The “creative” 2010 Asian Games preparations in Guangzhou


The 2010 Asian Games are going to be hosted in Guangzhou, China from November 12 to November 27, 2010. Only days away from the opening ceremony, much efforts have been putting into transforming Guangzhou into the hosting city. Newly constructed venues have just been finished; equipment, infrastructures have been installed for the disabled; English translations were added to all the signs; even the Guangzhou subway is free for 30 days during the Asian Games. “Passion Guangzhou, Creative Asian Games”, recently this photo album post about the transformation of Guangzhou for the Asian Games has been circulation the net.

From douban:


“Please leave your homes when it’s dark, but leave the light on”

It is reported that during the night of the Asian Games opening ceremony, Liede Villagers were told to get out of their homes but also to leave their lights on at home. “Buildings must be empty” and “lights must be on”. On November 12, in the afternoon of the Asian Games opening day, 37 buildings in Liede Village, 6000 households and their family members must leave their homes, and go to the courtyard, streets and stadium awaiting for further instructions, until 11 pm. Residents are to be paid hundreds of yuan for compensation.


The police just came to my door, gave us a set of Asian games mascot toys and three Asian Games tickets, also cash, (300 each). It looks like we are really forced to go out on the streets during the opening ceremony.

Because the subway is now free, it is way over crowed…

Over crowed free Guangzhou Subway


“Cooperate with CCTV sky camera, encourage homes to turn on lights”


The building puts on a new dress


Over crowed subway stations:






First day of free Metro subway, The police were shouting at the entrance, “Please do not enter from here, it is full inside!!! Go to another entrance or go take the bus!”


“Think Plaza”


walkway for the blind -  painted


“Asian Games Opening night, are you willing to turn on the lights?”



This road is very wet


“Speaking civilization, Ying Asian Games”

(Ying = Welcome)


This is creative


Jichang = Airport


Should have been “West Road”


Walk way for the blind -  pasted on


Jakarta in Chinese should have been



Can you make out what they mean here?



This one is a pun to Chinese Internet slang

LZ  ( 楼主 lóuzhǔ)
The person who made the original post or started a BBS topic/thread.


1. Modern Chinese History

2. Marx moral Training and laws

3. Marxism fundamentals

Text books with a touch of Asian Games




look closely the windows are painted on

  1. This is.. a tragedy.. It’s just like the time that Nixon visited china.. Im living in chengdu , my dad told me when Nixon arrived here . There is no building on the ground.. Only bungalows , so government started to paint building on the wall to make a view..
    This is a copy , I got it

  2. painted blind walkway!
    hilarious English pinyin signs?
    don’t stay home but don’t go anywhere.
    3 text books with a touch of Asian games…

    I’d love to see an American political ad about this stuff instead of the Chinese professor telling us 现在他们都得给我们干活儿!

  3. I knew Chinese goverment really care about face, but pushing things to this extent is a bit too much :))

  4. i love the painted windows
    it really brings the ghetto feel to the area
    very nice touch!

  5. Just back from 2 weeks in Guangzhou and was very impressed by the preperations for the games. If it was my city and country I would be very proud.

  6. Guangzhou is really going crazy right now. I’m only seeing my point of view because I’m staying at the University Town but some crazyness happening here too. I got a brochure, because I live in a village near stadium, on how to behave during the games. But I still haven’t translated it to English. I guess I should do that if there’s some important information for me 😉

  7. here is a historical story about “形象工程”:
    In the Sui Dynasty, once foreigners came to China, the emperor ordered to wrap street trees with silk cloth to show China’s “prosperity” ,

    foreigners asked the emperor: ” Since your country is so rich, why not give some food to the poor and hungry people in the streets?”

  8. Lol, this is kind of interesting. Unlike some society who are maybe too cynical and no longer becomes excited about these things, China actually make a big deal about events. I don’t know if the funds are mis-allocated (of course they are), so what? People don’t have to be too cynical about life.

  9. The money they gave to people shocked me! 300 per person, that’s a lot, in fact they should do it more often.
    @john digmeme Yeah, XXX road kinda explicit lol

  10. Interesting to see free subways. Which should be the case anyways in a city full of low income people, but shouldn’t this be introduced step by step?

    I remember a while ago when I was reading either here or somewhere else that in Guangzhou, car manufacturers and mass transpo is fighting for dominance.

  11. Hope they get the food court translation correct. I once saw an email circulating around with a Chinese food place, translate server error.

  12. Guangzhou is just a joke, noone seems to know how to do things right over there compared to other parts of China.

    I’m surprised they haven’t eaten up the mistakes to cover up the problems.

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