Angry, drunk foreigner fights, terrifies and screams obscenities at passengers on Guangzhou metro


This is sort of hilarious. In less than a day, this video has been viewed over half a million times. After metro security found a knife in this foreigner’s luggage and took it away from him, he angrily got onto the metro and began picking fights with fellow passengers. This video begins with him getting into a fight with a Chinese passenger. At the next stop, security blocks the cell phone camera and forces the Chinese passenger off the train and he remains. Then, somehow the crowd provokes him again. He screams, “You are a prostitute!” repeatedly at passengers and gets into a fight with quite a crowd. A young woman tries to reason with the foreigner in English to no avail and he slams her cell phone on the ground. Again, this provokes the crowd and another scuffle begins. Apparently, the foreigner had another rather large knife in his luggage still. The woman on the phone interview at the end wonders (justifiably), “Why would they let him on the train with a knife?”



  1. I say beat the shit out of him. Drunk, disrespectful, cursing and bringing weapon to the train. Gives foreigner a bad image. If I m on the train, I will not miss the opportunity to bust his balls. If he’s American, send him back to me, I wanna kick his ass and shove his head up there too.

    1. Maybe only one guy beating on him would be fair but a whole mob, this is wrong, yes the guy deserved to get beat but there should have been one guy on him not that many, it takes a real coward to gang up with that many people on one guy. Real soon the foreigner are going to be out in force and then there will be trouble.

      1. There are no rules or regulations stating that it should be a one on one fight? what is this the WWE? hell even they don’t follow rules, lol. what was wrong is that he acted like a total tool and if you think other rational foreigners are going to ‘avenge’ this fool you are totally wrong, he brought a knife. Try this stunt in some other country and he would have suffered more than just a bruise to his ego.

        1. Exactly. Freakboy is promoting some sort of weird, macho “mano y mano” concept. This isn’t supposed to be a “fair fight” of any kind. This is supposed to be society dealing with trash. The correct response of the crowd in this situation is to swarm the guy and beat him into submission.

          To me it looks like the crowd exercised amazing restraint. I would have been happier to see him attacked by twice as many people, and left a bit bloodier.

      2. He was pissing off the entire carriage. What do you expect?

        “Oh let’s take turns to kick his ass? Oh wait who goes first? Oh you? Oh no no I insist let’s do this in a fair manner you kick his ass first.”

        Pft, unrealistic comment.

    2. whoever hit him should be given a lengthy prison time. chinese bastards never realize how rude they themselves are. I say beat the shit out of the chinese and rape their women and girls. just like the japs did.

      1. seriously shut the fark up. he deserved what he got. raping women and girls? Do u have a mum or a sister or are u a bastard? You are truly a vile, disgusting human being, as a favor to the world dont procreate, please!

      2. If he did not eat anything in the subway cars in Hong Kong than he can call Chinese by any name he wants and in Hong Kong the Hong Kongers will treat him real nice and give him their girl friends and wives to play with.

        Whiteys are respected and protected in Hong Kong and they can make babies with all the Hong Kong women he wants.

    1. How can you be sure he is an English teacher? He certainly looks like a loser and anyone who gets drunk in public more or less falls into that category but isn’t it wrong to assume that he is an English teacher? There are many native English speakers in China for different reasons. Many or most of the teachers i’ve met seem ok and wouldn’t discriminate so much on others. If we teach society that losers are people who discriminate, categorize or get drunk in public, would that be such a bad thing? It might make the world a better place if you’re into that sort of thing.

  2. I love how the majority rationale is that this man is drunk. He isn’t drunk, white people are just crazy! Better watch your back when you come to these ‘burbs.

    P.S. Looks like he has some luggage. Happy to be going home? No need for authorities to revoke his visa I guess.

  3. Guy was drunk. Most people have enough sense to ignore a drunk person. The whole foreigner angle over something this silly just shows why a mob attacked him in the first place.

    1. It isn’t really hard to not engage in anti-social behavior, considering this guy was a guest in china. I think they beat him up cause they didn’t want to lose face, i mean it would have been tough if not impossible to just stand by and take his verbal abuse. In any case it’s well known that in china beat downs will always come in groups never a one on one.

      1. Ha Ha did you see how big that drunk guy was compared to the Chinese around him? The drunk guy could have taken down anyone on that train if he had really wanted to. Looked like an attempt of suicide by Chinese mob ha ha.

          1. lol u missed my point, what i was saying is that he deserved a beat down, i didnt say that these folk were actually capable of dishing out said beat down. 🙂

            1. Yeah lol I was just focused on the big guys motivation. Although the train had many males in it they all sounded like a bunch of screaming school girls. I gather that a big drunk foreigner was able to “terrify” all the passengers as stated in article headline.

              1. I read Mark’s comments for entertainment. It’s funny how he manages to discriminate against Chinese people at every opportunity possible.

                You truly are pathetic Mark 😀 LOL

                1. So sorry VOC you had to take the train with a big drunk foreigner. I hope he was not too terrifying. You really should learn not to scream like a girl.

                  1. Actually my take is simple. I’m wealthier, more educated and civil than most western idiots who travel to China.

                    With things put into perspective, I can’t seem to get offended. My success defines my place, which is above you and most of the general population.

                    Happy trolling Mark and have a great festive season ahead.

            2. it was a fair fight. 1 lao wai vs. 233 shrimpy little smurfs. if that drunk obnoxious dickhead wanted to fight back, he could have took on the whole care and won easily. i mean….look at that first guy wailing on him, and the big ‘foreign devil’ just covers his head and waits. that made me actually ‘lol’ watching it. reminds me of some stories i have heard of my buddies taking down like 15 of these dwarfs like he was king kong. i aint defending that idiot though. knife? what the hell was he doing with it? would he have been drunk at the guangzhou airport with 2 knives? (he had luggage, so one can assume he was going to the airport). what a cuntrag. if i had been on the train, i would have done what those 4355345 midgets couldnt do

              1. MonkeyMouth, you know nothing about the power of being high on drugs.

                You know how many white LA cops it took to put Rod the King down on his face and beat the shit out of him?

                The whole LAPD police force, it was on TV.

                So don’t talk bad about only the Chinese, you will not do any better.

  4. Deserved it, disrespectful prick losing face for half the world. I’d have dumped him on his ass too.

  5. If you are running around with knives during a time when the authorities crack down on stuff like that (Asian Games) you are asking for trouble. If you then act like a complete dick towards people who hasn’t done anything to you AND begin knocking phones out of people hands, you are a complete retard. The metro “cops” should have kicked his ass off the train long before this became a big issue, and had he continued to cause a stir I wouldn’t mind had they called over a couple of real police to rough him up a bit.

    That said I don’t think violence is the answer to anything. Chinese comments online as well as foreigners have said he ought to have been beat up for real. It kinda shows how desensitized you become living in China. Let the fucking police do their job and don’t think you’re Batman out doing vigilantism.

    One last thing: Yes this guy is a tard, losing a little of every foreigner’s face but seriously, I see way, WAY worse behavior regularly by Chinese people involved in fender benders, lovers’ quarrels, sales gone wrong or just being drunk.

  6. skin the honkie alive and chop off his weenies for hot pot. so the chinese will be getting balls next time ! ! !

  7. We need to look at the facts presented to us. As we were not there, all we know for certain is that he was 1.) a non-Chinese man 2.) visibly intoxicated 3.) obnoxious.

    What we do not know but was purported to be the truth by unconfirmed sources was that he may or may not have had a knife. From the video there is no mention of a knife and the man did not at the time have a knife. Therefore the whole issue of a dangerous knife-wielding laowai is irrelevant.

    From the video we see the man being intoxicated in a public place and berating people. This of course is in bad taste. However, the problem here is not only the drunk man but the crowd’s reaction and behavior. We can see from the video that the man while being rude never attacked anyone. The crowd overreacted and mob-rule ensued.

    In conclusion, the man was a drunk fool but posed no imminent physical threat but the Chinese people that assaulted the foreigner were criminally liable. The whole “knife issue” is completely hearsay and irrelevant as he did know have a knife on the subway.

    粪青 calm down look at the facts and do not be so quick and brave on the internet.

    1. you moronic egghead, better work fast to get your facts, otherwise you might get sliced off in throat

      1. Settle down buddy. All he did was point out that this foreigner never held a knife and never threatened to use a knife. And he has a point.

    2. lol, u seemed to have missed some fact yourself, let me explain. First off china purports that it is a harmonious society and therefore social disturbances should not be tolerated from either chinese or foreigners, which you could say is exactly what this douche was engaging in. You say he posed no physical threat but he did knock a mobile phone out of a woman’s hand, this is a fact. It can be concluded that this is an escalation on his part from his verbal abuse. Now would it be a stretch to think that maybe the guy who hit the laowai was in some way connected to the woman who got assaulted? You should take a closer look at the facts, and it can be argued that the crowd came to the assistance of the lady. Don’t try to justify an action that warranted a beat down.

  8. first
    in many other countries, as foreigner acts like this probably die 10 times already!!!
    china is still too soft…look at that guy, i am not sure he is really hurt…..
    respect others is an important rule for everyone

    it is just a stupid case, you dont see very often, no need to take so personally, whatever is the chinese or lao wai….. crazy people is everywhere!!!

    the metro security is useless!!! the guy should be taken away long time ago!!! how come he can continue????

    1. seems chinese are just licking their chops waiting for an excuse to beat up on a lao wai. just yesterday, fucking xmas day, i was walking down the street on a way to a gig and got called a ‘pig-fucker’. if i wasnt in a hurry, i would have kicked the living crap out of all 4 of them. but….in china, 4 becomes, 8, becomes 10, becomes 20.
      dont say this is an equal playing field. we know your real motives, your real thoughts. most chinese hate everything and everyone who isnt chinese. i would love to be wrong on this point, but i have experienced too much unwarranted negativity here to think any different.

  9. So much outcry of hatred for this guy and all westerners (but mostly American, as usual). You’d think he was on a rampage stabbing kindergarteners all over the country, or holding someone hostage at knifepoint in the middle of the street, or a drunk postal head running over some kids with his car.. Clearly this guy’s father isn’t Li Gang…..

    > First off china purports that it is a harmonious society

    Oh sure, a cornucopia of warmth and love….. 中国欢迎你!

    1. This guy thinks he is in Japan, where the people would bow down to him and calm him down, and say “yamete!”

      Now he’s really had a taste of China! WAAAHHHhhhh!!!

  10. f…ing idiot. they should have whipped his ass harder. lucky i wasnt there or I would have pounded on this dickhead.

    1. What move would you implement? The scissor kick or Shaolin head-lock? If you were there, you wouldn’t do anything, you are all talk 😀

  11. This site is depressing.

    China’s a big place with lots of people and this site can ONLY find stories about the assholes? There must be a few uplifting and happy stories happening somewhere in China.

    Somewhere there must be a story that doesn’t involve China’s corrupt politicians or policemen, or China stealing someone else’s Intellectual property, or China wrecking the environment, or China’s nouveau riche being uberstupid, or China ignoring their poor, or allowing the rich to get away with murder, or squatters living on someone else’s property, or China bullying their Asian neighbors, or China ignoring history and claiming land that doesn’t belong to them, or China’s complete lack of human rights, or China’s farce of bucking the Nobel Peace Prize, or China’s incessant protection of psychotic North Korea.

    Certainly there is at least a story or two that paints China in a good light? Somewhere, someone in China must be doing something that most people could consider good or nice.


    1. this site is dedicated to the rubbish side. want proof? look at the comments sections of this article and that cutesy cutesy boring ass stupid one with the pathetic mei guo hippy and his unlucky girlfriend. human being love being negative. proof? i bet 99% of us seemingly hateful bastards on here are nice guys in real life. chna hush is a vent for our frustration, and we take it out on each other in the comments section. the articles provided by heroes like Ket et al are the catalysts. if this site was all rubbish like “Colin the Hippie melts hearts and minds” no one would be here. if you want sensible reporting, watch cctv 9 !!!!
      “Today on CCTV News….China is GREAT! China;s economy raised 3952953495% this quarter!! China is WONDERFUL! China is a harmonious Society!”
      Chinese crush rabbits for fun. Fuck them.

      1. Yeah I think most of us are nice IRL, this site is just a place for us to vent our frustration at the non-existent/reverse “reform” of the Communist Party of Tian Chao.

  12. If one man were enough to subdue him then it would have been one man. However he is a rather large dude and Chinese people are rather small, therefore, zergling rush.

  13. Well deserved beating, he behaved like an a**shole, cursed people for no reason, got aggresive on the person who want to calm him down. Sometimes a beating can be a good medicine. Pity no one had duct tape available, they could have taped him down to the stainless steel bars until he was sobered up. That would have been a funny picture.

  14. This guy got what wa coming to him! I hope he is deported! I have been to China 18 times and love the fact that in China you rarely see this kind of behavior. Send the idiot back to the USA and NEVER let him return to China ever again!


  16. A lot of comments here are racist. White people crazy? This gives a bad image for foreigners? It reminds the reaction of a lot of people in my country regarding inmigrants. And it’s a shame to see so many trapped in prejudices.

    This person is just a crazy man, whether drunk or not, he is violent, and he deserves to be punished by law if necessary. Of course, China should analyze if there are a lot of violent episodes like this with foreigners, and maybe try to control a bit more the way many foreigners come to China, maybe just to make money (which indeed appeals China as well) and completely disregarding chinese basic norms of respect.

    I am foreigner and i’ve lived in China for one and a half year and seen a lot of fights, the most between chinese of course (a question of numbers). So please, dont be biased.

    1. Well said, JC. I might add that countries all over the world are visited by unruly foreigners but we should be careful not to hate them all… Civilized people should know that if you hate a group for the deeds of a few, that pretty much makes you a racist. Do you haters really want to be labelled as racists after civilization has worked so hard to combat discrimination?

  17. Send him home and let his mom and dad (or the judicial system) take care of him, until he’s ready for the big, bad world. Or lock him up in a Chinese jail for a while. The previous approach has probably been tried before, and not too successfully.

    Disclaimer: a video won’t count as evidence.

  18. They X-Ray all the bags and carry ons now in China.

    But now he won’t get any more Chinese pussy in China, looks like slappy seconds from the Hong Kong women will have to do for this big white crazy guy.

    Why don’t the triad wack him, are they still in HK?

  19. I’m so sick of foreigners going to other countries like China and making trouble like this. It gives the rest of us a bad name. I don’t want to be hated or threatened because i’m a foreigner in China but it’s happening more often and i love Chinese people who respect others. This guy has some real problems and should lose his passport and be sent back from where he came.

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