Designed in China, self-powered turnstile: Green Pass


(ixiqi) Have you ever noticed the widely used turnstiles at the subway stations, the Olympic Games, the World Expo etc. venues wherever that has a huge crowd? When everyone passes through them, you need to rotate the stile in one direction once – in most cases, this rotation is overlooked and neglected by most people, but the “most people” do not include the students of the VIVA design team at the Guangdong University of Technology, in their eyes, this common phenomenon became a perfect creative way of protecting the environment.

Self-Powered Turnstile (Green Pass), combining the normal turnstile with people’s action when passing through it, transferring the kinetic energy when people pass through the gates pushing the stiles into electricity, to supply power consumptions for swiping cards, inserting coins, tickets or counting the number of people etc. functionalities of the modern turnstile to achieve energy self-sufficiency. The huge number of the turnstiles in the world will no longer need additional power supply, thereby reducing energy consumption, so that everyone is inadvertently contributing to the environment.

We think this design by VIVA design team from Guangdong University of Technology absolutely deserves a round of applause by every reader. Recently, on the 2010 Taiwan LITE-ON Award ceremony, under the approval of the leader of Taiwan district Ma Yingjiu, Green Pass also overbearingly won the “Gold Award” and won the honor for Mainland China designs.


Let us remember China designed another award winning product: Green Pass


Taiwan’s Lite-On Group Chairman Mr. Song Gongyuan awarded VIVA team from Guangdong University of Technology with the "Gold Award" – 350,000 in prize money.  Not sure if it is NT or USD =)


Mr. Ma Yingjiu the Taiwan regional leader attended the Lite-On Awards Presentation Ceremony


VIVA design team members


VIVA design team

Designers: Guangdong University of Technology VIVA design team (Founded and led by department of Industrial Design teacher Mr. Zhao Bi [赵璧], members including Su Meixian [苏美先], Chen Fengming [陈锋明], Chen Yujie[陈煜杰], Li Yuke[李宇科], Lu Fengchi [卢凤池], Liang Jiaming [梁嘉敏] etc. all 3rd or 4th year students at the university. Since the group was formed, their design works were frequently winning both national and international competitions. Parts of the designs were used by businesses. The awards received including so called the Oscar of the Industrial Designs – German iF concept award, as well as others in South Korea, Italy and many countries, total over 20 awards. Mr. Zhao Bi also received the “Golden Ruler Award” from Guangdong Provincial Department of Education, Guangdong Province Science and Technology Department and Guangdong Province Information Industry.)

Note: Part of the text in this article are provided by VIVA design team. All the pictures are provided by VIVA design team, and the VIVA design team reserves all the rights.

  1. im here to say sofa? now how does this exactly work or store that energy because im seriously perplexed by it.

  2. Sad f*ks confusing China and Taiwan again. Should find a way to sort all sincere mainland-hating Taiwanese and give them a place to emigrate where they can be far from their overpowering oaf of a neighbor.

    1. hey sad f*k, u missed this line in the article: “Designers: Guangdong University of Technology VIVA design team”

  3. well, nice toy. but they forgot that Taiwan is an indipendent country, not a district or a region. and Ma Yingjiu is President, not regional leader…..

    1. Then it’s totally bizarre that Ma Yingjiu himself doesn’t claim to be the president of an independent country… In fact, a notable faction of separatists aside, Taiwan has NEVER claimed to be an independent country. Until relatively recently Taibei was still claiming sovereignty over the entire mainland.

      1. Taiwan is not an independent country. It is the last dominion of the Republic of China, after the Communists chased them out of the mainland, and then later Hainan. There are Taiwanese separatists who would like to change the situation and formally declare a Republic of Taiwan, and they have some reasonable reasons, but as of now it is technically a Chinese territory controlled by a rival government to the People’s Republic.

  4. what a brilliant idea. tho the energy saved is negligible, but the principle of self-sufficient design makes a succinct point

  5. I dont si why piople liki to bring politics into ivirything, mmmm, ispecially sad f*ckin piople who can barily spill swiaring in ivry sintinci

    Ok, back to topic. There are things all around us that are just waiting to be improved, its interesting how long it took us to realize some of those. So anyways, kudos to the students. Hope more of these everyday things that needs improvements are found.

  6. So do they actually say someplace how much that contraption generates. Even with China’s population, it’s not like those turnstyles will be turning more then 2-3 rpm. Geared to the max that people will “push thru” without noticing and it’s still not more then a tiny trickle of electricity. Kind of sad if this is the “best” engineering students can come with.

    1. 2-3rpm could be easily transformed into many more by means of an internal flywheel.
      Great ideas do not necessarily exclude simple solutions.

      1. The deal is that the generator works based off the mechanical energy of the user. How much mechanical energy is an adjustable matter; they could decrease the energy needed to turn the turnstyle if the elderly, children, or handicapped press a button.

        The machine is probably still hooked into the power main, but it should have a back-up battery to store mechanical energy as electrical energy and use when in surplus.

        One interesting thing about this device is that the battery will always be at peak charge to maximize lifespan.

        1. I like the idea of a button for the elderly and children, to ensure easy passage. The handicapped however should take another route, get strip searched and carry some proof of their medical condition. Beware of simulators.

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