The Best Time to Visit China

| October 12th, 2010

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China is a vast country with a wide-ranging climate so a decision about the best time to visit should be based on the regions you plan to tour as well as the kind of weather you enjoy. Therefore, before deciding when to take a tour or sail with Viking River Cruises, it is worth checking the weather conditions of each city on the itinerary. Needless to say, the most attractive seasons to visit are also generally the most crowded; however, regardless of the time of the year, visitors to China will always be rewarded with fascinating cities and beautiful scenery.

The Four Seasons

Normally, the most comfortable season of the year is early autumn (September to early October). During that time, temperatures are comfortable throughout China (about 50-72 degrees Fahrenheit) with a small amount of rain. In addition, September is the only month in the year when the ancient and valuable paintings of the Beijing Palace Museum are displayed due to the necessary climate conditions of low humidity and proper temperature. However, spring can also be very pleasant with the average temperatures roughly the same as in autumn. In both seasons, the best way to plan for the weather is to wear layered clothing that will make you comfortable in both cool and warm temperatures.

Summer (from June to the end of August) in China can be extremely hot with temperatures well above 72 degrees Fahrenheit, particularly in the famous “four furnaces” of China (Wuhan, Tianjin, Chongqing and Nanchang). Summer is also a rainy season, so travelers should not forget to pack umbrellas and light raincoats if they visit at this time of year. In contrast, winter in China can be incredibly cold, especially in the north. However, off season travel has its benefits. One example of this is the Harbin Winter Ice Lantern Festival which is a delightful experience.

High Season vs. Low Season

Based on climate, the best time to visit China is May, early June, September, October and early November and these are the traditional high seasons in China’s travel industry. In contrast, the low season is considered to be December, January and February. While weather during the low season may not be as good as during high seasons, low season travelers generally enjoy lower prices and also more personal attention due to fewer people at the tourist sites.

Therefore, while many people plan their trips during high seasons, it may not always be the best choice. During high seasons, tickets for trains and planes as well as accommodations at hotels are not only more costly but also more difficult to obtain as more people travel during these times. In low season, the costs in general will be much lower than during the peak seasons as entrance fees, ticket prices and even the goods sold in the places of interest will cost less. Furthermore, low season offers you a more relaxed environment free of crowds.

All in all, deciding when is the best time for you to visit China depends on which places you plan to visit, what type of weather you enjoy and how much a bargain you want.

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  1. gagi gagi says:

    china is a beautiful place with many interesting places and delicious foods

    my hometown is a beautiful place with many interesting places and delicious foods

    beautiful food, interesting culture, and delicious niubi

    best time of year for china? ive always heard the holidays are the best time to travel, right? right?

  2. Curren$y says:

    not even Chinese people wants to live there, why go there LOL

  3. Tait says:

    Ohhh, link buying. Nobody tell Google…

  4. fireworks says:

    Every day is a good day to visit so long as the Renminbi is stable and the US Dollar is tanking. We can use the purchasing power theory to buy more for less. Good on China.

  5. So… what type of package rates can you company offer for say January going into and outta GuangDong Province?

  6. Eason says:

    The worst time to visit China is during any holiday or winter

  7. AlleyCat says:

    I suppose the Yangtze river might become somewhat troubled waters, for a Norwegian boat at least. Unless ofcourse their elegance and grandeur would remain unnoticed, and the name Viking would ring no bell.

  8. Gary says:

    The best time to visit Hainan is in August. I went in Aug 2009. Everyone thinks it should be super hot because it is so far south but there is a breeze off the ocean and you just lounge in your swimsuit anyway. The resorts are international quality and ctrip has packages including shuttle bus from the airport at extremely low prices because it is out of the regular Hainan vacation season. The temperature was the same as Beijing but with clean ocean air and no traffic!

    On the flip side, I went to Guilin in Aug of 2007 and thought I was visiting the inside of an oven. Never felt so hot before or since! That’s definitely a place to visit in the winter.

    • AlleyCat says:

      That sounds like a marvelous place to recover. Like the perfect spot to hide out and escape from another dutch and weary winter. All the leaves are getting brown where I currently am, and the sky is getting pretty grey. I wouldn’t mind some space to breath either. Furthermore, I’m partly Asian. So I should be able to adapt swiftly.

  9. Al says:

    Everyone says Beijing is best in the Fall but I think late Spring / early Summer is best, the heat isn’t too bad until July.

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  18. John Myers says:

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