Guangzhou likes big butt and it cannot lie


I was going to let Asian Games in Guangzhou slide this time. Is there anything interesting about China hosting an international event besides grand opening, traffic jam, badly treated volunteers, uncivilized behaviors, sky rocketing real estate price of wherever they took place, and of course those same old political debates?

Yes, Guangzhou surprised me with the dress designed for the award giving ceremony ladies. The light colored dress, designed in traditional Qipao style, looks more like an extra long and full-covered swim suit. It covers every inch, yet reveals everything. Human body (really, women’s) is the most beautiful creation of the nature (or God) and designers should not be afraid to show it. Qipao is a perfect kind of dress to show women’s charming curve without showing too much-a typical Chinese beauty. But I think there should be a line. Lady in a well made silk Qipao is elegant, girl wrapped in this costume is seductive and highly inappropriate in this international events. These girls are some one’s girlfriend, friend, sister and daughter and now they are being check out by


creepy athletes, judges, reporters and audience around the world. If you are also a Chinese doesn’t that hurt you a little?

  1. “Jack Liu must have Jack Shit to write about!”

    I completely agree aodaliya ren! This is like making a big issue about Baywatch!

    If you got it, flaunt it, what’s wrong?

    “Uh, whodunit?!”

  2. I am amused by your complex of “being Chinese”, I thought the qipao was of Vietnamese origin. Anyway these awful rags would make tasteful people puke wherever they live. “To show women’s charming curve without showing too much” has always been a staple of seduction throughout time and place. An African woman can be seductive in a qipao and an Indian woman can be a seductive flamenco performer. Writers with an audience, like Jack Liu!, will have done their bit if they help foster an “Asian identity” then a “world identity”. The notion of “national identity” has already been forgotten in the developed world.

      1. Hey Crystal you are the China Hush expert on China dating, and very sharp on other subject also.

        I thought Chinese men did not like women with big butts? Why all of a sudden is there this display of Chinese big ass? Is this a regional thing?

    1. “The notion of “national identity” has already been forgotten in the developed world.”

      I can not begin to tell you how utterly wrong you are.

  3. Why should the Chinese be hurt??? I don’t get it…

    That’s like saying the Japanese should be hurt because guys are watching and enjoying their AV productions on a daily basis!

    The Japanese are so proud of their AV culture, and they love men around the world to watch it. They are hurt when guys don’t watch it, because it means there is something wrong with their women! LOL

  4. those dress are damn ugly
    and so are the girls
    but i love is the title “Guangzhou likes big butt and it cannot lie” LOL

  5. What is more lovely than a Chinese woman? The look on the Korean ballplayers’ faces say everything. But I agree with the author; what those men imagine captures their heart, not what they see. There is an old saying about a desirable woman: “nothing in public, everything in private” This I think is the Chinese ideal from which flows the elegance of the qipao; everything crude is hidden, everything beautiful is exposed. When a man loves the face and the character, the rest IS beautiful to him. No need for an Asian woman to ape the habit of their western cousins; surgeries for “bigger” this and “rounder” that. After all, if you want “everything in public, nothing in private,” go date an American woman. :p

    1. trust me
      Chinese girls are one of the most shallow people you could date
      they care too much on wealth & luxury and always forget the meaning for love

        1. i know even that to keep my relationship
          now go shop for your LV, Prada, Gucci, and other blings…

          1. have u really dated a Chinese girl???u know nothing about Chinese girls.
            i believe any countries have grils who r materialistic,its not just in China. if u really believe that how all the Chinese girls r,then r u saying that every westerner loves 2 fuck around???

            1. i didn’t say “all” the Chinese girls are shallow
              you just assumed the meaning of it
              and yes, of course i had dated Chinese girls
              or else i wouldn’t made that comment
              i m sure there are nice Chinese girls in the world
              but they are very rare, specially in the major cities

              btw if you are not materialistic or shallow like i said, why are you so offended?
              don’t tell me luxury goods full fills your life

              1. had a male intern from Europe last year
                he looked quite young and had troubles getting girls in clubs
                with a collegue we advised him to present himself working for Gucci, designing dept -he was real fluent in Italian- being in china to present the new summer items collection

                He was getting a girl every night
                and quite hot ones, way out of his range

                now draw your own conclusions

                1. i am here to defend Cindy
                  Chinese girls are NOT materialistic or a gold digger
                  They are just artistic
                  They just likes to share their passion with their own expense

              2. i’m sorry u dated a Chinese bitch like that!u can’t blaim others if u chose the worst girl in China,but next time when u see a Chinese girl,don’t rush dating her…….
                i’m offended cause’ i’m a Chinese,not because’ i’m materialistic or is u who r shallow 2 say that Chinese girls r materialistic.

                1. lol i guess i am not only one had bad experience with Chinese girls

                  i m sure you are NOT one of those bitches
                  you must be the real deal
                  perhaps you could please these dissatisfied guys here to change their point of view on Chinese girls
                  me had enough of them and has been moved on

      1. Absolutely correct!

        Hypocrite, Materialistic, Shallow, Selfish, etc.., And they still claim to be a “traditional chinese woman” – what is sick joke…

      2. You forgot,
        they’re immature, spoilt, irrational and bad-tempered to [serious edit: perhaps 85-90%]
        I’d still do it – because they’re more than willing.
        Just ignore these flaws and get on with it.

          1. wow, not using condom here is borderline suicidal
            i’m not saying that chinese carry diseases, just that chinese girls who bang foreigners turn quite a lot
            have you ever exchange names with some friends or cross check your msn buddy list ?
            you will find it really scary

            1. I was shocked when I read how many abortions the average 20 something Chinese woman has. The concept of preventative birth control is alien to them with tragic results.

              1. sex is a topic that is discussed neither in school -sexual education- neither by the parents i guess

                1. Yeah with AV maybe that is changing but in the past women didn’t know about their own bodies and their husbands/bfs didn’t know or care.

                    1. Yeah but women take control of their bodies good things start to happen, plastic surgery aside.

        1. I also think that most of Chinese girls are materialistic, spoilt, irrational and so forth. However, I had met few good girls. The reason because most foreigners think that Chinese girls are not good because they meet them in clubs, bars, parties and other places where, in fact, only this kind of people like to hang out. Another fact, that choice of Chinese girls is restricted because not all girls are in their language abilities (I mean English language). However, if you are good in Chinese you can find out good girls, who are usually from Provinces (not from big cities like Shanghai, Beijing), but in this case their are usually naive and sometimes weird. That’s my experience

  6. I would like to have sex with each one of those lovely women, preferably by lifting up their dresses and sodomizing them in a good yet friendly way.

  7. “If you are also a Chinese doesn’t that hurt you a little?”
    Well, I’ve read on chinasmack that the chinese are actually proud that they were gawking at their girls’ butts.
    “Asian Games ceremonial hostess girls’ bodies, truly impressive [reflects well upon China]”

    And besides… you know that these girls are gonna be “used” by the officials attending the games and if the girls aren’t bothered by these, why would any other person be?

  8. 我觉得这个post很有意思!I think this post was very interesting! Keep up the good work China Hush:)

  9. Jack Liu
    I have a request
    could you play “Baby Got Back” by Sir Mix-a-Lot when I visit this page?

  10. “These girls are some one’s girlfriend, friend, sister and daughter and now they are being check out by
    creepy athletes, judges, reporters and audience around the world. If you are also a Chinese doesn’t that hurt you a little?”

    The tone of this article is troubling. No doubt the writer is tongue in cheek but he refers to athletes (foreign) as “creepy”. It implies that it is the duty of all Chinese men around the world not just in China to protect their women from being leered at etc. What kind of sexist xenophobic bull shit is this?

    1. Reeks of insecurity.

      They are medal girls, and they signed up for this; nothing wrong with it.

      1. Yeah my guess is the writer has a small dick and could not handle one of the medal girls from the back end ha ha.

  11. Really? You’re complaining about this? There’s nothing wrong with they way that they are dressed. They’re attractive. So what? Furthermore, are women not allowed to be attractive or something?

    “These girls are some one’s girlfriend, friend, sister and daughter and now they are being check out by creepy athletes, judges, reporters and audience around the world.”

    Let’s not rule out the possibility that the men in the photo are looking at the trophy, not the women. They did just win, after all.

    Finally, that they’re being “checked out” by the world is a moot point. They’re obviously attractive, and I’m sure that they probably get gawked at all the time when they’re just walking the streets.

    1. What do you expect Dave?

      I mean Guangzhou is a long way from the beaches of Rio de Janeiro….and the Chinese have not mastered the art of the no pantie line look yet.

      This is still progress Dave I can still recall the girls in Mao suits and pony tails.

      My understanding is that in the past Chinese men had serious foot fetish, all the ass men were in Italy and Brazil ha ha

    1. At least they got nice asses. My anaconda don’t want none unless you got buns, hun!!!

  12. Dresses are the culprit here. That yellow-green makes their asses look big. The girls are pretty good looking; it’s the dresses that ruin it.

    From my time in China, I remember fondly just watching the cute young girls passing by….

      1. No, I was in northern Jiangsu. I’m only 5’7″, and many of the girls were taller than me without heels. Shapely, tall and seemed nice enough. If I were 20 years younger and single….

    1. Yeah I noticed. When I saw the pantie lines it just added another layer to me undressing them which i enjoyed. I never got around to speculating about their options.

  13. Jack,
    yes, this is time to have something to relax. And the past month is really terrible. We must believe that the world is good, mustn”t we?

  14. Korean men view Chinese women as prostitutes. Nothing more, nothing less.

    In Korea, people are looked down upon if they marry a Chinese person.

    1. Since Korean men view their own women as being lower than dogs being a prostitute would be a step up.

      1. Since when did Korean men view Korean women as less then dogs? Quit living in a fantasy world.

        Korean men do however view Chinese women as prostitutes. There are tens of thousands of Chinese prostitutes in Korea. This is not an exaggeration. Its a real nuisance.

        1. It’s ironic that most of the Asian prostitutes in America are actually South Korean, the cheapest hoes around.

          On the other hand, it’s understandable how ugly whores who can’t find business in China go to South Korea, anything is better than pancake faced Korean women or plastic dolls.

          1. S Korean girls go to the U.S. and work in brothels to pay off personal consumer debt or family debt. Most end up enslaved and bought and sold by Korean pimps until they work off their loans. This has been well documented.

              1. Most prostitutes around the world are actually Chinese. And they are illegal immigrants as well.

                  1. europe is filled with that
                    more than those from eatern europe
                    more than locals

                    and they jump you downtown when you get out of the subway
                    at least, locals have the decency to regroup in dedicated neighboorhoods

                    1. Yeah Chinese shop girls in Europe are so greedy for money that they work as prostitutes on the street part time and actually sell themselves…

                    2. i need to start a business in Europe and China called “Get paid to Get Jizzed”
                      Perhaps Cindy would like to be my 1st staff
                      now who wants to be my 1st customer?

        2. The name “Mark Coleman” doesn’t sound too Korean!

          Are you sure about this, or is this something your Korean gf told you so you can have a “feel good” good moment, and feel that you’ve made the right choice?! 🙂

          TAP SUM BONG!

        3. My dear Mark glad you got pussy whipped by a Korean chick. Have a serious talk with any Korean female about how they treat the women in the countryside, and lets not forget N. Korea which is still stuck in about 1938.

          In traditional Korean culture women had no status. For a man to even admit he loved a certain female would be to lower his stature and insulting.

        4. Mark, I have no bias on this China -Korea spat. What you cite is not surprising. I read in a book about China and Africa that mentioned Chinese shop girls in Africa are so greedy for money that they work as prostitutes on the street part time and actually sell themselves for much cheaper than the African whores which created resentment. Book is:

          “China Safari: On the Trail of Beijing’s Expansion in Africa”

          What this really shows is the level of poverty, desperation, and materialism in China.

    2. That’s no longer true. Even Tony Blair’s sister-in-law is Chinese!!!

      Check out who the current president of the WHO organisation is!!!

      Enough said, TAP SUM BONG!!!

  15. These girls are some one’s girlfriend, friend, sister and daughter and now they are being check out by creepy athletes, judges, reporters and audience INCLUDING JACK LIU around the world.

  16. It’s a shame that this has been turned into an East vs West or China vs Korea controversy. When I was an American soldier, I had the opportunity to serve in Germany, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Korea, and I learned that young male soldiers, no matter the culture, pretty much have the same reaction to women and alcohol. What these pictures capture is a typical male reaction to both women and pageantry. It’s quite natural and quite funny.

  17. China Hush is not responsible, for any drop in IQ points you may experience while reading the above post or any reply therein.

    1. The center ass and far right ass meet the most rigorous international standards for bubble butt.

  18. Barney would say :
    Those Korean players are simply victims of the cheerleader effect
    bunch of fugly girls = look good as a group
    please hide the others and check them again individualy
    you’ll realize their fugliness


    You will be treated based on how you treat others, you will attract based on what you are trying to find. Just as simple as that.
    All countries have bastards, all countries have ugly girls, all countries have rapist and killers. But everybody on blogs are saints with big mouths and loads of judgements.

  20. Oh! God preserve us when asian’s sense nationality is on rampage (this part is in response to a korea-chinese thingy up there). Basically almost every single one of you (including me) are under constant brainwashing by madia 24 hours a day (chinese-south korea-japan-north korea complex relationship is just a more famous example of it in asia).

    Now enough of this “I’z better dan you lot”… those dresses are eye-catching indeed and this makes me (after a considerable amount of staring) why they picked this kind of clothing for their ceremonial stuff. My idea is: China wants to send a clear message that “If we want, we can do this better than any american/japanese fella, so instead of US, try Us!!” or something.

  21. china don’t allow porn so wat’s the point:/
    just useless.

    but girl hoe number 4 has the best butt!

    she should be hired by bubblebutt, 40inchplus, bangbros etc

        1. Korean Guy and VOC are ChinaHush’s “blog gladiators”

          We just watch / read and watch them destroy each other while we eat popcorn and watch youtube at the same time! 😀

  22. I’ve never seen a young chinese woman with a big butt. Has this photo been photoshopped?

  23. Females or any other creature who are blessed with beauty love to be admired for their beauty…and those who arent blessed with those looks can join the feminist party or some other angry group…as for the ladies on the picture the 2nd one and the 4th one has awesome butts 🙂

  24. Anyone who have brains can tell what a mental problem a korean guy here is having now .He is total illusional about his own country,a degraded and a puppy vassal state.almost all ansians even Vietnamese despise upon you arrogant idiots.

    1. Ha Ha enjoying the Asian love fest. I mean you make the Americas look warm and fuzzy.

      Suggestion all you Asians; Koreans, Chinese, Thai, Viet, Burma, Japan etc. stand in a circle and take turns slapping the person to your right.

  25. Actually,i have been wondering if u r using the korean identity as a cover.How can koreans be so rude and uncivilised ?? To my knowledge,koreans should be obeying to others as their women do to their men,which is a historical trauma perhaps.Or maybe this jackass is just an exception of the obedient koreans.TAP SUM BONG!GOOK PUSSIE!

  26. i bet KoreanGuy got to this page by googling “chinese ass” ..its evident that koreans like it just look at the picture above for evidence, they look like they havnt seen anything like that in korea

  27. Gathering in this post/website are some of the internet’s most ignorant assholes.
    I find that every time I read the comment section, I need to remind myself to not feed the trolls.

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