“Egg house” is an illegal construction, to be removed


(Netease) A Beijing drifter young man named Dai Haifei  built and placed this egg shaped house under the building he works at. He has been living in it for almost 2 months. According to Beijing News, the property sector where the “egg house” is at hoped Dai Haifei will move the “egg house” inside of his company. City Urban Management (Chengguan) of Haidian district said, the little cabin is an illegal construction which should be removed.

“There is someone living in there? I always thought it was just a model!” Yesterday, residents and workers of the courtyard where the “egg house” is placed at all knew about this “model”, but no one believed someone actually sleeps inside. They all liked the creativity, “You can see the grass growing on it during the day, I thought it was a model to grow grass.” a middle aged woman said.

“No way.” A security guard laughed, he did not believe the cabin can house someone.

The property company responsible person said, the company Dai Haifei works for is a design firm, they bought a lot of fresh ideas, and gave lots of energy to the compound. Residents and workers in the compound all like them, and also like their architectural designs.

“However, if staying in it overnight then this becomes a temporary building.” The responsible person said, all temporary buildings must be approved by the municipal sector. He said that he already called the office and hoping to move the “egg house” inside of the company.

Yesterday, Haidian Urban Management said, all construction on the streets, without approval by the relevant department are all illegal constructions which should be removed. If it is built inside of a courtyard, City Urban Management will contact the property management, allowing them to remove it.

“Today all the phone calls are from the media, Dai Haifei and the firm are under a lot of pressure. We will not make any response to the media anymore.” Miss Liu at Dai Haifei’s firm said.

Dai Haifei’s creative house was inspired by “egg of the city” series designed by his firm. The original design was to make people aware of the living environment under this high priced housing market, at the same time hoping to improve people’s living condition and appearance of the city, but it is not suitable to be popularized in the current conditions.

Yesterday, the firm spokesman said, “egg house” attracted media’s attention, we think Dai Haifei isn’t going to be able to live in the cabin any longer. “His career was just begun, and do not wish to be bothered.”



      1. I’d love to have a designer living in front of my house. Only boring people say otherwise.

            1. Yeah right whatever, address please so I send a group of homeless people to set up creative cardbox houses outside your house.

              1. I see that you, similarly to most smug Chinese, hate homeless people, you complacent cold excuse of a human being.

                  1. wow, did you read the article? it’s in front of his company’s office who SUPPORTS him living there, they don’t have a problem with it.

            2. lol, well wet one, it’s not in front of your house. who are you to say. I say try to park that thing in front of a walmart.

    1. Zoning regulations exist for a reason. If he wired up the electricity himself he might not have done a good job. It could burn up in the night and kill him. His house uses solar panels, but the city doesn’t know that. For all they know he’s a crazy guy who’s doing experiments on small animals.

      It looks like he did a good job to me, and the article says he studied architecture so it’s possible the house is safe. But because he studied architecture he should have known better than to build a building without a permit.

      In the United States there is no such thing as a “temporary” building in a legal sense. If you’re setting up a building to use for a month, a week, or a day, it (legally) has to pass the same inspection as a skyscraper.

      (It’s easy to pass the elevator inspection if you have no elevators)

      I agree with the officials on this one. If he had gotten permission beforehand, it might not have been an issue. Probably, the officials are only upset because by not consulting with them, he’s implied they don’t matter and made them lose face.

      The plus side is, his house doesn’t take much land. Surely there’s somewhere he can put it.

      @korean_guy I don’t know if you’re joking, but you give me the impression that koreans aren’t nice people. If that’s what you intend to do, keep it up.

      Your article doesn’t say who the scammers were, and in fact paints the Hong Kong jewelers in a positive light, because they’re going to eat the cost and not pass it on to the consumers.

  1. It was only a matter of time. I feel sorry for the guy but I can see this from the authorities’ side as well.

  2. Ugh, leave him alone. Isn’t there a place where he can move his place without being evicted by assholes?

    These days, anywhere, you’re not allowed to squat or dwell anywhere, not even on a little piece of land.

    What a joke.

  3. Speaking of siding with the authorities I’ve recently had an experience that made me feel (slightly) more sympathetic towards the chengguan. I have had a private student for 4 months now and a couple of weeks ago I asked why had had a slight limp. Turns out that when he was 10 years old he and his mother were going to the market and they were unlucky enough to pass one of those old ladies frying potatoes in a giant frying pan filled with oil at the exact moment some moron on a scooter ran into it, spilling the oil all over my student’s legs and feet. 250.000 kuai in medical bills, 8 operations, 6 months and 3 amputated toes later he was finally able to walk again. The parents even had to sell their house to pay for it since neither the guy on the scooter or the old woman had any money to offer in compensation. If you ever go near one of those oily death traps make sure to be very careful.

  4. Rule of thumb about word of mouth – it can hurt as much as help, depending on which ears are listening.

    Time and time again, while there have been stories of P.R. Chinese getting help via getting their story out to the Internet, you get epilogues like this.

    However, if all things being equal in the long run – this chap could sell his egg as a work of art and pocket some RMB in the process.

  5. This is a magnificent piece of art. It might help keep people from living in boxes in the alleys. Maybe a possible remedy for the homeless man?

  6. @Lay Low Moe – if he wanted to park that “thing” on my property, he’d be more than welcome. Notice how this article says that this graduate who has a job is a “drifter” which is labeling him as a “homeless” person.
    He has a room. And for those that thought it was a model and that they didn’t think anyone could really live in it- this guy just proved that it is possible to live in the “egg room”.

    Also for those that didn’t pay attention and overlooked the fact that the young man was living in it – that just goes to show how aware of their surroundings they are. Almost as bad as a bunch of people in America.

    I think that this is 100x’s better than living in a tent or a cardboard box. I’d love to get the plans for this as it’s a very creative idea and it’s mobile with the wheels on it.
    How can they say it’s an illegal temporary structure – this is a mini mobile room just like the kind we use in the states, like those pull behind campers. So it shouldn’t have to be moved for that reason. He could try to see if he can get it registered as a mini mobile unit. Then they can’t say anything…maybe.

    Also even here, you don’t need all that inspection stuff for a mobile unit. If it’s a structure with wheels then it isn’t under those rules. It would be more like rules of having a camper in your driveway type deal.

    They should just make housing more affordable so graduates are able to pay for a proper rental.

    1. parking that thing is fine
      my point was i wouldn’t let a homeless man live outside of my house
      i don’t know how many people here would like a stranger start camping on their lawn

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