Advertisements in University freshmen Service Handbook

| October 6th, 2010


(MOP) “University freshmen Service Handbook”
Check out the ads in this university student handbook for freshmen:

AD #1

Yangzhou’s first love themed apartments –

Chongwen Garden love themed apartments

Most romantic, Warmest, Most delighted

Love apartment is still an apartment, but not just an apartment. It will bring you way more than just a place to sleep and rest at night. In here, you can find the feeling of home, with your lover… if you love her then take her to Chongwen Garden love themed apartment!

– Electrical circle bed

– S shaped sofa

– Sex ball, Sex chair



AD #2:


YangZhou Mary Hospital:

Saving uterus, painless, discrete, fast

“Saving uterus navigation” visual painless abortion

More intimate care

Five advantages to fully look after your delicate uterus:

1. Super Safe: Visual operation makes it safer, no need to expand uterus, no risk of holes in uterus, avoid incomplete suction of uterus, suction leaks and Abortion Syndrome etc.

2. Painless: Patients will be asleep during the operation, avoiding being nervous and stressed, reducing both physical and sociological pressure and pain.

3. Fast recovery: Minimum damage, everything is considered of protecting the uterus, beneficial for fast recovery.

4. Fast process time: No long waits, short operation time, fast, no missing work and school.

5. Widely practiced: the operation is widely practiced, suitable for woman who got pregnant accidentally

SHE’s visual painless abortion, your most comfortable choice.



These ads are really thoughtful for the freshmen. Forget about the dirty and crowed dorm rooms, if your parents are rich take your girlfriend (or whoever) to the love apartment. And then if accident happens, you will know where to go to get an abortion safely and easily without even missing any classes too!

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  1. Jim says:

    “2. Painless: Patients will be asleep during the operation, avoiding being nervous and stressed, reducing both physical and sociological pressure and pain.

    3. Fast recovery: Minimum damage, everything is considered of protecting the uterus, beneficial for fast recovery.”


    • AlleyCat says:

      Although I cannot relate to any malfunctioning of feminine archetypes or reproductive organs, I like the idea of anesthesia. Pain or damage should be avoided at all costs.
      Yet if all else should unfortunately happen to fail: suicide can be pretty painless too.

      • GuoBao says:

        If you tolerate this your children will be next

        • AlleyCat says:

          Well, I would have to find a woman first who would be capable, willing and daring enough. No worries though. I would never allow a charlatan to mess with any of my offspring.

        • Al says:

          Tolerate what? Abortions? Abortions are already tolerated in China, and in most places in the world. The thing that is a bit disturbing is how prevalent they seem to be in China. I knew a lot of Chinese women who “had a friend” or “roommate” who had an abortion (or several) and yet none of them had ever been on the pill or known anyone who had been on the pill, including married women. It was kind of… strange.

          • GuoBao says:

            Okay I give in. Manic Street Preachers “Suicide is painless”, “If you tolerate this,,” It was a long shot.

            • AlleyCat says:

              Ah, I see. ‘If you tolerate this’ is a song released as the first single from their fifth studio album, This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours.

              A statement against fascism.

              They also did a cover of ‘Suice is painless’, by Johnny Mandel & Mike Altman. I like the original better.

  2. Jay K says:

    hahaha man these ads, china is coming to the 20th century!

  3. ektor says:

    Chinese students start living in dormitories when they’re 10 years old. Of course this kind of advertisent works, EVERYBODY NEEDS A PLACE TO FUCK.
    And when nobody tells you how to use a condom, well, you need an hospital for quick and cheap abortions

    • Al says:

      Yeah but only the rich kids can afford them.

      How will the average male university student deal with the fact that a.) there are less women per men every year and b.) young rich guys get first choice among the girls and c.) older married guys get younger university-age girls as mistresses?

      • ektor says:

        What about us?
        Laowai coming here and getting chinese girls just because we can speak english (no matter how bad our english is)

        But yes, you’re right. It must be frustrating to be a young chinese male.

        • Curren$y says:

          lolol triple whammie for the young chinx

          • Chunghwa says:

            >hurr durr english is mai phirst langueeg but i steel can spell prooperly durr durr

            For fucks sakes. Chinese was my first language, but at least I still make an effort to make myself presentable and decent.

        • Voice of China says:

          Well, ahem… You guys do tend to take care of our problems if you get the hint 😉

          I’ve never seen a Lao Wai with a hot Chinese girl. They tend to only score with short, dark skinned ones from the country side.

          It seems most upper class Chinese girls prefer guys who are rich or good looking or both. Being Chinese is a bonus as Lao Wai smell like shit, have too much pubic hair, and can’t speak the language, plus it’s still assumed most Lao Wai are in China because they are losers or come here to pick up.

          Now before going further, I must say that I have tremendous respect to the young Lao Wai who are wealthy, intelligent and work in highly paid jobs as executives, investment bankers or white collar jobs that earn them five times more than they would elsewhere. They can pick up, now that is if they can tell the difference between a good looking girl and a fugly one.

          Problem is, the majority of Lao Wai in clubs are either backpacking, traveling or teaching English. They are neither rich, good looking or Chinese. Girls that are out for the green card will always be there. This includes a lot of those in foreign languages schools and middle aged women. Now some of the ones in the Foreign Languages school are hot. But they usually end up with wealthy expats.

          For the average Joe in a club, don’t think being Lao Wai gives you benefits with ‘hot’ girls. That is unless you go to the Niche clubs where girls have a fetish for black/white/hispanic guys, they exist, but most of the girls there are skanks and I’d make sure you wear plenty of protection.

          If you’re after girls who are hot and have class, being a Lao Wai or being around Lao Wai diminishes your chances to score. That is unless you fancy the Ayi across from the room.The real benefit goes out to the educated, rich or the handsome. If you have either quality, then aside from being black, you’re fine. Otherwise, being a Lao Wai doesn’t get you very far.

  4. armchair chairs are but a staleness after a interminable lignified day of convert

  5. John says:


  6. Alphonse says:

    No mas pinches chinos

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