Head of Post Office drives drunk, killing 5 children


From Nease:

Xinhua News and Yangtze Evening News report, a tragic car accident happened at 319 National Highway, Luoyang city, Henan Province on December 5, 2010. 5 children were hit and killed by a drunk driver. The public reported that the driver was “no ordinary person”. December 6, Reporter learned from Luoning county government that the drunk driver perpetrator was the county postmaster (head of the post office) Gu Qingyang.

At 11:30 pm, December 5, postmaster Gu Qingyang was driving a black VW Passat under the influence of alcohol on highway 319 (Anhu line), going west, at about 79 km he started to drive on the opposite side of the road and struck down many pedestrians on the south side of the road. 3 middle school kids were killed instantly and 2 other teens died in the hospital after failed rescue efforts. 4 boys and 1 girl, the youngest 13 and the oldest 16, 3 of them were middle school students are 2 of were drop outs.

On the night December 5, 7 children were walking together along the side of the highway, no one could have imaged such a tragic accident.

One of the kids Li said, they were going back to school from a Internet café, going west along the highway. “Suddenly I felt a gusting wind blowing towards us, when I turned around I noticed 5 of my good friends were already struck down on the ground.” Li recalled, at the time, he saw 2 people in the car, one man and one woman. The man was driving the car. Another student told the reporter, “We were walking, when I turned around and saw a car was coming, it hit us, the driver didn’t even stop. We chased him, the car stopped, only for a little while, then he wanted to leave again. But the car broke down, so he could not escape. We asked the driver for a cell phone to call the police, but he did not give us, and threatened to beat us.”


Names of the deceased kids and age



Update from Netease:

Yesterday morning, Henan Province Public Security Bureau Traffic Police reported “Luoning county postmaster Gu Qingyang drunk driving caused 5 deaths”, Gu was arrested for endangering public safety. Reporter learned from the victims’ families that each victim will receive 230,000 yuan of compensation, currently all 5 victims’ families already signed the compensation agreement.

One of the victims’ father, Yang Xiaoming told the reporter, village government and county government officials at first offered each victim’s family 140,000 yuan as compensation. Yesterday morning, two parties agreed that each victim will receive 230,000 yuan.

December 6, the post official first gave the victims’ family each 30,000 yuan. Yesterday morning, 5 victims’ families each received 200,000 yuan cash.

Yang denied that village or county government pressured him. Village official told the families to trust the government, said, if they are not satisfied with the way the case was handled they can carry the corps in front of the government building to protest.

Some families all said, it is difficult to say they are satisfied with the amount of the compensation, “after all our children are priceless.” Villager Yang said he lost his only son, and tried to request 500,000 yuan of compensation, but authority said according to the law, compensation should only be a little over 100,000, the village already took money out to make the compensation to 230,000 yuan, it is not possible to get any  more than that.

Reporter also learned from the post office staff, 41-year-old suspect Gu Qiangyang, from neighboring county Yiyang, was the head of Yiyang county post office not long ago before he was transferred to be the postmaster of Luoning county.

During the night of the accident, Gu was having dinner with couple of his female subordinates, and drank a lot of beer at dinner. After dinning, he was driving one of the women to Luoning city. According to Gu Qingyang himself, when the car arrived to an intersection, a farming vehicle appeared in front of him, in order to avoid the farming vehicle he turned the wheel left and hit the kids at the side of the road.

  1. i bet this commie son of guns is going to get away with it well.
    ccp no 1, ccp nuke the world

  2. Notice how the guy was “driving one of his female subordinates to Luoning City”. What a fucking bastard. I hope this piece of shit gets 10 years and can’t get off just by paying compensation. I was reading up on my driver’s license test just yesterday and the part about drunk driving was laughable. If you cause an accident you CAN be detained for up to 15 days. I assume in the past way too many people got away with the ridiculous 200 yuan fine if stopped while intoxicated without causing an accident. No friggin wonder people have learned not to give a shit.

    1. it’s not a case of there’s no penalty but rather that the victims’ families signed compensation agreements and took the cash. it’s the usa equivalent of agreeing not to press charges. the line is very blurry between criminal cases and civil cases in china it seems. one can buy one’s way out of any criminal prosecution by settling with the victims. the only criminal cases that get prosecuted are when the victim is a higher ranking government official than the perpetrator or richer, in that order.

      1. That’s really fucked up. People with power and money can easily pressure/blackmail the victims families into silence. It’s a goatse-sized gaping flaw which must be intentionally left.

        1. GuoBao, you are incorrect. You get 15 days in a Detention Center for being over the limit, and a 200 yuan fine. For causing death by drunk driving there is a mandatory 15 year prison sentence.

          1. You CAN get UP to 15 days for driving drunk. It’s in the first instance up to the arresting officer (bribing time) and part of my post was that just a couple of years ago it was customary to hand out the 200 yuan fine only. I doubt that there is a mandatory 15 year sentence in case you kill someone while doing a DUI.

            1. From actual Chinese law:

     A motorized vehicle driver who drives after drinking alcohol is subject to the temporary detention of the driving license for __________and also a fine of 200 yuan ~ 500 yuan.
              A. 12 months
              B. 6 months
              C. 3~6 months
              D. 1~3 months
              Answer: D

     A motorized vehicle driver who drives after getting drunk should be restrained by the traffic control department of the public security organ till he sobers up. In addition, the driver is subject to a detention for ________, a temporary detention of his driving license of motorized vehicle for 3~6 months and a fine of 500 yuan ~ 2,000 yuan.
              A. 60 days
              B. 30 days
              C. More than 15 days
              D. Less than 15 days
              Answer: D

     If a motorized vehicle driver escapes after causing a traffic accident which has caused human death, the driver is subject to a prison term of 7 years ~ 15 years.
              Answer: Right

              But yes, you can bribe your way out of anything with the right connections.

  3. there is a place in hell for drunk drivers. If I’m planning to go out and get drunk, I always make sure there’s a way I can get home without having to take my car.

    My condolences to these families who lost children to the scumbag driver.

  4. I love China
    With money you could just about to rape or murder anyone you want on the street

      1. oh… that kid is priceless
        setup invitations in QQ
        if someone do killed him
        at least QQ will cover 10% of the penalty
        it is totally a hot deal

  5. If u r with the govt and rich, u can do whatever u want and get away with it. I am sure the driver is very well connected and will have no problems.

    If u r on the bottom of the pyrmaid like these poor farmers, u r soooooo screwed.

  6. If the world abandons its monetary system, tragedies like this will not exist.
    Psych! Get a job hippies!

    1. Well, he’s a county postmaster, not a village postmaster as there really is no such thing as a ‘village’ postmaster (afaik). Positions at the post office are fairly coveted. I’m familiar enough with how the city postal office works. I’m going to assume this is similar…. It’s another branch of the Chinese gov’t system. As such, they have connections and influence (and corruption). Without connections, it’s very unlikely the average Chinese grad could get a job at the PO, unless they have mucho bribery money, or a hawt bod (the female subordinates..sigh). Just take a look at what he drives and how much he can afford to shell out for compensation. He’s might be wealthier than Li Gang’s dad 😛

      It’s really sad how the Chinese gov’t works….and if this guy gets any jailtime at all, i’ll be really surprised. The laws only apply to the weak.

      Anyway, anyone who’s high on the totem pole in any gov’t agency is going to have some kind of influence.

  7. Why is the village paying compensation to the victims’ families? Was the guy driving drunk and killing people part of his official duties?

    As with all these cases in China, yes, the monetary compensation is nice, even if it is paltry in exchange for a life. Nonetheless, what about the legal consequences? Where is the societal deterrence for this type of thing? The families need to be compensated, sure, but the guy needs to do some hard time.

    This case highlights one of the many problems with the CCP Chinese “justice” system.

  8. In the US, the penalties for drunk driving have been escalated due to cases like this. There are several big differences in the traffic laws and the way prosecutions are carried out. Most importantly, pedestrians have the right of way. If that law exists in china it is definitely not enforced. Also, In the USA if you drive drunk, you lose your vehicle in many places. It doesn’t matter if it is paid for or not, you boss’s car, your wife’s car. It doesn’t matter. It goes to auction and the money is kept to prosecute more drunk drivers.

    Also of importance is that it doesn’t matter if the victim’s family wants to press charges or not, if you settle in civil court or not. The state will prosecute you for a felony, whether the victim or their family testifies willingly or not.This also applies to spousal abuse or child abuse cases.

    In these ways the rights of the people are protected.

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