78-year-old construction worker crushed to death by excavator

Recently, this set of chilling photos was circulating the Chinese websites and forums with the title “Peasant worker crushed into meat pie by excavator, where is justice”. Was it a murder or another housing demolition gone bad? Netizents speculated.  Then I found the news report of this incident on Netease.


According to the county government’s investigation, on June 26, 9:30 am, fighting over construction work, depute between two construction teams broke out and caused the death of one team owner’s father Wang Qingbo at a factory site in Chetianwan village, Zhongfeng town, Ziyuan county. After the incident, county initiated investigation, and according to the evidence collected by the county law enforcement department, the incident was determined as a homicide. On June 27, suspect Cheng Kai turned himself in, and the law enforcement is currently dealing with the aftermath of the case.

After the investigation, it was confirmed that the death was caused by dispute over profits. After village official Cheng Yuhong did the earthwork at a factory construction site, a villager named Wang Shaoxiang thought his company also supposedly contracted the site’s earthworks and drove a leased excavator into the site. Cheng Yuhong did not agree, so dispute broke out between Cheng and Wang, both tried to prevent other from working on the construction site. The town government investigated the matter and tried to resolve the conflict, but both sides had different opinions on the mediation. June 26 morning, two parties again tried to stop each other’s work. When a member of Cheng’s team Cheng Kai drove the excavator at the site, 78-year-old Wang Qingbo (father of Wang Shaoxiang) stood in front of the excavator to stop the construction. During the dispute, Cheng started the digging machine, and Wang Qingbo was crushed to death on the spot. After the incident, Cheng fled the scene but later surrendered to the police.








  1. He just wanted to stop the excavator , he might as well as call the police of losing his life

  2. lol…that’s farking retarded!

    I mean, it’s not funny but the way the guy died just doesn’t look like an accident.

    fark, he was mourned over!

  3. LOL, the guy does not look like he was run over by the tracks of the excavator, theres not much gore or blood anywhere and his bones does not seem like it was crushed. I wonder where China Hush pulled this article from…the tabloids? Or perhaps the soil was quite soft so when the tracks crushed the man he sank into the soil a bit.

    1. Don’t lol for this news. But yeh , I don’t believe the excavator can run faster than the guy neither

    2. Oh, so you frequently watch people get crushed to death and that’s why you can tell these pictures are fake?

      And you’ve seen so many broken bones that you can tell from a grainy picture of someone which bones are broken and how badly?

      And you can explain why his face is so dark and red compared to his hands?

      1. No , Im not saying this is fake. I mean why he waited in there and then cause a sad consequence. I just don’t understand and wonder what was he thinking at that moment.

        1. He probably didn’t think the tractor driver had enough guts to actually kill him. but it turns out he did. he was a stubborn man but he had the right of way. the driver’s a moron. he should be shot.

        2. He’s 78 years old, I wouldn’t expect a 78 years old man have that quick of a reaction to run away.
          Maybe he was standing right in front of the excavator and once the excavator moved, he was caught in the already.
          Although it shows he’s a construction worker, at his age, he’s probably a retired contruction worker and he’s not there as a laborer, but was just there as a father and as an elder to help his son. As a father/parent, no matter how old your child is, you will always be there to help & watch over them. Who would’ve have thought that the driver was crazy enough to actually run him over?

  4. i like how initial reports on other websites make out that this was some kind of class conflict,”look at the poor villager standing up the evil rulers”. which is very typical of paranoid Netizents.
    when it turns out to be a simple fight between two greedy gits, hope the other guy gets a bullet because both deserved to die.

  5. This is something I really didn’t need to see. Yuk!

    BTW, this case would make an excellent CSI episode.

  6. chinese doesn’t really have sense what they may do and what is unacceptable. interesting…

    1. To the Chinese WHATEVER they do is considered acceptable… because they really don’t care about the welfare of others

        1. “The Chinese” are more people than the ones involved in an argument that lead to this man’s death. Maybe nobody has every killed anybody over something stupid in your country OMG, but letting things get out of hand isn’t a “chinese” thing.

          I guess where you’re from it’s seen a logically sound to presume a profound and complete understanding of the individual psychology of more than a billion people, from a single incident that didn’t involve most of them and didn’t involve you, which you later learned of from a tertiary source. Interesting.

          And Jethro, don’t be so smug. “The Chinese” care about their friends and their relatives. Maybe it’s hard for “the Chinese” to care for foreigners in ways that are immediately obvious to them, but you’re not showing “the Chinese” a lot of love right now either, so you’ve got no room to talk.

          I’m sure the two of you won’t really hear what I’m about to say, but if someone had to evaluate you as people from your two single comments, they would probably conclude that you were self-absorbed and diluted, possibly possessed of a messiah complex and the simultaneous inability to act it out because of being dim-witted.

          But that wouldn’t be fair, because there is more to you as people than what someone else would read on this blog. Both of you are good at things, you both have talents of some kind, you both have friends and relatives who love and respect you. That’s because everybody does.

          You need to take this “the Chinese” spiel and stow it, because it will isolate you from them and reinforce your misconceptions as well as theirs. Maybe you won’t be in China for a long time, but you’re making it harder for everyone else. Other expatriates know what you’re going through, and they’re the ones who will have to deal with “the Chinese” being upset over receiving insults in their own home from people they didn’t invite.

          I believe you’re clever enough to give peace a chance.

    2. I believe your word should apply to all humanity, not just the chinese. Is this the first time you hear a news regarding homicide? There are homicide cases everywhere. Why point finger at a specific race? If everyone was sane, we would be in utopia.

  7. Bottom line – somebody, along with the driver of that machine, really did f’ up. Anybody here can tell me how the hell did this contract dispute get this far – for what appears to be a government job? Figure there is going to be a series of “he said, she said” stories about red envelopes before this is all over.

  8. Why take pictures and share them? The man may have a family. Of course there’s a need to serve justice and expose wrong-doing, but I just find it distasteful to show so many pictures, in so much detail. This is a man’s last moments. I do not think it is respectful to him or his family. And the way China is destroying it’s history in the race towards even more globalisation – I think it sucks.

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