Free 30 day FBVPN accounts giveaway!

| September 27th, 2010


Do you need a Faster and Better VPN service? There are more free VPN accounts for ChinaHush readers! If you are in China right now and need VPN software to access Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, etc… or for some reason you just want to surf the internet anonymously then don’t miss this giveaway! Our partner/advertiser FFBVPN is offering 30 accounts of 1 month free subscriptions!

In order to get a free 30 day account, all you have to do is write a comment for this post below.  That’s it! Of course retweet this link in twitter and share the link on facebook will not hurt your chances.  I will pick the winners randomly in the next 2 weeks or so, until there are 30 of them. Remember to use your real email address when commenting, the email address in the comments will be used to setup the account! 

Simple enough? Good luck!

Don’t want to wait and try your luck?  Just get FBVPN from here already, it is only 5$ a month.  And they have a 30 day money back guarantee.


FBVPN supports PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, Ubuntu…

Winners are selected with Winner in their comments, congratulations! You will be contacted by FB VPN by email shortly.

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  1. 乐夫 says:

    please let me try the new thing called “faceraping”


  2. sneakay says:

    So, how does this VPN compare with Freedur? I guess if I get lucky I’ll find out.


    • VPN-Expert says:

      freedur has his own software, and support windows and mac, linux, but the price is a bit high, 14.99 dollars per month

      fbvpn is simple, only support pptp vpn, but you don’t need to install any software, and price is 5 dollars which is very cheap. However, pptp vpn is not suitable for university, for most university has blocked pptp vpn, hope they could add OpenVPN soon.

      Any way, free account is also great!

  3. Yeah! says:

    i don’t need it, i’m leaving soon anyway

  4. Wei says:

    I want to win the free VPN!!!

  5. James says:

    Hope I get this, haven’t been on youtube in a year now!

  6. @xiaomi2020 says:

    okay, send me one.


  7. bec says:

    I would really like a VPN, I’m sick of being able to only see some websites and not others even while using a VPN. thank you!

  8. JJ says:

    I’m using WiTopia now… and I’m interested to test FBVPN.

    • shenmeniao says:

      free is great, functional is better…

      SSL VPN is more functional than PPTP in China

      there is a very reliable VPN option that offers both for 6 bucks a month

      is good!

  9. NR says:

    Please pick me. I have no credit card right now so can’t pay for VPN. Thank you!

  10. jtanum says:

    i’ve been a big fan of chinahush!


  11. Thomas says:



  12. kit says:

    would be nice to have good access out again

  13. Pilar says:

    Is it better than Freedur?

  14. Jason says:

    Had to use my proxy to access this page. Hehe… I need a VPN.

  15. Jay K says:

    alright i want to benchmark this vpn service. ive used a different company before so I want to see which one is faster in service. im sing 4mb right now as adsl service.


  16. Jay says:

    Hi there,

    I would love to see some speedy VPN service, I’m ready to switch providers if they can hit me with that lightning.

  17. Lillian says:

    Hi! I would be over the moon if awarded a speedy vpn. Thanks very much indeed for offering us such a chance.


  18. Matt says:

    That’s awesome that you’re giving away free VPNs! Freedom of Information! woohoo


  19. STB says:

    Yes please!!!

  20. Boo says:

    Big Brother is watching me. 1984 me, please!

  21. TheKippies says:

    I need one! Pick me! Pick me!


  22. Lily says:

    Thnx in advance.

  23. That Dude says:

    First time poster, been visiting for awhile now…

    I have recently been looking for a good vpn to use and a free trial like this would give me a chance to try this one out risk free. Sounds like a great opportunity and I would love to be one of the 30 chosen. Love the articles you guys post and keep up the great work!


  24. BlackSugarDaddy says:

    This black sugar daddy needs a free VPN to hook up mercenary blondes ! ! !


  25. petalnail says:

    I love VPN.

  26. lacaille says:

    1 free month would be great to test it !

  27. peng says:

    hope for a chance to win, thanks!!


  28. Gonadsgonewild says:

    YEAY, free VPN! WOuld love that!

  29. Malik says:

    China Hush rocks

  30. th says:

    need it to test with my iphone

  31. Cyberkahuna says:

    LOL! FREE is a FOUR LETTER word… but everyone loves it. I know I m a bit late….sigh.. as usual.. in CHina, there are always long lines wherever there are goodies. I know what I m gonna do if I get access to those forbidden sites again. I am gonna facebooked everyone and their mother-in-laws. LOL! Cheers! Even if I miss out, I wont be a sour-puss, cos China Hush is entertaining enough to keep me amazed with all the stories I would never come across. Thumbs UP! China Hush. Keep them coming. I love those sexy scandals. Beats any porno sites.

  32. cc says:

    i love you.


  33. Hopefully I can get a chance to try out FBVPN. You know, it would help me to check out awesome stuff on my Android phone. I would also love to be able to keep up to date with friends and family. It’s tough finding proxies that work very well.

    Thanks ChinaHush!


  34. Mario The Great says:

    I could use a free VPN to keep in touch with all my friends abroad through Facebook. Thanks.

  35. meiyouvpn says:

    i’d try it! sick of “armonized” web

  36. Tam says:

    Yes please

  37. Ray Ray says:

    Here goes nothing. 🙂


  38. Alex says:

    Sii siii siiiiii!!!!
    Por favor!

  39. Nanshan says:

    please…I need to be unarmonized!

  40. Johan says:

    I also would like to have a free account! 🙂


  41. vasiliy says:


  42. Paul Farrugia says:

    Happy national day!

    We have just made it to China from London by train! Woo hoo!

    We really need to get on to Facebook. My sister has just had her 1st baby and i need to see photos of my little niece! Please let us win!



  43. Tan Jia Hui says:

    Cool! Shall try out their service. XD

  44. DK says:

    Happy day! I’m sick and tired of using the proxies…

  45. Weej says:

    Please let me have one!

  46. fjctlzy says:

    They have new servers for customers in China…
    see their blog :

  47. Tony says:

    For commemoratingThomas Edison first demonstrated his electric light, we decide to give away 10 accounts with one month free on our website. you could see it from

  48. OMER says:



  49. JOSEPH CREW says:

    i love fbvpn
    count me also in this giveaway

  50. papadum says:

    Can I use it in my iPhone/iPad?

  51. MathGeek says:

    Thank you

  52. WASEEM says:


  53. WASEEM says:


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