A true dwelling in Shanghai

| October 19th, 2010

蜗居: literally Snail Living, like a snail in its shell, living in a small home; the small place of residence; small dwelling; humble abode.


From Tiexue:

362 Longchang Road (near Pingliang Road), Yangpu district, Shanghai,  is also called Longchang apartments. This apartment complex is a Roman Coliseum-looking square-shaped compound, 5 story buildings surround a spacious courtyard in the middle which housed over 250 families. Each story of the building has a long public corridor, behind the corridor are various sized dwellings, many residents also built rooms in the hallways.

Longchang apartments are built in the twenties and thirties of last century. Before liberation (the forming of PRC), it was the Yangshupu police station of Shanghai. After the liberation it became the family compound for Yanpu Branch, Shanghai Public Security Bureau. In 2004, it was registered as an immovable cultural (historic) relic.

Every evening the compound becomes very lively. Everyone in the building can hear you if you talk loudly; all the household chores are moved out to be done in the corridors, doing laundry, washing vegetables, cooking dinner etc; the sound of kids crying, arguing, laughter and pots and pans fill up the compound.















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  1. BlackSugarDaddy says:

    cheap labouring in people’s republic of capitalism

    • Matt Foley says:

      Or maybe they’re people who not motivated enough to get out of the slums and make real money.

      So instead they’re almost like me. “LIVING IN A VAAAAAAAAAAAN DOWN BY THE RIVER!”

    • Type Two says:

      Does not one person in this complex comprehend electric of plumbing?? The apartment itself can be cleaned and made sanitary and livable as any space can. But these pictures show acceptance of such a retched and lazy condition. clean your fucking kitchen!

  2. AlleyCat says:

    In a world of relentless pragmatism, snales are abundant and their shells
    hardly a treasure

  3. Wawa says:

    is that the one in kungfu hustle? look strikingly similiar, haha my favourite movie

    on the other note, i like it, it has a vintage feeling, good for photography

  4. Crystal says:

    This building went through so many reincarnations.
    The next one will be “Authentic China Hotel”.

  5. georgeson says:

    Is this building the one that appears in Stephen Chow’s movie “Kongfu”?

  6. jambo says:

    I wouldn’t want to live there, but at least there is a sense of community I suppose.

  7. GuoBao says:

    They sure take good care of the “historic relics” around here. I guess maybe this one isn’t attracting many tourists so why bother.

  8. Curren$y says:

    ='( i get emotional whenever i see something like this
    China <3

  9. Craig says:

    So I’m the only one who looks at this and genuinely thinks it’d be a pretty cool place to live? Guess I’ve been here too long, but my idea of hell is a suburban detached house in the ‘burbs, where you only see your neighbour once every six months at an awkward dinner party.

    • Le Chaveux says:

      Nope, I’m with you mate. Here in Australia, houses are too sparsely positioned. There’s hardly a sense of community here. Only if you are located close to CBD will you see people around on the street.

      • Justin says:

        It actually doesn’t look that much worse than some of the dorms at my alma mater. Good thing I never lived in a dorm.

  10. fireworks says:

    Seen this on chinasmack about a couple of months ago.

  11. elenore says:

    The projects are same everywhere.I am not going to knock Chinese just Capitalists or Elites.These type of apartments are everywhere.Europe has them,Japan has them,U.S./Canada has them.yes China has an empty city.But my Metro Detroit is no different.We built a new city around the old one.But there is many empty houses that are newly developed in the Suburbs or what I call New Detroit that,people in the Old city proper and Metro Detroit can live in.Plus even Old Detroit has empty nicer neighborhoods in the downtown.Right Old Detroit is trying to relocate people to centralize neighborhoods and city services( schools and Police), and bulldoze blight.it’s complicated.

  12. xino says:

    like a city man

  13. Is it strange that I can see myself living there with no problem?

  14. greenpeace250 says:

    Hellow kerean guy, what is SHE BANG? I saw you typed this almost in every your post.

  15. giunze says:

    You are almost as funny as Voice of China. Are you the same person or just separated twins?
    Kind of Jackill and Hyde

  16. Voice of China says:

    God Blessed?

    Who taught you English gook?

  17. Carl says:

    she’s trying to say that she’s a dickgirl. thats all.

  18. Mark says:

    shebang is ba-ba-da-bing.

  19. giunze says:

    You’re funnier

  20. Voice of China says:

    Alleycat = dumbass

    Saying god blessed America insinuates that god (if he exists) no longer does so. So unless a blessing is perpetual, are you implying that God has forsaken America?

    No, you just got an overused cliche mixed up and now you’re acting like a fool trying to cover it up. I can’t blame you, you’re a kimchibreathed simida. Idiocy is normal for you small slant eyed gooks. You make me laugh everytime Hahahaha 😀

  21. Voice of China says:

    Actually according to Korean Times, Billy Hung is 1/3 Korean :)

  22. georgeson says:

    I agree. Actually I pretty enjoying looking at voice_of_china and korean_guy presenting themselves everyday here.

    Just take my chair and sit here to watch…



  23. Chillage Idiot says:

    Typical ‘hysterical’ Chinese reaction. Brother Hysterical, you should buy some opium to relax.

  24. Justin says:

    Actually I would say that God has forsaken America if you believe Jerry Falwell who said 9-11 was God’s punishment for gays and the ACLU.

  25. Voice of China says:

    LOL.. let me guess? another gook?

    You guys are seriously pathetic, go eat some kimchi

  26. giunze says:

    Haha. They’ll end up getting married and doing a shanzhai version of “The Osbournes” called “The Gooks”

  27. Crystal says:

    … and popcorn

  28. giunze says:

    You’re funny

  29. giunze says:

    You’re korean

  30. giunze says:

    You’re chinese

  31. Vertigo says:

    Actually according to internet retard Voice of China, Billy Hung is 1/3 Korean.

  32. Le Chaveux says:

    If that is shit-hole than your house must be the shit itself.

  33. Le Chaveux says:

    Of course, the auntie is your type.

  34. Voice of China says:

    Gook_guy is the king of the gooks hahahaha :)

  35. Voice of China says:

    That your mom is retarded and your father isn’t who you think he is.

  36. Voice of China says:

    “Saying god blessed America insinuates that god (if he exists) no longer does so.”

    Not necessarily.

    Yes it does because it is past tense.


  37. AlleyCat says:

    you’re killing me

  38. Wawa says:

    Wow, gook, really? That coming from a gook guy?

    You should know better, you beat the shit out of the dog before you kill it in Gookland.

  39. Voice of China says:

    Lol.. you don’t realize that you just affirmed what you just denied earlier do you?

    Did you have a kimchi overdose? HAHAHAHAHA

  40. Voice of China says:

    Oh… Poor little gook 😀 Did I hurt your feelings?

  41. Vertigo says:

    Hurt my feelings with what exactly again?

    P.S. im not Korean Mr. Chinaman. Lol

  42. Voice of China says:

    Sure you’re not :)

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