmmmmn, I have a lot of white male FRIENDS – I wonder how often we get mistaken as a couple.

    I’m not a Chinese woman in China – I’m a Canadian (from Hong Kong), but if I was in their /position/, my motive for preferring foreigners will be strings-free-fun. I don’t want to get married, especially not NOW – from what I hear, Chinese guys seem to take things too seriously – there was a Chinese guy who called the police on a Chinese girl who invited him over for a one-night-stand!

    If I was a Chinese girl in China, I would not fool around with a Chinese guy – there is a chance he might know my family or my friends or my boss! The local Chinese guy is also LOCAL – meaning I will run into him day after day after we broke up – that’s awkward.

    For fun, I would pick the foreigner who is obviously looking for the same kind of fun (and won’t stay, “bang bang bang, bye bye bye!” – and if things end up turning badly, if he turns out to be a psycho, well, he’s a foreigner, I can get him deported!

    Also, from the news, I think as a Chinese girl being hit by a Chinese guy, I probably won’t get any help from bystanders, but, if I was a Chinese girl being hit by a ‘laowai’, I will get lots of help (as long as nobody knows I was dating him?). Further adding to the appeal of dating a foreigner over a Chinese guy, for Chinese girls!

    …and exotic different things will always have an appeal over normal things that you get everyday – even if you can’t actually live WITHOUT the normal things you find boring.

    Oh, men of all races can lie. It’s call the rule of three: multiple the number of partners a woman claim by three, and divide the number of partners a man claim by three! Just because the white guys are bragging doesn’t mean they actually have done it.

    Also, Protip for Chinese guys: It will be easier for you to land a date with a girl, be she Chinese or White, IF, you don’t badmouth Chinese girls dating white guys while trying to score dates with white girls – this gives the racist sexist impression that you think dating women is a method of conquest (instead of mutual consent) – that’s kinda of a turn off for most women. It will be easier for you to get a date, if you stay friends with girls who are dating other guys – that girl or that guy she’s dating might have a female friend that they know will match you!

  54. Michael says:

    dude i love this guy!

  55. chinese_guy says:

    Coming from a Korean guy this is not suprising at all. China “gave” their women away. Korea on the other, you are everyone’s bitches and everyone “take” your women because you cannot protect them AND your land.

    Korea was a colony of China, then a colony of Japan and now you are a puppet nation of the states and that’s why you will see more Korean women with white men/try to look white via plastic surgery than any other Asian women.

    Go make some kim chi for your brother in the North….whatever that little fella name is.

  56. antibeast says:

    If a second Korean War out, I hope China stays out this time around. That way, you piece of gookshit would disappear from this planet forever…it’s starting to smell…

  57. sato says:

    no,korean women had the crowning title as the No#1 foreign lovers.
    Japan have a lot of people. Compared with South Korea.The percentage is ranked first in Korean women.
    Japanese women international marriage rate has declined.
    (sorry,japanese souce)Because the quality of life in Japan is Asia No1.and japan has livable city.(2011 most livable city in the world-in Osaka# 12 ,Tokyo#18etc…)and so peaceful.(Global Peace I ndex ranked 3)
    so…most japanese women and men are not interested in gaijin(foreigners)
    Especially,Young Japanese have refused to go abroad…

  58. B-real says:

    And that’s the truth. Just because there are stats to prove the Koreans do go on under the knife often, that is because they can afford and in China their stats are under reported.

    When I was in Korea I don’t think 12 year old kids are getting surgery. For some reason there is a higher concentration of beauty in Korea. I hated going out ot eat because even the considered not so attractive woman in Korea would surpass a pretty women in China. When I opened my shop bout 6 years ago and had to hire some cleaners. I asked for older women in their 40-50s (I was 26). Came up with 3 of the finest and wildest bunch of elderly women in their 60s. One of them was a spitfire in bed. Then I look at 60s and up group when I fly out. You know the tourist groups of elderlies headed for China? They all have the same curly hair sticking out of their visor cap with their bow legged walk from far farming most of their lives. Well they are a direct reflection of what natural beauty is for they are too old to even consider surgery yet being 70-90 they still maybe look 70-75. Even the men have their qualities but I choose not to speak of it.

    In fact 20 years ago when I was a child I lived in korea town Los Angeles. I think Its because of the high exposure to pretty korean pubescent girl that has me down with the yellow fever. For they all were pretty and closely resembled each other at the age of 12-15 I don’t think parents were paying for surgery.

    No hands down Koreans have an unbelievable beauty ratio and it can’t be faked.

  59. Voice of China says:

    Oh gook guy, you make me laugh 😀

    Most gooks do go under the knife, with statistics to prove it.

    Every person I know who has gone to Korea has reported back at how short, and ugly the common South Korean is.

    Short legs, mongoloid eyes, flat nose – these are common characteristics of gooks. You guys are essentially inbred from Mongolians.

    B-Real is proof that Koreans are ugly. Everyone knows that white guys have an inverse standard of beauty in relation to asian women. Just look at their choice in Asian women in Hollywood. Although unfortunately, even the lowest quality of Chinese women > Korean women.

    Don’t kid yourself gook_guy.

  60. chiize says:

    ever heard of make up? foundation powder that covers up wrinkles?

  61. Truth Speaker says:

    Koreans aren’t bad but pure blooded Chinese are far better. It’s just that the ugly girls gravitate to foreigners, so you wouldn’t know.

  62. B-real says:

    trust me if they had that shit it would have been all over my pants, and face. Sorry to tell you that these were natural beauties, not high maintenance uglies. The only time I woke up next to an ugly women was after a night out drinking and funny about that story was it was me her ugly ass and 2 other friends of mine. Wild night I don’t remember having and prefer it that way.

  63. HY says:

    Sure? But the American soldier dick already stretch his anus as wide as ….hmmm….can do fisting fuck. Unless buy one get one free, his mother!


  64. B-real says:

    Being thou some bitchs gave him syphilis, herpes, and all types of STDs. They pretty much signed his death warrant.

  65. antibeast says:

    Had the U.S. Military dropped a couple of nuclear bombs on your beautiful Northeast Asian country, the number of gooks in Hangook today would be negligible. Good riddance.

  66. ramjet44 says:

    Ok,I’ll settle for one beautiful Korean woman,slim,toned&intelligent!

  67. antibeast says:

    korean_guy is right this time…only Unicorns go with white devils because both have horns…they must be horny as hell.

  68. Death soul says:

    And then China was a colony of the Mongols, British, Japanese, French, Russian and many more. I don’t ever recall Korea being gang-banged by foreign powers as much as China was.

  69. James says:

    I’m confused and horrified.

  70. horrified2 says:

    wash your mouth with soap!

  71. Truth Speaker says:

    lol, “colony” of the Mongols, more like the Mongols colonized and pacified themselves.

    Europe was constantly getting buttfucked by Jews, Arabs, Turks, Mongols, Huns, Khazars. Korea was always a vassal of some sort, which is a pretty good deal.

  72. antibeast says:

    What “colony”? You mean the U.S. Military bases in South Korea are just foreign investments? How many “colonies” did the British establish in China? Let me give you a hint…it’s so small…about 1,000 sq. km…that it has the most expensive real-estate in the world today. The British had a strong presence in Shanghai but they were never in control during the “unequal treaties” era…

    And the Japanese…didn’t those yellow dwarfs been attacking, raping and pillaging Hangook for the better part of, say, 2000 years? And wasn’t Korea a COLONY, that is, a land ruled by a foreign power, before the U.S. military decided to initiate the Korean War which decimated Korea?

    Like the stupid gook below named korean_guy, you should beg your white masters to nuke your beautiful country to kingdom cum so your gook ass would be ascend to white heaven.

    Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!

  73. Unstoppable_Lies says:

    AHAHAHAHAHA this clown cant be korean.

    1. korean culture is a copy of Chinese

    2. they were a vassal for their entire history to either China or Japan

    3. several major ‘korean’ last names are Chinese in origin

    4. they have never invented a single useful thing for the entire world

    5. they are still in half, even today. which country is more pussy than South Korea who got shelled and NOTHING happened to North Korea?

    6. before Hangul, which wasnt invented until quite recently, all Koreans had to write in CHINESE. they did NOT have their own script. by definition they dont even count as a civilization.

    7. During Tang Dynasty Chinese captured Korean civilians from Koguryo, Paekche, and Silla to sell as slaves.

    8. what happen when Japan attack during Imjin Wars? they steam roll korea so fast, Ming thought korea was lying and actually collaborating with the Japanese. korean king BEGGED Ming Dynasty for help. Ming saved korea and they continued to be in Chinese shadow until Japan finally beat China and conquer korea.

    9. koreans have NEVER been the masters of their own destiny. even now, how many countries are involved in their ‘civil war’? China, Russia, Japan, US? who has the LEAST influence? South Korea LMAO.

    10. Seoul worries about prostitutes’ exodus to the U.S.

    A Los Angeles police spokesman said that about 90 percent of the department’s 70-80 monthly arrests for prostitution involve Korean women and Los Angeles police estimates that there are 8,000 Korean prostitutes working in that city and its suburbs


    this korean guy talking about Chinese is just too funny. at the end of the day, korea is still in half, and your entire history has Chinese elements alllllllllllllll over it.

  74. Truth Speaker says:

    So you’re saying that Chinese women spread Y-DNA? Give it up, you’re obviously white.

  75. antibeast says:

    One thing the Hangooks do well: get fucked by white devils! Those evil Fu Manchu…commie bastards…intervened in the Korean Fuckfest…we were having the best sex of our lives….the Joys of Gook Sex!!!

  76. Truth Speaker says:

    I guess that makes them a cut above everyone else.

  77. Unstoppable_Lies says:

    LMAOOOOO women spreading y-dna….

    this korean kid is a big fish in a small pond. he found these tiny site like china hush and china smack where he can post his anti chinese posts (which are just retarded, pure insult, zero fact).

    its like his last haven. on youtube both chinese and japanese make fun of korean nationalists constantly.

    they have a pathetic history so they lie to avoid it. they nitpick Chinese records to say jurchen and manchu are korean.

    those SAME chinese records say silla came from Han.

    “新罗者,其先本辰韩种也。地在高丽东南,居汉时乐浪地。辰韩亦曰秦韩。相传言秦世亡人避役来适,马韩割其东界居之,以秦人,故名之曰秦韩。其言语名物,有似中国人。….其文字、甲兵,同于中国 ”

    there is no bigger joke in history than koreans. who are excellent and fabricating lies to make themselves feel better about their PITIFUL position in the world.

    how many more south koreans DIED from that last attack you PUSSIES.

  78. Unstoppable_Lies says:

    this ridiculous pitiful korean kid is going to talk about opium wars and sick man of asia.

    and not realize EVERYTHING i said was DIRECTLY from CHINA to KOREA.

    you koreans got NOTHING on China. which is why you pretend you are Jurchen and Manchu.

    and the Manchu hate you for it lmao.

    Manchu history – 1( A rebuttal against Korean Nationalist’s fabrication )

  79. Unstoppable_Chinese_PrimitiveBushman says:

    1.korean culture is a copy of Chinese
    Chinese don’t have one unless u consider spear chucking and eating baby fetuses a culture. Sorry bro but that Qipao you are proud of is was a custom of the manchus, the people that raped and enslaved your entire country for hundreds of years.

    2. they were a vassal for their entire history to either China or Japan.

    Lol at primitive chinks bringing up Japan. Yes Japan colonized Korea for about 30 years. You do remember that during the same time Chinese were getting raped by the Japanese. Ever heard of Nanking? Seriously bro it’s really nothing compare to the Chinks who got colonized by pretty much everyone to a point where they lost their identity and now has to claim all the foreign rulers as theirs.

    3. several major ‘korean’ last names are Chinese in origin

    None of them are Chinese in origin. Keep in mind 90% of the population didn’t even have last names up until the modern time. Most of them were made up with fake origins. Even so, majority of the popular surnames are of Korean origin like the Kim, Park, Lee-completely different origin to Chinese Lee.

    4. they have never invented a single useful thing for the entire world
    Ever heard of Jikji?

    5. they are still in half, even today. which country is more pussy than South Korea who got shelled and NOTHING happened to North Korea?

    At least the southern half enjoys prosperity and freedom unlike 99.99% of the chinese who are merely slaves and have no voting rights. Ching Chong Sun yet Sen promised to free the chinese from the Manchu barbarians but looks like he failed tee hee

    6. before Hangul, which wasnt invented until quite recently, all Koreans had to write in CHINESE. they did NOT have their own script. by definition they dont even count as a civilization

    Sure bro according to you, Japanese don’t count as civilization as well. Thank god the Koreans invented their own language instead of relying on some archaic and barbaric script primitives used back in ice age.

    7. During Tang Dynasty Chinese captured Korean civilians from Koguryo, Paekche, and Silla to sell as slaves.

    You mean the Tang Dynasty where the ruling class were of Xianbei origin just like majority of any other dynasties where chinks were always the weak peasant slaves and the masters were of central-northern Asians? ^_^

    8. what happen when Japan attack during Imjin Wars? they steam roll korea so fast, Ming thought korea was lying and actually collaborating with the Japanese. korean king BEGGED Ming Dynasty for help. Ming saved korea and they continued to be in Chinese shadow until Japan finally beat China and conquer korea.

    Ming got raped equally as bad and did nothing to stop the invasion. It was the Korean navy that prevented Japan from resupplying through the sea that finally put an end to the war.

    9. koreans have NEVER been the masters of their own destiny. even now, how many countries are involved in their ‘civil war’? China, Russia, Japan, US? who has the LEAST influence? South Korea LMAO.
    You mean like how all of Europe, US, Japan, Russia were involed in your little civil war 50-100 years ago? I forgot to mention the Manchus, your former masters. lulz

    10. Seoul worries about prostitutes’ exodus to the U.S.

    A Los Angeles police spokesman said that about 90 percent of the department’s 70-80 monthly arrests for prostitution involve Korean women and Los Angeles police estimates that there are 8,000 Korean prostitutes working in that city and its suburbs


    Lol You do know that majority of them are mixed Koreans of Chinese nationals? A lot of them are mixed with the chinkman race and they consider themselves chinese. Only time they would consider themselves Korean is when they get caught committing crimes and whoring themselves oversea so they can shit on Korea.

    And why would a chinkman bring up prostitution when they have 20 million prostitutes of their own to worry about who are whoring all over the world including Africa. Even Africa trolololol Compare to the chinese, it’s such a small number Koreans don’t need to worry about it.

    Chinese Whores in Africa

    Chinese Whores in Japan (70% of whores in Japan are Chinese)

    Chinese Whores in Korea

    this Chinese chimpanzee guy talking about Korean is just too funny. at the end of the day, China is still a shithole 3rd world country in where they are still enslaved by their own government God BLESS slave labor!!

  80. Truth Speaker says:

    I dunno, but nearly 300,000 South Koreans were liquidated by other South Koreans and their US friends at the start of the Korean War.

    Entire villages were burned to the ground and the women, children and elderly slaughtered like animals if they were suspected of being leftists. For over 50 years, the US pinned this on the North Koreans until finally owning up to it in 2008.

  81. Unstoppable_Chinese_PrimitiveBushman says:

    Nobody in Korea consider manchus or jurchens Koreans whether it be government or the textbook. You are just this little insecure enraged chinese chinkboy who is mad because the manchus themselves in their only history book written by themselves noted kinship with Korea.

    Big deal, at the end of the day Koreans are Koreans, Manchus are manchus, ching chongs are ching chongs. It’s only the chinese that comes up with bullshit historical revisions like east asian project. You are just mad that people don’t buy into Tibet is China, Mongol is China, Manchu is China garbage and it’s why you are pulling a tantrum here like a bitch on period.

    Youtube? lulz
    That’s like troll heaven. I can’t believe there are still apes out there that consider youtube seriously. Even there nobody gives a fuck about some little 5,000 view Korean bashing videos because they are busy watching K-pop video that gets 50 million viewers. While you are at it check out the nanking video or chinese reckless running over innocent baby videos and you’ll see how the WORLD view China and they get about billion times more viewers.

    It’s funny how you talk as if Japan in on your side even though the Japanese think chinese are bunch of cockroaches and hate them more than the Koreans. I know there are some Japanese that hate Koreans and vice versa but there are a lot of them that don’t.

    8 out of 10 Japanese despise Chinese, historically highest (Japanese Media NPO) lol


    It’s funny how I never see these trolls in bigger sites like topix and rarely ever in professional sites like for instance Deineke’s Blog for DNA discussion. I see a lot of Koreans post there but never the chinese. Maybe they are ashamed of their DNA and don’t want to face the truth.

  82. Truth Speaker says:

    and allowed China to become the one of the most poverty stricken backwards immoral unethical cruel crude country in the world.

    Yeah, excluding all of the other nations. China is one of three independent nations in the world, and is clearly morally superior to all of them.

    You’re a retard if you can’t see that, whiteboy.

  83. Check out soc.culture.asian.american group on , many korean-american men are complaining that korean-american females are the most white-washed asian group aside from Filipino females.

  84. antibeast says:


  85. Thomas Ferrenberg says:

    lol!!! don’t think I care about money! I care about f*ckin’! I might go to Korea this summer and I’ll be extra sweet to them like last time (Seoul + Pusan = 9 girls in 2 weeks!!!) and everywhere in Asia it’s just the same. Just keep Tappin’ I love to see gooks makin’ themselves useful on blogs!

  86. Serenity says:

    If Korea is so great, why do you live in America? Don’t lie. It’s obvious you grew up there.

    Oh, but what about the poor korean girls who are raped everyday in the tiny shithole of yours? This girl was raped, robbed and died falling off a building to escape the boy who was raping her. This happened on Children’s Day.

    Here’s an article about rape in elementary schools in korea. Where else in asia, or any ‘developed’ country for that matter, does this phenomenon occur? In another case, “40 boy students group raped a girl student during 1 year”.

    Do you have a girlfriend? Do you treat her well? As a human being, this is what you should be thinking of, not going onto sites to spread malice and hate. I have met nice korean men. You should be ashamed of yourself for disgracing the country you are trying to promote: “TAM SUP BONG gui gui fuck” What language is that? Korean??

  87. antibeast says:

    What’s wrong with this stupid gook? Didn’t the U.S. military kill enough of you gooks during the Korean War? Maybe Korea should have been nuked to kingdom come so your country wouldn’t have to host the U.S. military anymore. Or, maybe a few tons of Agent Orange sprayed on your beautiful Northeast Asian country so any trace of cultural influence from China would be erased from your stupid gook ass forever.

  88. antibeast says:

    stupid gook says: It was China who never been the master of their destiny. And only the West can save China from their Chinese-led demise.

    And yes, only the U.S. Military can save fuckie-suckie stupid gooks from Fu Manchu. Too bad, the U.S. Military didn’t or rather couldn’t start a nuclear war with China. Because had the Korean War gone nuclear, your beautiful Northeast Asian country would have turned into a gigantic Hiroshima and your gook ass would just be deep-fried piece of Hangook shit.

  89. antibeast says:

    And how many Korean gooks sucked white dicks during and after the Korean War? You should write a book entitled: The Joys of Gook Sex: A Guide for Korean Gooks.

  90. antibeast says:

    No…you’re just jealous because how dare those heathen orientals have great public? Maybe the U.S. Military should Christianize Hangook to Kingdom Cum by dropping a couple of neutron bombs designed by Dr. Lee. And if your Hangook mother happened to survive the White Man’s Burden, she would be alive today to tell you how great it was to suck white dick and drink white semen from a G.I. Joe stationed in Seoul. Besides, that’s how you were conceived, right? Your mother probably was too poor and she had to become a Comfort Woman to the U.S. Military during the Korean War. In exchange for kimchi, she begged to be fucked without a condom…

  91. antibeast says:

    Your mother got fucked by a white G.I. Joe after returning from bombing missions which decimated Korea resulting in CIVILIAN deaths exceeding 10% of the population. And you mother had to suck white dicks for a living to raise you as a child because her white G.I. Joe husband was killed in combat by snifer fire from…that’s right…the Fu Manchu…Red Army of Mao Zedong. If you can get a date from a Chinese woman because your ass smell like gook shit…you can ask your mother to teach you how to suck white dicks instead…the Joys of Gook Sex…

  92. antibeast says:

    korean_guy’s mother: me…so horny…
    white G.I. Joe: how much…
    korean_guy’s mother: suckee…or…fuckee?
    white G.I. Joe: suckee…how much?
    korean_guy’s mother: suckee…one dullurs…fuckee…two dullurs…
    white G.I. Joe: oops…I am out of U.S. dollars…would you take kimchi?
    korean_guy’s mother: Yahoo! Yehaa! Hallelujah! Piss the Lord! Please fuck me in my ass so I can give birth to a stupid gook!

  93. antibeast says:

    did you suck your mother’s pussy while being gang-banged? or did your mother suck your dick while eating your shit?

  94. antibeast says:

    And what do you call Korea? The gooks of Asia?

  95. antibeast says:

    Korea is a nation of GOOKS…Hangook!

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