Riot police beat up Henan football fans

| August 20th, 2010


Evening of August 18, Henan Jian Ye Football Club (Henan Construction F. C.) suffered a 0-2 loss against Jiangsu Sanity Football Club at home. Even in the heavy rain, 20,000 fans showed up to support their team. So far Henan Jian Ye Football Club had the record of 4 losses and 1 draw. Henan Fans believe the terrible record has to do with the club general manager Yang Nan (杨楠) and the head coach Tang Yaodong (唐尧东). After the game, fans did not leave and gathered at the stadium. They rushed to the stadium south hall where the football club was and chanted “Yan Nan finish class!” and “Tang Yaodong finish class!” to express their dissatisfaction. “Finishing class” originally referred to a teacher finishing teaching, in sports it means coach or manger getting fired. But the club security guards and riot police showed up with shields and sticks, violent conflict broke out between the fans and the police.

According to the MOP forum poster, club security guards and riot police beat up the fans including women, children and elders. Blood spilled all over Hanghai stadium. Dozens of ambulances showed up and sent the injured fans to the hospital. This poster also said that the football club then bought off the media and Baidu post bar etc. saying the fans were out of control and acted violently.

Fans chanting to fire general manager Yang Nan





























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  1. knulp says:

    let revolution start!

  2. aka says:

    people who pay to watch a chinese football match deserve to be beaten up.
    stay at home, be harmonious, watch british football on tv

  3. malagebi says:

    The most offensive thing is the anchorwoman’s hair in the third video.

  4. knulp says:

    i think we are missing the point:
    if your team loses against Jiangsu Sainty F.C. you have the right to protest and show your anger.

  5. SDS says:

    Well its about time China rioted over sports! Now we’re quickly catching up to the other industrialized countries on the list of social ills. Another one down. Hot diggity damn yeah!!! Has China had any alcohol-related or public holiday riot incidences yet? Hmmm looks like they can kill two birds with one stone on this next one.

    • SDS says:

      By the time we get to violent protests over environmental or animal protection, you’ll know we’ve come level with the other countries!

    • YM says:

      Come on. The country is not that backward. Soccer riots are common in China since the 1980s. Famous is the one from 86 (?) after the Hong Kong team beat the Mainland side.

  6. Roger says:

    LOL Holy crap, talk about over reacting. Why would you beat up girls with batons? Don’t they train riot police? I would think China knows a lot of other non-lethal yet effective way of disbursing a crowd, I mean come on, its China, you would think they are used to crowd.

    I have to say though, these are pretty loyal fans. Most people merely stop watching Chinese soccer.

  7. lau says:


  8. Jethro says:

    Damn Chinese always trying to copy other nations…

    Can’t even make a quality soccer riot correctly !

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