China’s panda dies in Japan during sperm collection

| September 13th, 2010

Could not have come at a better time to add salt to the wound for the Sino-Japan relations, which was already “cracked” over the arrest of the Chinese fishing boat captain after the collision incident in waters near the territorial disputed Diaoyutai Islands.  This time, China’s national treasure, giant panda died in Japan.


(From Taobao) Kobe (the sixth-largest city in Japan) government announced on September 9, the 14-year-old male giant panda Xing Xing (formerly known has Long Long) kept in the city Oji Zoo died at noon on that day. According to Japan’s Kyodo news, Xing Xing died under anesthesia when staff tried to collect sperms from him for artificial insemination.

Yesterday, the China Giant Panda Protection Research Center remained silent on the matter. Reporter learned that it is common practice to put panda under anesthesia before collecting sperms for artificial insemination during the giant panda breeding work, however if the improper dose of anesthetic is will result in unpredictable consequences.

This giant panda Xing Xing was sent to the zoo in Japan along with a female giant panda Dan Dan in December 2002.

(Update from Qingdao News) In Japan for 8 years, 14-year-old male panda, “Xing Xing” died suddenly, some experts questioned the cause of death was because the Zoo put Xing Xing under anesthesia and tried to collect sperm outside of the mating season. China’s State Forestry Administration has asked the Japanese side to take care of Xing Xing’s body, also set up an expert group to rush to identify the cause of death in Japan.

Once kept Xing Xing, veterinary expert at Sichuan Wolong Giant Panda Research Center said, the Japanese zoo did not notify Wolong Center before trying to collect sperms. They suspected that the sudden death has to do with anesthesia. Hospital principal Doctor Tong said, 14-year-old panda is a young adult, but from a professional perspective, it is not the mating season to collect sperms. “In the fall, Panda produces very little to sperm; the male giant panda is a single-season estrus animal, produces sperms only once a year, that is between March to May in the spring. After that there will be none to collect.”

China Wildlife Conservation Association said, under the Sino-Japanese cooperation panda breeding agreement, death of panda amounts to 500,000 US dollars of compensation.

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  1. Michael says:



  2. Boo says:

    This was obviously intentional by the Japanese. They want to inflict as much pain on the Chinese as possible. This is a national insult!

  3. Boo says:

    …and I want to add that the Japanese owe an immediate apology to the Chinese people. Our feelings have been deeply hurt.

  4. Cats says:

    Boo, you’re an idiot for assuming that it was intentional. I highly doubt that anyone in Japan was plotting to kill the giant panda.

  5. Laoshi says:

    He isn’t sarcastic. He’s a cretin.

  6. GuoBao says:

    14 years is getting slightly oldish for a bear and what doctor’s usually never tell you is that anesthesia ALWAYS have a small chance of killing you no matter if you are a human being or a panda or whatever. I love pandas (hence the user name) but occasionally they die and unless they were killed on purpose there isn’t much we can do about it. I’d also point out that accidental death during the breeding program in Japan is probably a lot less likely than having Chinese farmers encroaching on your land and morons killing you for perceived medicinal purposes for centuries. Poor panda but my guess is that he at least had a better life in a Jap zoo than in a Chinese one,, the places here are usually awful.

  7. Eason says:

    Why has Japan not immediately apologized? Do they seek to re-open the wounds they caused in NanJing? Short Japanese devils!

    • Voice of China says:

      It’s actually quite funny to think of it, that your parents named you after HK popstar Eason Chan. Yet you refuse to deny your own Chinese heritage because you hold an American passport. Pathetic.

      • Eason says:

        Haha you’re so clueless, it’s no wonder you turned out the way you did. I’m not in any way Chinese, have no han ethnic heritage, or am named after 陈奕迅. I feel like you have a lot of lead paint heritage in your family.

        • vonskippy says:

          “I feel like you have a lot of lead paint heritage in your family.”


          A new classic burn is born.

        • Voice of China says:

          Well I’m yet to find any non-Chinese guy refer to people from Hong Kong as Hongkongnese. Or better yet, any white guy named ‘Eason’. Now perhaps you are the one anomaly to prove me wrong. So if that is the case, then perhaps what I perceived to be an obvious inference from both your behavior and name is incorrect. Is it likely? It’s probably as likely as me being ‘Taiwanese’. LOL!

      • dongshizhang says:

        did your parents name you voice of china?

  8. Mmmm says:

    come on guys, fucking pandas don’t even like to fuck..they deserve to die

    and yes, you useless chinese wumao should get the fuck out of here. chinahush needs a bit of censorship, like everything else here in mainland china

    • Voice of China says:

      Your mom needs to be censored.

      • Yeah! says:

        the only censored moms are all mainland chinese…….you and your against-nature one child policy

        • GuoBao says:

          Eh, what? I’m all for bashing China’s policies when needed but the 1 child policy was probably the best thing to happen to this country for centuries. If the law hadn’t been implemented there’d be more than Chinese by 2050 living in utter poverty with unbelievable food shortages and probably raging civil wars, the collapse of government and possibly several wars for lebensraum. The 1 child policy was a gutsy move than probably couldn’t have been made in a democracy, no matter how big the need was. Good on you CCP.

          • Stuffah says:

            Guobao- you might be right, but you also have to bear in mind that such harsh measures were probably only necessary because of Mao’s ‘have a lot of babies, people’ stance. At least one high-up scientist was warning that the population was unsustainable, but he got ‘criticised’ because apparently there was no such thing as unsustainable in a glorious socialist paradise. So, uh, good on you, CCP, but also bad on you, CCP.

  9. Curren$y says:

    The plot thickens.

  10. AlleyCat says:

    Could not have come at a better time for Jackie Chan to improve his image with the chinese public, who seem to be rather obsessed over whatever he says or does:–Jackie-s-Pandas-a-Worldwide-Sensation-

  11. I don't know says:

    Panda is an ancient species, they should not still exist. We humen tried to keep them around because they are cute and cuddly, it’s kinda against nature and cruel. Now they produce nothing but being a political puppet, I pitty them for their suggle.

    Frankly speaking, I don’t think Japan killed the panda on purpose, so they do not deserve such blame. The reason they tried to collect panda’s sperm is because they want to breed more pandas, no? (well,in this case, i do think they need to know more about panda’s mating period before perform the collecting, or report to wolong for suggestion,but they didn’t, it’s kinda thoughtless and arrogant)

    I’m so tired of speeches of hurting feelings, we chinese choose to give the panda away, it’s pointless to blame.

    • GuoBao says:

      You forget the fact that it’s the Chinese (or rather we human beings) who have pushed the Pandas to near-extinction, just as we have done with wan’s of other species since our rise to the top of the food chain. In the name of bio-diversity we ought to hold on to our pandas. Imagine the loss of face if China couldn’t manage to keep their guo bao alive as a species.

      • AlleyCat says:

        Your political correctness is commendable, yet superfluous. Unlike polar bears for example, the near-extinction of Panda’s is clearly caused by Chinese only. The blame should be placed where it belongs. Yet we should all bear a common responsability to keep them alive, if it were only because as a species they are quite unique and too bloody endearing to ignore.

  12. beavis says:

    Ah who cares – I get tired of China glorifying these animals as if they were so much superior to any other creature that walks the earth. When I went to the Beijing Zoo the Pandas were the only animals that had decent facilities, the rest of the poor animals lived in dirty little cages and would have been better off dead. Panda bears aren’t that cute and they have horrible temperaments.

  13. Jay says:

    It says something when it becomes hard to distinguish sarcasm from real claims by the Chinese authorities. Some of the Chinese declarations are so bizarre that it’s hard to tell when someone like Boo (see above) is mocking them or being serious.

    • Voice of China says:

      No, its actual very easy to see the sarcasm. Same words, same tone but in the wrong context. Only those who are intellectual handicapped such as yourself might have a problem identifying it.

  14. Tully says:

    “China’s panda dies in Japan during sperm collection”

    Why hasn’t anyone pointed out the fact that the title is nonsense and is obviously meant to provoke an hysteric reaction?

    “China’s panda” implies that China had only one panda when in reality China has over one thousand of the boring animals.

    Would I be right in thinking it’s a slow news day here on chinahush.

  15. Tully says:

    You’ve missed my point.

    I don’t dispute the fact that in the wild Giant Pandas may only be found in China and are hence China’s Pandas.

    I do however take issue with your use of “China’s Panda” in the title. It implies that China had only one Panda, and I feel was done so to create a reaction on what is increasing clear was a slow news day. You cannot directly translate from Chinese as it doesn’t have both singular and plural forms. A better translation would have read “A Chinese Panda…”


  16. Mark says:

    Kinda ironic that China, the world’s most populous country, is home to one of the least fertile animals on earth.

  17. AlleyCat says:

    Apparently since 1984 China has been offering pandas to other nations only on 10-year loans. The standard loan terms include a fee of up to US$1,000,000 per year (!) and a provision that any cubs born during the loan are the property of the People’s Republic of China. The current reproductive rate is considered one young every two years. So if every Panda is worth potentially 20 million USD plus intrest, the supposed lack of fertility is kinda self-serving and certainly should be regarded with at least some degree of irony.

  18. Chinese Guy says:

    I think Korean guy is an imposter. I think Korean guy is actually Japanese, trying to derail the relationship between China and Korea. Let’s be honest now – the Chinese are closer to the Koreans than the Japanese after WWII, no? Common sense. Korean Guy RUMBLED!!!

  19. Chinese Guy says:

    Korean guy is trying to cause disharmony to the Chinese and Korean people, why? China in a gold mine is Asia these days, the British and American want to work with this new “Asian Superpower”. So why would the a Korean guy be so silly to cause their ppl to lose favour in the eyes of an Asia Superpower???! Reason is probably Korean guy is Japanese guy! Be careful!!! Open your eyes to recent events, look what happened to the PANDA!

  20. Chinese Guy says:

    If you were Korean, would you be so stupid to abuse a “economical superpower” like China? If you do, who would suffer? You just create hate for your own people, and give them a bad image, right?! So either Korean guy is stupid, or he doesn’t care about his fellow countrymen, or is he NOT Korean at all!!!

    • xian says:

      To be fair I’ve never met a Japanese that could write English fluently, except the very Americanized ones in Hawaii

      • Voice of China says:

        Gook_guy may not be Korean, at worst he is Malaysian. That’s right, you heard it here first 🙂

  21. Chinese Guy says:

    Hahaha, are you really Malaysian?! What harm has the Korean done to you, that you use their name in vain, and as a scapegoat? China is a “superpower” according to Britian and USA, unless these “Big Boys” are wrong? If you are Malaysian Chinese you should support China “laa”, your forefathers from Ma-lay-siarrr laa. Alot of Malaysian Chinese that live oversea dislike Malaysia, they tell me they face alot of prejudice, and there is no equal rights opportunities…It saddens me when I hear that our brothers face hardship in Malaysia laa…

  22. Chinese Guy says:

    I meant your forefathers are from China…If you are Chinese Malaysian.

    • Voice of China says:

      Hahahaha.. I don’t believe it, we actually worked it out 😮

      I was actually only half serious when I proposed he was Malaysian but it looks like he really is. Look at the successive comments afterwards. Who would’ve thought 😛

      As for his political and economic theories, what an idiot.

      Communism is unethical and immoral? Not at all, the ideology is the opposite

      Western nations need to stop China? What do you think they’ve been trying to do the last few years.

      The current regime will stop soon or become democratic? In your dreams.

      As I said gook_guy (regardless of whether you are a Malaysian gook or not), you should stick to petty insults. They suit your style more. Leave economics and politics to the more educated.

      • AlleyCat says:

        Actually, kg seems quite educated. He just seems obsessed hiding it when he’s playing with boys. Yet I have witnessed him being very thoughtful when he’s playing with girls… I guess he’s still a bit confused over some gender issues.

  23. Chinese Guy says:

    Korean Guy is not Korean, it’s a facade. “Korean guy” has probably been hurt by the Korean and Chinese people, that’s why he uses this identity to cause friction between the Chinese and Koreans. He may be Malaysian or more likely Japanese. Definitely not Korean! Do not be fooled, open your eyes to the TRUTH!

  24. Crystal says:

    I really like the typo in the article –> “giant panda Xing Xing (formerly known has Long Long)”

  25. Cold says:

    Webmaster, just disable the comment section.

    This part of the website truly makes it very unattractive to visit.
    (Also you made a type in the “Er Ai” aka “Second Love” translation part thingy.)

    Establish a forum or something, because nationalist hypocrit basement NEET-opinions are worthless and should be burned in a digital fire.

  26. LOLer says:

    a panda for a fisherman, fair trade anyone?

  27. AlleyCat says:

    Yesterday two Panda’s (twins) were born in Madrid by artificial insemination.

  28. fireworks says:

    Poor panda, the Japanese must have given him too many viagra.

  29. abcd says:

    i love pandas

  30. Filipino Guy - Jay says:

    I dont think it is stupidity on handling animals and is not intentional.

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