High school student commits suicide after being scolded by teacher

From Mop | translated by Jue | edited by Key


On the afternoon of March 14th, 10th grade student Zhang Zhipeng from the Third Secondary School of Pucheng, Fujian was scolded and insulted by his homeroom teacher in the teachers’ office because Zhang had been playing with his cell phone in class. Then his parents were called to school by the teacher. Zhang Zhipeng had made apology to the teacher but she didn’t accept it and continued to verbally abuse Zhang. Zhang couldn’t bear the insult and committed suicide by jumping off the building after that. Within ten minutes of the accident, school leaders and teachers turned the other way, only his mother accompanied Zhang for the last ten minutes of his life.

Pucheng Suburban Hospital was located next to the school, but faced with such a tragedy, no doctor even came over. By the time the ambulance from the county hospital came, Zhang had been lying there for half an hour. When Zhang unwillingly swallowed his last breath, you could feel the raging anger from his relatives who just wanted the child to stay where he died for a while. Soon, a team of more than thirty “metal helmets” forcefully removed child’s body. This is our society, the so-called China’s society governed by law! Of course, for those high-taxed and high-income groups from schools, the masses are nothing, and what the “metal helmets” did was understandable. Well, that’s a practice of the Central Policy, coming from the people and right back at them.

What kind of verbal abuse it must be, to make a child become so stupid; what kind of insult it was, to drive the child away from having courage to live! This is the teacher, who claimed herself being a well-educated and respectable person with over 10 years of teaching experience! You placed your dirty soul in front of the podium, placed in the very bottom of every student’s heart and also in the history of the “glorious education” of Pucheng. And, the Third Secondary School of Pucheng, playing a role of Pucheng’s educator, did you need to act yourself so incisively?  Is this kind of teacher your answer to society? Is this the tragedy you want to see?

Zhang Zhipeng, do you know how your mom feels now? Can you see the tear on your dad’s face? Do you know what your grandma is infusing in the hospital? Oh, my brother, why did you do this, for such school, such teacher and such littlest thing!

Now this “legal” society can do nothing for you, just let the fair and conscientious Internet help you to close your eyes!!!




  1. This tragedy because of a telephone. OMG the mongrel (bitch) teacher should experience the same fate.

    1. Maybe the kid (if you can call him that – 10th grade – ~16) should man up and have had the fortitude to take his scolding and continued with his life, without playing with his f’ing cellphone in class again. The tragedy wasn’t because of a cellphone. It was because the dumb kid jumped. Unless someone pushed him off/down, then it was because he jumped.
      Sounds callous of me but those are the facts. And the mongrel bitch teacher won’t experience the same fate because she isn’t so dumb that she’d jump over something like that. If the Principal ripped her a new ahole for 2 hours, think she’d jump? Doubt it.

      1. Don’t be so cold hearted? Who are you to know this kids life? He’s in 10th grade for crying out loud. His apology wasnt accepted, and who knows WHAT was going on in previous days of his life. For calling a kid who killed himself “dumb” shows the kind of person you are. Have respect for the kid, thanks.

      2. keius,
        the tragedy goes well beyond the personal one of a suicide, the specific causes of which we will probably never now. The greatest tragedy is a social one, and it is all in the heartless attitude of bystanders, in the 30 minutes between the accident and the arrival of the ambulance, and in idiotic comments like yours.
        From your English, you sound like a person of crass ignorance (‘sounds callous of me’, ‘mongrel bitch’!?). Though the nature of your comments denotes more of irreparable idiocy.

        1. Re: “mongrel bitch”. I was quoting Visitor. Learn to read the thread. I’m assuming he used it in a sarcastic manner. I’d stick quotes on it if i could edit my first response. Look on every single one of my posts on this site and you won’t find me using any such terminology, other than in quotes.
          I don’t cater to being PC and i call it as i see it, so once again, it may very well may “sound callous of me” (to those like yourself).
          Ignorance is blaming the suicide on the teacher. My complaint was about “personal responsibility”. Ignorance is blaming the entire situation on someone/something else other than the student. Maybe you shouldn’t be so quick to jump the gun . Read my post again. I was attacking the way the article blamed the teacher for the faults of the student. Undoubtedly, the student had some major issues, many of which may have been socially induced. Like you yourself stated, we will never know. What we do know, is that he jumped over something as idiotic as a scolding. And yes, the suicide was “dumb” and senseless.
          There is nothing idiotic about my comments. What is idiotic is the way some posters like to toss about personal insults whenever they read something they don’t like. If you want to debate, that’s fine. You will also not find a single post on this site with me insulting anyone else i’ve disagreed with.
          Take a lesson from “Matt Lai” and learn how to post in such a manner that’ll actually get people consider his points instead of dismissing them. He was right that i should have labeled the suicide dumb, not the kid himself.

          1. Your answer appears Newtonian in nature. The mind is always clear and those who take good decisions are “obviously” ‘smarter’ or ‘better adapt’ than those who do not make good decisions–i.e. the person who jumps off a building after being in a state of panic or duress is ‘dumb’ while the teacher who does not is ‘smart’. This kind of thinking completely violates the visceral nature of the human experience and the inclusion of the human being and human physiology into the model of life and the universe.

            Humans have states of experience. Sometimes we experience states of positive flow, such as when one is emotionally high (happy, energized, motivated, at peace, etc.) as opposed to negative flow (depressed, sad, angry, ill-content, suicidal, etc.). These states have causes that are physical in nature–they are physical as well at mental (e.g. physiological). Chemicals in the brain alter one’s state of mind. You do not simply “control” yourself, for your mind is regulated and “controlled” by it’s chemistry. You cannot simply “will” yourself to feel any way you like in any moment–I have read some people are capable of more ‘controlled’ responses through meditation, but that would not be the case here (a 16-year old high school student is not a 85-year old monk)–the mind and our states of consciousness are motivated by chemical reactions and the body’s physical responses to those chemicals. Were this not true, and we could simply “will” our minds into any mental state, there would be no need or even conception of “drugs” to “alter states of mind” or for the use in “medical treatment” for psychological disorders caused by persistent states of consciousness.

            When someone is in a state of “panic”, especially when that state is brought on by an already “depressed” mind (altered state of consciousness)–the chances that this person will “take rash actions” that an otherwise “unaltered mind” would not are far more likely. When a person acts as any form of guide or adviser (or if a person is just another human being living in a society) one is responsible for the actions one commits and the reactions that one causes in others due to the force one imposes upon them. This is basic physics–ethics–and the experience provided by the external world. The only difference between the woman pushing the boy “over the edge” herself, and enticing him through her actions, is that she may not have ‘intentionally’ encouraged the end result when she scolded him.

            However, that does not mean she is clear of guilt. If someone is uncaring of their students (or of anyone for that matter) and does not look for signs that they are in a mental state that is “altered” due to stress or other basic physiological stimuli, then they are guilty of whatever punishment would be held against them for the resulting effects their initial actions caused in their students. If I drive you to suicide by an uncaring heart and continue to berate you and make you feel worthless or wrong, then I am just as guilty of murder as if I were to push you off the edge myself, because humans are not fully in control of their faculties and do not exist in a purely cerebral state with no attachment to the physical plane. I am not a brain in a vat exempt from external stimuli or the effects of body chemistry.

            From what I’ve read and heard about the present Chinese culture and the constant and intense pressure placed upon students within its borders, it appears likely that this student was in an intense state of depression or at least a state of extreme and pervasive anxiety–we do not know from the post whether this was even the first incident of verbal “abuse” by the instructor. How often has this student experienced this? Was there physical abuse to go along with the verbal and mental abuse? Was the child experiencing any sexual trauma? We also do not know whether this student is of a biological nature that makes them more prone to suicidal thoughts and/or depression/PTSD/etc. If they are, then one cannot hold them as liable for their actions as one might someone who was genetically more inclined to maintain a better control of their psychological faculties.

            Suicidal thoughts are common to depressed people. Some people (such as Socrates) willingly committed suicide at the bequest of their society. I take it you do not think Socrates was a fool for having a set of moral beliefs? Nor for following them in the face of death?

            The child (as this was a child by modern contexts) experienced a traumatic experience that obviously pushed him over his limited emotional capacity–causing physical and emotional pain. The pain was obviously so great that suicide–death–a state where one is free from the pain (provided an afterlife of pain does not exist) appeared to be a better alternative than continuing on with life–in some contexts, especially if that pain will continue indefinitely and unendingly, the person who commits suicide could very likely be making the more rational decision than the person who “dimwittingly” continues fighting only to die eventually of pain. The point is that the “will to live” and “suicide” can be scene as extremes and both possibly logical constructs of the human mind. Also, one cannot judge as to whether one person is “wise” and the other “foolish” simply by the nature of their actions–their conclusion, without first observing the situation (the argument) for what it is. Doing otherwise is truly the greatest of any “foolishness”.

            In the one, the body seeks to survive and continue living for self-survival, while the second may appear as part of a larger and more complex system intended to protect the group from a weakened person–just as that may also keep them alive to help others–do I give the girl my water or take hers?–etc. [Referencing an episode from NCIS]

            A person is not necessarily foolish for committing suicide–they are merely human and acting like it. Were someone to place you in a state of grievous and unending pain and suffering, were your mind not specifically trained to endure such pain, eventually given enough of a degree you would undoubtedly succumb to the pain and “beg of death”, as the old adage goes. I would not consider you a fool for killing yourself–merely, that you experienced enough pain to finally no longer be able to go on living. That is not an error of judgement–merely a weakness of spirit–not something one can morally judge another on.

            For this child to fling themselves off a building because of the emotional pain (and possibly physical as a result) they endured and were carrying around with them is indeed a tragedy, and that those people who were intrusted with their care and guidance–supposedly trained to watch out for these signs and help in their learning and social education–did not see this coming and instead sought to continue in plain ignorance and even after the child flung themselves off a building in obvious psychological protest, for them not to come to the child’s aid, is beyond reproach. It is in direct violation of their rights as a human being and their rights as cited by the world.

            Education is the lifeblood of a society and while parents hold the primary responsibility of raising and caring for their children, the society is also responsible, especially when it has been deemed “compulsory” or “necessary” that children be educated in groups and with the “values” of that nation, society, culture, people, group or otherwise. When that “trust” is broken between the child, the parents and the society by the violation of the child’s rights to life through taking abuse against the child through the affecting of a possibly unstable mental state, then those agreements of trust have been violated and criminal actions may and should be brought against the violating party. Just as someone who vandalizes a school building should be, without cause or justification of mental instability arguing to the contrary.

            Your comments do not abide by the logical tenants of the human condition, science or basic human morality and could, in some circles, be construed as frivolous or even dangerous. I am not one to place these judgements on you, but, seeing you appear to be a “rationally” minded person, would suggest you take these comments into consideration before continuing with further commentary on such tragic losses to the human people. We are few, and even a single death, for whatever reason, is an inexpressible tragedy of the most intense form. A conscious life, capable of sentience is more valuable than anything imaginable on this plane of existence. To not respect that is beyond ignorance.

          2. After reading your concluding point again, I will correct myself–however, feel the attitude with which you initially wrote was strongly enough in the contrary to warrant my initial response.

            The death was a tragedy–but, you don’t hold someone in an unstable mental state responsible for their actions. You get them help.

            The human mind is a fragile thing and calliousness, even if it is misdirected or misunderstood is still dangerous. I can understand your concerns over “political correctness” being an attack on your right to free speech, however, I would remind you that free speech comes with costs. The results of actions brought about by free speech, which is protected, are still the responsibility of the person using free speech. If you drive people to murder, you are still responsible regardless of whether the specific words you spoke are protected. I would remind anyone of this and that we do not live in a vacuum. Our actions do cause results and while you and anyone is protected to say and think what they like, they are still living within a society.

            As a founder to my nation once wrote, “Individuals entering into society, must give up a share of liberty to preserve the rest. The magnitude of the sacrifice must depend as well on situation and circumstance, as on the object to be obtained. It is at all times difficult to draw with precision the line between those rights which must be surrendered, and those which may be reserved.”

            In this case, I hope you can understand my intent that Political Correctness may in reality be the preservation of our society and the human race.

          3. Edit: You do not hold them “accountable” for their actions. You get them help.

    2. same as me,i dont know what i did wrong….he just ask his student to call me…..but i ran away frightened….but i also run away becausse i remembered that my father asked me to ask my form teacher,ms.ng,to ask her about my health booklet cost.but she was not there,and tomorow its school again.Will i still be punished or they will be searching for me?or maybe im saved?but i think its the truth…but my friend,vanessa,ask me to go to the basketball court,but i was afraid if there are any teachers around,thats why i keep checking around,because im scared people might spot me playing…i just hope i could explain well

      1. Just like the people of Nanking. Or the 80,000 killed during that awesome Earthquake. Or the +30 million during the Great Leap forward and Cultural revolution.

        Oh China, dear China. You are a world leader in offing your own people.

      2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_natural_disasters_by_death_toll

        deadliest disaster in history
        China floods: 2,500,000 dead.
        Yellow river floods: 2,000,000
        1938 yellow river flood: 900,000
        Shanxi earthquake: 800,000
        Tangshan earthquake: 779,000
        Haiyun earthquake: 229,000
        Sichuan earthquake: 80,000
        Great Chinese famine: 43,000,000
        Famine of 1907: 24,000,000
        Shanxi meteor: 10,000(10,000 China men killed by falling meteor= lol)

        The Earth and skies must hate Chinese people and wants to get rid of them. Much like how the human body wants to get rid of viruses.

        1. Hating based on religion or race is one thing but wishing death is another. Carry on Pooner. You will get yours in the end.

          1. Well aren’t you guys a bunch of panda huggers. The only thing wiki maybe off on the facts is the numbers which are debatable. The only reason why the numbers are so high in china is because the high concentration of chinese in 1 given area. Natural disaster victims were easy kills of nature plus the lack of preparation of those people. They didn’t stand a chance. As far as famine goes good God that was gov miss management if anything else.

            And you guys need to learn how to take a joke, take your head out the ass and get some fresh air.

    1. Because in China, the hospital’s don’t come to you. You go to them or you die.
      And if you don’t have money to pay for their services, you die.
      The ambulance must be called and then when they show up, someone must “take responsibility” for the payment of their services before they do jack shit.
      Someone also has to ensure payment at the hospital before they do jack shit yet again.

      1. Good thing the country is run by communists who are working hard to promote the welfare of the common working person.

  2. Stupid fool. What would you kill yourself over a dumb savage teacher barking in your face? At least whip her arrogant ass and get kicked out or something.

    Either way, you were an idiot for playing with your dumb cellphone. What’s up with kids today? Are cellphones exactly that interesting?

    1. For both these kids…..
      Natural selection? Darwinism? A little personal responsibility?
      Me being a prick because i’m drunk on champagne right now?
      That’s all i can say 🙂
      Wasted…time for bed

  3. Is losing face really fatal? Wow… From my limited observations, Fujian people sure do take it seriously.

    This kid is an idiot – one fewer remaining in the gene pool. One step closer to a 1:1 female to male ratio.

  4. I feel there is definitely more than just being scolded this one time. Perhaps the boy has a very fragmented family, no friends, low self esteem, no girls, no money, etc. The intense scolding is just the straw that broke the camel’s back. I blame the Chinese education system. If that student is American, he would have probably been like “pfft, fuck off old bitch” in his mind while being scolded.

  5. 1. boy jumps to his death after being insulted by teacher
    2. then the teachers turned the other way
    3. body laying there for 30 minutes
    4. they are inside school premise

    should the school and the teacher be held accountable at least?

  6. China really is one big disappointment. Their way of thinking is unlike any other. It’s this mentality that give us the stories that we hear. These stories that are uniquely Chinese. Kids committing suicide after being scolded by teachers, people dying on the streets while others just stand around watching not lending a hand, the whole country (+computers & cell phones) under constant moderation by the government. etc etc

    When you live in a society like that, you’re basically born into disappointment.

    1. It should should be pretty much called the land of savages.

      I’ve seen those idiots immigrate into my nation (Canada) on they still carry on their disgusting, graceless and habits.

      Pisses me the fuck off. Next time I see some dipshit Chinaman acting like a kook, I’ll just blast his face. His whore bitch can get owned too.

      1. Shut the fuck up!! you inbred, sister fucking, dick taking, stupid hick!!!
        keep your retarded comments to yourself or atleast have the decency to keep our country’s name out of it so people dont have to click on to this page looking for references for a school research paper!!

        PROMOTE PEACE!!!


        p.s im not asian!! just someone whos trying to find good examples of canadian representation online!!!

  7. people are just walked by the poor kid, not bothering to help or even help the mother, as casual as if there was a dying rodent in their path.

  8. There’s more to this story than you think. You guys react for oddest reasons. And you white folks out there with your life style medication that are so easy to get because you fall under the same mental illness as this kid did. This kid was obviously unstable and got the wrong attention at the wrong time. Some of you don’t really know what its like to be certain people under certain circumstances until the the circumstances are yours. I hope your children never fall victim to depression, anxiety, or any other mental disorder coupled with puberty, adolescent stress and then coming home to your parent negligent asses.

  9. I really can’t see how this is the teacher’s fault. He was crewing around in the classroom and he was called up for that. And the idiot committed suicide.

    How many of you never been insulted by a teacher? And how many of you killed yourself because of that?

    1. ^ “How many of you killed yourself because of that?”

      Do me a favor and think about that for a minute…

      However, I agree that it’s not really the teacher’s fault. The teacher didn’t push the student off the roof, or tell him to jump. It’s a tragedy, but not one that can be blamed on any specific person.

      And, to Pooner and Frilly: What did the rest of us do to deserve having to put up with failed abortions like you?

  10. Everytime I read Chinese news, I feel the urge to move out of this country. They can build the highest skyscrapers, bullet trains and flashy shopping mall, but when it comes to help his own people everything falls apart.
    Chinese are cold, I mean like ice. I came here few years ago, fell in love for China and stayed. Now, 5 years later, I’m just so disappointed I’m thinking of moving out somewhere else. A place where human value is more cherished.
    Here in China as a foreigner you can get drunk, get girls, party all night. But if a little accident happens to you, you are on your own. If a major accident happens…you are just screwed.
    Looking forward to move to Taiwan or Japan.

  11. If you criticize someone who commits suicide, it just proves how Pathetic you are.
    If you blame the Student for this, then you need to be locked away in a Psychiatric Hospital

    This is the Ignorant and Pathetic Teacher’s fault for not accepting the Student’s apology, and it shouldn’t had been a problem in the first place, if the student didn’t wan’t to listen in class then let him be, just continue the lesson for the other students who want to.

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