Rejected disabled passengers smash airport counter and claim for 10 m compensation


(From Dec 28, a wheel chair crashed the window of Shenzhen Airline’s check-in counter in Capital Airport. It was during noon time when two people on wheel chairs, Zheng Wei Ning and Liu Hai Jun, and a volunteer came to check in only to be told to switch to another airline. Airline manager explained that disabled would be difficult to leave in the case of plane accident. Feeling discriminated, one told the volunteer to thrown their luggage and wheel chair over the counter, which accidentally smashed the window glass. They then made a stir in the airport, scolding airline staffs for discriminating physically-challenged people. It wasn’t until two hours later that they finally got on the plane after signing a disclaimer of liability.

Zheng Wei Ning, who is member of Shenzhen CPPCC Standing Committee, declared to have hired attorney team to file public interest litigation against Shenzhen Airline and claim for over 10 million yuan compensation. No word from SZ Airline by far.

They record their “negotiation” with airline manager on duty.


[Zheng]: (requesting manager to speak into their recorder) You were saying? Don’t go.

[Liu Hai Jun]: He is member of Shenzhen CPPCC Standing Committee.

[Zheng]: Please speak, word by word.

[Manager]: I don’t record. What do you want, solving the problem or else?

[Zheng]: I don’t want to solve problem. I am friggin making trouble with Shenzhen Airline. I just have to crash your Shenzhen Airline’s counter. How dare you discriminating disabled people.

[Manager]: Nobody’s discriminating disabled people.

[Zheng]: The whole world is not doing this.

[Manager]: Who is discriminating you?

[Zheng]: You!

[Manager]: How did I discriminate you?

[Zheng]: You asked me to change ticket, you asked me to switch flight. Your people at the check-in desk did.

[Manager]: Who tells you that?

[Zheng]: Who?!

[Manager]: Not me. I just met you.

[Zheng]: I don’t want to talk to you. I want Shenzhen Airline.

[Manager]: I am from SZ Airline.

[Zheng]: Then you are representing SZ Airline. I am now telling you that I just have to board this plane of yours. I have got my ticket, this is a civil right. The whole world dares not to discriminate disabled. How come you are refusing to take us for some so-called plane conditions?

[Manager]: This is not discrimination.

[Zheng]: So what is discrimination? State your reason.

[Manager]: Can you turn this thing off first?

[Zheng]: I just have to record this. Go ahead if you don’t fear of sunlight (being exposed).

[Manager]: Sunlight?

[Zheng]: You are serving the public, aren’t you? Then you should let it be.

[Manager]: Yes I am serving the public, but I can’t do recording.

[Zheng]: Why? Why? Why? Isn’t public service for the public good? Why can’t I record?

[Manager]: Let me ask a few things first. What is the situation here?

[Zheng]: What situation? It’s just friggin normal citizen taking a flight. How friggin dare you asking me to switch. How dare you. Nobody would dare to ask me to switch flight around the world. Who dares to discriminate disabled?

[Manager]: No no no, mind your words.

[Zheng]: Mind my words? I just don’t. It doesn’t matter even calling the police. Come on.

[Manager]: You you, I, I, I am just working for SZ Airline.

[Zheng]: You are just making money with SZ Airline. I am not scolding you, my target is SZ Airline.

[Manger]: Then can you mind your words a little bit?

[Zheng]: I just have to scold SZ Airline.

[Manager]: I am right here. What do you require?

[Liu Hai Jun]: We just want to get on the plane like everybody else do. But you wouldn’t let us, saying we two on wheel chairs can’t move (during emergency).

[Zheng]: Put this aside first. I am disabled, disabled can’t get on plane here?

[Manager]: It has nothing to do with that.

[Zheng]: Then what matters? Why ask us to switch?

[Manager]: The thing is, we already have one passenger on board that can’t move.

[Zheng]: I don’t give a damn about your situation. I can get on any plane in the world when I have bought the ticket.

[Manager]: When there is emergency in the plane, people have to be evacuated immediately.

[Zheng]: So you are saying disabled can not travel by air?

[Manager]: Yes, but you must have company.

[Zheng]: We are from Shenzhen. It will be the same if we are from the US.

[Manager]: Can you not keep yelling at me? I am only trying to fix the problem for you.

[Zheng]: I don’t want fix the problem. I just have to make some trouble for you SZ Airline today. I have to expose this problem. Is that right? I am a member of Shenzhen CPPCC Standing Committee. I don’t care making a scene. This is Shenzhen’s dirty linen to wash. No airline in the whole world would refuse to take disabled passenger. You SZ Airline are rejecting disabled for some so-called safety conditions. Every plane has its safety conditions, isn’t it? Why not every plane refusing disabled? You go ahead and explain to me. Why do you ask me to switch flight?

[Manager]: Who… who… who asked you to switch?

[Zheng]: You asked the check-in desk staffs to do that, otherwise we won’t be making this scene.

[Manager]: Who says so exactly?

[The other disabled]: You want us to bring the staff here for you to question? Come then, come along.

  1. How disabled people are treated in country tells a lot about the country in whole.
    I really hope that Paralympic Games weren’t the only positive highlight.

    1. i wonder if the manager was referring to the aeroplane being unequipped to seat wheelchaired persons? Safety concerns could have been the main motive behind asking Zheng for a plane change, and not discrimination. Indeed, this is something the defense lawyer could argue.

      1. This is my field. Every aircraft is designed to hand handicap people, notice that people sit in the chairs. This sits in wheel chairs. Each aircraft get is own set of wheelchair to be able to move him thru the cabin and put him in any seat that was ticketed for. This was a case discrimination especially if they didn’t allow him to the gate to tell him this. Aviation has been around long enough to know that these people need to travel too.

  2. I feel for both. China is still developing and doesn’t have laws of regulations about providing for disabled. Also, when I was in China I felt the disabled really aren’t given as much opportunity. It’s a work in progress.

  3. If only the manager was a China Hush poster, he would have already prepared the statement: “Please, this happens everywhere”.

    [Zheng]: I don’t give a damn about your situation. I can get on any plane in the world when I have bought the ticket.

    I guess this guy doesn’t fly very often. If this was in America they would have told him they had overbooked and would bump him to standby with no repercussions.

  4. The better irony is that if he tried to cause such a stir in the US, he would have been “TSA-ed”.

    1. actually he’d have a pretty nice lawsuit on his hands in the US

      being denied boarding because of a handicap? chamon!

      1. not quite. they CAN have regulations permitting only one wheeler onbard. also, if he failed to notifiy the airline when booking, that’s his problem. i think its the wheeler who was the arrogant fuck here.

        1. Most definitely agreed….. haven’t we all seen far too many of them! It gets worse when they think they are important. Throwing around with titles, shouting and screaming…. I bet he just failed to advise the airline with his booking and then tried to apply the good old and sooo common “getting-away-with-it” principle.

  5. Disabled passengers in other countries usually get the good seats like the ones in front or exactly where the emergency exits are. I think the airline pissed off the wrong guy and he is a big shot local communist party member. Well I guess the airline learnt their lessons and straighten up their act.

  6. Violence and property damage is unjustified no matter what, even if they didn’t receive proper treatment. Would smashing the counter be the appropriate response had this happened in US?

    This really should be reported as evil CHiCom prevlidged cadre throwing hissy fit, or sumthin like that.

    Or better yet, develop the story further and report what the airline said (link attached above):

    – SZ Air said by the time Zheng and Liu arrived, there was a disabled passanger onboard already; the plane is only equiped for two wheelchair passengars and the flight couldn’t accomodiate both of them.

    – The boarding regulation also stated disabled passangers should notifiy the airline of their needs at the time of ticket purchase, or contact the airline prior to check-in, so proper arrangement can be made in advance.

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