Jackie Chan questioned for empty promise of donation to rebuild school

| September 4th, 2010

Jackie Chan always seems to be in the center of the controversies. He had just caused uproar with his Twitter statement of “Support for Filipino Police” post the Manila Incident and became the “Disgrace of Hong Kong” (香港之耻). Now he is questioned for his empty promise of a donation to rebuild Beichuan Middle School after the 2008 Wenchun earthquake.


[Hong Kong “WenWei Po” May 12, 2009]

(Netease) On September 1, 2010, the new Beichuan Middle School is officially open for the new school term. Beichuan middle school was destroyed during the 5.12 Wenchuan earthquake in 2008. Three years later and with the rebuild funding of 200 million yuan entirely donated by various fellow Chinese citizens as well as overseas Chinese, Beichuan Middle School finally hosted the school-opening ceremony on the newly constructed school campus. However the grand opening of Beichuan Middle School again triggered questions towards Hong Kong movie star Jackie Chan’s (promised) donation.

On May 11, 2009, Hong Kong artist Jackie Chan, Li Yuchun, Liu Yuanyan, Peter Kam and others visited Beichuan Middle School. Jackie Chan also pledged to donate part of the box office of his new movie “Little Big Soldier” to the reconstruction of Beichuan Middle School. (Published on Hong Kong “WenWei Po” May 12, 2009)

February 14, 2010 "Little Big Soldier" premieres. A month later, "Little Big Soldier" made 153 million yuan in the mainland box office.

Responsible for the reconstruction of the new Beichuan Middle School, China Overseas Chinese Economic and Cultural Foundation told Shanghai Overseas Chinese Newspaper, “We have not received any donation money which he promised. We also sent a letter to Mr. Chan and asked about his commitment to this charity event, but he has not yet responded.”

The reporter contacted China Overseas Chinese Economic and Cultural Foundation. When the reporter asked “During the may 11, 2009 memorial ceremony, did Jackie Chan ever state that part of the “Little Big Soldier” box office will be donated to the reconstruction of the new Beichuan Middle School?” the other side pondered the question for a moment and answered firmly “Yes.”

Reporter then went on the China Overseas Chinese Economic and Cultural Foundation website and saw the current list of donors to the BeiChuan Middle School project, the contributions are as high as millions and as low as 20 yuan, but Jackie Chan’s name or Chan Kongsheng (his original name) was not found, neither was Beijing Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation.

Not only the students call Jackie Chan “Big Brother”, reporter reviewed the archived video clips, that day (May 11, 2009) on the stage, Beichuan Middle School principal Liu Yachun also politely called Chan “Big brother Jackie Chan”. The reporter phoned Liu Yachun and asked whether Jackie Chan had promised to donate to the school on that day. Liu Yachun muttered for a moment then answered clearly, “Yes, but we never received the money”.


[Beichuan Middle School principal Liu Yachun]

Could it be an anonymous donation? Reporter contacted The Secretary-General of the Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation. She thought about it for a moment and told the reporter, “We did not seem to have donated any money to Beichuan Middle School project.”

After Jackie Chang’s statement of “Support for Filipino Police” on Twitter post the Manila Incident which was heavily criticized by international netizens especially people of Hong Kong, General Manager of Jackie Chan Film Group China office, Yuan Nong’s cell phone became not reachable, and soon the number has been deactivated. According to the “Little Big Soldier” official website, Yuan Nong is the producer of the film and is responsible for Jackie Chan’s charity works.

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  1. John says:

    Jackie Chan seems to be a fucking idiot.

  2. Voice of China says:

    Lol, he is one of the biggest hypocrites in the Chinese movie industry. There are many things that most Chinese people are aware of but is not published or open to the Western Media.

    1. Jackie Chan is a huge pimp, he is the reason why Kira was paid off. Apparently, in the background of some of the sex videos, you could hear girls calling out ‘da ge’ aka ‘big brother’ which is an alias of Jackie.

    2. Jackie said himself he only married his wife as an obligation and does not love her.

    3. He often criticizes his illegitimate son for no reason and failed to recognize him until he was absolutely forced to.

    4. He has been banging Hong Kong celebrities much longer than Edison and probably taught him all he knows.

    • xino says:

      yo tell me!
      why does he dislike his son?

    • wan fu says:

      1. There is no proof whatsoever that this is true. Also one way or the other: are you really telling me that if someone would steal this kind of property from you and threatens to make it publically available, that you would react the same way Edison did?
      If you have the money you make him shut up by paying him. It is fairly obvious that Kira should not have done what he has done.

      2. He did what he had to do. Thats what they call taking responsibility for your actions.

      3. I do not think that anyone besides the direct family has enough insight to argue about this. You do not know any of them, nor how they live together.

      4. well thats just an insult dressed as a speculation and sold as a fact. Come back when you can actually proof any of this.

  3. Lin says:

    The man is an entertainer, the moment we take an entertainer’s opinions to heart we’re idiots.

  4. AlleyCat says:

    Fame is pain. Bruce Lee must be relieved he died, before he could make a fortune.

  5. momo says:

    so maybe zhang ziyi and jackie chan can now share sob stories about Donorgate with each other.

  6. Huge fan of Dancing with the Stars! Never miss an episode (or DVR it when I can’t be home.

  7. wan fu says:

    I cannot believe how easy everyone shifts their position due to recent events. How is it that everyone suddenly forgets the good deeds the man has been doing for the past years?
    All the recent information on the media everywhere only appeals to the bad side of humanity.
    Jackie Chan did not donate money to a school; but on the same he built more than 100 other schools (do not even get me started on his other charity work). Plus, everyone thinking about it should realise that not donating to that particular school can be nothing more than a mistake:
    what possible reason would Jackie Chan have not to donate? He once estimated that building a school costs 100.000$.
    So after the man already donated millions, do you really think that he would put his reputation on the line just for this?

    My Prayers are with the families of the Hong Kong citizens. What happened really was tragic and is unforgivable. I can not even begin to imagine the pain they must go through.

    But of course the media is not interested in what Jackie Chan is saying. Every journalist out there knows what Jackie meant by these lines, even all of you know it.
    Of course Jackie does not represent all of Hong Kong, but how is everyone able to condemn the good his message stands for?
    What about the times Jackie Chan promotes his country and especially Hong Kong?

    International experts agree that the actions of the involved policemen were wrong.
    Jackie Chan is not an expert on this matter, agreed, but still tried to express the misery every person (policemen or not) is facing in given situation. Ask yourself the same question, what would you do?
    How is it he is now that he is put side by side to the people who were not able to help the Hong Kong citizens, even though that was their job?
    How is he being made the bad guy here?
    If you think about it, in the end Mr Chan is looking at the big picture. If everyone would react the same way the media did, we would be facing a world where there are enemies everywhere. If you have a trouble with someone, you either talk to him and forget about it or you never talk to him again, everything else would only prolong the outcome of above mentioned events.
    So instead of thinking about all the little fights, we all should really start to try and put into motion what Mr Chan is telling us since he started doing charity. Try to be a good person, help the ones around you, and the people around you will also help you.

  8. Jin Czernik says:

    Thanks! I was searching for information on this all week. I really wish that people would write more about this. I really appreciate the post

  9. lavanyajackie says:

    hello i am lavanyajackie i heard one information about my jackie uncle.i wont believe my uncle only serve for more childrens its not his mistake.i know my jackie chan like a milk some one adds smotihng .really my jackie chan not like some one did cunning and etc.i know jackie uncle mind i wont accept this mistake.if i written anything wrong means pls forgive jackie.my jackie chan uncle will do that but he does not want make a empty promise.

    do not worry jackie uncle god with you and lavanyajackie also with u and our office staff know about u jackie .
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  10. lavanyajackie says:

    good morning jackie uncle.my morning wishes to every one see this message.

    if i want to tell about this incident first of all i wil not belive tih message.
    excuse me sir what you know about my jackie uncle! u know sir my jackie uncle is basically is not rich man he did a hardwork he met lot of bad situation.that type of my jackie uncle he never made a mistake in the matter of children funds.

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  14. Mr Jekyll says:

    Hello Iavanjackie,

    you really shouldnt post personal information on the internet.
    And also in the nicest way possible (if im wrong i am sorry already):
    Jackie Chan cant read what you post here (he can technically, but you know…).

    If you want to write messages you want him to read, either log on to his personal homepage,
    or join the JC channel on facebook.

    best regrds

  15. lavanyajackie says:

    please tell me sir.how to send a message to jackie chan.please tell me .give me address for send a mail to jackie chan.pls pls pls pls give me plsd madam and sir.

    tamil nadu ,india ,

  16. Glynda Simer says:

    OMG I can’t believe this! tinyurl.com/37mgcy8

  17. lavanyajackie says:

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    once again thank you alleycat.you know i do not know you are men or women .sorry to tell this .your name like that.




  18. lavanyajackie says:


  19. melayu boleh says:

    poor jackie chan, maybe we should petition him!

  20. GodsOmnipotentFlatulence says:

    Well Jackie did raise about USD$1.5 million for the Sichuan Earthquake, which is still a work in progress for him, plus he’s donated all kinds of money to many countries educational and infrastructure around Asia. He’s currently focused on the big issue going down in Japan of course.

  21. ChanHo says:

    Jackie Chan is awesome!! Burn down the school! They’re forceful beggars!

  22. Khan says:

    So many conspiracies

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