Guangzhou cancels free rides, giving out transport subsidies instead


(Netease) Guangzhou City Government announced on November 6, 2010: Starting from November 8, Monday, the subway, bus and ferry which were made free in the beginning of the month for the Asian Games are going to resume to paid system. Instead, transportation subsidy will be given. The detailed measures are as follows:

1. Starting from the 8th, the Guangzhou City public transportation metro, bus (including ferry) and the subway Guangfo line resume to the paid system.

2. The ten districts in Guangzhou, two county-level cities residence and families lived in Guangzhou for more than six month will receive subsidy of 150 yuan per household, a group residence will receive subsidy of 50 yuan per person.

3. During the Asian Games and Asian Paralympics, staff members, volunteers and ticket holders can still ride the public transportation for free.

The primarily reason to resume the paid system was because during the first week of free public transportation, Guangzhou’s traffic load became too large, far exceeded the transport capacity. During the 5 days of free rides, dada show subway traffic rose 100%. The average daily passenger flow was 7.73 million. Worried about public’s travel safety, Guangzhou Municipal Government decided to cancel the free rides.




November 1, the crowded Gangding Guangzhou Metro station. On that day, Guangzhou started the free 30 day public transportation during the Guangzhou Asian Games.



“Dear passengers, due to exceeding number of passengers, we need to implement crowed control.  Please listen to station staff members, ride the subway in order.  If you are in a rush please change to use other means of transportation. Thank  you for your patience and cooperation.”





“Dear passengers: due to exceeding number of passengers, we re now implementing peak hour passenger control, please listen to station staff members. Be patient, enter station in groups. Thank you for your cooperation.”



Both side of the subway track are crowed with people waiting for the train.


“Ticket machine is temporary out of service during free subway period”




November 1, a BRT staff held the sign to guide the passengers


November 1, Guangzhou BRT bus Gangding station, an eye-catching sign reminded people “Free ride today”

  1. The need to implement crowd control for public safety is sometimes obvious. Free transport can have disastrous consequences, and will ultimately lead to trampling of the weakest by those who have no sense of courtesy. Some will do anything to get a free ride.

    1. You seem to be unable to construct even the simplest sentences.. -.-

      Let me correct you:

      Lack of crowd control may affect public safety. This may cause those without concern of others to trample over elderly and younger children.

      It has nothing to do offering a free ride itself but the effects of the free ride which is causal to the free ride. Otherwise you’re implying that ‘The effect of having free ride is to cause people to trample over each other.’ That isn’t necessarily true if there is proper crowd control, or if there is no crowd.

      I just find it weird how you keep coming up with weird ways of saying things that mean nothing. Now I know why you do it, it’s unintentional.

          1. VOC,

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                  1. If you can’t see your mistake, even after some coaching, it proves how bad your English really is. It had nothing to do with context. That was just to throw you off.

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  3. Key, I’d like to recommend a very hot song “In the Spring” (春天里) in October 2010. The original singer of the song is Wang Feng (汪峰). But the two singers in this video are common migrant workers in Beijing. Actually, most people think these two guys’ version are better than Wang Feng’s. There are more than 7 pages of comments on its YouTube webpage.

  4. Yeah when I read that Guangzhou was planning to offer free rides, it was easy to predict that such a disaster would happen. Of course this would only happen in China where there are lots of people who ride mass transit. In my city back home they tried to offer free transit on a permanent basis and all it did was make the buses into apartments on wheels for the homeless.

  5. “One must always be careful of books,” said Tessa, “and what is inside them, for words have the power to change us.”
    ― Cassandra Clare, Clockwork Angel

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