The most daring bank robbery

| February 27th, 2011

Here is a recent viral video, on February 7, 2011, the most awesome bank robbery happened in a post-office savings bank in Baodi county, Tianjin.  A miserable method and daring act, only an axe knocked open the bullet proof glass in 4 minutes, in a such steady rhythm..

If you can’t see youtube video, here is a link of the video on Tudou.

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  1. Bo Wang says:

    Guy should’ve at least brought a heavier duty axe, not some dinky one. Cops are also ridiculous… Go around and handcuff the guy?

    • Bo Wang says:

      I mean, one of them go around and handcuff the guy earlier, instead of both trying to hold on to his damned foot.

  2. Curren$y says:

    I wonder what his day job was.

  3. Curren$y says:

    Song of the article
    MC Hammer
    U Can’t Touch This

  4. 2B-real says:

    That was bad ass. The ladies were too scared. They had the tasers that could have held him off once he broke thru, but they and I guess that’s Ok.

    • northkoreanidiot says:

      i think those lady are not scared, if not one of them ,or two won’t stay in that office wait and walk around to pick something in the desk and do other things. they are all very calm . and those lady screaming is normal , woman screaming not means they are scared , they just use this way to express they feeling…

  5. bert says:

    Did he get away?

  6. Chris says:

    Lol, how slow are those police. It would have been a bit easier with a Kango breaker.

  7. Gary says:

    What were those sticks the girls had? They looked like cattle prods or something similar. If so, one touch would have sent the guy back out the front door. It was pretty funny how they scurried around. At least the one had the sense to take the money suitcase out. Apparently the rob

  8. Gary says:

    …ber doesn’t do much legal banking or he’d know once they carried that out, most of the money was gone.

  9. Cabaret Voltaire says:

    I bet he wanted to smell the girls for PB.

  10. xino says:


    it took the guy 4min to break the window and rob bank, and 4 mins for cops to arrive:/

  11. China Man says:

    It was less than 5 minutes and more than four. I’d say roughly 4:40 since the alarm went off and police arrived; every second counts. One, how did he know that he could make an opening in bullet proof glass in such a short amount of time? He seemed to know the location and positioning of the cameras plus the glare from the sun helped cover part of his body. What I’m wondering is why he tried to go back out the front in the first place. If I knew the place well enough I would have planned to go out the back, police often go through the front door of banks thinking a robber couldn’t have made it past the glass.

    I think everyone is right about the girls not being panicked, I’m sure they were alarmed and acted in a timely fashion to protect the money and retreat to the back room. If the thief planned ahead for the money to be moved, he could have brought explosives to blow the door the girls fled into. Then thrown in something such as flash bang, stun grenade, or smoke grenade and made off with the brief case. Then made it out the back, I’m sure the case may have a tracking device but it would be important to gain access to its contents within 30 minutes and then ditch it.

    If he was caught later on, it would be from whatever cloths got caught in the glass, or from what was left behind in his bag.

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