Lionel Messi apologizes to Chinese fans, “I feel bad for not living up to your expectations”


QQ Sports, July 3, Cape Town (freelance journalist Ramiro). June 23, reporter was waiting for Lionel Messi’s parents at Buenos Aires to fly to South Africa together, to celebrate Messi’s birthday. Unexpectedly, Messi’s mother suddenly did not feel well on the road and had to return back to Rosario and was sent to the hospital. Father Jorge Messi decided not to tell his son and came up with a bunch of excuses. Reporter then flew to South Africa alone with these excuses. But the Messi family’s hearts were bleeding, first time birthday without his father, Lionel Messi spent it in loneliness and as if he already realized something.

In the end, the parents never came to the house Messi had especially rented for them in South Africa. In order not to affect Messi’s emotions, Jorge waited until the match against Mexico to tell his son the truth. A few days later, Messi was sick. However all of these did not lessen Messi’s will of fighting for Argentina. On the day before the game against Germany, he vowed with Diego that he will not be affected, must…

But, all of this means nothing now with German team’s victory, when countless people said Messi does not have Xavi on the Argentina team (Xavier Hernández i Creus plays as a central midfielder for La Liga club Barcelona with Messi), we do see Messi became the Xavi of the Argentina Team. We all have seen his performance, even in the match against Germany, Messi was Argentina’s only bright spot.

However, Messi had been unwilling to hear people saying these things. After the match, Messi did not want to comment on anything, he would never blame others, and would never say anything bad about his teammates. The days in South Africa made him feel even closer to the motherland and the its people, and it also broke his heart.

Reporting as Tencent (QQ) Sports the World Cup spokesman, Messi would like to express gratitude to his fans, Messi said, “I feel really bad, I want to go home. We did not play well in this game, and we will start over. Thank you for the support and for being there.”

Through Tencent Sports, Messi hopes to apologize to all Chinese fans of Argentina Football team and the fans that supported him, he said, “I will write more words in my blog. I just want to say that we did not live up to the expectation of many people and I feel very uneasy, confused, I gotta go. Good bye South Africa, good bye QQ, good bye friends.”

Looking at Messi’s receding figure, I suddenly remembered what I have forgotten to tell him, Argentina famous TV commentator Martin said these words in sorrow after the game, “It is difficult to create a Messi in this world, but it is easy to create many people to stop Messi, South Africa World Cup as a proof, there were so many people that tried to stop him, and there was still only one Messi. Therefore, it is worth for us to wait four years.”

  1. If my Chinese reading was good enough I’d love to find out if all Chinese texts are written in this kind of melodramatic, tearjerking, he’s-a-hero-it’s-so-sad style that we so often see when Chinese people write in English. Guess to each his own but it just makes me want to throw up some times,, and this one wasn’t even that bad.

  2. He should have the comfort of knowing that his country was proud, win or lose. He was an excellent playmaker~ Good job! ^ ^ There is always 2014.

    1. gorgeous ~! I will be watching on time ~! But I guess if he plays for china one day , chinese team is still a shit.. Maybe 10 shits on the ground

  3. This story is a bunch of bull SH>>>T. Messi did not apologize to his CHINESE fans. If anything he apologized to the people of HIS country. I doubt the first thing on this mind are the fans in China!!!!!

  4. I’m Argentinean and allow me to say something… Being “not an outstanding player, but a good compliment, as he is for Barcelona” can always be forgiven, and actually… .shouldn´t be even questioned…

    What’s not going to be forgotten, is the attitude… You can see how all the players left the sking in the pitch… and how Messi was just complaining for non granted faults, or just letting the ball roll… nothing… Cannot be explained… you see when someone is dying to make something and help it out, and not just waiting things to happen (or the ball come to you)… He didn’t dissapoint me actually… it’s the same show since the first time he played for Argentina. Just an assumption… buy maybe AFA don’t pay that well… or what… Oh yes… we need Guardiola for Brasil 2014.

    A good player is good everywhere… regardless the players he plays with.

  5. Also, everyone who plays in the world cup is a good player. Even the N. Korean team was filled with good players when they got beat 7-0.

    It doesn’t disturb me, as such, that people get so worked up over sports and not say, genocide, famine, people being dragged from their homes in the night so they aren’t killed as the homes are demolished–only to find out that it was all a big mistake, etc, etc.

    After all those other things just aren’t that exciting. It’s not a national problem, it’s a human problem, but seriously, what the fuck?

    And I don’t think Messi was talking to any of the Chinese fans (or me) either, unless he was talking to every fan equally, in a general way.

    (I’ve got $20 on Germany to win. Can I get a ‘großartig!’ im Hause?)

    1. Just buy me a carton of beer and I will let you keep the change. It will be Spain now that they beat Germany.

      Nonetheless, Germany has an awesome team and are well placed for 2014.

  6. an apologie to “Chinese” fans??? xD
    oh sure, the zhongguo as middle of the universe…

      1. There is no such thing as ‘middle country’. Point to a solid colour rubber ball and tell me where is the center. On topic, like a previous poster said: he used QQ to express his apology, not fotolog

  7. Messi had some rather tragic family problems crop up. No matter his performance, and what he said to the Chinese or anyone else for that matter, he’s got some of his own issues to worry about. I wish him all the best.

  8. the sports commentator “personalised” Messi’s apology as tho it was for Chinese fans…it sort of boosts CCTV’s standing, that it has access and good relations with the people who matter…sort of boosts the commentator’s status to.

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    Free East Turkestan!

    Free Inner Mongolia!

    Russia, North and South Korea, India, Vietnam, Myanmar, Philippines, and the United States should all declare war on China to liberate the minorities living there.

    1. That will make a great TV show for the west to see, better than Amerikan Idol.

      And you should join up and be part of the army going there.

      First Amerikan asshole GI to die in China and first foreign scumbag yo get killed for Tibet.

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