Guo Jingjing and other divers secretly videotaped using infrared camera

| October 12th, 2010


(Netease) According to Hong Kong media, China’s diving diva Guo Jingjing was secretly videotaped with an infrared video camera. Her nude images were finally exposed; a 10 minute long video has been circulating on the Hong Kong Internet. More shockingly, Guo Jingjing was not the only victim, 2 days ago, another 2 hour and 7 minute long video clip shot with the same infrared video camera was also circulating the Internet. In this video, other than Guo Jingjing and Wu Minxia, more than 20 male and female divers from different countries who participated in the 2008 Olympic warm-up match were victimized. The video clip was shot in the 2008 Olympic warm-up match – “Good Luck Beijing” when the divers were practicing.


Meanwhile, a Japanese website also introduced this video clip as, a man sneaked into the diving stadium with a hand-held infrared camera. He secretly videotaped Guo Jingjing using the infrared camera who was wearing 2 different swim suits in the video. Under the infrared camera, her breasts and lower body were clearly seen. The camera man also shot close-ups of players’ private parts.

In the 15 clips, each about ten minutes long, other than Guo Jingjing, the victims are her synchronized diving partner Wu Minxia, the women’s three-meter springboard Olympic silver medalist Packhalina from Russia, women’s ten-meter platform silver medalist Kevin Adams from Canada, women’s ten-meter platform doubles silver medalist Melissa Wu from Australia, women’s ten-meter platform doubles bronze medalists Paola Espinosa and Tatiana Ortiz from Mexico…. Both men and women were videotaped. The most popular athletes Guo Jinging and Wu Minxia became the starring actresses of the film, appeared in each clip.

From the shooting angels, the video were most likely not shot from the audiences. Even with the zoomed lens the camera man seemed to be very close to the athletes. Actually some video clips had already been circulating the internet in last year but were deleted immediately. Now the clips are once again exposed on the internet.

The Hong Kong police also stated that they are now investigating the case.

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  1. adam says:


    • GuoBao says:

      I doubt you are missing much and I doubt you are serious as well. I am impressed they managed to make Guo look that good in the glamor shot on the other hand. Her face is kinda off.

    • Chunghwa says:

      inb4 400 replies requesting source

  2. absolutely disgusting. I hope these pigs get arrested and thrown into jail.

  3. dongshizhang says:

    divers really? they are selected because their body type resembles a pencil.


  4. hay says:

    China, it’s time to legalize porn and be less strict about sex in general!!

    Can’t you see? Chinese men are going insane, they’d do anything to see a pussy!!!

    Sex is a good thing (when it’s legal and consensual), don’t be afraid of it!!!!

  5. Laoshi says:

    Where are these videos???

  6. Carl says:

    A Japanese website… why am I not surprised

  7. ryan says:

    I believe this case is related to the people in hongkong and Japan.About half a year ago I saw these videos appeared on a chinese language porn site with japanese wordings,with poster of an ordinary japanese porn movie.So I think probably it is a chinese from Hongkong who took these videos and sold them to the Japanese porn industry.

  8. GuoBao says:

    I’m gonna cover my private parts with a lead casing in public from now on. I don’t wanna see my spiffing body on some Jap porn site (unless Maria Ozawa was giving me head in which case I might make an exception).

    • Voice of China says:

      Who would want to suck your pin dick?

      You’d probably need a microscope to see it anyway, let alone capture it on camera.

  9. jw says:

    type the following into google image search and look for the first IR photo you come across:
    郭 晶晶红外线


  10. Mandarin says:

    Mongoloid dicks are harder than black/white dicks.

  11. Cleo says:

    But we all knew there would be this publicity in a flash decades ago when we learned that Japanese handycams were capable of this but only purchasable in Japan. I mean what else would the Japanese do with this tech? But then why did all the Allied countries start becoming obese? I remember middle aged aunties and Big Sisters in the Seventies and Eighties and they all had the narrow figures of Charlies’ Angels now no one is worth the red eyed gaze of the Japanese. Film away while we pass the donuts. It won’t buy the culprits anaesthesia. They know that. There is no comfort however small for whom the bell tolls. Ding dong!

  12. Cleo says:

    You didn’t have to be an Allied insider to know how the Japanese would use the tech that they didn’t invent which is why Edison and especially all those Hong Kong girls who appeared in the warning shot are Chinese heroes because they volunteered, they weren’t drafted or manipulated. They appeared in those pictures to train our minds to the possibilities just like those airport body scanners. We’re still fighting World War against the Axis. Okinawa for Okinawans! Japan OUT!

  13. dive says:

    hi awesome,

    the torrent link you listed seems empty. could u provide another link? thanks.

    • awesome says:

      nope. it works. if you click it, a download should automatically start.

      • dive says:

        hi awesome,

        when it is opened nothing happens. am i missing something? i’ve never used torrents before. is it possible to upload those vids via megaupload or rapidshare? thank u

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