Cute photos made Little Loli popular on the Internet

| October 24th, 2010


We have always observed the phenomenon of people become famous through the Internet in China, sometimes unintentionally.  The latest “accidental” Internet sensation was this little girl named by the netizens as “Little Loli”.

(From QQ and everywhere else) Recently a set of photos of a little girl are spreading like wild fire on the Chinese Internet. Netizens called her “Jiuzhaigou Little Loli”. (Jiuzhaigou is a city in Sichuan province of China, famous for its beautiful scenery. All these photos of Little Loli ware taken in Jiuzhaigou) More and more netizens were instantly “conquered’ by her cuteness, “falling in love with her at first sight”.  Thus Loli is now red hot on the Internet in China.

Regarding to neizens’ speculation of this being a publicity stunt of the tourist attraction, Jiuzhaigou staff member told the reporter of Chengdu Commercial Daily that the background of these photos is a lake in Jiuzhaigou, but they had nothing to do with them.

Chengdu Chinese Commercial News reporter found the original post named “Complete version of Jiuzhaigou Little Loli”. The author of the post “Liuliu” said he’s last name is Lu and is currently a University student in Fuzhou. October of last year, he met Little Loli when he and his friends visited Jiuzhaigou. He asked her father some very basic information about her and took some photos of her. “Little Loli’s real name is Meiling, she also has a younger sister named Meiyu. They live in Beijing.”

“Then I wanted more traffic, so I posted the photos.” Mr. Lu said, “I know I think about it, Putting the photo of a young child on the internet, suddenly I felt guilty.”

Photos of Little Loli first became a hit on Tianya. On October 10, a user named “spipily” posted this with 4 of Little Loli’s photos at taken Jiuzhaigou. (It is now viewed over 420,000 times with over 2,700 replies) Little Lilo holding a stuffed animal dog, wearing a pair colorful sandals and a white sweatshirt, looked “like a little angle from heaven”.  It seems Netizens are all swept off their feet by the photos.  People also speculated Little Loli was mixed of Chinese and European descent.  But nothing was confirmed at this point other than the information above provided by Chengdu Chinese Commercial News.

Internet is powerful (and unpredictable), we have observed numerous phenomenon like this happening on the Internet, especially in China.  Apparently, these photos have been on the web for a year already, but it only takes one explosive forum post in Tianya for everyone in the nation to see them.  Intentional or not, Little Loli is now famous.












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  1. Curren$y says:

    Pretty cute

  2. Michael says:

    Looks photoshopped

  3. jw says:

    hope this is not the start of acceptable pedo trend like in japland.

  4. justinchina says:

    how pissed are you if this is your daughter…

  5. m says:

    yay for sexualizing commodifying lil girls!
    yep they’re all f-ing posed.

    • Justin says:

      Sexualizing? Commodifying? WTF? Where do you get that? They are just normal pictures of a cute little girl. Chinese people like 可爱(cute) stuff and they don’t have the same “Stranger Danger” mentality as Westerners because they are not fed sensationalized stories about random child abductions that make it seem like a common occurrence, when in reality it is about as common as shark attacks (also sensationalized by the media).

      If you look at these pictures and think sexual thoughts, I would say you are the one who is a pedophile and you should probably get help or turn yourself into the police.

      • jw says:

        i looked at the pictures and did not think sexual thoughts, what did bring “sexual thoughts” to mind was reading that a half a million people went out of their way to look at a girl

        • Curren$y says:

          How does that constitute as being sexual lol. I’m sure way more people went out of their way to find out more about the Chilean miners, that must be extremely sexual then. I feel like I’m talking to Freud here, not everything is sexual!

          • jw says:

            if a friend said to me “JW! there’s this really cute girl at the this school play ground, lets go check her out!” i would i was a pedo if i walked over to the school and have a good old ogle.
            to me, just because it’s a Click over and not a walk over is no different.
            i can guarantee out of half a million people that want to stare at a cute girl not all will be platonic.

            • xino says:

              chinese people like cute stuff but hate black people.

              so gtfo!

              • jw says:

                even if what you say is true and applies in this case (IMO she is abit tall for a cute girl), do you real think out of 420,000 people not one is a obsessive pedo leach?
                hell! i think there’s a few pedo in this comment section and it’s not even 30 people here.

                • Justin says:

                  Maybe a few. And I think the word your are looking for is letch not leach. But I think the vast majority of them (probably 80 to 90 percent) are Chinese mothers, grandmothers and 25 to 35 year old girls with ticking biological clocks. I’ve known quite a few Chinese girls who have tons of pictures of cute kids on their cellphones and computers and post them as MSN pictures because they are baby crazy. And it is like “porn” to them in the sense that pictures of huge cannabis buds in High Times are “porn” for potheads.

                  • jw says:

                    i actually i did mean leech and not letch (but you still get the idea)
                    you say 80 to 90% are platonic, that would still leave 20 to 10% which are in the “just a bit worrying” category and that would mean 42,000 to 84,000 people out there that one father has to worry about.

                • kenji says:

                  i’m a pedo


                  no, i’m not going to rape her, i’ll make her feel good only if she want it.

        • NNA says:

          Now look at a cute kid is considered sexsual… dumb Westerner , may they watch to much porn.,.

      • justinchina says:

        i’m not sure about the sexualizing/commodifying argument, but children in China are actually in danger from strangers…kidnapping is fairly common. i think i read in a Guardian Article years ago that 100+ kids are kidnapped everyday in china (can’t be bothered w/googling it, but it was a very high number). certainly a bit more common than shark attacks. regardless of real vs. perceived danger, this girl and her family presumably were never asked to sign over their privacy rights. especially in China where netizens frequently search online people out, and identify them publicly.

        • jw says:

          i think some one should buy her dad a metal chain and lock her up to a lamp post, seems to be a common practice in the mainland.

        • anon says:

          100 in 1’000’000’000.
          People tend to forget maths quite often.

      • anonymous says:

        uh actually yes they do. both sides of the family ‘feed’ us horrible stories from the moment we sit down to eat till we go down finally to do our own stuff. gran on da’s side also believes anything of anything that goes up that way..out pops a clone. anyways–

        what is true though is that generally, pictures of little girls would be seen as just that, little girls. (afterall it isn’t even like she’s posing for some photoshoot or something. nor wearing the ‘traditional’ tell-tale ‘loli’ outfits =/

        also don’t agree with person below. people can flock to see just what the ‘cuteness’ is all about. (ie mums and pictures of naked babies against more naked skins–some of them are hideous. but still appreciated for it ‘natural’ beauty) and then of course, (almost) everybody is always looking to get in with the newest in, or be the newest to get in the newest in (XS) so…yeah. one copycat follows another x23456789 = new net ‘meme’.

        ..thinking most of the ‘loli’ feeling probably comes from the eyes. youknow, the ones that look like they’ll Never move out of position, warp, crinkle and turn like ‘normal’ ones? kinda disturbing really..but the one photo which does feel like a purposeful shoot reassured that =)
        ..if she had a full fringe they’d be dubbing her little loliloli (that took ages to type)–and so thus =)

    • NIMABI says:


    • Alex says:

      Dude… what the fuck is wrong with you? Do you always think about “sexualizing commodifying lil girls” when you see a picture of a little girl? Why can’t she be cute without “sexualizing her”?

      There’s absolutely nothing indecent at these pictures (like in the japanese U-15 idol pics) so it’s really only your problem if you have sexual thoughts when you see a fully clothed and absolutely normal little girl.

    • Crystal says:

      There is a joke about such kind of thinking.

      Man comes to doctor and says – “Please help me, I all the time think only about sex. It really bothers all people around me”
      Doctor begins to show the patient a number of drawings and asks what man thinks about each of them… first circle, then square, then – triangle.
      And every time patient “sees” naked body parts.
      Doctor can’t help and asks – “Wow! Is there anything I can show you and you won’t think about sex?”
      Patient answers – “Doctor! What do you want of me? It’s you showing me all those dirty pictures!”

  6. wong says:

    the little dog is very cute.

  7. raul says:

    My neighbours’ daughter is cuter.
    Why waste time posting cute little girls’ pics? You could find 100000 internet celebrities every single day, if beeing cute is so amazing

  8. BlackSugarDaddy says:

    China raises lovely girls for black/white sugar daddies ! ! !

  9. Laoshi says:

    The Chinese are a disgusting lot. They ADORE cute children and couldn’t care less for the less-cute kids. Such a shallow-ass society.

    • Justin says:

      Are you getting saddle sores from that high horse you’re riding on? Jesus. You read one article on ChinaHush about children living on the margins of society in China and then read another one about a cute kid and then proceed to make a snap judgment that no one in China cares about the suffering of children unless they are cute. Get real. People from China are equally mortified by suffering and injustice, but they are more used to it. Two words: DEVELOPING NATION. No matter how big its GDP is, China is still a developing nation by any definition.

      Why not ask why, in the U.S., the richest nation in the world(both in absolute and per capita terms) 15 percent of people are food insecure, many of which are children.

      Why is it that in Washington D.C. the life expectancy of black people is lower than that of the residents of many third-world countries?

      With a name like Laoshi, you sure are not very educated. My guess is that you’re another punk ass English teacher who just came here to bang Chinese women and live it up on your paltry 8,000 RMB a month while badmouthing China and everyone in it. If you don’t like it, leave, or better yet, shoot yourself in the fucking head because then there would be one less idiot in the world.

      • Laoshi says:

        Yeah. Long live communism.
        By the way, what’s wrong with banging Chinese women??? We bang EACH OTHER. Banging is a mutual activity – or haven’t you noticed…
        I like Chinese women. Nothing wrong with that.

        • Justin says:

          Was I promoting communism? I don’t think I was. Maybe if you bothered to read (or could read above a 5th grade level) you might realize that I was just trying to put things into perspective. The state of children is horrible everywhere even in my home state of Texas where there are tons of kids living below the poverty line despite the fact that it is one of the richest states in the union.

          And inequality is greater in the U.S. than in any nation on the earth. You have billionaires and immigrant farmworkers like the Immokalee workers in Florida who live in slavery, ACTUAL SLAVERY, i.e. people who are paid nothing and coerced into work against their will. It was featured in a National Geographic Article about real existing slavery in modern times.

          And as far as banging Chinese girls go, I enjoy the company of Chinese women as much as anyone, but I at least have respect. I don’t treat them like objects or playthings and try to screw as many as I can before my 1-year tourist visa expires and I go crawling back to whatever shitty life I have in my home country. (*note: when I say “I” in this sentence I’m actually referring to YOU if you didn’t catch that)I at least try to have some kind of understanding of the country where I’m currently residing and look at it from the perspective of the people who were born and raised here instead of making generalizations about and demonizing the entire population.

          • moody says:

            well it is a shallow ass society
            what is wrong with saying it ?
            why are you getting all sore ?

            • Justin says:

              Idon’t think that it’s fair to characterize all of Chinese society as shallow and materialistic, and if you knew about Chinese culture you would realize that any shallowness and materialism is actually imported from Western culture along with shopping malls, popped collars, pizza, rock and roll and Mercedes-Benzes.

              Most of the Chinese people I know are honest, decent, down-to-earth salt-of-the-earth types that are far from shallow. I think everyone needs to step out of the expat bubble every now and again and try to see what the country is really like. If you never leave Sanlitun in Beijing or the Bund in Shanghai and your only other exposure to Chinese culture is posts translated from Liba on Chinasmack, then maybe it would be reasonable for you to conclude that China is a shallow society. But if you actually tried to get out there and meet people and know China as it really is, you might find that such a perspective is simply ignorant.

              • moody says:

                You mistake consumerisme and shallowness
                I actually love Pizzas and Rock, what s wrong with it ?

                As for me not knowing China, I’ve been here 11 years and am VERY happily maried to a wonderfull Chinese person
                Who happens to share some of my opinions
                -and she is very much the kind of person who have a mind of her own-
                my collegues are Chinese
                a good portion of my friends are locals

                Now do me a favor and ask your Chinese wife what are her thougts on the matter

                • Justin says:

                  Well I don’t mistake consumerism and materialism, but the two do go hand and hand and both are imports of Western culture and not something inherent in Chinese society.

                  And just because these elements exist among certain elements in society as they do in EVERY society, it does not therefore follow that the society as a whole is shallow. For example, did you know that beauty pageants were banned in China until 2003? I would not call that a shallow society.

                  And the fact that you have been in China and are married to a Chinese woman makes your argument all the more baffling. If your wife is Chinese and is a product of Chinese society and she is not shallow, then what reason do you have to believe that she is the lone exception to the rule in a nation of 1.3 billion people, many of whom are doctors, lawyers, academics, literati, engineers and scientists, all of which are not shallow pursuits? Are all your friends and colleagues, whom you hold in high esteem, also just exceptions to the rule as well?

                  I would venture to guess that when your wife “agrees” with your view, she is probably agreeing that Chinese society is GROWING more shallow, and that it is not a phenomenon that is intrinsic but rather a result of the country being more Westernized, which is exactly what my view is on this subject.

          • Laoshi says:

            Fine, I agree with you. People suffer everywhere. But I was commenting on China because this is a China-oriented blog. Did I say “This could never happen in the US or in my country (Bulgaria)”? I didn’t. Suffering is not to be tolerated anywhere in the world. However, this cuteness worship is especially accentuated in China and leaves an unpleasant impression.
            Playthings? Demonizing the entire population? WTF are you talking about?

            • Truth Speaker says:

              Why are all white people so fucking retarded? I’m glad the whores that fuck you in China have easy access to abortions.

          • Laoshi says:

            Fine, I agree with you. People suffer everywhere. But I was commenting on China because this is a China-oriented blog. Did I say “This could never happen in the US or in my country (Bulgaria)”? I didn’t. Suffering is not to be tolerated anywhere in the world. However, this cuteness worship is especially accentuated in China and leaves an unpleasant impression.
            Playthings? Demonizing the entire population? WTF are you talking about?

            • Justin says:

              “Demonizing the entire population? WTF are you talking about?”

              Well you did say and I quote:

              “The Chinese are a disgusting lot. They ADORE cute children and couldn’t care less for the less-cute kids. Such a shallow-ass society.”

              With such broad generalizations you are in fact defaming and demonizing the whole population by saying 1. They are disgusting 2. They don’t care about children who aren’t cute 3. They are shallow and materialistic.

              Is there some other way I can read this? Are you arguing with me about the semantics of the word demonize? The definition: to characterize or conceive of as evil, cruel, inhuman, etc. By saying they don’t care about the suffering of children you are characterizing them as cruel and inhuman, that is to say demonizing them.

              As for my other statement about you most likely being an expat who uses Chinese women, maybe I’m wrong to make assumptions about your character based on one statement that you made on a comment board, but at least that assumption comes from an inference that is made based on logic not a baseless generalization about an entire society.

              My assumption is that your attitude toward China is typical of the stereotypical expat sex tourist douchebag teacher and douchebag is as douchebag does. Furthermore, if you have no respect for Chinese people or their culture, it would logically follow that you don’t respect Chinese women and treat them like objects.

      • GuoBao says:

        I kinda wish you had changed that to “passing yourself off as an English teacher” or something like that. I take mild offense to us teachers being lumped together like that. I have a degree in education with ESL as my specialty and as a “real” teacher I make an effort at my work place, I put the kids’ needs first, I prepare for every class and I generally try to do my best. Sure there are the wild 22 year olds, the slightly off men in their fifties and the occasional borderline insane foreigner around but please keep in mind that there are also plenty of graduates who turn out to be really capable teachers, who aren’t misfits at all.

        • Justin says:

          My bad, but you do know who I am talking about after all.

          • Laoshi says:

            Justin, please don’t talk out of your butt. There are plenty of qualified laowai. I am a professional English teacher (though not a native speaker) with an MA an all necessary credentials. How about yourself?

            • Justin says:

              1. I’m not an English teacher. I am a writer and an editor.
              2. My degree is not in journalism but it is from the University of Texas which is one of the top universities in America, which has the best universities in the world.
              3. I have 7+ years experience as a professional reporter and editor with some 300+ published articles under my belt both in the U.S. and in China
              4. I am the one and only native English speaker at one of the largest Chinese news websites in the entire nation and solely responsible for editing all content that is published on a daily basis 15,000+ words a day (and I am so efficient that I still have enough spare time to crush mental midgets like you in intellectual combat)
              5. I’m sure that MA really comes in handy when you’re teaching 小皇帝 the names of different animals and fruits.

              So yeah, that still makes me more qualified to do my job, which is a real job mind you with salary, paid vacation and a Z visa.

              • Laoshi says:

                Wow. You think that Chinese university students majoring in English need to learn the names of the animals and fruits? You actually think they’re at that level? Who is denigrating the Chinese now, Mr Editor? Eh? Have some respect for the poor uni students, will ya…? 🙂

                • Truth Speaker says:

                  Laoshi is proof that every white male in China needs to be lynched.

                  No one is impressed by your degree from ITT tech.

              • senkay says:

                Dude, you’re coming across as a total douche, the likes of which only a China expat could assume.

                1) Bragging about your subpar university.

                2) Bragging about your salary via discrediting someone elses.

                3) Assuming that “salary, paid vacation and Z-Visas” are somehow commodities in China, and not common. My first job at a 3rd tier university offered all of that, and now that I’ve received my PhD, any job that doesn’t provide that wouldn’t even make it past my spam folder.

                Get off your high horse; your arrogance only serves to highlight your idiocy.

    • GuoBao says:

      To be fair that’s true for every country and culture in the world. Being cute, and later handsome or beautiful, is the best thing that can happen to you if you are looking for an advantage in getting a great spouse or a good job. Beautiful people are being favored in just about anything they do or set their minds on doing.

      It’s a sad fact that by being average to ugly of appearance you’ll have to work twice or trice as hard at anything.

      • shenmeniao says:

        builds character!

        btw, mixed blood baby obsession in china is real
        not sexual, just strange.

        its an interesting psychological phenomenon!

    • Carl says:

      Way to go generalizing, I’m sure there are people like you in every country on earth, but most people still haven’t lost faith in humanity.

  10. james says:

    She is really cute like a shio wah wah. When my little daughter was like her age she was so like that but as she grow older turn very much.

    • Crystal says:

      I read somewhere that until the age of 12 years old it is impossible to predict whether the girl will be beautiful when she grows up.

      • AlleyCat says:

        That makes sense somehow, if you take in to account that most children are beautiful, yet most adults are not. So some of the beauty gets lost in growing up. That is inevitable.

  11. she’s a very cute child, but posting her photos on the Internet is a gross violation of privacy for her and her family.

    • Curren$y says:

      Different cultures have different definitions of privacy

      • GuoBao says:

        I often wonder if privacy even exists in China,,

        • HH says:

          dw about it. If you are in China now, no one wants to know about your private life.

        • Justin says:

          Privacy is more of a Western concept:

          I think living in a nation of 1.3 billion people makes one used to having people gawk at you at all times and butt into what you are doing because there is no way around it, so it kind of erodes the barriers between people that Westerners with our notions of individualism have spent centuries constructing.

          Lack of private space means people enjoy public space a lot more. That’s why you see people dancing in the public squares at night and playing Chinese hacky sack, which I kind of enjoy. When I went to Hong Kong for a week to get my Z visa, I really missed the sense of community that people have in Beijing. I think it’s beautiful, which is one of the reasons I love China.

          • tao says:

            Hey man,I like you. u r what most Chinese folks think a foreign friend is.People in China like friendly laowais who can understand their behaviors in more of a Chinese thinking.Is there any way i can reach u online?? O(∩_∩)O~哈哈~

  12. George says:

    did the couple bought this girl?
    She is a mixed
    something doesn’t look right from the pictures

  13. mike says:

    she might not even be a mixed. Taking another look with the photos, one of which is photoshopped “focus” with a lady knelt beside her. Her eyes, hair, complexion, just doesn’t match. Could be a pure import, probably with her family or parents visiting the country or friends and happened to stumble on some photographers.

    • GuoBao says:

      I was thinking mix as well. It doesn’t spell out that either of the two women in the pictures is her mother, and she doesn’t look that Chinese ( generalizing I know ). She definitely looks more like the mixed couples’ daughters I’ve seen around town. Cute kid, might be time to take that stuffed animal away from her in public though. She isn’t exactly a baby anymore.

      • Truth Speaker says:

        She doesn’t look mixed, just a rare combination of traits. Mixed kids are very dull looking and ugly.

  14. KT says:

    Sino Lolita..

  15. Huzhang says:


  16. Beijing Tips says:

    soo cute~ and it not photoshop

  17. Poor girl does seem quite scared of all the unwanted attention. She looks mixed to me as well.

    Here’s a scenario: Foreigner-Chinese couple go visit Jiuzhaigou with their daughter and the Chinese relatives. They graciously let some of the other park visitors fawn over and take pictures of/with their daughter. Daughter eventually starts to get fed up with it, and hides her head on her mother’s pants. Cute-crazy tourists keep snapping away even then, and eventually have to be vigorously shooed away.

    Sound like a familiar experience to any of you that have children with you here in China?

    • Justin says:

      seems possible. The further you get away from the big cities like Beijing and Shanghai, the more white people become an oddity. But can you imagine if you lived your whole life without ever seeing a black person or a Chinese person and lived in a culture where privacy isn’t much of a concept and it is acceptable to stare/take pictures of people?

      I even had some random guy put his arm around me and pose for a photo at the Great Wall. I took it all in stride though. Just thought it was kinda funny. And it goes both ways, too. A Chinese lady friend of mine was pissed off the other day by a French tourist who kept taking her picture.

    • Huzhang says:

      Why does everyone assume she’s a mixed child? She looks Chinese enough for me.

      • mike says:

        no she’s not, the complexion says it all.

        • Justin says:

          I don’t know. Chinese people don’t have a homogeneous look with slanted eyes, high cheek bones and universally yellow skin, especially since there are a number of minorities in China, such as Uighurs, who look very white. Even some of the Han folk can have pale complexions that are whiter than most white people. A girl I knew (who was actually a Manchu not a Han) looked almost white, with big eyes and light skin, but there was still something unmistakably Chinese about her besides the fact that she spoke very little English.

          • Magoichi Saika says:

            There is really no one “Chinese” look. This is because China is actually a merging of different kingdoms/cultures forced together (probably by the Han). China is very big and encompasses northern/Siberian, central Asian, and Indo-chinese cultures/races. There term “Chinese” is really a citizenship instead of nationality.

            To avoid confusion, just accept the culturally-accepted idea of the chinky-eyed, yellow-skinned human.

  18. Cleo says:

    poor baby. not my cup of tea – I like those classic squishy faces that inspired Han sculptures – you know where the baby boys all look like little Shaolin monk souvenirs you can buy everywhere – that to me is irresistible but impossible to imitate or create through border hybridizations.

  19. Yuppy says:

    Thanks god there is no F**K*ng Chin-Chong-chin-Chong Language around here! bcoz its so f*ck*ng annoying to be heard!

  20. Voice of China says:

    Yet, you love to read translated comments about the perceptions of Ching Chong China men? You’re retarded.

  21. 11YearOld"Loli"Nella-chan says:

    Hmm.. She’s soo cute. <3 But why "Little Loli"…? She doesn't EXACTLY look Chinese but I won't be a stereotype. I see nothing sexual aout her, she's so fully clothed! 😀
    Also, she's not doing anything 'sexy' but she seems quite scared… D: I love looking at little Asian children because it reminds me of when I was 'young' (I'm 11 now, turning 12. XDDD) and they always have the cutest clothes. :3 But I'm not a rapist, or creepy pedo. e.e But I sorta think these pictures shouldn't be on here since it's an invasion of her and her family's privacy. 🙂

  22. evan says:

    awww she’s soo cute 😀
    whats her name ? any other pic ?

  23. Bea says:

    I think she’s mixed.

  24. LittleLoli'sFan says:

    The most beautiful,cute,adorable girl I’ve ever seen…=)

  25. andi says:


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