Blood on short track, Korean skater cuts Chinese skater with blade

| December 12th, 2010

44442016 Shanghai December 12,  Unexpected event happened on the last day of ISU Short Track World Cup 2010 season Shanghai stop. In the men’s 500 meters B final, Chinese skating star Han Jialiang;s stomach and arms were scrapped by South Korea’s Jin Bingjun two skates, he is being carried out of track on an emergency stretcher.

Into the last day of Shanghai Short Track Speed Skating World Cup, in the men’s 500m B final, Han Jialiang, Charles Hamelin of Canada, and the Korean skaters Lee Ho-Suk and Kim Seong-II compete for a seat in the finals.

After the starting gun, the Canadian player took the lead, followed by closely Han Jialiang. At about halfway, Han surpassed the Canadian player by the inner lane and took the lead. Before entering the last lap, Lee forced his way through the outer ring, Han came in second.

The last lap, the players sprints for the win. Lee firmly occupies the first; Kim tried several times to pass Han, but was unsuccessful. Around the final corner, Kim made another attempt to pass; Han was also struggling for the position, after physical contact, the two players fell together unto the baffle at the corner.

Emergency treatments were given, the reporter found that Han Jialing’s sportswear around the stomach area as well as his right arm are stained by blood, and some blood had gotten onto the medics who worked on him.

After being quickly bandaged, Han was carried out on a stretcher. Applauses were heard from the spectators, who were calling Han’s name and cheering him on.

After conformation by on site doctor Chen Jun, Han Jialiang is injured in abdominal, arm and wrist areas. Although the victim had lost a lot of blood, according to Doctor Chen’s judgments, "the problem should not be detrimental. Even if tearing of wrist tendon had occurred, it will not jeopardize his professional career." Currently, Han Jialiang has been rushed to Songjiang First People’s Hospital.

According to Chen Jun, Han Jialiang’s injuries received the attention of other nations’ coaches; also staff members from Canada and other countries have asked him about the latest situation of the Chinese player.

Video of the race:

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  1. Leo says:


  2. lay low moe says:

    this is pretty common for speed skating events

  3. Mark says:


    I can imagine this happens a lot given the nature of the sport and the competitiveness of the athletes.

  4. Carl says:

    Just to add a bit … when I first started reading the report, it sounded exactly like a intentional attack, but as I did some research on the topic as I translated, and found the original report, the tone was in fact very neutral, or at least not provocative.

    Like lay low moe said, it’s pretty common to accidents in a fast sport like this. Blood shed, less so, but not unusual I’d say. I wouldn’t judge what had happened as an malicious attack by the Korean athlete as some Chinese report would like to propagate.

    But then again, if the Korean wasn’t pushing the line… this probably could have been avoided.

  5. Voice of China says:

    Great example of dirty South Koreans doing what they do best.

  6. Jc.yin says:

    Where is Korean Guy rushing here for comments?

  7. Junzi says:

    Dirty barbarian!

  8. Junzi says:

    Must be one of those junkie barbarian that didn’t take their compulsory plastic surgery to open their eyes.

  9. GuoBao says:

    Having lived for many years in Scandinavia I can testify that no matter you are a hockey player, figure skater, speed skater or anyone else involved with razor sharp footwear over many years, you’d consider yourself lucky to only have a one digit number of scars to show for it. I only played hockey for 2 years as a kid but I have 1 big and 4 minor scars from it still. A girl in my middle school was really into ice dancing (the couples kind). You’d be amazed how often they would get cut or cut each other during practice.

  10. Curren$y says:

    At least it wasn’t in the face!
    Then again, if it were in the face, those Koreans would fix him up nicely!

  11. Short track skating is one of the most difficult sports to play. Clearly from the anti-Korean comments, you guys have no fucking idea how short track skating works This stuff is actually common, two skaters will often collide. It’s a very dangerous sport.

  12. freakboy says:

    This is a simple accident and nothing more anybody who sees it as anything else is simply looking for shit where there is no shit

  13. Huzhang says:

    Short track is like half speed, half pushing other people around
    I don’t see why they can’t just have individual lanes like they do in track & field

  14. YANLONG says:

    dirty korean…come and talk like that in front of any chinese ppl, m sure they will beat the shit out of you.

  15. MonkeyMouth says:

    The race was fair and square. The Korean actually moved his right leg out of the way to limit the impact. Hoe-Suck gets the gold…..Hamelin the silver and Kim “Tap Sum” Byeong Jun gets third.
    In this sport, the track is short, and the corners tight. This happens all the time. There is no conspiracy here. Besides, as you may know, most atheletes share a fraternal bond with each other, and leave political squabblings for some other forum.

  16. Vince says:

    i wonder what chinese koreans would have to say about this. Would they side with china or korea? lol

  17. MonkeyMouth says:

    i only posted the comment to make the ‘Tap Sum’ Byeung joke. so, sorry vince, my post was barbed, but not for reasons that you mention. so thanks, for noticing. but, as you say, this is about speed skating, and there was NO foul play in the event, and the commenters here are just trying to spread their hate with each other.


  18. adamHK says:

    I’m grateful it wasn’t a Japanese.

    • Mr_HK says:

      Why not?! Just because you like Angela Au, and that she is going out with a Japanase man?!

      Or are you the Japanese man dating Angela Au??!!! Hahaha TAP SUM BONG!

  19. Johnny says:

    Oh Koreans, so freaking amusing and pathetic. We’re still gonna feed that pathetic NK regime of their and we’re gonna sit back and enjoy as as their malnourished citizens starve to death and their southern brothers can’t do anything about it 🙂

  20. Chiize says:

    LOL after reading the title, i thought he did it on purpose

  21. SaveUighur says:

    Oh yeah, I want more of this. Clap to Koreans

  22. pauldsu says:

    Korean is well know as cheater…….I remember Roy Jones Jr. get cheated in boxing by Korean boxer.

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