| December 31st, 2010

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  1. Banjoboyslim says:

    So sad. My guess is death was related to complications related to his age. At least he is resting now.

  2. Spuglyfuglet says:

    “All that is required for evil to prevail is for those of good hart do nothing”

    I would have held the hand of this old man at he’s end even it meant my own, but then I am a Gentleman, unlike the men who where there on that day.

  3. Whitie says:

    This really does not surprise me, as there this attidude of “don’t get involved it might become our problem” in China.

    Last year I saw this young boy fall off his scooter. I waited for somebody to help him up (as I was sitting in a taxi at the time), but to my surprise nobody wanted to get involved. I went over to him, picked him up and sat him the gutter while I went to pick his scooter up off the street. There must have been 100 people watch me pick him up, but NOBODY offered any help. I was talken by the lask of care shown, by anybody.

    My wife told me at the time, when she had had an accident off her scooter it was the same. She was just left to pick herself up off the street.
    So this doesn’t surprised me. Sad but true in China.

  4. stargaterich says:

    I guess some people are afraid to be mistaken for being responsible for the very problem that they are trying to help. Take for instance the poor old man that collapse on the street. Who knows what will happen if you try to help and the old man dies? Will someone accuse you for being responsible for the old man’s predicament?
    It is the same in Singapore whereby most people who avoid and pretend nothing happens if someone collapse on the street. In a survey that was conducted a couple of years way back. a journalist pretend to collapse in a public area and no one bother to help. It’s the usual ‘mind your business’ that’s ingrained in people’s mind…sad but that’s a fact of life.

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