Beijing Passion Club apologizes, admitting using photo of model as “top service girl”


(Netease) “Passion Club (天上人间: direct translation is ‘heaven on earth’) apologized to me”, yesterday professional model Lin Ketong told the newspaper that Passion Club Beijing KTV apologized to her on the phone, and posted the apology letter on their website for 10 days.

Prior to that, Beijing’s hottest club/KTV, Passion Club was ordered to suspend its business for rectification for 6 month as part of the Chinese Government’s “Sweeping the yellow” efforts. (扫黄: (sao3huang2) sweeping the yellow: cracking down on pornography and prostitution industry) Since then topics of Passion Club have been the talks of nation and on the Internet. Now its official website was found to be using a photo of Lin Ketong as advertisement without her consent. When Lin was interviewed by the reporter earlier, she said that it caused her emotional stress, and she would defend her legitimate rights and interests by the law. Passion Club also responded to this and closed down the website.

Yesterday, when opening the Beijing Passion Club official website, it only had one page with an apology letter to Lin Ketong dated on July 22.

Yesterday afternoon, Lin said she received a phone call from a man who apologized on behalf of Passion Club to her and said the apology letter will also be up on the site for 10 days. Lin stated that she now has forgiven the act of using her photo without her consent and is not going to pursue this case any further. When reporter asked to contact Passion Club, Lin did not disclose the man’s phone number.

The apology letter:

“As for the infringement of our website once unintentionally posted “Internet’s number one beautiful woman” Lin Ketong’s photo (nick name Xiaolongnu Tongtong) on the top of the home page without her consent, we formally apologize! Sincerely asking Lin Ketong for forgiveness, we are deeply regretted and sorry for all the trouble we have brought you. At the same time we formally reiterate Lin Ketong has no relations with me and Beijing Passion Club, hereby declare the above!”

(Editor’s note: Xiaolongnu or ‘little dragon girl’ is the fictional female protagonist from the Chinese Wuxia novel The Return of the Condor Heroes by Jin Yong, who is said to be as pure as jade and chaste as ice. )


Born in 1988, Xiaolongnu is 1.72 meters tall, professional model with clean aesthetic appearance. She has an angel’s face and devil’s body (so to speak), is the most influential and most perfect goddess of the new generation advertising model industry! She has the titles of “most popular model on the internet”, “number one beautiful woman on the Internet”, “number one beautiful woman of online games” etc. After her debut she instantly became popular for her sweet and refreshing, playful yet sexy images. She was worshiped by thousands of Internet users. At the same time she attracted most attentions from the advertisers and became one of the models that has the highest potentials. Xiaolongnu is also the spokesperson for the online gaming industry. The beautiful model which has the highest worth on the internet, her website also has the highest traffic among her other well-know models. She also played in the new “Journey to the West” TV series.

Passion Club website:

  1. 天上人间..So many pretty girl sell their bodies. The buyer mostly act as officials in government.. Some of those whores even have their own driver and plush cars.
    Those officials have devoted much to the pay of cars and driver of whores in 天上人间.

    I’ve heard that each man would cost over ten thousands yuan(about 1475$) after he go into the gate of 天上人间 on average.

  2. i wonder if it’s a coincidence that the saohuang movement coincided with the un-blocking of internet porn. i would guess that it’s not.

    if that’s true, there must have been one really funny give-and-take happening behind closed doors.

  3. those who can afford it quietly participate
    those who cant afford it raise their voices and point their fingers

    smoking, prostitution, bribery…how can you have a clean sweep when the people sweeping are the most guilty?

  4. Maybe government making these porn , “the girl”be legal in china is a better way.. But they won’t , C-government loves “clean” exterior. No matter its root has been rotted yet

  5. Funny how often those guys are so quick to apologize and feel terrible about what they so willingly did when faced with a lawsuit. A gym near my favourite restaurant has a huge poster of Arnold Schwarzenegger splashed over their facade. Somehow I doubt it’s there legally.

  6. Wow! She is not attractive at all.

    She has a prostitute’s look. This is why the company used here photo.

  7. “became popular for her sweet and refreshing, playful yet sexy images”

    The picture shows her with her head tilted back literally peering down her nose at the viewer with a rather distainful look. Since when was this “sweet and refreshing”? She might be pretty if she smiled but she’s just a stuck up brat as far as we can see here.

  8. there are 2 passion clubs, one at the sheraton great wall, and a newer one behind it. I’ve been to the one at the great wall, prices were okay. Between 5 guys, we dropped around 12G RMB. It was kind of lame. One girl wanted 5G RMB for a night, I said girl you’re crazy.

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