Weekly wrap-up, 2010 #50

Tuesday Hostage situation in the street caught on camera

20101206-hostage-03A hostage situation was developed in City of Guiyang, Guizhou province. A man was caught stealing a motorcycle by the public  took a young girl hostage with his knife to get away. Eventually the hostage was successfully rescued and the criminal booked. The entire hostage rescue process was captured on camera.

Wednesday Head of Post Office drives drunk, killing 5 children

20101207-drunk-driver-postmaster-025 children were hit and killed by a drunk driver. This tragic car accident happened at 319 National Highway, Luoyang city, Henan Province on December 5, 2010.  The driver was “no ordinary person”. He was the county postmaster (head of the post office) Gu Qingyang. Each victim’s family received 230,000 yuan as compensation.

Thursday Who invented Confucius Peace Prize?

200710304374312_2Jack Liu investigated who created the counter-Nobel-peace-prize prize and how major western media missed this piece of information



Friday Viral video: two Chinese women fighting on Vancouver SkyTrain


Two Chinese women fighting on the Vancouver SkyTrain in Canada has been circulating the Chinese Internet community.  The shouting match was in Mandarin, Cantonese and some English. Have a look!





What’s Viral

This weekly new section which will introduce you viral videos and more in China. My source include several major forum and social networks. Please leave your comments and suggestion of new videos in the comment .

Chinese folk music X Michael Jackson dance!

The dancer, Sun Honglei is actually a very talented and popular actor in China right now. This video dated back to the 80s or 90s when all the western stuff first came into China. Such mix won’t happen in China right now, I guess.

The last innocent girl in China

This girl is the star of Chinese Steven Spielberg, Zhang Yimou’s new romance movie set in the 60s. It’s a story of innocent love, but it took the director quite a while to find this one and only  truly innocent girl to take the leading role. Let’s see how innocent she is.

Mao’s grandson!

What can I say. Like grandfather, not so like grandson. If you know Chinese this will be even more funny. You can see how he managed to say a lot of things without really say anything.

  1. can you please cite what your sources are? anyone can say “several major forum and social networks” when they don’t provide links for anyone to verify them. if you’re going to provide youtube copies of youku and tudou videos, at least include the original youku and tudou links. we can at least check the views and comments on those to get an idea of how viral they are.

    1. Thanks for yoursuggestion ugh. These videos are posted and reposted for many times so it is very hard to get a view count. I will try to provide at least anumber or one sourcenext time.

      1. youtube, youku and tudou all provide the number of views and other statistics on their video pages. a viral video may have different copies with different view counts but finding one makes it easy to find the others and usually one of them has more views than the others because it came first and was viewed the most.

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