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  1. You may want to know that 1024-2048-bit encryption does not exist. It refers to the authentication key length, not the encryption key length.

    You may also want to note that using a VPN to watch Hulu/iPlayer is illegal under US/UK law. I know when you stay in China very long you start to think that ‘anything goes’, but ‘back home’ rules are getting stricter (to the point of ridiculous) every day.

    Don’t get me wrong, I watch Hulu using VPN, just make sure you’re aware of what you get yourself into.

      1. Also I doubt they’ll be asking China for an extradition based on accessing a website just because they can’t check where you really are.

  2. I like Chinahush quite a bit and appreciate the fact the stories and perspective. Id like to see more coverage of local artists/chinese artworld in general but thats just my personal tastes. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!


  3. Help me be a winner in life. Supply this man here with a VPN account. That’s all I have to say.

  4. I have been an ardent reader of your blog, although it is after i left Mainland China 3 years ago I started to subscribe to your good works.

    Now I found myself behind the GFW again, the society has moved forward in leaps and bounds, but the old guards are still here, breathing their ignorance and intolerance down the necks of young people. The misunderstanding between the two sides of the GFW is getting more and more serious. Hope the English speakers could read more of your blog and learn the liberal voice inside that leviathan is truly the future.

    Thank you and keep up the good work!


  5. A great site .. keeping us expats update with the wierd and wacky world that is living in China.

    I’m on my way to buy those crabs in Nanjing’s Xinjiekou – delicious.

    Keep up the good work!



  6. Not much to write except i wanna be a winner – Left UK 5 months ago and no vpn is driving me crazy!
    And of course Chinahush is the daddies! haha

  7. Wouldn’t mind a try since I’ve been without Youtube for 2 and a half years. Facebook -on the other hand- I’m not missing the least. I am actually pretty glad that I don’t have to go check that site 7-8 times a day anymore. Something about Chinasmack hmm,,,,

    I’ve been writing comments for years now so of course overall I am a big fan of the site. I’ve had my intelligent comments, my fxckups and my flaming wars as I guess everyone else spending time online occasionally get mixed up in. I like that you can speak your mind here in threads which (mostly) are interesting and good entertainment, don’t let the 5 mao people or the raging nationalists run free without ripostes but on the other hand be ready to defend China from the occasional person who’s never been here and knows virtually nothing about the place and ONLY writes to bash. Not everyone gets my kind of sarcasm and humor but I am fine with that. Chinasmack is especially good for those of us who have become decent at speaking and listening but who’s reading and writing still need some work. It’s a good way to keep up with what’s going on in China’s netosphere.


    1. Hey Guobao I asked you what you think about ChinaHush NOT chinaSmack. Are you confused between the two ? 🙂

      1. I was trying to make a joke but it obviously didn’t work. It was meant as an insider since I made a critical comment on Chinasmack a few days ago about them not having the balls to write edgy stuff as compared to Hush. I got lots of crap in return, even from some of the guys I know pretty well from both sides. Anyway,, forget about it.

  8. I wish China Hush would do more in depth articles. The kind that might get them blocked. The good stuff. But thank you for all your hard work.


  9. What to say. I read ChinaHush, together with another very famous ChinaSomething, every day. This is more serious than the other and sometimes you have wonderfull image gallery. It’s actually the only bridge I have with the chinese internet world. It’s something

    Thank you for the good work. Keep up.


  10. China Hush is quite a decent website which is good to keep in touch with the Chinese intranet- The articles themselves are okay but the comments need to be seriously moderated. I’m not sure what kind of system you’d have to switch to, but whatever it would be would be a small price to pay to keep out the human garbage who so excitedly ejaculate their half-thoughts with the intent of side-tracking real discussion.


  11. i dig the website. especially the story about li gang and the crab vending machines. its good to know whats going on

  12. wow, just realize that not everyone can get this free VPN. only twenty winner.

    yes, chinahush is great. you open many topic that chinasmack dare not. like liuxiaobo etc etc. now i prefer to browse hush not smack. give me the damn VPN

  13. Hi Key,

    first of all I’d like to say that Chinahush is the best English based Chinese ‘gossip’ site on the internet.

    A lot of the success that your site enjoys can be attributed to the impartial and casual approach that you take in both writing articles and refraining from intervening between commentators.

    To properly appreciate what separates Chinasmack from other sites, I’d like to offer my opinion on your peer sites such as:

    – ChinaSmack
    – ChinaDivide

    I will not mention CNreviews, Danwei, or Shanghaiist because they do not deal with the same content as this site.

    I believe that a viewer’s appreciation of the site is directly correlated to their perception of the author. I feel the best way to successfully build and maintain an objective site is to take on a clerical approach in dealing with both translation and moderation. This is something that you’ve balanced very well. Now let’s talk about what sites do not fare so well in regards to professionalism and impartiality.

    1.0 ChinaSmack


    Chinasmack is a fairly ancient English based Chinese gossip site which has endured and transformed through the help of their innovative team. They’ve put a lot of time in improving the interface of their site and their continually pushing their ‘personals’ section. Their content is regularly updated and the quality of translation is fairly high. Notice also, that Chinasmack also have their resident Korean troll ‘Pusan Playa’ who is even funnier than gook_guy. But unlike gook_guy, he makes very effective and intentional jokes. He is an asset for their site.


    Chinasmack suffers because of the founder ‘Fauna’ and her bias and self righteousness. This can most notably be reflected in her moderation policies and have resulted in multiple DNS attacks from Chinese users as vindication for what can be perceived as her being ‘white washed’ and biased.

    Fauna takes a very unique yet unprofessional approach to her moderation. Being quite motivated by traffic, she deliberately selects the comments from white commentators which will make her site popular amongst the category of people commonly seen as ‘white trash with too much time on their hands.’

    In a sense, its analogous to opening a Chinese restaurant in the United States that is catered to white people. It’s believed that there are more white people in the country, and therefore more money to be made. In attempt to ‘westernize the restaurant, the dishes are no longer authentic and she isolates her Chinese customers.’

    The way that Fauna moderates the site is to disallow any intelligible counter arguments in her site. She takes pride in moderating any comment that is ‘pro china’ and insults what she perceives to be ‘white superiority.’ She will conveniently allow a comment where a Chinese person writes something stupid that self incriminates him/herself. However, where a comment is effective or slightly insulting, she will block the comment altogether. However her lack of impartiality really sets in when you see just how many racist comments against Chinese people there are. Her justification is something which she shares with Kai Pan, the lead writer of CN reviews and Chinadivide. That is:

    It is my choice whether I want to include comments on my site. There is no such thing as freedom of speech online and I will use my powers as a moderator to do anything I want, how I want it, so that I can see what I want to see.


    To me, it seems like Chinasmack’s founder, Fauna was an average looking small time blog writer, who found an opportunity to exploit her skills on an untapped market online. What started off as a hobby grew to something more and so did her own confidence. Along with that confidence, was something that was always inside of her as a foreign studies university student, a sense of wanting to be unique and wanting to be something different, something ‘foreign’. The road of being a foreign studies university student was always to ‘get out’ of the country, or to marry a Lao Wai. With her average looks, there was no way she was going to be anything other than 3000 yuan a month worker in a small company in China. This blog was her way out, to get accepted by the foreign community. Along with her attachment she began to overcome the inferiority that had plagued her since her youth. She wanted to be more ‘white’ because she notes the correlation between what being white and being ‘different’ and she always felt that she was different. At the same time, she keeps telling herself not to forget her own national identity, unfortunately at this stage subconsciously she is no longer impartial.

    2.0 Chinadivide


    One of the writers of Chinadivide is the infamous Kai Pan. The problem is, anything with his name on it is doomed to fail. I’ve tried to justify to myself that there is some merit to this site but there really isn’t. I thought of saying that he may be a good writer, but he really isn’t. I thought of saying that what he says is impartial, but again, that is far from the case. I’m really trying to pull something out of my ass now, and the closest thing to a praise I can think of is to read Chinadivide if you are really bored, and want to find an equally bored person to have a talk about nothing or make an online friend.


    Chinadivide as one of Kai Pan’s works is one of the biggest failures in the English based Chinese news forums online. This pertains to Kai’s motto ‘I am the god of this site, I say what goes and anything that I don’t like, I remove.’ He actually wrote a post on his site trying to convince people why ‘freedom of speech’ is not allowed on the internet and why he bans every comment that he doesn’t like. In fact, if you read the comments section on his site, most of it is from three or four people who make up the majority of the comments on any given article.

    His holier than thou attitude is excruciatingly painful to put up with. He is of course one of Fauna’s few friends as he convinces her that everything is going to be ok while consistently trying to draw traffic from her site. He has always been jealous of Fauna’s success.

    The main problem with Chinadivide is in the main author’s air of superiority. He has a degree in ‘LEGAL STUDIES’ which he goes to no end to flaunt in his about section from Berkley University. I find this embarrassing because the most he could do with that is to get a job as a desk clerk for a low tier law firm if he is lucky. Many graduates with a jurisdoctor find it difficult to find a job as even a paralegal given the financial crisis and economic environment. This makes his degree, which he thinks gives him knowledge in all legal areas, a piece of paper that is better left in the bin and never talked about again.

    The contents of Kai’s articles are mostly junk combined with his personal opinion which he shrouds in so many nominalizations, passive sentences, double negatives, logical fallacies and red herring arguments that exactly what he wants to say is unintelligible to the ordinary reader. All most people do is read at the heading, see the list of sources he refers to and then reads his conclusion. For people like myself, who can see through his garbage, we know the stuff he writes about is highly opinionated, inaccurate and at best his own point of view.

    I have also conversed with Kai at some stages but found his intellect lacking when it came to understanding certain issues. I think there is a reason why he got a degree in Legal Studies than a jurisdoctor. He probably couldn’t make the cut. An example of a comment that he blocked once for no reason was when I said ‘I think I know Philip Kuai personally, since you’re in Shanghai, have you met him?’. This was on an article which he used Philip Kuai as an authority for an example he made – talk about playing god.


    Kai is not a smart kid, he is a pseudo intellectual. He is the guy that boasts the most before a competition and then loses. The loudmouth with no substance. The guy that has an opinion but pretends to sits on the fence. A person who hides his bias under a paragraph of fallacies, herring arguments and nominalizations and uses four sentences when it could take one. The guy that moderates to feed his ego and who isolates himself from all other people because he is always right. The success or should I say failure of the site can be seen by viewing the composition of his comments.

    3.0 Chinahush


    This site is punctually updated, is impartial and has accurate translations. We also have our resident korean troll ‘gook_guy’. The main benefit of this site is that we have got a good balance between Chinese and foreign commentators. More importantly, we have a founder who actually has a life. I can’t say the same for Kai or Fauna.

    By giving Chinese netizens the ability to provide their comments, Chinahush is allowing them to defend against the bias that would be presented in isolation. Otherwise, the lack of, would be almost misleading in implying that most Chinese people agree with what is being said. By a fairer moderation policy, Chinese people are able to expose the ignorance and stupidity of most of the flamers ont he forum.


    Chinahush is a relatively ‘plain’ website in the sense that there is not a lot of attention to detail. It appears to me that it is part of a project or a hobby that Key does in his spare time or uses as a means of passive income. This is not necessarily a drawback. In fact I see it as a benefit as it shows that the contributors have a life.


    The success of a site can often be attributed to the personality of the contributor. On Kai Pan’s site, only pretentious, pseudo intellectuals are allowed to comment. He is obsessed with PRETENDING to be impartial and will often go to lengths to do so. As a result Chinadivide is the least successful of all sites.

    Chinasmack, has and always will be a site for white trash. Fauna has made it abundantly clear that she will not tolerate intelligent comments that bash foreigners or support Chinese. As a result, CS is a cesspool for the biggest trolls.

    Chinahush is a site owned by a Chinese American guy who has had experience in both worlds. Understanding the merit of American and Chinese arguments in relation to politics, culture and general life. Key is much more tolerant and clear minded than Fauna and less pretentious than Kai. As a result, we have a site which simply provides the best forum for opinions from both Chinese and foreign commentators.


    1. Christ, that’s some man-crush you have there, Voice of China. The request was feedback on ChinaHush, not a dissertation on every person you have a grudge against. Let it go.

      Here’s my feedback:

      ChinaHush provides a lot of interesting stories about China that the mainstream media and other websites don’t have an interest in covering. One area for improvement would be translation quality. Don’t be offended, they’re not bad, but there are quite a few posts that could’ve used a once over for spelling mistakes and grammar. A little polish doesn’t hurt. Another area would be the comments here. It is becoming too much like ChinaSmack.


      1. I’m not sure what you mean by man crush since Fauna is a girl. It’s also got nothing to do with a grudge. The simple fact is that is that its impossible to benchmark the quality of the site without having something to compare it with.

        1. I have never said what you quote and you are spreading lies because you are angry that I will not allow you to cause trouble on chinaSMACK, use different identities, and harrass other people.

          1. Hi Fauna,

            it took you long enough didn’t it?

            Are you referring to the statement regarding your moderation policy? Namely the below quote:

            It is my choice whether I want to include comments on my site. There is no such thing as freedom of speech online and I will use my powers as a moderator to do anything I want, how I want it, so that I can see what I want to see.

            I concur that you’ve never expressly written such a comment and in fact that this was more or less extracted from Kai Pans ideologies that he advertises so keenly to justify his extreme moderation.

            Nevertheless, I know from your words that are you very familiar with Kai Pan and share the same view in regards to the right of freedom of speech no blogs. I dare you tell me you don’t. It can be adduced from your actions that you do indeed exercise a similar train of thought.

            Fauna, I should remind you that you are making a blind assumption that I use different identities on ChinaSmack. I might not agree with most of the uneducated whitetrash trolling on internet sites including Chinahush, but if you care to take a fair view of the comments I’ve left, I’ve made it a point to use one ID.

            Harassing other people is another matter of subjectivity. One which is the reasoning behind my opinion about your moderation. Any person can go to Chinasmack and see how many white supremacists there, finding any excuse to bash China – these comments no matter how crude, plentiful or outrageous will go unmodified. Yet a comment that would oppose such a view would be denied.

            1. And Fauna,

              Let me know if you want an example, I just so happen to be able to think of a few on the top of my head.

              But if you know whats good for you, then I wouldn’t embarrass myself by asking.

              1. I gotta get ready for one of national treasure’s unwanted and cringeworthy excuses for a comment soon. I bet he probably tipped off Fauna too, just like I thought that good sheep would do.

                1. You are so funny, and as usual you’ve got everything upside down. I will just add what I usually think whenever I notice one of your comments (how’s that Ignore button coming along admins??). You are a pathetic excuse for a human being. You are a disturbed, racist, illogical megalomaniac and you have very little of interest to add to any discussion apart from comments the rest of us never really can tell were written by a troubled troll or an annoying little brat.

                  1. It’s quite interesting how I’ve managed to get inside your head National Treasure. It really does show in your comments.

                    With very little provocation and through a preemptive sentence trying to prevent you from making another cringe worthy and unwanted comment, you still go ahead and do just that.

                    Don’t you find it even slightly embarrassing that I can so predictably announce how you would respond before it happens? Yet you continue to beg for an ignore button when no-one is asking you to respond to my comments. If you dislike me so much, please read the next comment and skip over mine.

                    You seemed to be obsessed with following me around and giving me an excuse to pick more holes in your troubled reasoning. From day one when I started commenting on ChinaHush, you’ve made numerous uneducated comments which I’ve punished you for. Yet you keep coming back for more.

                    I feel an urge right now to tell you why you’re view of me is so distorted from reality. It’s really a simple doctrine that I thought your years of life experience would have revealed to you, considering your age. Apparently, intelligence (or lack of) is as important a factor as wisdom in this case. Here it below, in very short summary so that even you can understand.

                    It has always been much easier to show an inaccuracy in a doctrine or theory than it is to make one which is indefeasible. That’s why scientists, lawyers, accountants, economists and doctors aren’t able to make off the fly theories based on observations or personal judgments. The body of knowledge that one must acquire to write a good comment requires in depth knowledge of the topic you are dealing with and a careful choice of words. For example the word ‘good faith’ and ‘negligence’ may appear similar in some contexts but the application is different depending on the factual scenario that we are dealing with.

                    Your comments and those of many others on this site lack even a basic understanding of concepts that you often dare talk about. Whether its regarding politics, statutory interpretation, history, separation of powers and even your composition of basic sentences whether it is to insult, or provide a constructive insight. Your reasoning and attention to detail seem to be subpar and you can’t distinguish between correlation and causation.

                    I don’t post many academic arguments or constructive insights or criticisms on many topics because I do not feel I am qualified to provide an opinion on many issues regarding contemporary problems in China. It’s a gossip site and I come here to read interesting news and not to provide useless analysis on the issue that I may have only a general knowledge of. When people like you do, I find it almost irresistible to point out the OBVIOUS flaws in their argument. You’re annoyed because I make hidden trolls like you look bad.

                    If you want a summary, I’ll put it in two points:

                    1. Don’t make a statement that you can’t back up
                    2. Don’t expect to get away with it if you do
                    3. Don’t write a comment that lacks foundation or you don’t understand the half of

                    If you take of the above three points down, you’d find yourself making very little comments Guo Bao..

    2. Chinahush is a good website.
      Reason 1: I can enjoy VOC’s intelligent comments. No sarcasm. I mean it.
      Reason 2: By reading his comments , I can obtain more excuses for myself to laugh at gooks.
      Reason 3: The presence of VOF draws a great number of intellectuals here on this web.

    3. Talking about people with no life…

      Sup with this flaming of various people? Find it intellectually stimulating?

      1. Sup with people coming to another site flaming people for flaming other people? Same logic there..

        The difference is, that I see a review as presenting an objective opinion and not flaming.

        1. oh please, your “review” is full of subjective, personal opinions on the founders behind the websites.

          Especially your paragraph about Fauna’s supposed inferiority complex is rather unnecessary and detracts from your overall point. What does Fauna’s average looks have to do with anything?

          But I guess I’m just feeding a troll here.

          1. Sorry, I meant subjective – typo; see below comment to SK Cheung made earlier than the said comment.

            The comment about Fauna is an interpretation which is more than relevant in the context that it was made. It’s my perception of her mental state based on her actions on Chinasmack.

            1. I am fairly sure your perception of anything is about as interesting as sorting laundry.

  14. ChinaSmack gives me info on things that I find interesting about China, and also in other parts of the world.

    Thanks chinaSmack!

  15. China Hush posts very hot social stories from various Chinese famous portals and websites, including Netease, Tianya, QQ. The stories are selected in a quite interesting angels.

    Keep up good work!


  16. Love the translations here at chinahush. Gives me something to talk about with my students.

    Just yesterday I mentioned corruption in passing and someone said “Oh, like ‘my father is Li Gang'”. I wouldn’t have known what was going on without chinahush.

    Thanks for keeping me informed!


  17. dont worry about goubao

    you have to deal with me……

    real 五毛 文明 (civilization) style


    every comment you write I will make 50c replying to you!

    and shove it in your “dirty cunt” VOC voice of china…..

    the game is on comrade…..

    I just dropped this comment …..在中国。。。。。 on


    in real time…..

    welcome to the 中国上网chingblogosphere roman coliseum



    I call you…..

  18. I’ve logged on to this site almost every day since I came to Shanghai a year ago. I’ve never bought a VPN service before (I’ve been using proxy software for a while). This site def. rocks man. Lots of good info that is only available to English-speaking people. Really, the majority of the newspapers and websites here in China sucks (except if you wanna learn Chinese, esp. Chinese in written form.

    I think Chinahush can redesign your webpage a bit. Also I found out sometimes it is kinda difficult to load chinahush (becoz sometimes the links are associated with facebook, which is blocked here).

    Thanks Chinahush. Hope everything is good. pce


    1. > Lots of good info that is only available to English-speaking people. Really, the majority of the newspapers and websites here in China sucks

      Are you aware that almost all posts on this site were translated or derived from Chinese forum/social network sites/news portal/newspapers? Not sure why you say lots of them are only available to English-speaking people. Or maybe you mean the comment section of this site? but that’s hardly qualified as “good info”.

      Sure sites like ChinaHush and ChinaSmack provide a glance of what’s going on on Chinese Internet, but topics discussed on these sites lack both width and depth from a Chinese perspective – there are thousands if not hundreds articles like the ones on CH and CS that are posted on Chinese BBS if you read Chinese. Hardly anything rocks from a Chinese perspective.

      I don’t deny sites like CH and CS are useful to people who cant read Chinese. However, the popularity of these sites is a testimony of why the China portraited by English media is usually not the one Chinese people discussed. In other word, sites like CH and CS are useful to non-Chinese speakers who are interested in knowing the real China but once you have passed the language barrier, you should go on to much serious stuffs like those on newspapers and TV programs.

  19. Chinahush is my breakfast, lunch and dinner here in China its a great website that keeps you informed of all that is going on here.

    So keep up the good job! 3 thumbs up!


  20. I had been living in China for over two years before finding your site, and I’ve been a loyal reader for nearly a year now. CH is certainly a breath of fresh air for folks that really want to get a picture of what’s going on here (especially what kind of things are going on in China’s online community). Keep up the good work China Hush!

    One thing I think would be a nice feature to your site would be the addition of a section detailing what kind of coverage or phrases the propaganda folks have banned for the day/week. A friend of mine in HK told me there’s a site out there that does this, but I haven’t been able to find it–and certainly not here in the mainland.



  21. Does V of C actually reside in C? I imagine that must be a minimum requirement to justify a handle like that.

    I think V of C might be confusing freedom of speech with his/her right to utter said speech on other people’s property (where “property” in this case refers to whatever blog you might have in mind). If he/she is really concerned about having unfettered “freedom of speech” on blogs, he/she needs to start his/her own. Complaining about a blog host’s editorial discretion is akin to complaining that he/she can’t simply enter somebody else’s house and do whatever he/she would like. It seems fairly obvious that there should be no assumption of such privilege.

    1. I have no ‘concern’ with limiting unfettered freedom of speech on blogs. I both understand and accept that a site owner has a privilege to block what he/she does not like to hear. However, if the owner does choose to exercise that right in a bias manner, I am more than entitled to express my negative opinion on the matter. Which is exactly what I did through my subjective review.

  22. Fair enough. They exercise their discretion. You are free to criticize said discretion. I imagine their exercise of said discretion includes preventing your criticisms thereof from appearing on their turf, which might explain why you’re doing so here.

    The unintended effect, however, is that you might pique people’s interest enough to take their traffic there to check it out, if they hadn’t done so previously.

  23. Yes, or alternatively I might direct them to this blog. Again, it matters very little to me.

  24. I think that Chinahush is quite informative and does a great job at delivering news that isnt really heard by foreigners in China. Thanks guys, keep it up.
    Hope there is another proxy giveaway left!


  25. Please help me… I’ve got boring without facebook! I don’t have any communication some of my friends in other countries. Thank you…

  26. I think ChinaHush is great! There are usually some really interesting articles that I can’t find anywhere else. My only criticism has to do with the quality of the translations.

    As a former English teacher in China, I understand how difficult it can be going from Chinese to English. However, I do think that ChinaHush could gain more credibility, and therefore readers, if the translations reflected better/more natural English.


  27. I just discovered ChinaHush and I find it really inspiring, love at first sight! I am studying in China and somtimes it is hard to find good and sicere articles, I will enjoy better my time here with you! Thank and keep going this way! best


  28. Have always like this site, have a few suggestions though. How about switching the body text to a sans serif, or a little bit larger serif. Gets tiring reading the small Georgia print. Also would be great if the site were easier to navigate from within the posts. For example, in the right column some more visual images to recent or related posts. And of course hope to see more and more posts!


  29. New ChinaHush reader, but already a big fan. I heard about the site through the Sinica podcast on Popup Chinese, just to give them credit. Hope to win the VPN, and keep up the good work!


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