The first most beautiful breasts model contest in Hunan, viewers watched in heavy rain


(Netease) reported on September 5, “Morning News Weekly” (A Hunan based magazine) hosted the first breast model contest in Hunan Province which lasted nearly 2 months, and the final was held on September 4 in Changsha. According to the design of the organizing committee, the final site was selected to be an outdoor stage with a water view. However the sudden pouring rain not only blurred models’ visions, it even made some of them slip and fall on stage. This did not affect Changsha citizen viewers’ enthusiasm towards the contest. Many people stood in the rain holding umbrellas for more than an hour, only to witness the elegant “breast models” (胸模).

In fact, this beauty pageant with the slogan of “appreciate female body and self-confidence” did not require any entry fee for the participators. It also offered a 100,000 yuan grand prize and a chance to be on the magazine. But for a full month there were only 84 people applied to enter the contest.

Organizers said, because of the Chinese traditional ideas, competing for the most beautiful breasts is still a topic that makes most people blush. “Breast model” itself is also a sensitive profession. For these reasons, the event was very low-key, in order to create a healthy completion atmosphere for the contestants.

The final lineup of judges included the male model winner of the 2007 China Professional Model Contest He Liang, the World Supermodel Contest China area runner-up Zhou Xingling, AIST Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Clinic Director Liu Kai and also well-known media person, writer Liu Yuan.

During the preliminary rounds the constants were shy at first but now everyone acted bold and confident in the finals.

During the final, 10 contestants showed up covered in pink ribbons in front of the Changsha citizens. They ripped off their shirts confidently in the pouring rain, showed off their impressive figures and their elegant dance movements. In the end contestant number 3 Ma Yuan took first place, number 6 Xiao Yuan Yuan and number 5 Viya took second and third.


Lights went off, leaving only shadows of the breast models’ perfect bodies projected on the screen, very seductive.




10 finalists wearing bikinis in the rain


A male viewer came on stage with roses




One contestant slipped and fell on stage, but she got up and continued the show

  1. “Plastic Surgery Clinic Director Liu Kai” was a judge, huh? They should only allow natural breasts to compete 🙁

  2. sad, so very very sad… as humans we truly are a race confused, what’s wrong with this picture??

  3. How a country with 1.6+ billion people can be such prudes I’ll never understand. The rest of the modern world had sexier stuff back in the 1950’s. China is sooooo very behind the rest of the civilized world.

  4. They’re not prudes. Look around at the countless brothels, saunas, KTVs, etc. This place is brimming with sex. These girls are probably all for sale when not modeling. If Chinese were prudes they wouldn’t have 1.6+ billion people. It’s just that the government is trying to keep everything censored. Free love and is not fitting with a harmonious society.

  5. are ‘traditional ideas’ still relevant to the type of girl who would sign up for a breast contest when 100k is on the line? this is a competition, free entry, contestants willingly sign up. No oppression going on here, just a trade of greed for dignity.

    1. Interesting. How can a woman who exploits her body willingly still lose her dignity?
      I guess you are confusing dignity with respect, and greed with opportunism.

  6. they had to watch, wank and cum in the rain because they never saw big breasted women before, since majority of Chinese don’t acquire big breast

  7. they arent nude!so how can sb understand who is the best??!!:)
    not very intresting :))

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