Competing in drinking for sales job, interviewees pass out

| November 11th, 2010


(Netease) November 8, 2010, in Jiulongpo district, Chongqing, 4 young men wearing suites were passed out on the ground at the Baguocheng Square which attracted many onlookers. It turned out these 4 young men went to their second around job interview for a sales position at this company. Two of them are still university students about to graduate next year.

At noon, the company leader invited them for lunch. Eager to impress the boss, they competed in drinking more alcohol. In the end they were wasted. At first, they just sat on the ground chatting, but soon three of them lied down and passed out. The fourth guy leaned against a telephone pole, standing unsteadily, occasionally muttered some words out his mouth and shivered non-stop.


2 of them slept while hugging each other and their backpacks. One other guy made a letter “t”.


The police eventually called 120. And minutes later three men were sent to the hospital by ambulance.




I wonder who got the job…

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  1. Kobe says:

    Looks like fun!

  2. aodaliya ren says:


  3. WZ says:

    that is awesome, HARDCORE!

  4. Chuckyj says:

    I love my China LOL

  5. diaohua says:


  6. Crystal says:

    I guess they didn’t pass the interview :-)

  7. lay low moe says:

    really??? this story seems fake
    the pictures just too perfect

  8. o.m.g. says:

    that is a sad country
    drink more..

  9. GuoBao says:

    Most Chinese people can’t hold their drink anyway so it’s not a big deal. Funny story though. I can’t really imagine an applicant in the West would ever try to impress his possible future boss with his heavy-drinking skills.

    • Ambientman says:

      You are right, of course an applicant would never do this in the West, it is stupid and proves nothing. This has more to do with showing off how much of a “man” you are than anything else. Which is ironic, as this is an exercise in futility, as the pictures clearly show. China is still a Machismo society in almost every way, but in a dumb cave man kind of way, again, as the pics clearly show.

  10. Ambientman says:

    The future of China, professional men “at work”..

  11. says:

    will there be a smoking contest next? where will that be held?

  12. freakboy says:

    Dum Dum Dum Dum Di Dumb

  13. golf trolley says:

    well, maybe most of you do not completely understand the Chinese situation. Man love wines, maybe. But no one expect to be drunk. And, what’s more, the 4 guys are just desperate for work, maybe. Nowadays, the employment rate of China is really not satisfying.

  14. vonskippy says:

    China – always trying to impress the world with how sophisticated it is.

  15. moody says:

    Never saw an Asian passing out from being drunk so early in the day
    Usualy they make it till 22h30
    haaa genetics

  16. Curren$y says:

    LOL vomit, vomit everywhere

  17. wong says:

    my father used to drink a lot when he was young and it was reaal ugly, I get very angry whenerer I see people drink like this.

  18. Bai ren says:

    So good old Dick Nickson apparently practiced drinking before his infamous meeting with Mao… sad to see Chinese university lacks similar training

  19. Liz says:

    I cannot drink. How can i find the job after 2 years?

  20. Anjing says:

    Getting drunk is a principle for all Koreans.

    Chamji Haseo.

  21. jump says:

    Nothing sophisticated like a sarangbang, where we all get a blow job orgy from Korean university gals. I just love Korean women!

  22. jump says:

    from my past stays in seoul, NOT true! hahaha. Nothing brings a korean down faster than soju for dinner and whiskey afterwards in a “nice” place 😉 but hey no complains, that usually leave the gals to me!

  23. jump says:

    Nothing beats “koean perfection”. Every korean gal i had for the first time tells me she is a virgin LOL and i love the show they put on. Wonderful women in korea.

  24. jump says:

    So what makes korea, Japan getting an oral, Russia and China giving it her both ways the other end. No wonder your women are so good 😉

  25. lay low moe says:

    your comment is too generalized
    i seen some pretty fulgy Korean girls before
    but i do think Asian girls in the oversea generally are prettier compared in Asian

  26. lay low moe says:

    Banging Korean girl is nice
    They are almost like Japanese girl
    Exempt they usually don’t like to shave their crotch
    It is like a national park
    I have find my way in and out

  27. jump says:

    sure, if you say so 😀

    But I still love Korean women!

  28. jump says:

    and those korean ladies, sure got bangged! 😉 Am never ever tired of saying it, i love korean women!

  29. jump says:

    “Be A Man”

    haha! why do you think i love korean women? everytime i get blown, i look into their beautiful eyes, and thank the gods for making me a man!

  30. jump says:

    there are NO ugly korean women; except those who haven’t saved enough money to have plastic done. Most korean men should go for surgery, pay and get the exterior fixed at least. They should learn from their women.

    Korean women are wondeful!

  31. Voice of China says:

    Hmm.. depends on what part of Korea I’d say. Although surgery will fix minor imperfections. Not all Gooks can afford it.

    In some parts of Seoul, in the more developed areas there are quite a lot of nice looking girls. In other areas – not so. It costs a lot to get liposuction, nose surgery, eye surgery, leg surgery, facial reconstruction, and leg bone surgery all by the tender age of the early twenties.

    I’d say that’s why you’re having a good run with the girl’s jump. The pretty girls there almost have to whore themselves out to get amount of surgery 😉 So enjoy it and don’t forget to take some videos. Nothing like hearing the good ol ‘Hajima, apo, shiro, shige’ LOL

  32. Voice of China says:

    Hehe… Maybe I’ll take some annual leave this year in Korea; sounds like fun 😉

  33. lay low moe says:

    hey you could take korean_guy with you
    i am sure he is willing to show you why Korean girls are the best

  34. jump says:

    highly recommended. Ah … winter, seafood hotpot with a bottle of hwayo 41 and a couple of sweeties … did i mention that i love korean women? 😀 😀

  35. Voice of China says:

    Gook_Guy promised his family that he will make it big when leaving to the states. As it stands, he’s working at a Chinese restaurant, and is too embarrassed to go back.

  36. Voice of China says:

    In any case Chinese men are treated as Kings in Korea. All the guys there hate us because we take all the women. They know that tourists from China are mainly loaded unlike normal Korean men who can’t even afford to buy meat for the family.

    That’s why Korean men are haters. They like to make up lies about how Korean women won’t date foreigners including Chinese and Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.

    It’s all bullshit though, its a thing they say to deter us from going to their kimchiland. But the truth is Korean women are horny as hell and would take anyone outside of Korea to get out of their shitty shithole of a repressed country. It doesn’t matter if the guy is Chinese or Japanese, anything is better than getting married to a poor, wifebeating South Korean man.

  37. Voice of China says:

    Edit: not shitty shithole, dirty shithole 😉 haha

  38. moody says:

    You are full of it

    it is true that South Koreans are a bunch of racists
    Most Women would not date a non Korean

    Wasn’t there a story of a woman being attacked in a subway/train or a bus in south korea because she was TRAVELING with a foreigner
    the attacker was a man in his mid 30s

  39. jump says:

    “Nothing like hearing the good ol ‘Hajima, apo, shiro, shige’”?

    That’s why i have my women in the gangnam gu places. These are the classy korean women. They don’t talk with their mouth full 😀

  40. Voice of China says:

    I prefer Korean students actually, I’ve actually got a set routine for them.

    1. Lie to them how much you like South Korean culture
    2. Say to them you would like to learn more and that you can cook Korean food like bulgogi
    3. Buy Soju
    4. Learn to cook Korean food-> Spicy pork, Bulgogi or Al tang works best as the salty taste makes them drink more
    5. Once slightly tipsy, they will start opening up and doing random shit like calling their boyfriends and crying over the phone
    6. Come to the rescue and enjoy your Seoul University Korean whore

  41. Lay Low Moe says:

    from my experience
    the easiest way to get laid with a Korean girl
    just be an ESL teacher
    after that there is no effort to get what you want

  42. Lay Low Moe says:

    hey guys i found a new line to say to Korean girls
    TAP SOME BUM???!

  43. Voice of China says:

    Gook simida I’ve missed you kimchibreath 😀

  44. 2B-real says:

    he’s right, oh man is he right, hairy bitches

  45. bill says:

    Are you kidding, it’d be run by the irish. Not that it would be a bad thing

  46. Bob says:

    Repeating Russel Peters jokes is getting rather old.

  47. CHNinUSA says:

    Yeah, you are wrong, the universe is run by “Corean”

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