Earthquake IV Bottle Boy gets free admission to Shanghai Jiao Tong University


(Netease) China Youth Daily reports on July 13, “My engagement with Shanghai Jiao Tong University finally became true.” On June 5, after hearing the news of being admitted to Shanghai Jiao Tong University without examination from his class adviser, “IV Bottle Boy” Li Yang was so excited his heart almost jumped out.

Li Yang was a student at Beichuan middle school. During the Wenchuan earthquake, Li Yang was lucky enough to escape the disaster. One student named Liao Bo was buried too deep and could not have been immediately rescued. The medical staff gave him IV therapy then went to rescue the others. Li Yang stood by Liao holding the IV bottle for him and constantly encouraged him. This image was captured on camera and touched many people. Li Yang was then known as the “IV Bottle Boy”

Li Yang told the reporter, after the earthquake, his heart always buried this “engagement” “on one side are the loving care and the expectations form Jiao Tong University, on the other side is the dream of my cousin now in heaven – to go to Shanghai Jiao Tong University.”

When the teachers at Shanghai Jiao Tong University learned about “IV Bottle Boy”, they immediately contacted him. Li Yang said, “Teachers often talked about at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, we also have alumni that were admitted to Jiao Tong University, it was the place I want to go the most.”

Shanghai Jiao Tong University Principal, Zhang Jie personally wrote to him, encouraged him to be strong and face everything that were thrown at him, to study hard and apply for Shanghai Jiao Tong University in the future. Zhang wrote in his letter, “We are deeply moved by the story of your brave and calm rescue of your classmate during the earthquake, your courage and strong-will when facing disaster had made a deep impression on us.”

When recalled the scene at that time, Li Yang was still emotional, “Especially when I received Principal Zhang Jie’s Letter, I was very excited and moved. I always took it out and read it over silently. I felt a powerful force that encouraged me to overcome difficulties and continue to move forward.”

May 12 of last year marks the first anniversary of the earthquake. At the place where his cousin passed away, he shouted her name out loud and could not control his emotions for long time. When he thought of the promise he made with her, going to Jiao Tong University together, he had decided to realize this dream “for himself and for his cousin.”

Awaken from the painful earthquake experience, Li Yang engaged in intense preparation for the college entrance exam. There was a note pasted on his desk, it had “Shanghai Jiao Tong University” four giant characters. “This was my spiritual support” said Li Yang.

Li yang was successfully sent to Shanghai Jiao Tong University. A dream come true, but he was calmer than before. He told the reporter, after he goes to Jiao Tong University, he will work harder, and make more progress. “Because it carries two people’s dreams”, Li Yang’s eyes filled with tear again.

Also famous now, “Crack Boy” Liao Bo, the student who got stuck in the crack being rescored in the picture had to repeat a grade due to his injury. He also dreams to go to Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

“You are my big brother” said Liao on the phone with Li Yang.  When he heard the news Liao is admitted to Shanghai Jiao Tong University, he was determined to work hard to be Li Yang’s schoolmate again.

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Rescued after being trapped under rubble for 80 hours, Xue Xiao’s first sentence were: “Uncle, I want to drink Coke, a cold one.” With this one sentence, netizens made him “Coke boy” and he became famous on the internet.

“Coke Boy” Xue Xiao was also given free admission to Fudan University Shanghai University of Finance and Economics.

  1. devin give up the 1st thing, ur better than that.

    i think an alternative to the name ‘crack boy’ might in order.

    how about brother crack.

  2. I think it’s at least debatable to give spots away like this. In the end there’ll be a student somewhere in China who could have gotten in but gets turned down ‘coz this guy is getting her place. On the other hand it is common knowledge that your can get in by generous donations, guanxi and outright bribes in many places and compared to that Bubble Boy probably isn’t the one we should single out.

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  4. Some men in China still remember what
    selfless service means.
    Boys such as this make China a great nation

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