How long does it take you to buy this home?

In the traffic congested city streets, an advertiser was busy handing out flyers for the newly constructed condos. “Beautiful homes, starting at 29,800 yuan per square meters”, one flyer ended up in the hands of a cab driver who was waiting in traffic. He looked at the flyer and thought “It takes 125 years in order to buy this home”. That made his nose bleed.

A young man got into the cab and picked up the flyer on his way to work. Up in the elevator, punched his time card at exactly 9 am, he rushed into his cubical to start his day of work. Then he read the flyer and thought “It takes 87 years to buy this home.” Foaming at the mouth, he threw the ad into the trashcan.

A cleaning worker lady at this company picked up the trashcan and also saw the ad. “It takes 255 years to buy this home”, she broke into tears.

A rich boss got the flyer, accompanied by his mistress, he went to the real estate office in his Mercedes Benz. Looking at the miniature model of the residential community, he thought “It takes 5 days to buy this home”. But he soon was distracted by the beautiful real estate agent and started drooling over her. Woken by the fist of the unhappy mistress next to him, “I will take 5 of them” he said. The mistress seemed to be still unhappy and gave him a good nudge on the shoulder, “oh no, I will take 6” he reacted quickly. Now she was happy and thought, “It takes 1 nudge to buy this home”.

While the homes are still being constructed, a construction migrant worker of the homes picked up the ad. Looking at it, he thought,“It takes 514 years to buy this home”, blood dripped down under his helmet. Buried in this thought while working on the high rise, he slipped and felt from the building…

“Cut!” the director yelled and stopped the filming of this music video. Then he picked up the prop used in the video – the flyer. Blood started gushing out of his mouth, “Calculating according to the payment of this music video, it takes … years to buy this home“.


This is the music video of China’s pop singer Huang Zheng’s (黄征) new song “Sell” (). In less than a week since was posted on the internet, it already had over 1.3 million views. Netizens called it “the most hopeless music video in the history”.

The music video mocks the sky-high real estate prices in China. A home that costs 29,800 yuan per square meters triggered different reactions with people of different social classes in China. What (or how long) does it take to buy a home? Cab driver needs 125 years, white collar worker needs 87 years, cleaning worker needs 225 years and the construction migrant worker who actually builds the homes needs 541 years. But the big boss only needs 5 days, and the mistress he keeps only needs “a nudge”, no wonder the cab driver’s nose bled, the white collar worker was foaming at the mouth, the cleaning lady broke out in tears, the big boss drooled over the pretty real estate agent while buying 5 homes and the construction worker could only jump off the building… These are the bitter truth that would make (most) people feel hopeless.

    1. what’s the point of being a hot chick when China doesn’t allow porn or sexual stuff in their country:/

  1. I suggest China go back to Mao days. It was better then. Everyone could buy a mansion and square meter was priceless. As in, it didn’t have a price. Because there was no square meters. Because there was no housing. Just shacks. Awarded to those who pledged allegiance. Everyone else slept in the fields. Yes, the good old days. Let’s go back to that. Then everyone was equal. -ly poor.

    1. Totalitarian communism and laissez faire capitalism. One is only slightly better than the other. I prefer Northern Europe’s “Best-of-both-worlds” setup.

      1. Where in the world does one find laissez faire capitalism more than in China? The government hands on business there are the ones taking money under the table.

        Meanwhile, since I’ve never had such a demanding mistress, could someone explain why she cares if the boss buys more than the one apartment he needs to keep her in? Is she planning to knock down some walls and make a mega apartment?

    2. Or instead of Russian-style one-party gangster capitalism, you could follow the Swedes. It’s China’s choice.

  2. Housing price is a important part of China’s GDP. When the housing price down ,then GDP down

    1. That’s not correct 🙂
      Asset-type goods, such as houses, are only part of GDP when they are built in the current year.

  3. All these people are clearly looking at a house that is out of their price range. They’re just looking too high. No big deal. btw, there was no mention on how many square meters the house actually is. I just moved to Beijing and it would take me a week to purchase 1 square meter of that house in the video. So that means I would need about 4 years to buy a 200 square meter house. That’s a long time to wait so I’ve started saving for it.

        1. Even so, 120 grand sounds very high but of course I don’t know what your responsibilities are. Meanwhile I’ll enjoy my 8000 a month in Western China 🙁

        2. Great advertisement for McKinsey. I’m sure they’d love to see their associates broadcasting such classy statements on the interwebs. There’s a reason I chose not to work for a firm and you’re it.

        3. Typical sociopathic replay from a rick fucker. People like you are the reason there was a communist revolution in the first place.

        4. It says something about the quality of McKinsey that they pay so much to someone so misinformed. If it takes someone 200 years to buy a house that’s 23k/sqm, how long will it take for them to buy a house that’s 12k/sqm (around average in Beijing)?

  4. China will grow old before it will grow rich. China is also likely to have a spike in homeless people as well, on the road to prosperity.

  5. My girlfriend and coworkers always tell me how rich China is now. Then I usually say “Wow. That’s great. So you’re getting a raise now?” They don’t get it. Maybe I need to revise my weird sense of humor.

    1. No they just need to learn how to get it. Especially if you are both speaking english or learn to deliver the joke in chinese.

  6. yo this music is actually good to listen to:)

    “But he soon was distracted by the beautiful real estate agent and started drooling over her.”

    he wasn’t distracted, he just wanted to tap her ass:)

    1. wasn’t that the REAL reason he went into the real estate office? If I’m not mistaken, wasnt there adeveloper that was giving out an ‘assisstant’ with each luxury purchase?

  7. I don’t understand why housing is so expensive in China.Me and my husband bought our first house when we were real young I was 18 and he was 20,yea it was a starter house in poor neighborhood but it was cheaper than renting an apartment.Our first mortgage was a 15 year instead of 30.Why not build more affordable houses.My Father in Law was a real estate seller,he made more selling houses to low-middle income than rich clients,just because of the shear number involved and demand.How come developers in China aren’t making more affordable houses,why not zone areas of cities into housing ranges like New York,who used to have same problem once.

  8. In china, house selling is a way of, government robbing money from people. In chinese law, land belongs to government. they make money by selling land to developers. The higher house price is, the more money the government make. In one word, Communist party control all the resources, using them to slave people.

  9. Brilliant! Good to hear Chinese people say the same thing as people in UK. Fight the power.

  10. Self-esteem is self-worth. Self-worth is self-value. And an extension of that is our career. The misfortunate have to align themselves with the importance and value of money. The first and last price paid for everything you buy is labor. What you buy with money you pay for with labor. The lucky few, do not have to pay with labor but with something that is bestowed upon by heaven. Metal is money. A deficiency in the element of metal (air) is a deficency in wealth and posessions. Possession means you can hold and keep it. The condition of ownership is maintenence and sustinence. If you cannot maintain it. You lose it. It slips through your fingers. It is taken away. Greed is not the righteous love of money, but it is the FEAR OF SCARCITY. The hand that cannot let go like the greedy mongolian dog that lost the bone in his mouth because he saw his own reflection in the water while crossing a bridge. He wanted that bone too. Well being is a trait associated with the corporeal body or po. Simply put: Your worth as a human being is dependent upon how much money g*d*mned you have in the bank.

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