Prostitutes paraded through streets causes debate, responsible police suspended


Recently, Dongguan Police launched a “Creating safety, Welcoming the Asian Games” sweeping the yellow movement. (扫黄: [saohuang] sweeping the yellow: cracking down on pornography and prostitution industry) from which, a set of pictures of prostitutes being paraded through the streets stirred up some heated discussions on the Internet. In these photos, two fashionable suspected prostitutes, not only were barefoot, but also were handcuffed and leashed with a long rope, looking like they were identifying the scene.


The local media website reported the news of two men and two women were arrested for prostitution and later confessed their crimes after further investigations. It also released these 3 photos. Then the photos were reposted in a MOP forum post with the title “Shocking photos of police sweeping the yellow, is public humiliation too excessive?” This post quickly attracted public’s attention. Up till now it had 366,627 views with thousands of comments. Judging from the comments, many netizens think parading suspected prostitutes through the streets for public humiliation was too excessive, and also was a violation of the human rights.


According to Zaobao, Dongguan police’s action was later criticized by the Ministry of Public Security, for harming the suspects’ personal dignity. Ministry of Public Security asked all local public security organs when investigating and dealing with prostitution offenses shall not parade the suspect through the streets. Relevant Dongguan police officers were also held responsible, one of which was suspended for one month. The local police also admitted their mistakes and said they will rectify and reform.

  1. Just another case of the police playing judges. China does in fact have a fairly set division into the 3 well known categories but it seems as if no one told these morons so they forgot that they are only supposed to execute the law. Also even in China it doesn’t matter if you have confessed and everything. The police still needs for a judge to pass down a ruling before they can treat the suspects as convicted, ergo they are not allowed to parade people around like this.

    One might also wonder how many police officers, officials and similar people of power and responsibility have a clean conscience when it comes to prostitution,, “Don’t throw stones,,”

    1. Hahaha.. I won’t do that , but I feel it’s not bad at all. One has free will , the other is willing to pay for it. Anyway , it makes good effect to the harmony of society..

    2. you can hit that for about 120 US
      they are broken down into categories
      Little misses (petite) young like her
      Model (super legs, tall)
      and one more type i forgot

      dongguan = business mans playground, any foreigners going to talk business there will seal the deal after some fun…

      but dont feel pity for them, they are hoes now, next thing you know they are
      the mistress of one of those business people and driving a bmw

  2. The second girl is hot, she should go to Korea and be a model, she’s easily prettier than 90% of the population there I’m sure.

  3. If the girls really were prostitutes, why not let them walk in their work-shoes? (i.e. high heels) This would look more appropriate 🙂

  4. Is it me or are events in P.R. China starting to remind some of the lines from Yeat’s poem, “The Second Coming”:

    Turning and turning in the widening gyre
    The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
    Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
    Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
    The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
    The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
    The best lack all conviction, while the worst
    Are full of passionate intensity.

  5. This is 21st century, humiliating parades are something from 1960s era under Mao regime. Any how many prostitutes in China?

  6. If anyone should be put on parade it should be police and government officials. Prostitutes have a better reputation than the police.

  7. So they parade them through the streets? Hell, some of the senior level officers probably go back later that night to use their services! China has bigger things to worry about than a few prostitutes, they just leave them alone as long as they aren’t bothering other people.

  8. I am working in Dongguan. Lemme tell you how widespread prostitution is here.

    I take a 10 minute walk to my workplace from my apartment and I’d pass by 2 high class hotel brothels and 3 store front brothels…

    And my neighbors are generally hookers.

  9. Steven, u are soooo right….who are they trying to kid, parading 2 pros when the problem is so widespread in almost all of china. everyone knows the flesh trade exists in 90% of all major hotels…just check out the thinly disguised saunas

  10. Maybe you should consider these two Women are not there of their own free will. Did any of you stop and think why two Korean Women are in China working as Prostitutes. Most assuredly they are unwilling victims of the Internal Sex slave trade.

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