After Manila hostage incident…

Apple Daily made this animated simulation of what was happening inside of the bus…

8/23 Manila

The monster cop was irritated after reading a letter from the officials.

Handcuffed tour guide was killed first.

The TV on the bus showed that his brother was arrested, he got even crazier.

SWAT team came, Liang Song might have been injured by the iron hammer used by the special police.

But is this really what happened in the bus and during the rescue?

(China news)  BEIJING, Aug. 25 Xinhua website reported that according to the Hong Kong Sing Tao Daily,  the incident of Hong Kong tour bus being hijacked by gunmen in Manila, caused the tragedy of eight dead and 7 injured.  In response to the rumor of some of the hostages were shot dead by the police, Manila Police Commander Leocadio Santiago admitted that the some of the hostages may be shot during the exchange of fire between gunmen Mendoza and special forces, some may be killed by stray bullets.

Santiago said that the special police forces who participated in the operation have already turned over their guns to the authorities for ballistics tests. He was referring to the possibility of hostages killed by stray bullets, so the authorities ordered police to surrender firearms for the test. He said the police ballistic tests will be carried out in the police crime lab.

Meanwhile, the Philippine National Police spokesman, Senior Superintendent Agrimero Cruz said that they have completed autopsies on five of the killed hostages and found they were all shot dead, but he declined to say whether the bullets were from Mendoza’s M16, or from the special police force’s guns.

(Netease) Philippine Police spokesman Cruz said the police is investigating the hostage rescue operation on the 23rd. 4 commanders of the special police unite participated in the rescue have been suspended from the force.  The reason for the suspension was to prevent them from “negatively influencing the investigation”

(Tianya) According to Hong Kong newspapers reported that after the tragedy of the killing of hostages, Philippine President Aquino III visited the site yesterday. He not only refused to respond to reporters questions, but smiled sarcastically, which was puzzling.  As for responding to the poorly executed rescue effort, Philippine police insisted that the police did not make mistakes during the operation, after being booed internationally, they finally admit the obvious lack of tactics rescuing the hostages, and will conduct further investigation. In memory of the tragedy, the Philippine government sets today (8/25) as a national day of mourning.



(Netease) In addition, the Philippine President Corazon Aquino III made a speech on television said, the killing of Hong Kong hostages in the Philippines will have adverse impacts on the economy and tourism in the short term, but the Philippines Government is going to restore the confidence of tourists. He said the government will strengthen the capacity of the police force. He also apologized for smiling during the news conference on the 24th, he stressed that he is not happy about the incident and hope for Hong Kong people’s understanding.

A letter from a teenage Filipino to the WHOLE WORLD (CNN) has already been translated into Chinese by Yeeyan

As you are reading this letter, I bet that you have seen/heard about what happened earlier in our country.

Tourists were hostages of a policeman here, Rolando Mendoza. After a few hours of the horrible crime, some of the victims were dead including the hostage-taker.

I wrote this letter not just to apologize but also to let everyone know that we Filipinos are not all like Mendoza. We are loving and good-hearted people.

For so many years, our country has been standing tall and surpassing every dilemma; be it small or big. Years ago (back when I wasn’t born yet), you have watched us fight for what we think is right. We fought for the democracy of our nation.. The EDSA revolution. But that’s just one out of many.

Second. We Filipinos have been serving other countries for our families and we treat you as our own as well. With all due respect, I thank you all for giving us the trust through the years. For helping us to become what we are now.

The Philippines is more than just a group of islands. We are a nation of strong and remarkable people. A country of beauty and love known to be hospitable and well-valued. I humbly apologize for what happened tonight. No one in this world would want something like that to happen for life should be valued.

I politely ask the attention of the world. Please do not judge and mistreat us just because of what happened tonight. I have been searching the net and found terrible things. Hong Kong advices to avoid travels here, China and HK bans Filipinos and that Philippines is the worst place to go.

I can’t blame you for what you have decided but I hope that you could understand. Our country is now in a sea of problems. And I know for sure that we helped you in a way or another. Let peace and understanding reign this time.

I know that this letter will just be trash but I wish that you would understand. On behalf of the Philippine population.. WE ARE SORRY.

As a song puts it…

And I believe that in my life I will see an end to hopelessness, giving-up and suffering. And we all stand together this one time then no one will get left behind. Stand up for life. STAND UP FOR LOVE

Sincerely yours,

Reigno Jose Dilao

  1. The teenager has no reason to apologize, he did nothing wrong. The incompetence of the SWAT and the lack of social grace by the President isn’t the fault of the Filipino people.

  2. I am a US citizen half Filipino, and have resided in the Philippines for some time. This incident and it’s aftermath is a total disgrace to the Philippines and it’s people. Our world wide reputation which was never of a good standing, lies in total ruin now. I give my sincere condolences to the families of the victims and to the people of Hong Kong and China, may there souls rest in peace forever. I for what I can I apologise for the complete and utter incompetance of the PNP, our president and our government for they have blood on their hands, I also apologise for the insensitive, stupidity and lack of respect shown by Filipino’s by way of PNP, students and other Filipino’s taking souvenir photos of the incident seen. To my country people of the Philippines all hold your heads in shame and stop attacking Hong Kong and Chinese people for their outrage and anger at this, imagine this happening to innocent Filipino’s in another country. It is time the Filipino’s grew up and stop saying and thinking we are a great nation, we are not and never can be when we defend our actions like this. And to the president and director of PNP you must resign with immediate effect with no fat pensions to live on and an independent judicial inquiry must be carried out to prevent this from occurring again, not an inquiry by some of the presidents cronies and friend’s to produce another whitewash. To the PHP taking souvenir photos should be fired and students removed from college. Today I am shamed to be half Filipino and hope the peoples of your great country of China can one day forgive the stupid people of our nation and our corrupt government and president.

    1. If you’re ashamed to be a Filipino then don’t be a Filipino. Who said Philippines is a great nation?

  3. I am actually humbled by the great display of sensitivity from the general filipino population and this is reflected through the influx of comments by them in these forums generally apologizing on behalf of their country’s leaders and police. This is despite, those people having no role or association with the incident. I also agree that generally filipinos are hardworking and many of them maintain a positive attitude to life despite the hardships that they suffer due to their country’s economic position. These insensitive gestures that were presented by the police and some residents can only be attributed to lack of education, which again, it’s hard to blame them for, as it is an involuntary result of their economic system.

    It’s too bad that many fellow Chinese will have negative sentiment, being blinded by raw emotion but I’m sure this will pass in time.

  4. Wow,, bad taste has reached a new pinnacle. Wonder who got the lame ass idea to make a computer game inspired video of the events and who allowed them to proceed with it. Also this is complete bullshait. I can’t imagine the police releasing the details of everything in this manner so quickly after the event, and if they did it’s an embarrassment to them and their office.

  5. It is bad enough that the PHP has botched up the hostage incident, but the next day the PHP couldn’t take their jobs seriously and turned the crime scene into a tourist area.

  6. Apple Daily (HK) is famous (or infamous) for having these Sim like CGI crime scene recreations. Their sensation news reporting, both print and web, are known to be provocative, controversial and often, not fully factual.

    This display of insensitive behavior happens in many under develop countries, or sometimes in the so called developed ones. Oblivious people are everywhere, you would think they should have known better, but fact is, common sense isn’t common after all, and majority of human race lack of this “6th” sense.

    I agree completely with what Voice of China, and hope this incident will be settled in time and a peaceful manner, condolence to victims and their love ones.

  7. There are videos and pics of Filipino Officials opening the victims caskets for the media. Personal belongings such as wallets, watches, jeweleries were also missing from the victims after the incident. That’s alot worst than posing infront of the creme scene….o_0

  8. MY GOD they did a piss poor job of this. What a bunch of little amateurs. Shame on them. Then they stand around smiling and taking photos. Fuck you, you Filipino low-life scum. You fucking SCUM.

    1. Here’s the fact.

      No one goes around being entirely non-racist, and then one incident happens and then they become racist.

      People making racist comments now ALWAYS HAVE BEEN RACIST and are just using this as an excuse. Every single one of them.

      And yes, Chinese take smiling pictures at Tiananmen Square, and Americans take smiling pictures at Ground Zero.

      1. That is true SArtoris. These photo takings are not about blasphemy to the memoirs of those who lost their lives there. It was more to the appeal to human of being associated to an event that rocks history, may it be something bad or good.

        AS to the incompetency of the police force, every nation has its deficiency of security especially that Philippines is in truth a poor country and such given sitution of hostaging is not familiar to us.

        John, If you try to read in, you would enlighten your mind.

  9. I am a crime buff and had read stories of human brutality and lack of regards with life. There was the September 11 against U.S, the Moscow Siege, the seizing of the athletes in Germany, the Genocide. These are just the known ones . There are hundreds of infamous stories as well.

    The Quirino Grandstand Incident is indeed a very isolated case. Generally, we Filipinos are just like any other human race. We are peace loving people, we love fun and we love to socialize. We value life and family the most.

    Philippines, just like any other nation has its flaws. Even the United States and other great nations suffer from miscarriage of their government. Philippines is a third world country riddled by some corrupt officials who feed their insatiable appetite for power . It is true that the security force gave an inadequate aid for the hostages and we don’t give excuses . It is sad but it is what comprises Philippines as of now . but we are striving to do better. The Filipinos per se should be seen in a whole different perceptive.

    We are mourning not only for seeing our beloved country being thrashed internationally but more to the fact that people lost their lives in such a grim way . It is grieving that we feel because we are human, just like any other else and we dont give bias as to what natioanalities died at that time of the hostage taking. The truth remains that lives and limbs were claimed.

    We, the Filipinos now are on our lowest point. We are being ridiculed. Filipinos all over the world fear for the scintilla of vigilance and of losing our jobs especially those who are in Hongkong and CHina. We are very hard working people , enduring the pain of being away from our families just so we can provide for them.

    So we are asking for wise judgement to all people in the world. Pray for us instead that we would surpass this tumultous event and we can build the fallen debris of our government so in the future, Philippines would be regarded again as a beautiful and safe place not only for its constituents but for foreigners as well.

  10. It is true, who lacks empathy is not defined by race or how a nation stands in economy . They are everywhere. In the Philippines, media is very powerful. We are well informed with what is happening. In fact, the news has portion of stories of killings, tortures and violence and we are aghast everytime. If we are insensitive people, TV stations would not waste time to show those because we won’t be watching them. But no, they allocate time because we watch them, we react to them , we empathize.

    Philippines has never been known to have problems with serial killers and psychopaths. We are very hospitable and known to maintain close knit family ties.

  11. STOP! Don’t be fooled. Whatever the intention of the governent, the policeman is now silent.
    Any intelligent person would have given him his job back, freed the hostages and dealt with him later. All countries should post a travel alert and his brother placed in protection by the international community.

  12. What I said was, to remove doubts and insinuations that some of the hostages were caught in the cross fire between the hostage taker and the police, open ballistic examination is being conducted even with outside experts welcome. The police were instructed to submit their firearms for ballistic test. Honk Kong police experts are even welcome to conduct their technical and scientific forensic examinations. I hope this would rectify the paragraph alluded to me that some of the victims might be shot by the police. To all viewers, we regret deeply with sorrow the tragic turn of events. We are showing that we did the right thing by being open and very transparent in this investigation.

  13. well, the Philippines produced an initial report of the incident, claiming “ALL” victims were killed by Mendoza, only one bullet was fired by the cops which shot Mendoza dead (but a few days ago, apart from the head shot, 8 bullet wounds were found on mendoza’s body)….

    Mendoza’s coffin was also covered by the Philipines flag….

  14. great animation sad, serious and funny.
    But from this animation it just made me think just how FUCKING STUPID THE POLICE ARE!

    Why did it take them so fucking long!????
    I mean the guy kept shooting ALL THE TIME, and they could throw a fucking flash bang inside or smoke grenade!?
    they waited until he literally killed nearly everyone.

    1. How about the incident in Canada, a nation known for low crime rate, where a Chinese person hacked to death a co-passenger in a bus and ate his flesh. Tragic events can happen anywhere and can be perpetrated by anyone of any ethnicity.
      Read it for yourself:

      Nobody blamed the entire Chinese people for this incident.

  15. Please read Amy Chua’s book “World on Fire”. There’s deep resentment toward the successful minority Chinese in South-East Asia. Amy Chua’s aunt was killed by her filipino worker and the case was not resolved by the Filipines authorities. The same is also happening in Indonesia and Cambodia. Ethnic Chinese were robbed, raped and killed, because those perpetrators were indoctrinated with the idea Chinese are arrogant rich people.

  16. They are a part of the USA, they don’t care about Chinese people.

    They think they are strong as long as the USA has their back or ass.

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