cute photos made little loli popular on the internet

| October 24th, 2010

We have always observed the phenomenon of people become famous through the Internet in China, sometimes unintentionally.  The latest “accidental” Internet sensation was this little girl named by the netizens as “Little Loli”.

(From QQ and everywhere else) Recently a set of photos of a little girl are spreading like wild fire on the Chinese Internet. Netizens called her “Jiuzhaigou Little Loli”. (Jiuzhaigou is a city in Sichuan province of China, famous for its beautiful scenery. All these photos of Little Loli ware taken in Jiuzhaigou) More and more netizens were instantly “conquered’ by her cuteness, “falling in love with her at first sight”.  Thus Loli is now red hot on the Internet in China.

Regarding to neizens’ speculation of this being a publicity stunt of the tourist attraction, Jiuzhaigou staff member told the reporter of Chengdu Commercial Daily that the background of these photos is a lake in Jiuzhaigou, but they had nothing to do with them.

Chengdu Chinese Commercial News reporter found the original post named “Complete version of Jiuzhaigou Little Loli”. The author of the post “Liuliu” said he’s last name is Lu and is currently a University student in Fuzhou. October of last year, he met Little Loli when he and his friends visited Jiuzhaigou. He asked her father some very basic information about her and took some photos of her. “Little Loli’s real name is Meiling, she also has a younger sister named Meiyu. They live in Beijing.”

“Then I wanted more traffic, so I posted the photos.” Mr. Lu said, “I know I think about it, Putting the photo of a young child on the internet, suddenly I felt guilty.”

Photos of Little Loli first became a hit on Tianya. On October 10, a user named “spipily” posted this with 4 of Little Loli’s photos at taken Jiuzhaigou. (It is now viewed over 420,000 times with over 2,700 replies) Little Lilo holding a stuffed animal dog, wearing a pair colorful sandals and a white sweatshirt, looked “like a little angle from heaven”.  It seems Netizens are all swept off their feet by the photos.  People also speculated Little Loli was mixed of Chinese and European descent.  But nothing was confirmed at this point other than the information above provided by Chengdu Chinese Commercial News.

Internet is powerful (and unpredictable), we have observed numerous phenomenon like this happening on the Internet, especially in China.  Apparently, these photos have been on the web for a year already, but it only takes one explosive forum post in Tianya for everyone in the nation to see them.  Intentional or not, Little Loli is now famous.

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