Guy mad at bank teller makes 30 deposits, ¥100 at a time


(From "You don’t mess with me!" Mr. Peng in Changsha City, Hunan Province deliberately withdrew 49,000 yuan out of his bank account and deposited them back 100 yuan at a time, as a way to express his anger towards the bank teller who, with equal unbending personality, handing over depository receipts again and again. The two didn’t stop exhausting each other until half an hour later the bank shifted the teller.

It was 3 o’clock in the afternoon when Mr. Peng stood in line in one Construction Bank. The man at the head of the line failed to input the right combination of his account and went outside to make some calls which lasted assumably long. So Peng suggested the bank teller rendering the next one’s business before the first one comes back, which is rejected. According to Peng, the teller said he should make use of his eyes to see that someone’s in the middle of the procedure.

When it finally came to his turn, Peng decided to pick some bones. 
"I want to withdraw 50,000 cash." said Peng to the teller.
"You can’t withdraw above 50,000 without prior appointment." replied the teller.
"Why not? 50,000 isn’t above 50,000. Give me 49,000 then."

The teller then handled the 49,000 yuan withdrawal Peng asked for. Instead of leaving with the money, Peng took out a piece of 100 note and asked the teller to redeposit them into his account. When it was done, another 100 note was handed over the counter to render deposition all over again, 30 times in a row.

Peng would have winded up with more than 30 depositary receipts in hand had not for the intervention by the manager of the bank. The teller wouldn’t let go either at first and insisted that the game continued.

At last the manager had to replace the teller to separate the two. Peng left with his 30 depositary receipts.

"If the teller didn’t apologize to me, I will give every single one of my employees 10,000 yuan to flock up these counters making withdrawals and deposits. Let’s fight on." Peng was still mad when he talked about this the next day.

  1. Bank , f*uck it ~!! The clerks in bank have a extraordinarily slow efficiency . And they are weary of customers sometimes.

    That guy was crazy ? I guess he didn’t want to waste his time on a clerk who has a shit attitude. He was forced to do that.

    I’ve heard a news that a guy save 1jiao to his account each time (1jiao = 1/10 yuan).

    What goes around comes around. This is called revenge

      1. You can’t only go into the bank for once. What about next time ? Waste time again? So the guy picked a right choice , that’s Giving them a lesson.

        I will do the same thing if the clerk piss me off

        1. call a manager and report that the behavior of the clerk is really unpolite.
          that’s what happens in civilized societies

          文明。。。it’s a very popular word in china, isn’t it? well, you should learn what it means and make Hu shushu happy

          1. This news reminds me of what I had been through. But I choosed going away instead of “100yuan at a time”

            1. find a job where you have to deal with this kind of neurotic customers and you’ll understand the clerk. she should seek revenge on him, not the opposite

              1. The customer’s actions exemplify the self-entitlement superiority complex that these “boss” types have. The customer is just being a cunt because someone dared to treat him equally with all the other people around him. Money will never bring “them” class.

  2. Hahahahaha – going into a bank and using a human bank teller just to get cash – how quaint.

    They’re called ATM’s – been around the rest of the world since the 1970’s – perhaps China should look into them.

    1. You’ve clearly never been to China. There are ATM’s everywhere, but there’s a daily withdrawal limit at the machines and for larger sums you go inside to queue up for a human teller, which is the same as in the U.S. or Europe.

    2. Can’t take two steps in China without bumping into an ATM. Thing is that Chinese people like to pay in cash so they often need large amounts of money and I don’t know many ATMs that allow you do withdraw 50 grand in one go.

      Peng should have been angry with the previous customer for being a moron and not the 2000 a month bank teller. I know we humans are prone to the occasional bout of childish behaviour but the Chinese generally take the prize. It’s fairly odd though. It’s supposed to be a face culture and some people are willing to kill to save or gain face yet some people don’t care to be ridiculed by everyone in the bank and on the internet because they had to wait 5 minutes longer in a line. A couple of days ago I was waiting in line for an ice cream at Macdonalds and the machine broke down before it was my turn. Annoying sure but a handful of the Chinese customers threw a fit you just plain wouldn’t believe unless you’d lived in China. I really think I should carry my camera around at all times so that in many years from now I can show it to my kids “Yes of course you can see my old movies from China. Just remember that these people are the countrymen of your mother’s, not mine”

      1. “I really think I should carry my camera around at all times so that in many years from now I can show it to my kids ‘Yes of course you can see my old movies from China. Just remember that these people are the countrymen of your mother’s, not mine'”

        White guys like GuoBao are willing to marry Chinese girls, they convince themselves that they are embracing another culture, they gain a marginal understanding of Chinese society, culture, customs, and things like “face”, yet think that they are knowledgeable enough to pass judgement about the inferiority of an entire nation in a period of transition based on superficial observations. They are willing create a family with their Chinese wives, but remain aloof and feel they have moral and cultural superiority over their wives, their in laws, their relatives through marriage, and half of their children’s heritage.

        For Chinese girls, marrying someone like GuoBao means getting stuck in an unequal relationship and spending the rest of your life having yourself, your parents, your relatives, and your heritage being looked down upon because of your ethnicity. For white guys, if you think your wives’ culture is so much more inferior, why don’t you marry a white girl, why get yourself in a situation where you have to deal with in laws who are from a culture you truly despise? Why have your progeny carry half of their genes from an inferior ethnicity?

        Abuse of customer service workers is not a phenomenon confined to China. The “customer is always right mantra” gives people a feeling of empowerment that leads to such abuse everywhere in the world. Perhaps GuoBao has stayed in China for so long, he forgot all about the same ills in his homeland.

        1. Hey B. Spot on. Apart from the hate China part. I actually do like this weird place but as any stranger in a strange land it always borders to a love-hate relationship. I treat my gf well. I don’t cheat and I rarely drink and I respect her even though she is so different from me. I freely admit to feeling very awkward when I go to her family’s home because they are poor farmers and I feel so out of place. I do on the other hand think that farmers are the salt of the earth and I think I respect them and the profession MUCH more than most Chinese city-dwellers.

          Abuse of customer service people is looked down upon to an extent you can’t even imagine in my native country so yes when people here scream at the 1000-a-month fuwuyuan I DO feel disgusted. Furthermore my gf is a minority and I respect that much more than the fact that she is a Chinese secondly. I am truly interested in her traditional clothes, music, history and culture although the Han have managed to erase so much of it. Have a nice day. Just because I occasionally write some bad things on the internet doesn’t automatically mean I am a terrible person. I and most Westerners have learned growing up to speak out against abuse on all levels. I do that even though I currently reside in China and frankly I can’t see anything wrong with that.

        2. You know what?
          This is ridiculous. this is a FUNNY STORY. It just so happens that this occurred in China. This is no attack on your country, your people, your culture, anything! Why are you getting so butthurt about it? Both parties were acting in a completely unreasonable and immature manner, and because some person (who by the way, is attempting to embrace your culture as much as possible as can be seen from his numerous posts throughout the history of this site) is making a comment about it, He’s suddenly a 21st-century slave driver. Maybe instead of trying to defend the indefensible (and going completely off topic for more than 80 percent of your post), you should just look at this and laugh!
          Yes, China has its idiots,primadonnas, and knuckleheads; every country is afflicted with the same individuals. the problems is that instead of just admitting it and moving on, its a call to arms. Have a nice day.

    3. why don’t you travel more…..
      I am a canadian living in China for 8 years and there are ATMs on every corner, wake up …..don’t show you ignorance

    4. I guess you’ve never heard of a thing such as “withdrawal limit”. It’s been around ever since ATMs have existed. Have you even used an ATM before?

    1. At least he shows us how to deal with this kind of situation. Banks in china are not as convenient as yours. Many people are waiting for their turn. The man must be blowed up ,

      1. if there werent so many people seeking revenge, lines would be shorter, service would be faster. the real torture pro’s are the old people who go to the bank to talk to the tellers about the good ol days. cause you know things today arent like they were in the good ol days.

        you wanna torture people at the bank? bring them huge bags of ling qian to count. you wanna torture your fellow comrades waiting in line with you? see instructions above…

            1. Anyway , the guy who caused that should take his responsibility. And I believe the clerk was the guy who caused this mess and made the man do “100yuan at a time” thing. Im at the man’s side , but I won’t do what he did.

              1. The clerks gotta be there anyway. It doesn’t matter if he’s doing transactions 10x for 1 guy or 10x for 10 different guys. The “boss” really is just wasting his own time….and the clerk knows it too. No one made the “boss” do what he did anyway. If he wanted to make a statement, he should have told the manager his reasons for closing his accounts and using another bank. There are other banks in China. Unfortunately, their clerks will treat this “bosshole” the same way.

                What ticks me off is that the “bosshole” is essentially screwing with the customers waiting behind him along with wasting his own time.

  3. The real Problem is this shitty 100 Yuan Note. It’s truely time for some 200, 500, 1000 Yuan notes. Than it wont be a problem to get more cash at ATMs

  4. This is just waste of time, showing that the guy doesn’t cherish his own time and thinks that it is worth to prove something to someone.
    And I am not even sure that he would stand to his rights when it would come to really serious issues…

      1. Why ? He didn’t even cut in line.
        “I want to withdraw 50,000 cash.” said Peng to the teller.
        “You can’t withdraw above 50,000 without prior appointment.” replied the teller.
        “Why not? 50,000 isn’t above 50,000. Give me 49,000 then.”

        The core of question is : Is 50000 above 50000 ? The bank doesn’t throw light upon about this question then mistake happened. I have to correct my point , the bank is the “guy” who caused this mess

        1. No, it’s really a man-child being passive aggressive trying to show his superiority by inconveniencing others.

          1. Fine , the end’s here. You can’t turn me , I can’t turn you.
            All the all , the bank has some bugs , the man loves his superiority.
            The man can’t play this show alone. deal?

  5. I’m not in the service industry that I could be a bit biased. But my sympathy is with the guy not the bank. You can view as a single event or a systematic build up of frustration that i think can finally tip any man over to behave irrationally – today is the queue at the bank, tomorrow could be the line at a pharmacy waiting for someone to pick out their shampoo, the day after could be someone cutting in at the airport check in counter, there are also the supermarket, the ATM etc lines.

    May be it’s something like that Micheal Douglas movie, falling down.

    Foreigners with white faces may get more polite treatment and can get away from China. So may not feel the same….


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