Freedur VPN subscription giveaway!

| August 15th, 2010


It’s that time of the year again, our partner/advertiser Freedur is offering a big promotion and we are giving away free subscriptions again! Hope those of you who won last time have enjoyed the giveaway.

If you are in China right now and need VPN software to access Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, etc… or for some reason you just want to surf the internet anonymously or want to bypass SOME KIND OF FIREWALL, we are giving away 10 one year subscriptions of Freedur 2.1 VPN software for free! It will allow you to do all of that. And they are valued at 59.95 USD each!  Check the review we posted for Freedur awhile back.

To Participate in the drawing, all you have to do is retweet this link with #ChinaHush in the message. (Remember #ChinaHush, with #) 10 lucky winners will be randomly selected in one week, at midnight of August 22, 2010. Check back on that day for the list of winners!

Example: tweet the following message on twitter:

#ChinaHush Freedur VPN subscription giveaway!


August 22, 2010 Update:


Unfortunately due to Twitter being overly used, I am not able to access older tweets.  If you already entered the drawing please write your Twitter user name in the comments below.  This is the only way for me to know if you have entered the drawing. Please do this before August 27th where the 10 winners will be selected.

Sorry for the inconvenience, without Twitter history, this is the only way for me to know if you have entered the drawing. Again Please write your Twitter user name down in comments, so I can verify the tweets and select the winners!


August 27, 2010 Update:

The drawing is over, And the winners are…

@zgtese confirmed

@ibheck confirmed

@reiziuh confirmed

@prosciutboy confirmed

@kjsandor confirmed

@MikeFung confirmed

@Xuwenwei confirmed

@karinathania confirmed

@coalisjunk confirmed

@HzaLive confirmed


Congratulations! The next step is to email me chinahush[at] with the email address which you want the account to be setup to.  If you DON’T email me in a week, another winner will be selected! Thank you all for participate in the drawing!


Don’t think you can win? It’s ok, Freedur is now doing a huge Give Back promotion and cutting the prices by 50% across the board.

Here is their press release:

In the past year, we have received amazing support from customers and partners. As a result, we are now in the position to buy servers in bulk and greatly reduce our cost across the board. We would like to say a big THANK YOU by extending our cost reduction to our customers: All Freedur VPN packages are now 50% off of its original price! 
We are grateful for the love and we hope to continue earning your support. Here are the old and new prices:

Old prices:

1 month: $19.95
3 month: $49.95
6 month: $79.95
1 year: $119.95

New prices:

1 month: $9.95
3 month: $24.95
6 month: $39.95
1 year: $59.95

Please take advantage of this amazing offer and tell your friends!  Freedur is committed to being the best option for your VPN needs.

On top of that the coupon code CHINAHUSH still works, enter the coupon code CHINAHUSH and you will receive an additional 10% discount when purchasing it!

Get Freedur here and happy surfing!

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  1. Kedafu says:

    Freegat……sorry Freedur is fantastic

    I got it last week.

    however it is not working now,

    remember gansu


  2. Childintime says:

    Hahaha, you’re joking, right?

    In order to win a free VPN to access things like Twitter you need to…use Twitter. Nice thinking there.

    • Kedafu says:

      no am not joking,

      about everything…..

      • Childintime says:

        So, there any way people who could actually use this can have a chance of winning? I know there’s some free VPNs about, but I’m on Mac and Paperbus has been down for a while, it seems.

  3. zgtese says:

    have just microposted the link!

    great to know that freedur is working on linux, and hope to get a free account…

  4. Nicki says:

    I am one of the winners from last time, thanks again you guys! Crossing my fingers and hoping to win again, have tweeted under

  5. apbiggens says:

    Nice….hope i win..good luck everyone

  6. Thor says:

    Fingers crossed x

  7. prosciutboy says:

    @prosciutboy just posted here:

    waiting and hoping to win a freedur account !

  8. HzaLive says:

    Here’s mine, hopefully will be able to use this opportunity to conquer the Great Wall of China with cyber fire. 🙂

  9. coalisjunk says:

    Here’s my tweet and I really hope I can win this as I’m going to China in 2 weeks. Thanks!

  10. BTOR says:

    please count me , i really and badly need this, thanking you and also this is my tweet

  11. Jane says:

    Here’s my twitter link:

    Thanks for the stories.

    : )

  12. @MikeFung says:

    Hey I really want that Freedur. Please make it happen.

    Your friend,

  13. xu says:

    my twitter usrname is @xuwenwei

    hope I’m lucky

  14. wen says:

    Hi all!
    Hope make friends on twitter.Win the VPN is my wish.

    My twitter username is @wenoucn

  15. coalisjunk says:

    Hi ChinaHush, if the winner’s don’t confirm back, I’m still very interested in the prize. Please consider me =)

  16. bernice says:

    Does anyone know of a VPN that makes it look like you are in China, when you actually are not? Missing my Google Music China …

  17. HzaLive says:

    Feel free to count me in if there’s still any accounts available, really in the need of an VPN accounts since my previous ones have been expired.

    My twitter username@HzaLive

    Thanks in advance. 😀

  18. ibheck says:

    I’ve sent messages and my email address to you but yet I get license key, please send me my subscription giveaway Freedur VPN

    thank you

  19. bhaktiramli says:

    I’ve tried several times to greatness VPN and I should be surprised, and I’m very happy if you give one of these VPN license key to me

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