Viral videos, 2010 week 52

| December 26th, 2010


Public zombie kiss

This took place in a canteen of Jilin University. I don’t know whether this girl was horny or hungry for brain or thirsty for blood.

Lazy dog wanting to go home

This big guy just didn’t want to go any further no matter how hard he was dragged. But when his master took him on this opposite direction, he got up willingly. By the way, the town looks lovely with stone road and river by the side.

Little girl’s forceful kiss

This was when the zombie kiss girl was young.

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  1. Michael says:

    cool videos bro

  2. Crystal says:

    The dog just didn’t want to go to veterinarian.

  3. David says:


  4. Gary says:

    What’s wrong with that guy that he isn’t taking the girl back to her dorm room?? She’s obviously on fire and looks good! If she’s a psyco bitch he can transfer to another school after or leave town after graduation.

  5. la ma sing says:

    on the 1st video
    was the girl giving the guy a BJ???

  6. Eason says:

    Congrats to China Hush for being blocked by the GFW!

  7. Tao Tao says:

    Hey,who is the admin here?This site seems to be INACCESSIBLE now and then today.What th problem is this?I climbed over the Wall to get here…

  8. Tao Tao says:

    By the way,the dog is funny.I want one of that kind.

  9. Alleycat says:

    Most bulldogs are friendly and gregarious but occasionally willful. The phrase “stubborn as a bulldog” is loosely rooted in fact. They are very sensitive to heat and compared to other breeds they rank the lowest degree in terms of working/obedience intelligence.

  10. john digmeme says:

    I’m more interested in the comments saying Chinahush is now blocked. The wu mao’s efforts have been ineffective, the plug has been pulled on the operation.

  11. Kitty says:

    that little chinese girl looks like shes trying to rape that poor kid D:

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