Can’t afford a new home? Check out Anhui-style cargo container apartments

| October 7th, 2010


(From yahoo )As a hot travel destination, Hainan island unsurprisingly enjoys  high home prices. To save costs at the same time give its employees relatively cozy living environment, a factory in Hainan Province builds two-story apartments out of used cargo containers, and housed 40 of its workers in the little Anhui-style community.



n2010268181057159589  Nice Anhui style front gate, windows to ventilate, roofs to keep off the heat, the cargo container apartments look like home, do they feel like home too?

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n2010268180958188056 It’s said that the apartments are well-received by workers.

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  1. Carl says:

    Why are the thousands of cargo containers even manufactured in the first place? It’s a well known facts that once these things are used, it’s cheaper to have them thrown away then to be transported back and/or reused. I’m sure alternatives are already here.

  2. John says:

    What’s the deal? My daughter lived in something similar last year at Tulane.

  3. AlleyCat says:

    I would say it looks quite inhabitable and cosy, which hasn’t always been the case in previous examples of these kind of structres. It shows the importance of esthetics, besides functionality. They actually managed to offer a little more than strictly necessary. I like the colours, the ornaments, the woodwork. Since wood is a “living” and natural material, it has some typical features which people often mistakes for faults: knowing them will be very useful to understand this material better.

  4. Aodaliya Ren says:

    我喜欢它 ,创新。
    I like it, innovative.

  5. xino says:

    looks like prison man:/

  6. Pete says:

    I like it, but when I looked at it more carefully, I thought “fire trap.” It needs to have more than one entrance or some other means for people to get out if something bad happens. It’s a good idea, but more thought needs to go into the design in regards to safety.

    • ootpoot says:

      Hmmmm… so that’s why the bedroom in your home has two exit doors, eh?

      There are several cargo container rental and sales companies that will sell you a 20 or 40 foot used container for under $1500. The optional door and windows kit is another $500.

      Google “used cargo container sales”. They are available in hundreds of locations in North America.

  7. Michael says:

    That dude at the end is so desperate to browse the net man

  8. Mark says:

    Where is the mud, pigs, and chickens?

  9. B-real says:

    bad ass, I would move to one of those today if i could have one to myself, put 2 together, get some plumbing and incorporate a toilet and kitchen and bring me back to when I was growing up in track homes in Texas.

  10. victoria says:

    there is no big deal about this…. and this can be found in many developed and undeveloped countries…!

    It’s cool!

  11. fireworks says:

    Nice way to reuse old shipping containers. I was watching a documentary, some guy in Brazil is making a house of household junk which includes coke bottles, plastics, tires…etc.

    Cheap way to an affordable housing estate.

  12. rtfs says:

    Did anyone noticed what sit on both side of the entrance, They are not traditional chinese lions but Maneki Neko(DollarCat), LOL. That’s the most intresting idea of this building.

  13. MINNIE says:



  14. lars says:

    Maneki Neko ? They look like Hello Kitty ! LOL
    Each apartment is two containers !! That makes better sense than my initial thought of just one container, which would be like those 4th and 5th floor walkups in Paris for student housing (11 square meters to the total apartment ! Where the ‘help’ used to live in the 1800’s when first constructed)
    Back when I was 20 or 30 I can see myself living in one of these !
    The metal construction of shipping containers is really strong ! And they are made to ‘stack’. Now if this apartment house was 5 or 6 containers high ! That might get a bit ‘dicey’ for stability based on what kind of foundation was used.
    And if you’ve ever seen the film “2046” you’ll know how flimsy the walls were between apartments, here they’re solid steel !

  15. Really interesting piece of information, thanks!

  16. new homes these days are made of energy efficient insulations and most of them use environment friendly materials too ;.,

  17. ordosincorporated says:

    They are poor. They cannot afford to rent a storage space like normal people.

  18. namenotgiven says:

    Some pretty awesome things can be done with shipping containers!

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