Free 30 Day Sailfish VPN accounts giveaway!

| December 15th, 2010


Happy Holidays! Here is a gift for you from ChinaHush, provided by our sponsor Sailfish VPN.  We are giving away 3o one month Sailfish VPN subscription  accounts!  VPN software comes in handy if you are in China and need to access Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, etc… or if you just want to surf the internet anonymously.

Here is how you can win, all you have to do is write a comment for this post below and your comment should follow the theme of “Funny” and “China related”.  That’s it! and retweet this link or share the link on facebook will not hurt your chances.  I will select the winners base on your comments in the next 2 weeks or so, until 30 are selected. 

Remember to use your real email address when commenting, the email address in the comments will be used to setup the account!

Simple enough? Good luck!


Even if you don’t win, we encourage you to check out Sailfish VPN, claim being the fastest, Sailfish VPN also offers one day Free Trial to anyone so you can give it a try for yourself to see how fast and easy the service is.

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* If you have a twitter account and 500+ followers, tweet our service and email us the link as proof, you will get one month free use.

* If you have a Facebook account and 100+ friends, share our service with them and email us the link as proof, you will get one month free.

* If you maintain a blog and with 30+ articles, you add a short article about us and email us the link as proof, you will get one month free.

Sailfish VPN is $5 per month and supports  the following OS


Winners are selected with Winner in their comments, congratulations! You will be contacted by SailfishVPN by email shortly.

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  1. Tim says:

    WOW! am I the first one? hope to win it. seems nice!


  2. Pak says:

    Unbelievable!! I just thought about getting one last night!! Amazing~~

    Still can’t believe it’s real


  3. Wow says:

    Thanks a lot.


  4. James says:

    Funny? China related? Hm…
    Why did the chicken cross the road? Ascribing motives to poultry is a bourgeois act of intellectual elitism.
    Will that do? Want a VPN to upload videos to Youtube.


  5. Rambo McBacon says:

    I need the VPN to study Chinese better. Yesterday, I wrote that I ate 橡胶 [xiàngjiāo] for breakfast. I should have written 香蕉 [xiāngjiāo] for bananas, not rubber. My teacher almost fell over from laughing. I’ll get the last laugh if I win the giveaway.


  6. Aaron Lai says:

    Heading up to Beijing for 1.5mths starting next week, VPN would be a lifeline for keeping in touch with the ‘outside’ world..

    So here’s what I notice about China – A taxi driver will drive by within 1 foot of a pedestrian, come within 6 inches of a cyclist, yet swerve violently 2 lanes to miss a pot hole.


  7. Tao Tao says:

    I am an undergraduate in Southwest University of Science and Technology in China majoring in machanical engineering.I found great fun in the machanical field and English.In my spare time,i love surfing the internet and have fun in bringing information from the outside world but sometimes some sites are just inaccessible.That really depresses me.I think if China can let in more free-fresh air and better communicate with other countries.We can stand a higher chance of leading in the 21st century and our everyday life shall be much funnier.


    • gongjiao says:

      is machanical engineering a new form of using macaroni to construct things?
      i like to stay on top of breakthroughs in macaroni related engineering

      • Tao Tao says:

        macaroni?ActuallyI don’t quite get what you meant by that,but I can tell you that more than half of my classmates are from the countryside and I am from an average working-class family from the city of Zigong,Sichuan Province.To be frank,the macaronis in China seldom go to college cus most of them don’t want it because many of them prefer crazy racing instead of chewing books.

      • Vince says:

        lol, ur cruel 🙂

    • Edz says:

      Surely this is a winner?


  8. gongjiao says:

    watch bag dvd
    you are my friend
    special price for you
    hey lady
    watch bag dvd


  9. BlackSugarDaddy says:

    this black sugar daddy needs free VPN to source some white sugar babes 😀


  10. dilladonuts says:

    As long as its better then that freedur piece of crap everyone should be happy. Freedur has the worst customer service, their servers stops working all the time, or are often super slow. Their ” live ” chat section is hardly ever accessible. Their service, when it works is fast, but half the time you will have problems with it. The program also crashes and freezes often on osx. The only reason im writing this is because after multiple attempts to reach out to them, nothing has been done to resolve the problems. Sailfish, the key to success in this business is customer service & reliable fast service. I wish I bought strong vpn instead of freedur.


    • Vince says:

      how much does it cost to use freedur? I’m currently using a chinese language vpn that i found on taobao it works pretty well although it isnt perfect but at least it gets the job done. I would like to compare the difference in quality, speed and so on. Any info u give can help and ill post back with the conclusion i come to.

      • dilladonuts says:

        don’t be a sucker for their live chat help, it is hardly ever available, especially when you actually need it.

        • Vince says:

          i have no intention of using freedur, seeing as how they must have a large user base they probably wont even pay attention to individual users like us, this is true of all services that start small and then grow exponentially, quality and service will both degrade. I’ve tried sailfishvpn it seems pretty decent you should give it a try seems relatively easy to set up and their support service is very fast, even i was surprised.

          • dilladonuts says:

            And not to mention the fact that one day in my mailbox i received a list of 700 plus freedur users account info with their names, credit card numbers, addresses and email addresses from when they got their ” servers ” hacked.

  11. John says:

    In order to get internet service in the city of Yueyang, the wireless technician had to run a phone cord down the side of the building (from my sixth floor apartment), over the canopy of my building to the adjacent building, around the electric box (located in the entry way) of the adjacent building, and hook up the cable to the only internet hub on the block. It works most of the time.


  12. MeKyle Syed says:



  13. Kim says:

    The squatter toilets are the funniest and grossest things that I have to slowly get accustomed to… a couple of funny incidents regarding them.

    Went to Chocolat Club… literally the worst and tackiest club in the history of all Clubs known to man, I was told that the toilet was the best part, so in the 5 mins I was there… I checked it out. To my amusement, it was a normal squatter, but just as tacky as the rest of the club it was shiny and gold.

    Secondly, the squatters at my school are disgusting, skid-marks galore. My friend stacked it and face planted going into the squatter and her face ended up being 2mm away from a used sanitary pad in the bin situated in the corner.

    Another friend had two unfortunate incidents with squatters loos. Firstly, as it is winter and coldddd as hell, she wore her long coat into the toilet, a used sanitary pad got stuck to the end of her coat and oblivious she walked out with it. Needless to say a “bloody” good accessory! Ew. Another time she also slipped and one foot fell inside the squatter. I guess the luck of this individual is pretty self explanatory. At least we can all look back and laugh…

    Good luck to the rest of you, may you be squatter story free. On a side note… please remember to flush after you gush y’all!!!!!!


  14. fred says:

    wow…..coool i need one…..! at last i will be able to acess facebook


  15. zgq says:

    VPN acc giveaway? sweet
    I gues the recent dilemma ive encountered here is relatively funny…..
    ’nuff said about those squat-a-loos. What I want to know is WHY the majority of chinese families prefer to use those rough pieces of course paper to wipe their asses after they finish going toilet, instead of soft tissue paper. I’ve discovered this after many visits to various visits to relatives/friends houses.
    It may be cheaper (im guessing), but im sick of sand-papering my ass everytime i pay a visit to the toilet.


  16. matroska says:

    I need protection when browsing through my computer and I want to browse without limitation state, I hope I can try this vpn
    please count me in


  17. reddy xzavier says:

    please give me


  18. 毛遒志 says:

    i didn’t reply initially because i was too intimidated and figured a million people would be writing really witty bi-lingual puns or something, but fortunately the vast majority of the commenters saw “FREE VPN” and stopped reading before they got to the prompt and didnt say anything funny. but i dont have to follow the prompt either, since my dad is Li Gang.


  19. sisl says:

    really appreciate ur generosity and it’s also a good way of brand marketing
    one funny thing i can think of lately is that fangbinxin shut down his sina mirocoblog after ironic remarks made by netizens. so he packed up and left..


  20. Mikhail Kevin says:

    COOLLL!! hopefully i get oneee.. another cool vpn service in china!!
    hopefully this one better than another vpn service that i used before.

  21. Terry says:

    WOW, I’m thinking about getting one these days. Because I want to know more real happened outside and inside China. I’m a junior majoring in International Trade. I never used VPN before. I want to get rid of the censorship on the internet.
    Hope I can win this giveaway.


  22. gongjiao says:

    free Vicious Pesky Nards? a stray K9 ate my last vpn…

    this one is sailfish flavored right?


  23. Miya says:

    my friend send me this before i left US…. hopefully i can get one to get back fb..

    something i recently noticed about china…. u cannot find Mexican food here! and how lame is it that i’m craving for a veggie burrito ..


    • dilladonuts says:

      Lots of mexican food in shanghai, unfortunately almost all of them suck, or they are some phony upscale place that serves something that looks like mexican food in lame portions. All I really want is a taco truck serving genuine mexican fast food.

  24. Seyi says:

    Well fingers crossed that i get the vpn or risk being arguably known as the trend setting adult to don ass-less pants..Its only a little bit of cold right 🙁


  25. rizky says:

    tried to jump over the wall of china, without breaking leg 😀


  26. Purebiso says:

    I don’t live in China but I still need a US VPN to watch USA TV online like CWTV, I’ll be glad if I win this contest.


  27. Chiize says:

    Once i went to do my thing on those squat toilets and pee splash back at me. fudgecakes.

  28. manzza says:

    What did 5 China men say when they came out of your mama’s closet?


    i want that month free vpn please


  29. David says:

    please give me,thax

  30. Ursula says:

    please count me in this giveaway

  31. A Chiller says:

    Definitely any can use this 100% free PPTP VPN service to unblock internet:

    It get fund support from online advertisement so it can maintain high quality VPN service with absolutely no any cost for end users, works with all computers and mobile phones (iphone, ipad, ipod touch, google android phone or Symbian nokia phones), unblock facebook, youtube and myspace as what you want 🙂

  32. Suresh says:

    Just 43 response when it comes to FREE VPN in China… Come on boss, must be kidding.

  33. ak5 says:

    Hi, merry,

    “A man, hit to a Chinese van” :d

    the funniest i could say, so nominate me, plz!!

  34. milad says:

    Hi, merry,

    “A man, hit to a Chinese van” :d

    the funniest i could say, so nominate me, plz!!

  35. Pejman says:

    it is amazing. the services is great. thanks for your services.

  36. Trenton says:

    A new study has found that the majority of wealthy people in China want to move to other countries and the government is trying to find ways to keep them. If only they could build a big wall.

  37. sedap says:

    All unit

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