Sex scandal between 3 Korean diplomats with a Shanghai woman

| March 13th, 2011

From ifeng:


A shocking sex scandal is exposed in Korea consulate in Shanghai. 3 Korean diplomatic officers were reported to be sexually involved with a 33-year-old Shanghai woman who has a 10-year marriage with another Korean man.

Deng work for the government and has close contact with the Korean diplomats. These 3 Korean diplomats knew Deng, the shanghai woman, had sex with each one of them who all got jealous. The 3 of them told on each other to their wives. But the scandal was finally exposed when Deng’s Korean husband suspected his wife’s infidelity at the end of last year. In her computer, he found many intimate photos ofDeng and the Korean diplomatic officers. Also, in her computer he found a written letter from one of the officers and many personnel information of the Korean government, including the phone numbers of the president’s wife and over 200 government officials.

One of these 3 diplomats was resigned and the other 2 are still under investigation. One of them claimed that he had nothing to do with Deng.

Many media have described the Shanghai woman as a "Spy" but the whole incident may well be nothing but a sex scandal.




South Korean media leaked many photos of Ms. Deng with many Korean consular, 33-year-old Deng looked pretty, many shots were taken by Deng herself, in the photos with consular H, Deng dressed sexy and showed affection.



Deng and Korean consular P

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  1. Crystal says:

    Why blurring her face, when on most sites which reported these news the photos are unedited?

  2. Voice of China says:

    The girl actually looks like a bang zi simida.

    The fact that someone who looks as she does is able to seduce a diplomat into giving away any information is indicative of the low standards of most gooks.

  3. Lin says:

    Some guys will tap anything.

    • xino says:

      i might be one of them!
      i wanna taste a Shangai pussy and Korean ass:)

      i wonder what they’ll taste like.
      nice tasty ass meat:)

  4. Curren$y says:

    When is the kdrama coming out?

  5. Frilly? says:

    Why would any guy bone such an ugly woman?


  6. Curren$y says:

    I’d hit that

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